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Many victims have been asking us lately how to recover the money they lost to various scams. Whether the schemes involved eCommerce purchases, PayPal transfers, suspicious credit card transactions, phone calls, or social media traps, we may be able to help. Besides being official contributors to the Federal Trade Commission, Scam Detector has partnered with a few powerful recovery asset agencies in an effort to tackle the criminals together.

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Please fill out the form below by clicking the button and then provide the info about the loss. Just keep in mind that the process of recovering the money complex and requires a lot of hard work. We can’t make guarantees, but at least we will point you in the right direction.

NOTE: the form below is only for types of scams that don’t involve crypto. If you’ve been a victim of a crypto scam, fill the form HERE.

If we decide to take your case, we will forward the information to our asset recovery partner, which will contact you directly and start working on the case for a fee. If you would like to proceed, fill the form below safely:

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31 thoughts on “Are You a Scam Victim? We May Be Able To Help”

  1. is apparently a scam. Am told I invested a year ago and account will be closed since I haven’t used the site in that time. There’s over $35k in an account I don’t remember investing, have no account information and they require $64 US for conversion fee. All I get is the same information from multiple people but not giving the answers I’ve requested. NO I have not and will not send the money.

  2. if I was on Snapchat and an ad came up and it was offering good prices on a drone without hesitation I didn’t research I just purchased the drone right away. I now think it is a scam and I am not going to get the drone or my money back. Can Snapchat be responsible for promoting the ad on their platform and then having the users of Snapchat suffer because I trusted Snapchat and I thought it was just legit because I use Snapchat a lot and it’s been safe but to purchase some thing and have ads there and then the users of the app I don’t want to have to suffer lose out of this. I think Snapchat should be held responsible for some of this as well for promoting bad businesses that are fake or they need to check who they promote, and vouch for it because people who trust and use Snapchat and are familiar with it like me have no hesitation to just do stupid things like that and purchase something please again can Snapchat be held responsible for this ??

  3. I currently have problems with Hoyo Minig, since it does not pay the profits generated. Does anyone know if this page stopped paying? First they asked that the cost of electricity be paid in advance, it was a lot of money for me, 850 USD I still had not earned nothing and pay on the page. They sent me a very annoying email informing me that I had to pay them externally and that my account was going to be blocked because I did not pay them, the next day another account to pay for taxes appeared that clearly I was not going to win and I had not generated the mining account that I had contracted. They told me to pay them a minimum of 200 USD, I sent them 200 USD and many days have passed and they no longer answer me. My account to make withdrawals was not activated and now they no longer answer me.
    Could you help confirm if this page has already stopped paying? or never paid.?
    Or any advice to recover the investment?

  4. These two companies are scammers and they blocked my money and won’t return it, how can I recover it?

  5. Hello, I made an online order at, in January 2023, and I did not receive anything even after 3 months of waiting, I discussed with them through emails and insistences; I received answers with little words and with the offer to refund 30% from the money paid for women’s clothing. I found many people from different countries cheated like me, communicating through emails; What can we do in these conditions, can we recover our damages???? My name : Caba irina and i am from Roumania !

  6. I was scammed on a site I shouldn’t Have been on in the first place …. But lesson learned a guy thru WhatsApp made a promise to send me something in the mail if I pay him via bitcoin on cashapp fast forward I muster up and pay the guy and nothing. He tells me I’ll get the tracking number and all the info I need as soon as I pay. Then once I pay nothing, my messages aren’t even being delivered or read thru WhatsApp. I called the number in WhatsApp and nothing no answer. I message the website email and no response either. This is bullshit and it sucks of cowards trying to scam people who want to make something out of nothing. And there’s nothing a bank or cash app support will do to help u out at all. No one seems to give a shit when u lose money but still want u to spend money. Anyways I hope someone never goes on because like me don’t become boo boo the fool. They’re going to take your money and just say “f$&k you”. On to the next victim. And motherf@$k cash app support too what a joke! And also now I’m starting to receive random emails and such in foreign languages looks like Russian or German language of furniture. So maybe they used my bitcoin they scammed me out of to buy furniture. Which I kept the copies of the emails, just in case I need to take the next step and go to the authorities.

