Travel Scams

Be careful of travel scams when booking that next vacation or that once-in-a-lifetime trip. Many people have been duped into a scheme and have had thousands of dollars stolen from them in some instances. 

What gets so many people in trouble is the prospect of saving substantial sums of money by booking plane travel, lodging or other aspects of vacationing through third parties promising them.

Travel Scams: List of Common Tricks Below

The most dangerous fraud when it comes to travel are the bogus travel sites. Luckily, here is how to detect a fake travel website and avoid traps.

Be careful when booking your next vacation. Keep your eyes open, and learn about what travel scams are out there. See below:

moscow russia red square

37 Scams To Avoid in Russia

Beware of These 37 Scams If You Visit Russia Whether it is about a Russian visa, medical insurance, or travel packages, your trip to Moscow or the other cities could be a disaster if you don’t educate yourself with tips and tricks that will save you money, time, and mental health. If you are traveling […]

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