Google Hangouts Scams

The amount of Google Hangouts scams increases daily as technology advances very fast, as well. The crooks approach their victims on any topic, but most of them reach out to their targets when it comes to online dating, job opportunities, investments or other great deals and sales. 

Primarily, any romance scammer on Hangouts tries to get the victims to send money claiming to be someone who is not, while those who trick their marks pretend to sell items for unbelievable prices.


Complete List of Google Hangouts Scams

Let’s build a Hangouts scammer list together and warn the rest of the world about their existence. Check out the articles below and contribute with the names that these criminals use.

Here is a complete list of Google Hangouts scams that everyone should be aware of.

Investments with Great Returns

The Global Currency Arbitrage Scam, Presented as an Investment with Great ROI  If there’s one thing everybody loves, it’s the idea of getting rich quickly. That’s why people are so prone to jump on opportunities they should probably know are too good to be true. Beware of the Global Currency Arbitrage Scam, a proposal where […]

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