  7. I ordered from Elelroys, who has extremely inexpensive products. That should have been my first clue. They claim to have sent the package and gave me a tracking number through The tracking number is not a USPS number, even though it claims that USPS is the delivery service. I went to the local post office (USPS) because the package was said to have been delivered four days prior, yet I did not receive it. USPS states at no time was this package scanned into their system, so they could not help me. I contacted Elelroys who basically wished me the best in finding my package, but offered no help. Fortunately I only lost $27 with this bogus Chinese company. It is a lesson learned on researching before I purchase. Don’t buy from them as you may never get the product you ordered.

  8. I was approached by Instagram by a women named Maria Iruzutzieta Olanda. She wants to buy my art as NFT by the website I was happy to sell 7 of my artworks for 4 Eth each. I had to pay 0.35 Eth for each artwork. But when I wanted to withdrawl the earnings I had to pay 3.1 Eth for the gasfees. I found it strange but there was waiting a lot of money so I paid. After paying I got a message that I have to pay 2.6 Eth for the taxes. I doubted to pay but finally I paid looking forward for the earnings. But then… they told me they did not receive my payment and I was hacked they said so I had to pay again 2.6 Eth. I did not pay it. I asked the woman to borrow it to me because I don’t have money anymore to buy Eth even when I wish to pay. Bit then she locked her account and I knew enough… i am a victem of a scamming site !! I hope I can get my money back. But how?

  9. I lost $19,000 in, how can I get it back? Please help me. I keep adding money to invest again. Now the link has been deleted.

  10. I was caught by an ad in facebook mash tur which is owned by, every time I try to track my order I am told waiting for a ship. I am realizing now it is a fake website

    1. Someone talked with me from TikTok to telegram N what’s app. Investing money and finish the task. But the task need to invest a bigger money. Before the money withdraw u need to finish the task however since the task was need to invest PHP 49,000. I can’t finish the task which I was already invested before Php 56,000 . I want my money back I talked to maniger but she still want to fulfill the duty

  11. I lost US120,000 to a very well organised, fake online trading platform called

    I was contacted out of the blue on whatsapp by a supposed Chinese female, who then wanted to use LINE for communications.

    Long story short she spent quite some time getting to know me and encouraged me to try the platform which I downloaded, spent a little money, with her as my ‘trusted’ advisor.
    She continued to push for more funds, amidst photos of her family et al.

    QR codes are issued to transfer monies to individuals accounts (not a company) and the names change occasionally, before appearing in the trading account. Here I should have realised my error.
    But I asked time and again and was assured it was legit, and I continued to put more money in and I was doing well (the platform trades behind the market, so they know what has happened already).
    I continued to trade but could not get my money out and there is the rub.

    I reported them to the various police but the police are frankly inundated with this kind of fraud now.
    The IP address is based out of Hong Kong and it has a dodgy Chinese chat function, but then all the info on site is fake anyhow, altho the trading platform is very well done.

  12. Såg på en sida att dom säljer en verktygsvagn med 237st verktyg som ingick i den för 599kr har kostat 3500kr.
    Tyckte att det lät billigt så vi beställde den och betalade men fick inget bekräftat om att det blev en beställning.
    Hoppas att någon kan hjälpa till så vi får tillbaka pengarna.
    Någon advokat har vi inte råd med för att jag är arbetssökande.
    Det företaget heter Sale-sek.

  13. I lost money on, please never ever try to enter on this website, it’s 100 percent scam..they always ask you to recharge again and again with the money continue increasing but at last they don’t allow you to withdrawal…they ask more money…don’t listen to their sweet talks…its scam..

