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Scam Detector provides original information, reporting, research, reviews, and analysis on websites, domain names, and e-commerce platforms, advising readers if these are legit, safe, and trustworthy.

Featured or quoted over the years on several major media outlets like ABC, BBC, Forbes, NBC, CBC and CNET, Scam Detector is an official contributor to the Federal Trade Commission and has been accessed in 191 countries. It updates the content daily with the newest articles so you can protect yourself from financial fraud.

Scam Detector is operated by a team of professionals providing the best safety measures and reviews. Along with its world-class partners, our platform helps millions of people around the globe to make conscious consumer choices. Through an army of fraud prevention specialists, Scam Detector provides in-depth, complete, or comprehensive advice on how to avoid financial fraud.

Besides educational articles, Scam Detector is also proud to offer you a website validator, a tool that helps you check the trustworthiness level of any website.


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How To Report Phone Scams

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How to Stop Scam Calls

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