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Many victims have been asking us lately how to recover the money they lost to various scams. Whether the schemes involved eCommerce purchases, PayPal transfers, suspicious credit card transactions, phone calls, or social media traps, we may be able to help. Besides being official contributors to the Federal Trade Commission, Scam Detector has partnered with a few powerful recovery asset agencies in an effort to tackle the criminals together.

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Please fill out the form below by clicking the button and then provide the info about the loss. Just keep in mind that the process of recovering the money complex and requires a lot of hard work. We can’t make guarantees, but at least we will point you in the right direction.

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NOTE: the form below is only for types of scams that don’t involve crypto. If you’ve been a victim of a crypto scam, fill the form HERE.

If we decide to take your case, we will forward the information to our asset recovery partner, which will contact you directly and start working on the case for a fee. If you would like to proceed, fill the form below safely:

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selma hrynchuk
Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

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  1. a su to podvodnici. Pracuju na telegrame. Davaju 1.€ za klik na filmy na youtube, Ide o 18 filmov za den. Kazdy stvrty je ako ze bonusovy bez uvedenia linku na film. Ak chcete ponuknu vam kolko chcete investovat. Sumy najprv zacinaju na hodnote 10.-€ . Tie musite zaplatit na sukromny ucet, ktory vam daju.Ale potom sa rapidne zvysuju a ak si potom chcete vybrat peniaze za kliky na videa, ,musite zaplatit nemalu sumu a oni vam daju nejaky kod, ktory date tzv. recepcnej na Telegrame, ktora vam vyplati peniaze za kliky. Platba je z roznych uctov. Vascinu platieb davate tejto recepcnej na jej bankovy ucet. Podla mena som to zistil. Ide zrejme o skupinu podvodnikov v roznych krajinach. Kazda krajina ma zrejme svoju skupinu.

  2. They said, if you complete all 7orders in test 3 you can withdraw all your money, commission and bunos but after completing they will asked you to pay P10,000 for processing fee so that you can withdraw all your money.

    1. They said, if you complete all 25orders in test you can withdraw all your money, commission and bunos but after completing pay 10,608 for tex fe so that i can withdraw all my money.

      I need help,,, and withdraw money

  3. I discovered “clickfreescore” from a browser search. (Google Chrome) THANK YOU !

    ,,,,evil is as evil does…
    “Forrest Gump”

    These “low-life scum-suckers” are always inventing ways to rip normal trusting people off.

    They’re irianian-hamaas animals and should be locked up permanently ! ! ! With NO CHANCE for “parole”.

    A voting, taxpaying “Disabled VietNam Veteran” who is disgusted and ashamed of our current political climate {thieves}. LORD JESUS, won’t you come “quickly”… …please !

  4. Hi, i knowed a girl after days she propouse me make trading with a good stability, in this platform: and she says about a uncle and this men with 10 years experience in trading field, she learn me all the process and she send me the transactions periods, mount, direction in every trade, she teach me the process to withdrawl, with 120 usdt first, after that i can withdrawl ok, so motivated for him i start to deposit more money, until i decide finish and withdrawl my money, but platform say that i need pay 12% of taxes, well im at this point, because i dont wanna pay more because i dont have more money even i have a debt for all this, someone could help me, thanks!, i have the number the girl just latest days i havent talk with him she is from Malasia.

      1. LibertyEARHUB.COM Charged our bank account $89.97. I haven’t placed orders & have no idea what the charge is for. I am currently trying to contact them & having to get a new debit card.

  5. Has anyone been scammed by Evaluating clothing from shein to earn money. Once you reach $3,000 then you can cash out. The website is very sketchy and no phone number to call.

    1. Salve io credo di essere vittima di una truffa su telegram .loro si spacciano x booking attraverso una piattaforma dove all’inizio ti fanno guadagnare poi però se sbagli qualche operazione ti trovi nella m…a comunque ho già fatto denuncia ai carabinieri sono andato anche alla polizia postale nessuno mi vuole aiutare x recuperare quello che ho perso ho contattato un avvocato su altro consumo ma sono ancora in contatto tramite chat su telegram ho tutte le tracce delle operazioni ho anche mail di questa pseudo azienda alla quale ho scritto adesso loro stanno indagando vediamo cosa mi rispondono .se qualcuno ha qualche consiglio grazie e buona giornata

  6. Di Stefano Dominique

    Hi, i was contacted by Shealynn Turbina (had also a second profile Antina Ivan Popov) on FB and very soon she insisted that i should invest on, i did it and for Valentine’s day there she told me was a special event with bigger gains….but yo have to put at least 50 k USDT….which i did not have. I could only put 4 k, and that (fake) person said she would put 47 k USDT….and i saw them in my defi wallet. After the event the took all my money from my wallet… Now they ask me 10k taxes in order to unlock my account. How could they take my money from the defi wallet…i lost 8 k euros…..

  7. A lot of people have lost (and are still losing) money to these fake online imposters and scams. When it comes to you asking back your money, they will start to give excuses, and then eventually stop communicating with you and disappear. I also lost to one of these thieves. Before you embark on any recovery, make sure you report your case to the authorities. I got helped by the company pacnetworktech, they put me through their process, I don’t know if you have heard about them, they will be engaged in your scam and getting money back from the financial loss. So long as you can provide evidence on your case to enable them to solve your problem quickly.

  8. Do you know if melopextrade is legal platform for trading bitcoin? Because iam already put my money $9k to trade in this platform? Please help me to unswer??
    Thank you

  9. pranab jyoti medhi

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Pranab Jyoti medhi and I have lost more then 5.5 Lakh in trading Plate form namely (
    I have get the link in facebook and after that when I enter in their whatsapp group they offering to open and Institutional trading account other then normal Demat account which we all have in deffirent plateform.
    They giving us stock code and like wise we get profit in 15 days I have earned about 8 lakh above but today when I need money I have withdraw some money but Institutional account manager Mgs me that if you want to withdraw money then you have to pay 20% of profit and I say yes you can cut from account balance and they reply me that you have to pay extra 20% money before withdraw.
    That is my sad story please help me.
    Thank you

    1. My elderly mother ordered a mobility scooter online with radenes and seeds which she received but the over 100 she spent on scooters has been lost did try to contact them but i cant 120 pounds 22 pence of her pension money was lost which she ordered through my bank account

  10. The scam I was involved in started with someone from a recruitment agency when I needed a part time job. When I said yes, this lady Mrs. Ellen (that what people in the group called her) reached out to me and said that she will teach me the work. The site is At first I had to get orders to get commission and I did when I was able to withdraw a small amount of 100 Usd but after that, they sent me commercial ads. This is when they asked you to deposit some money to get the commission and finish the task. You cannot withdraw your money and commission until you finish the task. The commercial ads keeps on coming asking for a bigger amount. They would say you will get a bigger commission and you can withdraw your money anytime after the task. I stopped doing the task when they were asking me for another 4,000 Usd. So, the money that was stolen from me is still not touchable.