  14. Saw an ad for metal gardening containers on Facebook. They lowered the price of them so I decided to buy. I ordered one. I received an email confirming my order. They didn’t have it right so I decided to contact them to correct the order. I used the “contact us” link in the confirmation email. I received a “Failure Notice” from The email address does not exist.
    Since they have my bank information, I’m now concerned that they will clean out ALL of my funds and not just the amount of that sale.

  15. is totally fake. They are authoring a pig butchering scam on crypto. Their customer service uses gmail and are threatening. They are criminals. They claim they are the IRS. Try to charge for taxes up front instead of out of what you made. then they come up with excuses not to give you the money. Run from fasly Exchange.

  16. Good afternoon, About a year ago (March 2022) i was texted by someone on my Telegram channel.. i didn’t know the person, so i didn’t reacted immediately. the day after i said ‘Hello’ to the person and we started a conversation. i am from the Netherlands. these conversations where nice and we texted a lot. after a month or so this person started to talk about crypto, and how well it has been for this person. i never was into crypto ,so i listened to what was told me. this person guided me to a website, (former) nowadays, based in Manchester, Address; 77 Palatine Road, Manchester, United Kingdom, M20 3LJ i made an account and started to deposit crypto, I also did brought in some friends of mine who started to make deposits to their account they made, we all bought our crypto from Each month i payed an amount and at the end of the year i had payed about 16200$. when i wanted to make an withdrawal, they refused, because they were busy with ‘the annual change of ledger’. In January this year(2023) they came back to me and said that i had to pay 30% of my investment to make an withdrawal. In that year (2022) i reinvested some interest and my portfolio was build up to 36850$ and from this amount i have to pay the 30%., a quick calculation made a staggering 11000% to pay.. this was also told to my friends, because they had put us in a group, and i’m the admin of this group.. they want that every member in this group has payed their due’s before anyone can reopen their account. We all were flabbergasted by this unreal demand. we don’t know what top do, because none of them will pay a penny anymore.. does this mean we will loose our fund? The people in this group talked about it and we came to the conclusion that this must be fraud .. or something.. Please can you help us? this group will otherwise loose a total amount of 32000$



    I apologize in advance for spelling errors

    more or less 3 months ago I put my number on a site to invest in Amazon, I was contacted by you, who immediately asked to invest in amazon and if there was a way to do something automatic without taking time away from my family, I the girl immediately said yes … she asked me how much she wants to invest, I replied 250 I was, she tells me if you can get to 500 you would have given me 750 … I said okay …. made the first transfer .. .then he tells me that Manuel, his manager, would contact me shortly for a chat …ok

    after a few minutes she called me

    kind and friendly he tells me if I had put in another 2000 euros you would have given me 5000 so I could operate more even though I had told them that I just wanted to invest in amazon and I had time for this type of thing … but I trusted … and I made the 2nd transfer

    that she had me followed by one of her best brokers Cristian and asked me for my trading objective, I answered them 150-200 euros a month to get rid of some whim from my daughter

    Cristian calls me and has 12 small protected operations done to show me how it works

    I told them that I just wanted to invest in Amazon, he replied that Amazon needs a few months to see any results, I replied I’m not in a hurry …. but nothing

    after a few days he contacted me and told me that there was an investment that he thought was very profitable (bitcon) but I had to invest another 18,000 euros, I was reluctant, I didn’t want to do it, after a few insistent phone calls he convinced me and I made 2 trances 1 (6150) and more ( 11850)

    August arrives I was on holiday he contacted me he told me that there had been some control problems that they would give me back the wire transfers on the 1st (6150) he came back (6142) the second no after 1 week

    he asked me to do a bank recall, so I rushed my wife (since she doesn’t work) to the bank

    we did the recall which was successful (11842)

