Car Buying Scams

When car buying started happening on any scale, car buying scams quickly emerged. Today, the modern motorist or aspiring motorist has to be diligent and cautious of the many scams endemic to trading in automobiles on the private and commercial level. 

Car buying scams take many, many forms. Some are committed by dealerships, as either yo-yo financing scams or bait-and-switch schemes where the car you want is no longer there, or covering cosmetic or mechanical damage.


Car Buying Scams: List Below

Private buying can be even more fraught with peril, with car-buying scams ranging from fraudulent advertising to false car scams that lure people into a robbery. 

Watch this space to learn about car scams as they emerge in the news. See below:

lemon law

Lemon Law

What is Lemon Law? Understanding it is your first step toward protecting yourself if you've accidentally bought a lemon vehicle.

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Car History Report Scam

Car History Report Fake Request: How It Works A vehicle history report contains important information about a used vehicle’s past, indicating possible issues with the vehicle’s safety and value. The report typically shows title records, along with salvage and insurance total loss records and accident records, ownership changes, and vehicle details decoded from the VIN, […]

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Top 7 Car Loan Scams

Tips For Financing a Car: Avoid These Scams Shopping for a new or used car can be a fun and exciting experience, but it should also be done with vigilance and careful attention to detail. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you’ll be […]

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The Biggest Scam in the Auto Industry Today: Flood-Damaged Cars For Sale

The Stake: Over Half-Million Flood-Damaged Cars For Sale After Hurricanes  The most significant scam today in the Auto industry is the sale of flood-damaged cars to unsuspecting drivers. “From Hurricane Harvey and Irma we are adding over 500,000 vehicles to the possible used car lots.”, says Lauren Fix, automotive expert, analyst and TV personality. “Flood-damaged […]

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Bad Credit Car Loans Scam

Poor Credit Car Finance Scam: How It Works Bad credit car loans and fake lenders. This month, one of the biggest scams around is the Bad Credit Car Finance or Poor Credit Car Finance scam. Let’s take a look at how it works, how to report it, and how to get a free quote with […]

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Buy A Car Online Scam

How the scam works: Trying to buy a car online could be a disaster if you don’t pay attention. The best places to buy used cars online might turn out to be big disappointments. One of the most fraudulent moves around is the Buy A Car Online scam. Let’s take a look. Let’s say you’re […]

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Purchasing A Car Online Scam

Buying a Car Online? Here Is The Latest Scam (with video below) Let’s say you’re considering getting a new/old vehicle and looking for the best car sale websites out there, as well as for tips on buying a used car. Purchasing a car could be a complex process, especially when there are crooks out there […]

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Auto Financing Fraud

How the scam works:  (with video below) You’re about to buy a vehicle and are in need of a loan.  Doing your research for decent auto loans and car financing options, you see a bunch of ads promising you all that. They’re everywhere. Even if you have or don’t have bad credit, the auto financing […]

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Reselling Your Car Scam

How the scam works: (with explanatory video below) It is always cheaper to buy a car from an individual than it is to purchase one from a dealership or even a used car lot, but a new vehicle scam shows that both parties need to pay very close attention to the details of the sale. […]

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Car Title Washing

How the scam works: (with video below) If you didn’t buy your car brand new, you should read this article. A salvaged car is a vehicle that has been in an accident or caught up in a natural disaster and deemed a total loss by the insurance company or was perhaps going to cost more […]

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