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Venmo Survey Scam: How It Works

Beware of a new Venmo survey scam, coming to your phone as a fake reward offered through a text message. It promises a $100 gift card if you supposedly give them five minutes of your time. The amount of the card, as well as the content of the notification, varies. However, the fictional survey is part of a long list of Venmo scams happening this time of the year.

Below is the content of the text message:

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“Thank you for being a Venmo user! You have been selected to receive a free gift worth at least $100 for a 5-minute survey. Click here:


Another variation of the scheme informs the recipients they will receive $750 for the same task. This Venmo Survey scam is similar to the Costco Receipt Text that was perpetrating not too long ago.

Venmo Survey Scam: Bogus Link

As you can see, the Venmo survey scam doesn’t look as it would come from the payment processing company. There are many red flags with this fake promo. The questionable link that scammers ask you to open is, which obviously is NOT – or at least a well-known survey platform.

That page leads the victims to a phishing scam created to collect personal information and other important data they could offer.  This type of scheme is standard for many phishing scams, whether it is about gift cards, iPhones or any other awards.

How To Report the Venmo Text Scam

Let your family and online friends know about the Venmo Text Scam by distributing this article on all your social media platforms. Also, you can officially report criminals and other suspicious phone numbers to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using this link:

Report To The FTC Here

Also, keep an eye open for other prevalent suspicious messages these days regarding fake Amazon pallets for sale.

How To Protect Yourself

If you want to receive via email the most prevalent scams of the week, subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You’ll receive from our team weekly messages – no spam whatsoever. Meanwhile, educate yourself with other Venmo fraud-related articles listed under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online.

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Last but not least, feel free to use the comments section below to expose other Venmo scammers.

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5 thoughts on “Venmo Survey”

  1. Annoyed with Thiefs

    I haven’t used Venmo in years, so was surprised last week to get a text saying something like “Because of your continued use…” Of course I knew it was a scam. Have gotten 3 more since then. This morning, from (562) 667-7096: “Dear Venmo User: You have been selected to receive a free gift valued at least $100 for a 2 minute survey I have since reported the text as spam to my wireless carrier.

  2. Nathan Henderson-James

    I haven’t used Venmo in months but I got this fun spam text this morning.
    Venmo User: You have been selected to receive a free gift worth at least $125 for a 2 minute survey

  3. I’ve had my cell ph # for over 20 years and never had a problem with spam text. Around June 6th I either sent or received a venmo payment. A day or two later I got a survey about my recent experience with no mention of money. I clicked it but when I saw the web link I got suspecious and did not click it. To late, starting about a week later I started getting spam text messages. Now I get around 7 texts a day and I’m starting to get robo calls. All thanks to Venmo allowing this stuff.

  4. I received this via text earlier today from the number below. Assuming it’s a scam.
    “Because of your continued use of Venmo, you have been selected to take a $100 paid survey”

  5. Thanks so much for being so up to date. I’ve had two of these texts this week. Strangely I have just used Venmo again for the first time in years!

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