  11. I had invested in Bbanc a couple of years ago and had been very happy with them despite them not being FCA regulated.
    Recently I noticed the domain name had changed so I contacted them I was told they had closed the type of account I had but they would return my funds. They had the correct financial figures and my details so I believed U was talking to the bank.
    THEY ARE NOT BBANC anymore.
    I paid over £3k in fees but of course my funds were never returned.
    I have no clue where the real Bbanc went.

  12. Since the 17th November 2023 _
    Since 2nd December 2023_
    Currently the new website changed to:
    Note, I was able to login into all websites above with my same details. I am keeping in touch with the Customer Services Agents, by promising to pay more money to them.
    In one day, my entire bank balance was wiped out. I value this support as i pleaded with the Bank & Online Commission based easy way to make money Agents to refund me. Buy goods from shops to boost their quota. Then pay for the items, they refund plus promise a commission. I oniy received x1 refund. The amount got higher & higher. When initially all u needed was R100. In total I made R380 + R515 + r900 + R1800 + R3600 = R10 750. ( About $645 ) Now my account is in a TimeOut status. And in order to release my full capital, I was told I had to grab another order, the Agent said it will correct my account to a Withdrawal status. Instead I now have a pending order is for R5400 & expected to pay for this another order first. I am still communicating asking for a refund & daily I get told No. And to pay.

    Scammers details:
    Company name: SHOPPERS FOR YOU
    South Africa official government enquiry website:
    Company Registration Number: K2016/057548/07
    Address: Address: 79 Pritchard St, cbd, Johannesburg, 2001
    Email: [email protected]
    Company website:

    As per Agents spoke to, part of the scam
    see screenshot & see details below:
    Kaya Cezanne

    How can I with a nil balance in my Tyme Bank account? I pleaded to the only 2 Agents available & spoken to, their responses was that of a sales script, almost non human like.

    “ you u must settle the order grabbed to be able to get funds available to u in 5-10 minutes into your account. “

    My family & I got the responsibility of 10 year old twins who will have their 1st Christmas without their Dad, he passed away in June 2023 & then their Grandfather in July 2023.

    With the help of this amazing offer, because I could buy those babies gifts for Christmas & next year`s school supplies. School fees was also on my mind to benefit from the Commission. At the moment I do not know how we will eat this month & especially this Christmas Holiday in December & January when kids go back to school.

    Thanks so much for listening to my misfortune that I got lured into when all I wanted was to work & earn to support my family.

    Outcome required is to get all my money back. I did the work & earned it. The cost of orders paid & the commissions. There is also the daily sign in & referrals I did that earned me R5 per task. The total is unknown as my referrals still registering & I still sign in daily to continue earning, and in good faith that I will get my money.

  13. It started with someone from a recruitment agency if I needed a part time job. When I said yes, this lady Elizabeth Smith reached out to me and said that she will teach me the work. The site is At first I had to get orders to get commission and I did when I was able to withdraw a small amount of CAD 200 but after that, they sent me commercial ads. This is when they asked you to deposit some money to get the commission and finish the task. You cannot withdraw your money and commission until you finish the task. The commercial ads keeps on coming asking for a bigger amount. They would say you will get a bigger commission and you can withdraw your money anytime after the task. I stopped doing the task when they were asking me for another CAD 3,500. So, the money that was stolen from me is CAD 2000 and I will not entertain this anymore. I hope you can help me get my money back. I am a senior and living on pension only.

  14. did the same thing with me. I paid all the fees they requested for but still couldn’t get my money out. I couldn’t take it anymore so i started digging for solutions where i got introduced to fortsolution tecH. This security firm did their tracing till I regained it all.

  15. The bank did, too. The bank said I should pay $ 400 and the profit will go straight to my account at my bank.
So I paid. When nothing came up, I checked again and contacted them and yet no response. I was lucky to came across a fraud forensic expert, fort solution tech that confirmed their fraud and was able to get my money without any upfront payment.

  16. Somebody sent message  Hello, I’m Kelly from Spherion Staffing &
    > Recruiting. Are you looking for Part-time or Full-time ?
    > I said OK then I chatted with them in the WhatsApp
    > There is a woman described the job for me as follow.
    > We work for an *App Marketing Company* (Mu Sigma) and our job role is
    > that of a *Data Provider*.
    > The company has an algorithmic system that helps generate data and
    > traffic for apps. app developers publish their apps on the (Mu Sigma)
    > workbench, and we provide “clicks” to the apps through the (Mu Sigma)
    > workbench, and in this way we increase app ratings, ranking exposures,
    > and purchases. just like TikTok and YouTube nowadays. Need more views
    > to have more fans!
    > (Mu Sigma) The company will provide a website address for the work
    > platform. There is an ASO system on the platform to assist us in
    > completing our work. Therefore, we need to register as a user to start
    > working. The company provides free training, and you can learn the
    > details through training courses.
    > I agreed and signed up for the platform started to go through the tasks
    > it was only clicking on the submit button and earn commission after
    > that I withdraw the money to my bank account.
    >  after that I got combo mission and the platform required funds to
    > complete the process
    > The woman in WhatsApp was my recommender and she guided me step by
    > step.
    > I installed coin base,cash app,Lbank,and app. I transfer
    > 16070 usd to buy usdt.
    > Then I converted the money to usdt crypto and deposit it to the
    > platform then I got another combo mission and the platform now require
    > 19242 usdt to complete the tasks and withdraw the money. I asked them
    > to return my money because I can’t  complete this job and the amount is
    > very huge  they said the only way to withdraw your money is to fill in
    > the negative numbers.
    Now I can’t return back my money
    If there is any body can help me i promise him to be satisfied and very happy.
    By the way this is the scamm website

    1. I know exactly what you’re going through. I had 3
      Commercial ads and a golden egg @29x comm. so I had to pay out 12325$ to get my 25576$ released and every time I was one of 2 ads away from finished the task to cash out I got either a commercial ad or something eles would stop me from being able too do it. Now I have four commercial ads on my task and in the rules regulations, it has three maximal, and they will not route the commercial task and the very last I need complete cash out but they keep telling me that I need to do the negative on the fourth commercial ad which is $25,000 and then I’ll receive $53,000. I told him to stop it and now I’m going to back to. RCMP recover my money.

