Zelle Scams

The amount of Zelle scams has been increasing lately at a worrying rate. From business account types to social media hooks such as the Zelle Facebook Marketplace scam, the fraudulent moves involving the payment app are at an all-time high.

Many of the Zelle scams occur via email or text message, and the most common ones reference some sort of a refund.


Zelle Scams: Full List Below

Other common scams include fake Zelle customer service reps, the ‘money mule’ method, transfers “to yourself”, account upgrade or takeover, bank impersonators, and asset recovery types. That’s just to name a few.

Similar to the schemes used around other popular apps like CashApp or Venmo, the Zelle scams promise instant wins of money with the least possible involvement. Beware.

Learn more about all the Zelle scams and how to avoid them below.

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