Venmo Scams

The Venmo app is a great tool to send money to whoever you want, but there is a plethora of Venmo scams going around, taking advantage of the usability of the application.

The Venmo scams are very dangerous because they could leave you penniless if you don’t pay attention to how they work. We have a list of articles below that show you how to avoid them. Don’t ignore them.


Venmo Scams: Full List Below

Educate yourself on how to prevent fraud when it comes to these Venmo scams and stay safe.

Venmo Transactions

3 Venmo Scams You Should Avoid Now Venmo is a great mobile payment service and a digital wallet that lets you send money quickly to anyone you want. However, beware of the scam taking advantage of a loophole in the system. The app was built by PayPal but unfortunately left open windows for criminals to get […]

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