    2. Meni se je podobno zgodilo se Kockcom. Potem sem nasedla še ljudem, ki naj bi mi pomagali vrniti sredstva. Obupana sem brez denarja.
      Ali je mogoče kje ki bi mi pomagal pri obnovi, ob pridobitvi mojih sredstev ni problem za plačilo. Ne vidim rešitve

  17. Has anyone had any dealings with Chevy trust or premier holdings uk.
    they contacted me to recover money but at a cost of ten thousand dollars plus ten percent of recovered money. Wondering if they are a scam or people have received refund.

  18. Do NOT do business with or send an email to “[email protected]” or call 270 208 4170. They claim to be auto brokers who will deliver vehicles which you THINK you have purchased from private individuals. The entire operation is a scam! I discovered this by calling the number listed on the legitimate business Carworx, The scam company claimed to have a second office at the location of this business. However, when I called Carworx, they told me that “eagle-auto-brokers” is scam company with whom they have no affiliation!

  19. My husband got scammed on He was contacted by someone on WhatsApp who introduced him to a lady called Leila in Telegram. The first few times, it was by bitcoin & was small amounts in dollars, he got excited so he kept doing it. Then today, we lost 2,050 pounds. He was asked to purchase 25 pieces of merchandise to get a higher commission. When my husband started to realize that this might be fraud, he wanted to cancel the purchase and told Leila, who told him to contact customer service ( Customer service told him that he couldn’t cancel the purchase so he needed to freeze the account if he didn’t want to get sued by merchandisers—the audacity of these scammers and for Telegram c/o Leila who just let my husband hang out to dry. How can people be so cruel & pry on people who are just trying to make ends meet?

    1. omg I have the same issue, what I do is to rate travel packages on the platform or website the they give me. I got a commission every time I rate at first I was happy because for my first day I am able to make $100plus for an hour, but then my 2nd day I am starting to have a doubt because I have to put money using my bank transfer to newton which is a trading platform so I can be able to transfer and withdraw using that platform. I already deposited $4000 and asking me again to deposit $6000 so I can finish the job and withdraw all my money the thing now though is I don’t have that kind of money, so the problem now is I cannot finish the job and won’t be able to withdraw my money.
      website called:

  20. There is a guy on Telegram, Milan Boris (@Milanboris, +1 601-975-1408; Bio: ‘Professional Trader. You Will definitely get paid if you invest). He is associated with a cryptocurrency investment company A CON MAN! He lies, scams, and steals money with no shame. He was able to steal $800 from me before I got to my senses and said NO to another demand of his. Every time he asked to deposit more money, he promised to let me withdraw right away after he got the required deposit from me. Every time he comes with another explanation of why the additional deposits are needed. I already reported him to SEC and to Telegram and would report him to every site dealing with crooks and thieves. That’s what needed to be done: these criminals at least should be known to everyone who might think that they are legit while they are not – a bunch of despicable criminal making living on stealing from people. Remember the name: MILAN BORIS. On Telegram.

    1. Chong Chook Lam

      This Blantomic is truly a Scam This boker +442033701411 / +442033702977 / +442038614114 / +442038161279 / +442030068172 / +442070460859 / +442039486977 / +4420391790473 / +442038379685 They even try to see my bank account by useing Anydesk and ask to key in my password. I ask to close my blantomic account just a small amount only US270 and ask to send it to my Lu account but he did close my account but my money he did not send instead he take all my money. What a losser no shame at all.

  21. I have invested $7000 USDT after that i am not able to withdrawal amount i feel very bad i need money no one responding some one please help me

  22. has someone else got scammed on . because i also lost money on this website .. at first i got interested in the post in Facebook. i message them on messenger to apply for the work from home encoding job .. they asked if i have wattsup and thats where it began. i lost 2700 pesos Philippine peso.

  23. Ok. Wow. So I am just another statistic But i a two time loser. I,was contacted buy a girl as if was a wrong number Lin Yaqing. Beautiful Chinese girl who I talked to since August 2023 till present. She go me to trade on a site called Bitvavo. I have put over 15 thousand dollars in there and now have a total of over 45k in this account.Some of it was from short term trading . What I did wrong was I was told by Bella (Supposedly her English name) to borrow from the trading platform so I borrowed 20k to trade with. What I didn’t know is even though I was the money to bring my account to over 40k now is you are not allowed to withdraw any money until they are paid off.. So now I am looking for 20k to repay them to retrieve my funds. Ok. So how comes girl two.. I get another wrong number text from a girl named Sophia Anthea. She texted me asking if I was planning on meeting her for golf.. So I struck up a chat that has lasted till today 12/1/23. She told me about a site called KKcoin. So what I did was I Mortaged my home to get an equity loan to the tune of 50k. I wire transferee some 25or 30k and the rest I sent through Ps. They are fine. No issues with them at all. So I traded with Sophia for about 2weeks or so and have a little over 110k in there now. So I tried to do a withdraw of 10k and got a text saying (with the rapid development of encrypted digital currencies,more and more users are taking advantage of the security and reliability,anonymity and untraceability if encrypted digital currencies to purchase encrypted digital currencies with illegally uptained assets to conduct illegal money laundering order to effectively prevent and stop money laundering and terrorist financing,if you withdraw more than 10k worth of cryptocurrency for the first time you need to undergo security verification. The 10,000 USDCyou withdrawn is being processed.Currently,you need to pay 50% of the withdrawal amount as the deposit is used to verify the safety of the funds,which is 5000 USDC.After the payment is completed,the deposit will immediately arrive in your crypto account together with your withdraw funds. The total amount reached is 15000 USDC
    Payment amount $5000 USDC or ETH payment address : xyz….
    Or BTC Payment address. Xyz….payment deadline is November 30 2023 If the payment deadline is exceeded your account and funds will be frozen.. So. Of course I paid them. I had so much in there already I figured ok. I’ll pay the 5k and get my money wand get the hell out of dodge..Sothe next day I get another text saying (your withdraw request has been approved.After verification by our KKCoin team,KKCoin has sent 10,000 USDC to your crypto wallet.

