Apple Scams

This year, the number of Apple scams has been increasing slowly but surely. The fraud includes iCloud deactivation threats, fake Apple support text messages, and random bogus invoices.

Most of the call to actions lead to fake Apple websites. The good news is, here is how to detect and block any Apple site – or any other malicious online platform.

A random Apple phishing email goes to million of recipients every day of the year. Every time it has a different subject title, but the bottoms line is always the same: to lure you into submitting personal information.  It is called the Apple ID scam email and could have different requests.

Apple Scams: Complete List Below

Another type of related fraud is the iCloud breach approach, where criminals usually claim your account has been compromised. However, let’s get into details.

Check out the articles below for a full list of Apple scams.

iPhone in the pocket

Stolen iPhone Extortion Scam

The Stolen iPhone extortion scam targets individuals whose iPhones have been stolen and have Find My enabled. This scam aims to force the victims to erase their stolen devices from their Apple accounts and thus remove Activation Lock so that scammers can activate the device. As a quick reminder, Find My has a unique feature called […]

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Apple Support Scam

The Apple Pop-Up: How The Scam Works The Apple Support Pop-Up is the equivalent of the Microsoft Tech Support Scam that’s been happening for over a decade. Since Apple products have become even more popular lately, it was just a matter of time until cybercriminals applied the same tactics to the Mac and iPhone users. […]

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Your Receipt From Apple Scam

How The Receipt From Apple Scam Works: Many fraudulent Apple emails are going around these days. They replicate major brands’ websites and claim to offer recipients the invoice of a recently purchased item. The latest scam is the Your Receipt From Apple aka the Mario Kart Tour Games scheme, which came back this week after making […]

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iTunes Billing Scam

iTunes Store Billing Scam: How It Works (with video below) You might receive an email that seems to be coming from iTunes. The name and email addresses used are iTunes Store and [email protected]. The subject title might be “Your Receipt No 321000427500”. In the email, your might be informed that you were billed for two […]

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Apple Discount Card

How the scam works: Apple users are a loyal bunch, and Apple rewards them accordingly. However, there is a scam that is currently being pulled in Australia and North America using Apple’s good name to cheat people out of their personal identification information. The scam involves discount “reward” cards to thank customers for their loyalty […]

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Best Buy/Apple/Netflix Text Message

Best Buy Gift Card Deal Scam: How It Works The consumer electronics giant Best Buy is still going strong in being a leader in the industry while providing reliable products and prices. The Best Buy gift card deals are also very popular but unfortunately, criminals use them to victimize people who don’t pay attention to […]

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