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A full list of tech scams and tips on how to stay safe online, as criminals use various software, viruses and online auctions to get your money. It’s all about data protection, online security, and other tips for staying safe online. This is an educational category with over 60 articles.

As there are constant data breaches, hijacking and all kinds of Internet fraud, rest assured that the materials below will help you with the best prevention measures on how to protect yourself.


List of Over 500 Tips on How to Stay Safe Online:

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December 1, 2020
ip address scams

Beware of IP Address Scams When Shopping Online

Beware of IP address scams when shopping online these days. Click here to see how the IP address scam works.
November 30, 2020
Protect Against Security Threats

13 Powerful Tips To Protect Your Business Against Security Threats

Here are some of the key ways that you can use to protect your business from security threats.
November 27, 2020
software solutions for fraud prevention

Software Solutions for Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraud detection and prevention require adopting a comprehensive set of tools and solutions that will keep your infrastructure secure. Here is a full guide.
November 28, 2020
computer mill scam

Computer Mill Scam

Watch out for the Computer Mill Scam, a bogus website with no reviews. They promote a massive but fake Computer Mill PS5 list, so beware.
November 30, 2020
ehome all reviews

eHome All Scam

Beware of, a bogus website that offering Cyber Monday deals. Don't bother looking for eHome All reviews either, we'll explain.
November 27, 2020

iDepotHome HomeTaxMart Scam

Beware of the iDepotHome Scam aka the HomeTaxMart trap, a shady website that pretends to have Black Friday deals.
December 1, 2020
psgetting scam

Psgetting Scam

The time has come to expose the Psgetting Scam, a duplicate website that offers great but fake Playstation products.
November 30, 2020 Scam

Beware of the Best Price Home Scam aka the Scheme. Here is how it works:
November 26, 2020
best price home scam

Best Price Home Scam

Beware of the Best Price Home Scam aka the Scheme. Here is how it works:
November 18, 2020
how to spot a fake website

How to Spot a Fake Website

If you want to know how to spot a fake website, you are in the right place. In this article, we're showing you the Top 10 tips.
November 9, 2020
pack crown royal scam

Pack Crown Royal: Military Package Gifts

We have received inquiries about a possible Pack Crown Royal scam. Has the whisky maker started a Crown Royal Military Package campaign?
November 2, 2020
ransomware attack

Protection Against Ransomware

What is a Ransomware attack? In this article we'll show you how it works and how you can remove it. We also show how to prevent Ransomware.
November 2, 2020
how to tell if someone is scamming you online

How To Tell If Someone Is Scamming You Online

How to tell if someone is scamming you online? Here's a guide on online dating scams and romance scammer tactics (signs of a romance scammer).
October 29, 2020
how to report scam emails

How To Report Scam Emails

How To Report Scam Emails: Must-Read Full Guide 2020 If you have ever been the target of email scams, then […]
October 8, 2020
build a safe website

6 Ways To Create a Safe Website

How To Build a Website And Stay Away From Fraudsters Internet fraud has been increasing gradually in the last couple […]
October 7, 2020
ssl certificates

Protect Your Customers’ Data with SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates Benefits: Everything You Need To Know [FULL GUIDE] With an increase in online businesses, people adopt online shopping […]
October 2, 2020
small business fraud

Small Business Fraud: 6 Tips On How To Prevent It

Small business protection is critical these days. Here are some effective small business fraud prevention tips.
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