    Your cryptocurrency is not verified in the blockchain,so it cannot reach your crypto wallet,your 10000 USDC is frozen in the blockchain,you now need to C3 authentication,provide front and back photos of your ID card and record proof of purchased cryptocurrency is verified. After verification is complete,your 10,000 USDC will arrive in your crypto account. So of course I did that too..
    So next day comes
    Dear KKCoin user
    Your C3 verification has been completed. You need to pay $10,000 as the C3 certification fee for the third party to use the 10,000 USDC you withdraw.After the payment is completed,the $10,000 certification fee and funds you withdraw will arrive in your account together.Crypo wallet Total arrival is $20,000
    Again pay to address. Xyz…….
    By deadline Nov 30 2013.
    So I told Sophia about all this and she said she would pay the 9k to help me ,All I needed to do was come up with one thousand dollars…
    So that’s where I’m at today 12/1/23. I went to the customer service and explained that I could not pay the ten thousand ..So I finally started to ask for help from a detective friend of mine. I got her address and birthdate and gave that information to him ,. Guess what. She doesn’t come up to that address she gave me . The phone number isn’t either He said probably a burner phone.So here I am letting the world know what happened to me. This is still ongoing as I wrote this. I hope this finds the right person and it saves him or her from losing your savings as I did…. Thank you for reading this

    Tony g

  24. is a scam. They tell you you just need to complete order and you get 1%. First they help you “for teaching ” on one of their accounts. Yet the moment you start on your own you get the big packages. They tell each time you are lucky just need to top up the negative amount. First it’s a bit (300) but time after it’s 1000+. They tell you it would be the last one because they don’t give that so much. Yet time after it come with +2000 or more and even then they tell you no more then 3 and you are almost done and can get payout. And just before nr 38 of tasks of the order you get another big package for lots more then 5k.
    When you tell your “mentor” they only say you are so lucky and how much you get after completing it and it will be the last one. Yet when you ask them to help you, you will pay them back after payout they tell you they can’t help. Or only with 500 because they don’t have that much money. When you ask for paying you back what you “invest” to complete the tasks they always say you need to compleet order and then get your payout.
    They even put you in whatsapp group with 16 others and they all try to convince you to borrow by friends and figure it out to get the money but no one helps. They all keep saying you are lucky they never get such orders.

    In other words one big scam

    1. Same as They have 3 tasks that each include 32 orders. Initially everything was working well, and I made money working on the 3 tasks per day. Day 4 of the job is when things change and ‘the system’ started taking more of my money. The ‘system’ kept giving me a Premium Bonus, which then promised a higher commission, but held your own money in limbo, because you had to pay off more money to earn that commission. They will not allow you to pass on the Bonus and just withdraw your cash. The ‘system’ must complete the orders before you can withdraw. My Agent even ‘loaned’ me 1000 to help me top up an order, but I still have not been able to withdraw my money. When I topped up my balance in order to withdraw my money, another bonus appeared and I was in the same place, owing more money to get to the monies I deposited. I even paid off the balance to complete the last of the 32 orders, and was then automatically promoted to VIP4, which meant that I had to complete 37 orders (5 more) to finish the task. Of course I received another bonus, and my cash is now being held hostage by the system unless I pay out 35K.
      I am so upset about this. I am looking to see what I can do to retrieve the monies already paid, but these scammers are good and cover themselves. It is just a shame that they use the name ‘2023 AMC Cinema Company Limited’ as their front. Giving the real company a bad name.

      1. This is very similar to what happened to me right now. A girl reached out to me on whatsapp and telling me about this scam oppurtunity its a travel package rating, every time you rate the package you will get a commission and they have this Premium Package that you can earn more commissions you just have to top up some money a lot of money until then I put money and get a premium ticket bonus and then premium ticket bonus pop up again so I have to more money until I don’t have enough money in the bank’ I borrowed money just to finish my job until then a premium package pop up again until then thats when something fishy now my mentor is about to help saying funding my account and now she told me her wallet account can not transfer anymore money, I grabbed this oppurtunity because I am so desperate to earn extra money. 1st day I earned $163cad 2nd day I can’t withdraw my money and I owe people money. Can someone help me about this. Please.

        1. My story is similar to yours and I lost £1600 I When I asked the girl to help me she said it is against the company policy, but when you read the policy, there nothing such. I then knew it was a scam. I even went back to the customer service and ask politely for my refund, they reply they are not a financial institution.
          Please if someone has a solution to retrieve my money from those scammers, kindly step forward and help me.

      2. platform employed me as their online employee I had an OMG work account with them . They will assign daily tasks with rewards. I paid security deposit and service fees, they have disconnected my OMG wallet and work account . My OMG wallet have over six hundred naira in it .
        Please I need your help to get to them . They are operating with this bank account monies point 4493789256
        Pointcharge Accessories
        Lamtech Accessories, they used the bank account above and dupped many Nigerians of millions of naira

    2. This i
      This is what exactly happened to me. They used different company which is called WESTFIELD CONSULTING, their website is on top of this message. I googled them and of course Westfield came up which is very known company and i thought they were part of it because they said they are ecommerce. 1st red flag was the recruiter sent me a msg in WhatsApp with wrong spelling in her words so i thought it was typo error. 2nd red flag it involves money that you have to pay to complete the task. They said it will be guaranteed i will get it back plus the commission. Because i was doing the so called training that my agent asked me to do and showed me how i earned in her own account. When it comes to my own account all the 4 packages came out. I got carried away with the 3rd packages because she managed to convinced me to help me and she promised me that i won’t get anymore packagee because i was already in 37/38 . She said she will give $1000 and i have to pay the rest. So i paid $1800 plus her $1000. After depositing and in my 38th task i got the 4th package which cost nearly $6000. They also joined me in their team that was so positive and very encouraging, sending their screenshots of how much they earned on that day etc. I even complained in their that why are they saying they are lucky every time they get the merged packages and why you need to use your own money to complete. They will just say once you got the fund you will get it back plus the commission etc. After getting the 4th package, it already come to my senses that this is the latest scam they’re doing. She even tried to offer $1500 so i could finish the last task but i said to her, i was just basically looking for a job, i am unemployed with no source of income. I don’t deserved this kind of job. My bank has been emptied and even borrowed from my friends which i promised to return it immediately. Now when i asked her to give my money back and i don’t want to continue anymore, she said the money is in the system the only way to get it is to finish the last task by depositing the money. I found this forum because it happened already. I have no means of getting it back. I can still access their website that’s why i reported it now while they haven’t removed me yet in the system. But is there any means to get my money back? Anyone in here who can help please🙏

  25. Fui victima de estafa en internet con una plataforma de

    La mujer que me estafó se llama Megan Jhonson y dice ser de Santiago Chile ?? pero con número de Perú ?? todo muy extraño. Me estafó por $7,500 y necesito ayuda.!! Quiero justicia.!!!

