LinkedIn Scams

LinkedIn scams have surged dramatically in recent months as the lure of making extra money has drawn in many. The most prevalent form of LinkedIn fraud is phishing, with diverse and highly effective methods of exploiting users.

Scams on LinkedIn are nothing new; however, the style has changed and become more complex with the advancement of technology. Luckily, we have a complete list of LinkedIn scams exposed here, so please read.

Exposing LinkedIn Scams: The List 

Most fraudulent practices involve contacting the profiles on the professional social media platform. Typically, it is about offering a job for which the user has to engage in several ways. How do you know when a site is suspicious?

Here is how to detect and block a fake job offering website, or any other malicious site on the Internet. At the same time, please read the list of LinkedIn scams below and educate yourself.


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