Face To Face Scams

Face to face scams can be some of the most frightening to be a victim of. Instead of anonymous hackers, the victim is brought face to face with the thief. 

The way these scams typically work is using a pretense to meet at a specific location for any of a number of purposes. It could be to repay a debt owed by a family member or perhaps bail for a loved one in trouble. 

The victim of the face to face scam either is defrauded of the funds or is placed in a position where they have to give the funds to the perpetrator or else they – or a loved one held ostensibly for ransom – will come to harm.


Face to Face Scams: List Below

Sometimes a face to face scam will involve cash, other times the victim is asked to hand over a debit card and their PIN. 

These scams are some of the most brazen, but also the most traumatizing to the victim. Learn more about them by watching this space. See below:

vendor fraud

10 Tips For Vendor Fraud Prevention

How To Stay Away From Vendor Scams Vendor fraud can be defined in two significant ways. One is where a vendor or beneficiary information is fake or falsified, and a corporate unknowingly pays the party. The second one is when a legitimate vendor manipulates their goods or prices delivered unknowingly. Without proper prevention strategies put […]

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Coin Roll Scam

How the Coin Roll Scam Works A scam that can be common among shopkeepers or retail outlets in shopping malls is the Coin Roll scam. It works best with a roll of quarters – or more. Here, someone claiming to be from a nearby store will drop by the cash register – often in […]

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AC Repair Houston Fraud

AC Repair Houston Fraud: How It Works AC Repair Houston is an air conditioning type of scam that is pulled on victims that are not mechanically inclined and need emergency AC repairs. It is a basic 'bait-and-switch' scheme that is operated by deceptive HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) workers. It could happen to you anywhere. […]

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Beware of the Money Drop Scam

Finding Cash With Someone Else Is Never Good News There is a very dangerous scam going around these days known as the Money Drop Trap. It is very prevalent now in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It could happen to you in busy places, whether you're in a mall, parking lot, […]

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Edmonton Drivers Alert: Teenager Jumping Into Vehicles For Compensation Claims On 137 Ave

Compensation Claim Scam: Edmonton Parking Lot Injury A new parking lot scam is happening these days in Edmonton. Beware of a young male, around 17 years of age, running into cars on the North side of the city, feigning injuries and demanding cash from naive drivers. He is tall, skinny and of Afro-American descent. […]

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FEMA And SERVPRO Impersonators

FEMA/SERVPRO Visit Scam: How It Works Criminals pose themselves as representatives of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), having nothing to do with the real organization – so beware! They are knocking door-to-door and give residents SERVPRO cards while asking for money. Be very careful as it could happen to you as well. What can you […]

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Chimney Sweep And Repair Fraud

How The Scam Works: Fireplaces are commonplace in homes today, with many people not knowing what they would do without one. Everybody loves a nice, cozy fire to cuddle up next to on a cold and dreary night. Steady usage of a fireplace, however, means that the chimney gets dirty and can start wearing down […]

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Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimming Service Scam: How It Works (with video below) You are in your backyard and a truck with a couple of hard-working-looking men passes by. The truck stops, and one of them tells you that they are finishing up a job for one of your neighbours. In the meantime, they have noticed that […]

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