  26. I was scammed by a man pretending to be Faisel shah on tik tok, approached me and advised me to invest in http://www.cryptoguidetrading.oi which I did; it appears later on that it’s a scam, after giving you huge profits, notifying you that you can’t withdraw unless six days passed; they stop your active account claiming that it needs maintenance; and that you should pay 6400 US dollars to restore your active status, and can withdraw your money with the profits made, the man approached me was with WhatsApp number +19046698504 under that name CryptoEndlessWealth using the name of Faisel shah.

  27. I was scammed by A gal named Diana Ho contacted be in error and after a couple months talked me into investing in Short term gold futures. I have many photos, videos and live chats recorded with her.I would like to publish them or get the information I have to someone.

    1. We were scammed by Green Key Realty LLC. 118 E 8th St. New York, NY 10003 received a phone call by David Greco around January of 2023 if we were interested in selling our timeshare in Mexico, we gave it some thought looked up if they were licensed came out okay so, we said yes, then Hello@GreenKey RealtyLLC agent Stephanie Schwartz 1-332-237-1819 called us to start paperwork every transaction was done through email then we had to pay first payment of $2500. US all money had to be wired transferred $18,000. Later the money is held up in a bank in Mexico where they want us to pay in additional $13,380.US to release our money that was held in the Mexico bank we refused to pay anymore money to them. We are retired drained our bank account out of $18,000. They won’t return our calls. Please help need advice, we live in Connecticut should we get a lawyer inpm Connecticut or New York since they’re located in New York.

  28. Vicki S Dillard

    I had an unpleasant experience with the people I notified this website about. But since then they have gotten in touch with me and offered to make things right. There is no need to go forward with anything at this time.

  29. Hello,
    Im sorry what happened to everyone. May God bless you all. On April 20, 2023 I was contacted on messenger that I had won from a giveaway on tik tok. He said a giveaway but didn’t end up being that way. I was scammed out of $1900. He had testimonies saying that he flips money for people. So I said okay it’s only $40 and I was scammed by a realtor so I was homeless and vulnerable at the time. i put the $40 in cash app and sent to him. He told me I would receive my $400. Then sent me some type of rocket saying it’s not going through and as you can figure it he scammed me. He charmed me swearing on his mother and sent me pictures and videos of himself to prove to me he was legit. As I look back now I am so stupid. My daughter was pregnant we were in a hotel after a woman scammed us on a new home because we were having a baby and needed a bigger space. Landed up losing my grandson because of all of this his dad worked for the judge and took him soon as we got out the hospital. Here we are 6 months later and still haven’t sen him. I pray to God everyday they catch these people. It’s all my fault.

    1. A story happened to me and the platform
      One of the evenings a girl met me in a social network. More precisely, she gave me a like, I wrote and the communication went on. During what time of communication the topic touched the financial part and she told me that she earns 500-1000 dollars a day. I was not particularly interested at first, but then after the romance appeared in the correspondence, she told me in detail about how you can earn on the platform
      Helped me to register and take the first steps. Really, everything looks beautiful. You register as a store, add a photo, description and start adding products from the proposed to your page. Applications start coming in, customers start writing and everything looks very plausible. There are orders with different costs, and the policy on the platform is that you have to pay your money to the supplier for the order, and after completion you get a profit of 20% of the value of the order. Accordingly, the greater the turnover, the greater the profit. That’s the payoff. Over time you start getting orders for bigger and bigger amounts, so you have to add money to the platform in order to send the order. All this is commented on by my friend, explaining to me that you’re doing very well, you’re doing great, the store is doing very well. In general performs as I now already understand all the accompanying actions in order for me to further continue to load money on the platform and develop the store. One day I get an order that I just don’t have enough money to fulfill and the platform freezes my account for not fulfilling it in time. The withdrawal function for all funds is frozen as well. I contact support and find out that in order to unfreeze the funds and account I need to add money and fulfill the order, as well as replenish the account by 20% of the total balance. I did all this, but it was not enough. When I asked the support why it was so? I was told that it takes three days of successful orders to restore the credit rating. Accordingly, I already have a round sum on my account and I start to add products and fulfill orders again. The next day I get an order for an amount that I can’t find. At the same moment, my friend has the same situation. She is short $27,000 dollars. She asks me differently to help her. But she also pretends that she is looking for money for both herself and me. In the end I don’t find the money and my account is blocked, I can’t access the platform anymore. Doubts arise in me. I start uploading pictures of my lover into the search and it turns out to be a famous instagram girl. Also this morning from the platform support wrote that I am a good and honest businessman and so I was asked to deposit 20% of the total account in order to unlock the account and withdraw the funds. I wrote to this girl that they did a good job, attached screenshots to the photos and she didn’t tell me anything else.Everything is recorded with screenshots, there is a complete correspondence with support and a fake account. If anyone is interested, write, I’ll tell you the details.

  30. I lost money to some scammers a few months back. July 21st, 2023, a supposed online friend that have been chatting with for the past few weeks told me, she wanted to send me money to keep for her upcoming business purpose which all turned out to be fake because when she sent the money in form of a check, it bounced and I was not able to contact her, and I would have lost the money, if not for the Legacy Prism security agency that got involved with my problems, as I used their services to track down my money for recovery. I had a successful recovery with their help.

    1. Advantium the Vanguard grooup Advisersv Guard Trado center Intraders Apricusfx _________________________________________________________________________SCAM_____________________________________

  31. I’ve gone through so many so call financial professionals in crypto recovery, they all end up being scammers and fake companies. It’s been a year and I’m still trying to find a legitimate company, who can help me recover my lost money/crypto. Can someone help me with recovering my money please. I’m in huge debt and really need my money to be retrieved from these scammers. Or anyone can provide me with some legitimate companies to contact.

