Social Security Scams

Social Security scams are some of the most notorious schemes out there. They happen in the U.S. daily, in all the States from East to West. In Canada are known as the Social Insurance number scams.

Getting into more detail, the Social Security scams come in different ways: as threats about your social security number being suspended as well as fake employees representing the Social Security Administration. The fraud could also come as various social security scam calls or text messages.

These easily lead to identity theft. The good news is, here is how to remove your private data from the Internet.


Social Security Scams: List Below

Social Security phone scams are prevalent, preying on the elderly and promising benefits or denial of benefits in exchange for information.

In case you are dealing with online SSA requests, here is how to efficiently detect and block any harmful website on the Internet.

Educate yourself about the newest SSA scams by checking out the articles below, all having videos included.


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