eBay Motors Scam: 7 Variations

ebay motors scam

eBay Motors Scam: How It Works and Variations of It

The eBay Motors Scam is very prevalent these days. It has 7 variations, so make sure you read until the end and protect yourself. Let’s look into it.

As the number of online sales started to grow during the pandemic, only very few things cannot be bought on the Internet. All these items make crooks have more jobs and gain a higher amount of money through various eBay scams.

Used cars can also be bought online. Unfortunately, scammers found ways to benefit from these transactions as well. They seem to be very devoted to creating new tactics when eBay Motors scams are in question.

Watch the video below to see a first variation of the eBay Motors scam:

1. eBay Motors Sellers Without a Car

Previous victims of the eBay Motors Scam have warned people about crooks who sell cars they do not possess. How does that happen?

The scammer posts an advertisement on eBay Motors, pretend he/she has the car, sends photos, and even provides the interested person with fake invoices that seem to come from eBay Motors.

They are extremely convincing, and they make the victims trust them. Unfortunately, the fraud may cost you more than hundreds of dollars.

It is essential to know that you need to go through reviews written by other customers online. You should go through a lot of them, not just a few. Always check whether there are negative comments for your seller.

You must verify the person before paying him/her. You should communicate only via secure online channels that record your messages, such as the My eBay Message Center.

2. eBay Motors Seller Unable To Meet

Another thing that can make you suspicious about the seller’s confidentiality is that he does not agree to meet you in person. Alternatively, he does not allow you to look at the vehicle unless you send the payment first. That’s one of the first red flags that should expose an eBay Motors scam.

They can make up various excuses to convince you that they cannot come to that meeting. The following scenarios are the most common:

  • He is in the military and is out of the country.
  • He is experiencing a challenging period in life, such as a divorce, death, or family member’s health problems.
  • Alternatively, he says that he works on a boat (maybe as an oceanographer) and will not be in the country for a more extended period.

Even though the seller is polite, you should not trust him if any of the cases above apply. Lawful sellers typically suggest meeting with a possible buyer without delay. In case the seller is experiencing real circumstances like the ones we have mentioned and really cannot meet you, he will send another person to show you the vehicle.

3. Price Below Real Value

Whenever you come across a vehicle sold on eBay Motors for a price that is below its value, you should be doubtful about its real condition. By getting familiar with the vehicle’s value of the same characteristics and qualities, you can make sure that something is wrong with that advertisement.

eBay Motors scammers’ main aim is to make the vehicle attractive by offering it at a very affordable price so that you think you are a lucky person.

Unfortunately, it turns out that they just fool you and steal your money.

ebay motors scams

4. Purchase Under Pressure

eBay Motors scammers are always in a hurry, as they want to get the money and disappear as soon as possible. They will attempt to convince the buyer to finish the transaction quickly.

Also, they will ask the customer to pay through a service that can quickly transfer money to them, and they are the following:

We want our readers to know that only standard payment methods are cash when you meet the seller in person, via credit cards, PayPal, Bill Me Later, money order, cashier’s check, financial loans, or personal check. You can also use escrow accounts for a secure transfer of funds.

Do not consider it fraud if a seller asks for direct bank transfers and wire payments, but only if you have previously inspected the vehicle.
The best option is to provide payment when you meet to take the vehicle.

5. Free Shipping Always Costs You More

In the majority of cases, legitimate car sellers will not offer you free shipping. To make you believe them, scammers lie that they have connections to tremendous and trustworthy transportation resources.

Never believe them when they give you this reason. This eBay Motors scam is very similar to the trick when they offer a vehicle for a price that is much lower than expected.

It is a common tactic criminals use. It will turn out to be a scam, being that on eBay, the buyer is in charge of picking up the vehicle. Certain eBay Motors Dealers can offer free shipping, but they are advertised on the eBay website.

6. Fake eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Offer

In case the vehicle you have chosen to buy is not advertised on eBay but any other website, you cannot get an eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection. The bogus sellers try to persuade potential buyers to buy their car under the pretext that eBay will protect the transaction.

You must know that eBay provides Vehicle Purchase Protection, but only to purchases fully completed on the eBay Motors website. If you are a part of non-eBay conducted transactions, you cannot expect to get this protection.

The steps you can take when you want to buy a vehicle on the website and get eBay Purchase Protection is to log into your eBay account and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Win the bid on the auction.
  • Click ‘Buy it now.’
  • Send the best offer which the seller accepted.

ebay offer scams

7. Convincing Websites and Emails

eBay Motors scam websites will indeed look almost like the original eBay site. This is because criminals devote much attention to details about making their victims sure they are on a real webpage. You can do to ensure that you are visiting an original website to take extra time and effort to look for details. How?

  • A fake eBay email has grammar mistakes, and the conversation with them is formal.
  • The emails have to be from the ‘eBay.com’ domain if they are legal.
  • Scammers’ email will have false information.

If you want to know whether the email is really from the eBay website, you can sign in to My eBay, and if there is the same message in your messages folder, the email is not fake.

Top 5 eBay Scams Video

Watch the video below to see the general Top 5 eBay scams exposed:

eBay Motors Scam: How To Report It

Let your family and friends know about the eBay Motors Scam. Share the article on social media. Also, you can officially report criminals and any other suspicious activities to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or to the eBay Admin using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Report to eBay HERE

How To Protect Yourself More

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