    1. Pozdravljeni,
      tudi jaz sem bila prevarana s strani Kockcom in nato še treh ki naj bi mi pomagali vrniti izgubljena sredstva.

      Ali ste dobili koga, ki vam je res pomagal? Sem invalidsko upokojena, tudi sama imam veliko dolgov. Nimam več volje do življenja.
      Potrebovala bi nekoga, ki bi mu lahko plačala po prejemu mojih sredstev.

      Prosim za pomoč, hvala

    1. Salesian Missions you said are a scam. They said that such an assertion is without basis, & that is bc it’s filled with exaggerations & inaccuracies.
      Shame on you.
      It seems you’re anti-Catholic, & an enemy of the Church. You will be judged for that someday & pay for it if you don’t change your ways.

    2. We were scam by real estate agent Stephen Schwartz of Green
      Key Realty LLC 118 E. 8th St. New York, NY 10003. We received a call from David Greco if we were interested in selling our timeshare in Mexico after giving it some thought we said yes cause we have not used it since we bought it. That’s when real estate agent Stephanie Schwartz called us to a arrange all the paperwork $18,000. US later this was back in February of 2023 we are retired drained our bank account and still nothing, we were only allowed to wire transfer. We tried to call they won’t return my calls. Please help don’t know where to turn. I live in Connecticut, should I hire a lawyer in Connecticut or New York since they are in New York. Please advise. Thank You

  32. Coinivate are very good at what they do and everything appears to be legit to start with. They will show you profits and have you all excited to make money but then when you try to withdraw funds they will not let you. STAY AWAY ITS A TOTAL SCAM!

    1. They wouldn’t allow withdrawal, do not put a dime with them anymore, or else you’ll lose more and more, file charge back with fundshackrecoup on gmail and get all funds back.

  33. BEWARE this is a scam website run by cyber-criminals aiming to convince you to buy from that website through direct bank transfer (authorised push payment). Sadly I lost many thousands of euros believing I was buying from a legitimate website and retailer based in Seville-Spain.

    1. should have done my research. I know better/contact is winnielol on instagram and Winnie on WhatsApp. I made money, and used that to reinvest but then I used my own money and you complete the task and take the money worked fine for three days the four basically I got a task that was a negative for 2500 so I deposited, and then immediately threw another neg task and then I owned 7100 well I came up with 4100 and my trainer helped with the others 2600 and some change because once we deposited that it would give us a bonus to get the rest. I was like if this is a scam the girl would of never came with that much it wasn’t half but damn, and I was sent a screenshot from coinbase to send to customer service to prove the transaction….and then of course it threw another neg but this time for 22000 dollars well I’m out between 8,000 and 10,000 because I had money in there before it threw a neg that I waiting to compete the tasks. She is telling me if I come up with 8,000 that she will get the rest. I don’t know what to do but I can’t lose the 8,000, and I was like what if it throws a neg again and she was like that isn’t possible.

  34. I invested in with an on-line friend. Now, I want to withdraw what I put in, but they are asking for 5% income tax in UK. I originally thought I needed to file with IRS, which I did. Later found out they are asking me to pay 5% income tax on the profit. I want to know if this is a scam. My friend kept telling me is not. I am not so certain now. I’d like to know if the 5% they are asking is legit.

  35. I deposited 60 dollars on “” trusting the company that gives 6% profit per day, but now to pay the profit they say that I have to invest 500 dollars in the second plan of the company and somehow they are trying to extort me again. What should I do to receive my $60?

  36. This is what happened. My wife met some financial advisors who were friends of a friend via her online circle mostly Instagram (a.k.a. never met in real life). In May/June 2023 she got into crypto using a small amount of money – about $3,500. Which was fine as that amount was her own so no risk to the family. Using that she made nearly double over May and June (a.k.a probably a long con). All the while putting more and more trust into her new found “financial friends” the leader being one Lee Seong Yang. This much I found out about.
    What I didn’t know about was that around the middle of June her “financial friends” convinced her to put all of our money into an online stock bank(?) called Iaphi same account she used in May and June. So she did, about about $118,000. Well, to probably no one’s surprise, when she went to withdraw some of the money, the account was frozen by Iaphi.
    According to the “customer service” the funds are being held by the bank, and I quote, “Your application for withdrawal on July 4, 2023 has been rejected by the blockchain node of the iaphi exchange, because it is your first large-scale withdrawal of account funds, for the safety of your trading account and personal property.You need to pay 20% of the total assets of the account to verify that this account is exclusively for your own use, and has not been lent, sublet or stolen.Please contact the online customer service at 23:59 on July 8, 2023 to apply for a special account for payment of verification funds to complete the payment of verification funds,” (which of course is just another scam to get more money).
    I pressed the customer service agent but the only info I received was “the exchange is an international exchange, Exchange was established in 2018 and registered in Seychelles. Its operational headquarters are located in Dubai. There are operation centers in Singapore, Seoul and other countries and regions.” When I persisted about physical contact information (address and phone number) the response every time was “Paying verification funds and verifying your trading account will determine that you have maliciously refused to pay verification funds, your trading account will be permanently frozen.”
    What we have done. First we went to the local police and were told that this wasn’t a crime because it is crypto and should have known it could be lost, even though the money wasn’t lost due to trading. So the following day we went to the state police who told us to go back to the local police. This time they told us that the web page is probably just a front and we are out of luck.
    We’ve had no luck whatsoever in recovering our money or even getting an investigation started.

  37. Coinivate are very good at what they do and everything appears to be legit to start with. They will show you profits and have you all excited to make money but then when you try to withdraw funds they will not let you. STAY AWAY ITS A TOTAL SCAM!

