You Got the Job!

How the scam works:

You’re desperately looking for a new job, posting your resume everywhere. A few weeks later you receive a phone call from the human resources department of a large, well-known company. You are excited as you have heard that they’re a very good company to work for. It’s in another city, but that doesn’t bother you since you need a change.

The caller asks a few questions about your resume. Then, she decides to be up front with you, saying you’re the person for the job, if you’ll take it. She tells you she understands how inconvenient it is to move, offering you a relocation fee and an installment bonus. The salary is even a little more than you expected! You decide it’s the perfect offer at the perfect time, and take it.

The only things that still needs to be worked out are a work visa/travel fee and paperwork charges. She asks you to wire her the money, assuring you the sum will be made back on the first check. Unfortunately, that check never comes. You’ll soon find out this dream job was only that – a dream.

Another variation is when scammers advertise these jobs, looking for manpower. Hundreds of candidates send in their resume  and they are contacted; scammers getting a few hundred dollars out of each victim and making thousands of dollars.

How to avoid:

You should never pay for a job; your employer should always pay you. There are some jobs that have “training fees” off the start, but you should find some independent information online to confirm that these charges are legitimate.

Do your research and rely only on reputable companies. In the meantime, if you are really looking for a job and seek to make some money until you find the next ideal job, there a couple of other options for employment online. They are trustworthy and have a great online reputation:

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Jyotish Raj

Seabourn River Cruises sent me a mail offering me a job of ordinary seamen with a salary of 6500 GB Pounds by a Capt.Pearde Carragher.I have a doubt that it is a scam.

Lillian Gomez

A number 4134614645. Offering a job at hindware


Good morning, Vizio contacted me earlier this week and wanted me to do a interview via internet. I did so they said I was hired. They sent me a check and said that I could only deposit via atm and not cash it even though it was a cashier’s check. And now they are asking me to go to my bank and write a check of 10 dollars and send it to a orphanage. Is this a possible scam? I have had a fraudulent check sent to me before so I just want to know so I can just stop… Read more »

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