How To Know If Your Email Has Been Compromised

how to know if your email has been compromised

4 Ways To Tell If Your Email Address Is At Risk

By compromising your email, hackers can access sensitive information in your accounts, even financial information. In the worst-case scenario, they can sure steal your identity, getting medical services and loans on your behalf, and ruining your credit score. There are tons of ways to determine whether your email has been breached, including an email search online.

This article explains the most common signs showing that your email has been hacked. Below you have 4 ways to find out whether your email has been compromised. Here they are:

1. Your Sent Folder Has Strange Emails

Some attackers don’t intend to take over your account. Instead, they may want to have some control over it, either to collect more facts about you or to send spam while concealing their activity. Your sent folder might contain information such as mass emails to contacts and other emails you don’t recall sending.

This method isn’t guaranteed to work because the attacker might have deleted the messages they sent.

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2. You Can’t Log In

One concerning sign that your email may have been hacked is that you can’t log in using your details. You might be using the wrong password, of course, but if you’re sure it’s the right one and the problem persists, you should launch password recovery.

If you don’t have access to your recovery device or secondary email or the attacker has rerouted your recovery data, this method won’t work. In this case, don’t hesitate to ask your email provider for support.

3. Password Reset Notification

When someone resets your password, you’ll get a notification about this by email. The cybercriminal might be trying to get more information about the services you use, including information from your bank and the shopping sites you use.

The next stage of the attack will involve calls or emails from people claiming to work for your bank. During these calls, they may ask for your passwords, PIN codes, and other details.

4. Strange Browsers and IP Addresses

Many email providers let you check your login data and see what locations, devices, browsers, or IP addresses accessed your account. If you don’t recognize the devices or browser, your email may have been compromised.

No Signs At All

Unfortunately, there are often no telltale signs that your email has been compromised. Even businesses don’t always find out their accounts were breached, leaked, or hacked right away. Months can pass before they become aware of this fact. In that time, the attackers are free to use the stolen information as they wish.

Also, companies typically do not tell their customers their data was leaked. Instead, they’ll just advise all of them to change their passwords.

The Surest Way to Tell

The most effective way to see whether your email has been compromised is by using reliable anti-hacking software. The best software collects data available on the Internet to detect whether someone has leaked your details or published them online.

The consequences of an email account breach shouldn’t be underestimated. You’d be surprised how much a cybercriminal can do with a simple email address. They can use a list of common passwords to make their way into your online accounts. To make some money quickly, they can also sell your email to a company that will add it to a spam mailing list.

In addition, they can use it to create a fake social network profile for you and deceive your family and friends into giving them information or money or downloading malware. They can also trick you into downloading ransomware that can hold it for money or steal it. Finally, they can sell it to an entity operating on the dark web.

How to Know if Your Email Has Been Compromised

Have you heard of Have I Been Pwned? HIBP was created for people to check if an account has been implicated in a data breach. It is free and straightforward and comes with a host of benefits. The site is funded through donations and the owner’s own capital.

If your email address has been compromised, well, you will first need to change all your passwords. You should do this for each of your leaked accounts. Moreover, you can contact the site for help if the hackers locked you out. For the best results, you can use a password generator. To protect yourself moving forward, you should set up a security alert.

How To Report Suspicious Activity

You can also officially report scammers and any suspicious activity straight to the Federal Trade Commission using this link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to find out the most notorious scams on a regular basis, then subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You’ll receive weekly emails, no spam whatsoever.

Meanwhile, educate yourself with some other email fraud-related articles right under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online. Last but not least, feel free to use the comments section below to expose other email scammers.

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