  38. I was contacted on my Telegram by someone saying he was from Invesco. Talked about trading opportunities and how crypto trading is now getting more popular. That I would be assigned a financial analyst who would help me open and close positions for 30% charge on the profit. Knowing nothing about trading I somehow bought into this hole thing and agreed to set up an account on their trading platform (but the main page of the platform was called Bitproject. Next to the account # it said Bit Project Invest. Why on earth that didn’t ring any bells for me then???) Initially I invested $250, they added another $250 to start trading. I worked with the assigned “analyst” (who in his initial introduction text said he was from Bit Project Invest) for almost a month, seeing how the profits were slowly growing. I got excited and that’s when he started talking about bigger investments to receive bigger gains using leverage, shorting on positions and other terminology that I was not too familiar with. I was hesitant because the amount he was talking about was $5K, but he said the company is guaranteeing this investment is warrantied and I won’t lose a penny (words, words, words, not a single written document providing guarantees. Now when I think about it it seems so obvious this was a scam, but back then I was sure this is true deal). I managed to source the money, sent the wire transfer as instructed. Under his guidance I opened several positions and closed them in a few days with a few hundred dollars gain. Then I got a text message that he was being transferred to another department and that the company would assign me a different analyst. Never heard back from him since. The person who reached out to me in the first place, deleted his account in telegram.
    Why it only dawned on me to check their website for scam just now? I don’t know…
    I submitted claim on FTC… but most likely the money is lost…
    Tough lesson learnt. Never trust anyone who you don’t know who contacts you on personal messenger – WhatsApp, Telegram or any other Social platforms. Always ask for proof of their affiliation with the said company. Trust your gut when you feel something is not right.

  39. I bought $ 82 from the site, including 58 shoes, bags and clothes, and she sent me the bill of lading number, and after 15 days, when the package arrived, it was a fake ring that had no value.

  40. Could someone tell me if the exmoex platform charges 10% for a system update, the requirement is to pay that 10% to be able to release the profit money that you have obtained, I would like to know your answer, please, if you know anything about the subject and if it has happened to you

  41. I was scammed through Validus, invested R 50 000,00, fortunately, i have been withdrawing and recovered R 33 000.00, and now I cannot withdraw and my R 17 000.00 , is still in their account. Do not invest with them for any other reason

  42. is apparently a scam. Am told I invested a year ago and account will be closed since I haven’t used the site in that time. There’s over $35k in an account I don’t remember investing, have no account information and they require $64 US for conversion fee. All I get is the same information from multiple people but not giving the answers I’ve requested. NO I have not and will not send the money.

  43. if I was on Snapchat and an ad came up and it was offering good prices on a drone without hesitation I didn’t research I just purchased the drone right away. I now think it is a scam and I am not going to get the drone or my money back. Can Snapchat be responsible for promoting the ad on their platform and then having the users of Snapchat suffer because I trusted Snapchat and I thought it was just legit because I use Snapchat a lot and it’s been safe but to purchase some thing and have ads there and then the users of the app I don’t want to have to suffer lose out of this. I think Snapchat should be held responsible for some of this as well for promoting bad businesses that are fake or they need to check who they promote, and vouch for it because people who trust and use Snapchat and are familiar with it like me have no hesitation to just do stupid things like that and purchase something please again can Snapchat be held responsible for this ??

  44. I currently have problems with Hoyo Minig, since it does not pay the profits generated. Does anyone know if this page stopped paying? First they asked that the cost of electricity be paid in advance, it was a lot of money for me, 850 USD I still had not earned nothing and pay on the page. They sent me a very annoying email informing me that I had to pay them externally and that my account was going to be blocked because I did not pay them, the next day another account to pay for taxes appeared that clearly I was not going to win and I had not generated the mining account that I had contracted. They told me to pay them a minimum of 200 USD, I sent them 200 USD and many days have passed and they no longer answer me. My account to make withdrawals was not activated and now they no longer answer me.
    Could you help confirm if this page has already stopped paying? or never paid.?
    Or any advice to recover the investment?

  45. These two companies are scammers and they blocked my money and won’t return it, how can I recover it?

  46. Hello, I made an online order at, in January 2023, and I did not receive anything even after 3 months of waiting, I discussed with them through emails and insistences; I received answers with little words and with the offer to refund 30% from the money paid for women’s clothing. I found many people from different countries cheated like me, communicating through emails; What can we do in these conditions, can we recover our damages???? My name : Caba irina and i am from Roumania !

  47. I was scammed on a site I shouldn’t Have been on in the first place …. But lesson learned a guy thru WhatsApp made a promise to send me something in the mail if I pay him via bitcoin on cashapp fast forward I muster up and pay the guy and nothing. He tells me I’ll get the tracking number and all the info I need as soon as I pay. Then once I pay nothing, my messages aren’t even being delivered or read thru WhatsApp. I called the number in WhatsApp and nothing no answer. I message the website email and no response either. This is bullshit and it sucks of cowards trying to scam people who want to make something out of nothing. And there’s nothing a bank or cash app support will do to help u out at all. No one seems to give a shit when u lose money but still want u to spend money. Anyways I hope someone never goes on because like me don’t become boo boo the fool. They’re going to take your money and just say “f$&k you”. On to the next victim. And motherf@$k cash app support too what a joke! And also now I’m starting to receive random emails and such in foreign languages looks like Russian or German language of furniture. So maybe they used my bitcoin they scammed me out of to buy furniture. Which I kept the copies of the emails, just in case I need to take the next step and go to the authorities.

      1. Mine was a different site but also fb ad scam. Funny how they micromanage every move we make on there but as long as someone is paid they don’t even look into it before posting the ads.

    1. Don’t feel so bad…we are teachers…& always check things out. My husband had just gotten on WhatsApp & got a “come on” from ST5 (which I, his wife , didn’t know about until after he signed up). He told me a few days after he was making profits (fake) & said he was very excited @the increase in his “wallet account” from what he’d put in. I of course, went online looking up a SCAM Detector immediately. All of the 1st pg searching google online had ‘scam detector’ sites giving ST5 as 100% trustworthy…now we’re finding out that ST5 (& other frauds) create these fake sites to Con even sound thinking people. Anyhow…so much happened & now @this point we lost a chunk. When they asked for higher funds… we decided 1st to try to take some profit $$’s out just to check on them B4 adding more. THEN it ALL unraveled & they ‘POOF’ – disappeared into oblivion from his cell & then their whole platform disappeared-everything-all our money. Plus, they’ve got all his personal info…as we wired from our bank. Cheeze…there’s NO easy quick money in life…as it all needs to be in order w/hard work. Sadly, these creeps are preying on these economic strains that folks are going thru & are highly sophisticated in their Trickery. Back to our little Proverbs in the Bible …filled w/guidance, Wisdom & Truth!

