Email Scams

The most common form of electronic communication is also one of the most common avenues for scammers as email scams have been running for decades. 

Some refer to the pop culture, contests, pandemic-related information, and surveys, promising free money for vital information. That’s one of the oldest phishing scams.

The email scams often lead to identity theft. The good news is, here is how to remove your personal information from the Internet.


Email Scams: List Below

Email scams have gotten even more sophisticated, including Amazon scam email messages that really appear to be from the Amazon website. Here is how you can detect and block any harmful website on the Internet.

Apple ID email scams are common as well, with the millions of users of iPhones and other Apple products across the globe. 

New email scams are arising every day, so keep your eyes open and watch this space to learn about them as they develop. See below:

Vince Camuto Email

Vince Camuto Email Scam: How It Works Vince Camuto is a renowned American shoe designer who rose to fame after founding the women’s fashion brand Nine West. However, there is an email going around these days claiming to be from his office – nothing but the latest phishing scam. The scam follows the same pattern […]

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Sole Society Legal Action Email

Sole Society Legal Action Email: How The Scam Works Sole Society is a well-known company that designs and sells women fashion products. Taking advantage of its popularity, scammers came up with a new way to victimize its clients – and not only. It is a phishing scam with a message that has two variations: the […]

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