    Cristian tells me we’ll send you another bank transfer, I did the 6150 one but I didn’t want to do the 11850 one anymore, I said to myself that’s enough I’ll stop here …. After some insistence from Cristian I didn’t give in I didn’t want to put them anymore

    so one Monday Cristian called me and told me that he wouldn’t grind me (I would have preferred he had grinded me) he made me open the ngas (buy and sell) and he told me that we would raise 11850 by doing those operations I said to myself (fine) and I asked them what should I do

    he replied “how do you see that either the buy or the sell in profit plus 500 was closed and reopened”

    so I did

    after a week or so and a little more I received a message

    Hello Mohammed,
    I’m Vittorio Costa.
    Cristian will be out of the office on a company trip until day 12.
    He left me your account “in custody”.
    Do not hesitate to contact me at any time, and write to me when it is more convenient for you to hear from us during the day. At least one appointment a day.
    I hope all is well, he told me Cristian that you have lost some faith and enthusiasm in the project.
    I’m so sorry, I take the blame for everything you went through.
    I await your contact.

    and my absolute decline

    he made me open the oil same speech buy and sell without explaining anything
    then dowjons then they abandoned me a week

    came back he told me that things were not going well that I had to put 11850 to close the negativity so I did

    but instead of closing, he made me open the grain without explaining anything to me, always the usual buy and sell discourse

    after a week he called me and said that the transactions are expiring I had to put another 20,000 in order not to lose the money … I said make them expire I won’t put anything more
    he told me you’re crazy I replied that it’s my fault if I was put like this I have nothing to do with it
    he said “please don’t let the operations expire he would have lost his job”
    after some insistence telling me we’ll give you 125 percent at least we can close something ”
    I made the transfer
    but the credits hadn’t gone up
    I asked why he told me that he would have Stefano call me ….
    Stefano my name is and he told me that I had to put another 20,000 as they come in we’ll make you return 10,000 also said by Manuel
    I hallucinated ,,, I wanted to close everything and file a fraud report
    I didn’t have any more money, I replied
    nothing to do I would have lost everything
    believe me I never asked my wife for money (and I did that day)
    humiliated and demoralized
    I put another 20,000 but the credits only 60 percent
    and tell me the other 60 percent were served to open trades (which I didn’t want and didn’t know they were expiring)
    I only got 3000 back
    I just told you the plain truth

    Do you think it’s not a scam?
    Do you think I was wrong?
    Do you think I’m crazy?
    do you think I have not been bypassed?

    1. You are the victim of fraud, like many others.

      There is recourse. If you are in the U.S., you can call the federal government information line and ask to be directed to the appropriate department (Consumer Affairs, the SEC, etc.).

      If you have investments in stocks or bonds you can call the custodian (for example, Vanguard). Someone there will know where to get you started.

      Also, if the people who took your money used the U.S. postal service, there may be mail fraud charges involved.

      Don’t just accept that you’re the victim, or take your loss as God’s punishment for believing the people who defrauded you. It wasn’t your fault. They cheated you.

      But unless you fight back, they win. Don’t let that happen! Start with the suggestions here, and also ask your friends, co-workers, and acquaintences what recourse you have. Collectively they probably know more than I do. Then follow whatever sounds like the best advice.

      Finally, if you can afford it you can always hire a lawyer and sue the company that took your money. That might get you compensation faster than anything else, because no one likes to be sued, and face a trial.

      If you decide to get legal help, be sure to find a law firm that specializes in securities fraud, or whatever is related to your case. It’s best to find one that is familiar with the law in your case.

      Good luck, amigo!

    2. Mohammed, I read your story with a broken heart. You dealt and lost to the pro hackers, the scum of the scum, low life.

      Most likely you knew them by false names.
      Every time you count your money with the heart, you will lose. Here you have the prove of it.

      I hope you learn well.
      God bless

  18. Golden sun of jax is a scam. Keep coming up with more money requests. Delay everything. Do not return calls or emails. Keep switching you from one so-called advisor to another. Make big promises and are super friendly until you run out of money. Actually told my mother to sell her car to pay them.

  19. I lost money on alamo-top. Com they alway tell u to deposit a huge amount that u cannot deposit after deposit again they will tell to deposit more high amount this is fraud.

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