Sugar Daddy Websites: 5 Scams You Need To Know

Best Sugar Daddy Websites: Free Lies, Free Hopes, Many Scams

The Sugar Daddy business is real, but is full of fraudulent practices. Arguablly, it seems like it is one of the best work from home jobs out there. We discovered that thousands of girls worldwide are actively searching online – on a daily basis – for answers to queries such as looking for a sugar daddy to pay my bills, online sugar daddy no meeting free, or sugar daddy websites free for sugar babies. Shocking, isn’t it? Or not really?

In the following paragraphs, we will expose notorious types of scams that happen in this growing niche. And there are many more, such as the Mystery Gift scam, the extortion trick, and scary Deepfake examples, but let’s focus on the main topic for now. We will also show you how to easily identify if a profile is fake or real, so pay attention. Feel free to share your experience in the Comments section at the bottom of the article – or submit names of scammers that are operating on the sugar daddy websites, whether those are males or females. Let’s take a look:

Here is a list of a few of the most common scams in this industry:


1. Sugar Daddy Sending Money To Your Bank Account

This trick is widespread, and it happens not only on the sugar daddy websites but also on the social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. How does it work? Let’s see.

Watch the video below to see a victim of this scam exposing it, or keep reading for details:




If you are new to the sugar baby world, you may not know the ins and outs yet. Scammers flood to new accounts, promising money to be sent through the victim’s bank account. This action never goes well. As a sugar baby, you will never need to provide your banking information (login, personal bank info, passports, etc.) to a scammer. They may end up then asking for gift cards if you deny this.

One example would be the Western Union trick that is done typically in the Mystery Shopper Scam. That means they send you a check that you deposit in your bank account, but you have to purchase gift cards for them and keep the balance. More specifically, they send you, say, a $1,200 check, but you need to buy gift cards worth of $500 and deposit the check after. Many girls think they get a $700 balance gift from their sugar daddies, but the truth is different.

However, your bank will recognize this in a few days as a fraudulent check or charge, and you will end up owing all the money back. This is a red flag to run and not normalcy in sugar baby world. Recognize that with technology on the rise, scammers can use fake video apps, fake IDs, and create aliases.


2. Time Wasting Sugar Daddy

“This type of scam is prevalent in the sugar baby world”, says Liz Brock, a private investigator from Root Investigations, a New York-based company.

“The time-waster is exactly how it sounds: someone who is wasting your precious time. The scammer claims to be a sugar daddy who wants to meet with you but never does. He won’t send money. He’s lonely looking for someone to talk to. He will ask you to meet but never have the time.”


looking for a sugar daddy to pay my bills

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“People have came to us with the scammers’ accounts and names to check their assets & background, only to uncover they are using an alias and not who they claim to be. This individual is likely looking for online companionship over an actual sugar baby relationship, whatever that may be.”, says Brock.

You can avoid this by running a background check to see who the person is, but be aware of the Background Check Scam as well. You can also ask them for some small cash advance and see if they speak again. Often this will steer clear any fraud.


3. The Overseas Sugar Daddy

One of the earliest scams we have seen time and time again is the Sweetheart Scam. This trick once targeted older females in search of love. As technology progressed, it has evolved into a similar scam that targets sugar babies. The scam goes like this:

The scammer typically is an individual that claims to be overseas, working. This can include mining, oil rigging, fisherman, military, oceanography, or aerospace. The job can of course vary, but it is at one where he’s disconnected from society. He is unable to meet but looking forward to meeting soon.


online sugar daddy no meeting free

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“The scammer in this particular scam is heavily invested in the emotional component. The criminal puts an excessive amount of time talking to the victim,  wooing them with his promises, texting daily. He then mentions how he would like to meet but cannot get there due to lack of funds and needs help booking his ticket – or a similar excuse, such as an accident that just happened – and will pay the sugar baby a large sum once they meet.”, says Brock.

This scam takes place across sugar daddy sites, dating sites, and social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). On Instagram or Twitter, the scammer typically will send you a DM with their telephone number, trying to make contact with you.


4. Blackmail Sugar Babies

Some people are so naive when talking to a sugar baby that believe they are being loved beyond borders. Once some sugar babies get bored or stop receiving money, they blackmail the sugar daddy by threatening with releasing in public compromising pictures that they ask for during the ‘relationship’.


5. Findom and Pay Pigs

We left this one at last, as it is also very interesting. Look at the image below. It is a Twitter account of someone who willingly admits is a catfish, and is ready to drain all the sugar daddy’s cash – the ultimate derogatory move in the BDSM world.


best sugar daddy websites

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The profile could be real or fake, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is, there are tons of profiles like this out there. They target the type of sugar daddy that is referred to as a “pay pig”. What exactly is a pay pig, besides, well, what is sounds like?

“The pay pig is someone in the BDSM community which is typically a male who enjoys being mistreated by his sugar baby. The sugar daddy is typically looking to serve his mistress financially. The mistress typically humiliates the male by talking down to him in a derogatory manner. The pay pig may ask even how he’s allowed to spend his own money, etc.”.

“The user of the account steals the photos from a professional model and then a guy begs to spend money on them – psychologically, this would be the ultimate degrading move for the sugar daddy  – who wants to be degraded anyway. Think about it, you can’t even get a real woman to degrade you and are stuck with the person on the other end who is piggybacking off of someone else videos and photos. The men love to be referred to as losers, pathetic, slaves, and ultimately, be dominated. It could also just be going after people who do not read things and are just looking at the photos.”, concludes Brock.

This type of activity is known as Findom, and you may see a bunch of hashtags for that. According to the Urban Dictionary, findom is “a combination of 2 words: financial domination. Findom is an authentic fetish involving a submissive being “forced” to give money to the Dominant. Terms like money slave, pay pig, money pig, wallet slave, wallet rape are all part of the play involved in this type of domination and submission. Some men are very turned on by and seek out findom mistresses and are aroused by the act of submitting so entirely to a dominant female.”


sugar daddy websites free for sugar babies

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Sugar Daddy Websites: How To Avoid The Scams

There is a multitude of ways to protect yourself against these scammers, if you decide to take the plunge into the sugar daddy world. First, if they have a name – google it. If you see it’s vague, add “scam” or their field they are employed with to see if they’ve been using this alias before. Next, do a photo reverse search of their image. How can you do that? We have good news.


How To Identify If a Profile Is Fake or Real

Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if the profile or the picture used by your ‘lover’ is real or fake:




Never send gift cards, banking info, bitcoin, Western Union transfers, or any money to a stranger online. Do not ever send compromising photos before the meeting, as they may be used to blackmail you. If they are sending photos but never able to talk on video chat, this is a huge warning sign as well (no matter how old or out of touch with the technology they claim to be).


Best Place To Find a Sugar Daddy?

If you are looking online for the best place to find a sugar daddy, the answer is simple: in real life. On the other hand, if you had success in this endeavor, feel free to share in the Comments section below.

Always meet in a public place for your safety. And of course, run a background check on their number, full name, username, to see if any scams are associated with the individual. Avoid finding sugar daddies on non-verified websites. If you find one using hashtags on Instagram or Twitter, never send them money.

Never provide your real name, usernames (even from Venmo) or real telephone number – set up a Google voice or fake number and use an alias so you cannot be blackmailed.  We also recommend background checks to check assets. People could be the ones in their photos but have horrible credit, liens, judgments, as well as not living the lifestyle they claim, thus wasting your time.


Sugar Daddy Websites: How To Report The Scammers

Warn your family and friends about the sugar daddy scams by sharing this article on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More

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