WhatsApp Scams

As WhatsApp has become of the most popular mobile apps in history, there is no surprise that many people fall victim to several WhatsApp scams. They vary in approach and style, but the point is you must educate yourself about how to avoid them. Luckily, we have tons of resources to keep you updated.

From the WhatsApp Charging Scam to fake Premium updates or upgrades to a bogus WhatsApp Gold membership, the schemes involving the platform grow by the day.

Complete List of WhatsApp Scams

The ‘collection’ of WhatsApp scams also involves variations such as the Fake Admin, non-existent voicemail messages, and even online dating traps. Feel free to read all the fraudulent moves criminals make using the application. Also, let us know if you come across new ones so we can publish them here.

Here is a complete list of Whatsapp scams exposed below.

Auto Insurance Via Whatsapp

Auto Insurance Sold Via Whatsapp Scam: How It Works A scam is circulating these days regarding cut-rate auto insurance policy solicitations coming via Whatsapp. Crooks are trying to add legitimacy to their scheme by using names of legitimate companies. They pretend to be representatives of these well-known insurance agencies, whether in the USA, Canada, UK, […]

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