  48. I ordered from Elelroys, who has extremely inexpensive products. That should have been my first clue. They claim to have sent the package and gave me a tracking number through The tracking number is not a USPS number, even though it claims that USPS is the delivery service. I went to the local post office (USPS) because the package was said to have been delivered four days prior, yet I did not receive it. USPS states at no time was this package scanned into their system, so they could not help me. I contacted Elelroys who basically wished me the best in finding my package, but offered no help. Fortunately I only lost $27 with this bogus Chinese company. It is a lesson learned on researching before I purchase. Don’t buy from them as you may never get the product you ordered.

  49. I was approached by Instagram by a women named Maria Iruzutzieta Olanda. She wants to buy my art as NFT by the website I was happy to sell 7 of my artworks for 4 Eth each. I had to pay 0.35 Eth for each artwork. But when I wanted to withdrawl the earnings I had to pay 3.1 Eth for the gasfees. I found it strange but there was waiting a lot of money so I paid. After paying I got a message that I have to pay 2.6 Eth for the taxes. I doubted to pay but finally I paid looking forward for the earnings. But then… they told me they did not receive my payment and I was hacked they said so I had to pay again 2.6 Eth. I did not pay it. I asked the woman to borrow it to me because I don’t have money anymore to buy Eth even when I wish to pay. Bit then she locked her account and I knew enough… i am a victem of a scamming site !! I hope I can get my money back. But how?

  50. I lost $19,000 in, how can I get it back? Please help me. I keep adding money to invest again. Now the link has been deleted.

  51. I was caught by an ad in facebook mash tur which is owned by, every time I try to track my order I am told waiting for a ship. I am realizing now it is a fake website

    1. Someone talked with me from TikTok to telegram N what’s app. Investing money and finish the task. But the task need to invest a bigger money. Before the money withdraw u need to finish the task however since the task was need to invest PHP 49,000. I can’t finish the task which I was already invested before Php 56,000 . I want my money back I talked to maniger but she still want to fulfill the duty

      1. Same here! I think we are on the same page. Mas malaki nainvest ko na kesa sayo natapos ko ang task pero nung nawidraw ko n kailangan ko daw bayaran ang tax pero mababalik naman daw nila yung tax saka yung profit ko once na nabayaran ko ung tax. Nabaon nako sa utang sa sobrang laki ng pinasok ko sa last task?. Ngayon hndi ko pa mawidraw kase ang laki ng babayaran kong tax 30% ng profit ko. Sana makausap kita sa messenger sobrang stressed ko na.

      2. Yes same with me i was contacted by someone telling if i want to earn more then i invest money then i must finish the last order but when i do it and recharge thru funding money another task came in. I dont have anymore money

    2. I lost 50k to

      They falsely advertise for online job and after depositing though bank transfer using wise to transfer to random email address they will update the amount on their platform and they kept asking me to deposit more in order to withdraw my fund, till the point I have nothing left. They used what’s app as the main source of communication. I kept on depositing as they promised that I get the fund to withdraw but keep asking for more.

  52. I lost US120,000 to a very well organised, fake online trading platform called

    I was contacted out of the blue on whatsapp by a supposed Chinese female, who then wanted to use LINE for communications.

    Long story short she spent quite some time getting to know me and encouraged me to try the platform which I downloaded, spent a little money, with her as my ‘trusted’ advisor.
    She continued to push for more funds, amidst photos of her family et al.

    QR codes are issued to transfer monies to individuals accounts (not a company) and the names change occasionally, before appearing in the trading account. Here I should have realised my error.
    But I asked time and again and was assured it was legit, and I continued to put more money in and I was doing well (the platform trades behind the market, so they know what has happened already).
    I continued to trade but could not get my money out and there is the rub.

    I reported them to the various police but the police are frankly inundated with this kind of fraud now.
    The IP address is based out of Hong Kong and it has a dodgy Chinese chat function, but then all the info on site is fake anyhow, altho the trading platform is very well done.

    1. I was contacted by a guy from hong kong on whatsapp who taught me on how to make money online by investing small money on In my first attempt and investing just 34 USD I withdrew 120 USD. He encouraged me to play more and added me to a whatsapp group full of Chinese boys and girls, they were sharing their profits in the group.
      In my second attempt, I was supposed to complete 35 tasks, I was asked to pay 112 USD, then 1200 USD (meanwhile in the group, others were also showing their progress, which was encouraging me), then it asked me to pay 3800 USD and I paid.
      One chinese lady from the group (with Australian number) started messaging me privately and stared asking my where about and my salary, I started realizing that something is wrong but I still kept playing as I had only few tasks left.
      When I was about to complete the task, it asked me to pay 7650 USD. I told the group I dont have money to continue and I want my invested money back. All of them stared advising me to lend money from friends and continue.

      I contacted Customer Service who refused to give any help rather warned me of deleting my account if I dont pay and complete the tasks in 24 hours.

    2. I was deceived in exactly the same way. From the platform, the chat format is very strange, as at the beginning the conversations also went through WhatsApp – Customer Service Binance. When I asked to withdraw my money they calculated an amount that I have to pay as tax, I paid it but nothing changed

  53. Såg på en sida att dom säljer en verktygsvagn med 237st verktyg som ingick i den för 599kr har kostat 3500kr.
    Tyckte att det lät billigt så vi beställde den och betalade men fick inget bekräftat om att det blev en beställning.
    Hoppas att någon kan hjälpa till så vi får tillbaka pengarna.
    Någon advokat har vi inte råd med för att jag är arbetssökande.
    Det företaget heter Sale-sek.

  54. I lost money on, please never ever try to enter on this website, it’s 100 percent scam..they always ask you to recharge again and again with the money continue increasing but at last they don’t allow you to withdrawal…they ask more money…don’t listen to their sweet talks…its scam..

  55. Saw an ad for metal gardening containers on Facebook. They lowered the price of them so I decided to buy. I ordered one. I received an email confirming my order. They didn’t have it right so I decided to contact them to correct the order. I used the “contact us” link in the confirmation email. I received a “Failure Notice” from [email protected]. The email address does not exist.
    Since they have my bank information, I’m now concerned that they will clean out ALL of my funds and not just the amount of that sale.

  56. is totally fake. They are authoring a pig butchering scam on crypto. Their customer service uses gmail and are threatening. They are criminals. They claim they are the IRS. Try to charge for taxes up front instead of out of what you made. then they come up with excuses not to give you the money. Run from fasly Exchange.

  57. Good afternoon, About a year ago (March 2022) i was texted by someone on my Telegram channel.. i didn’t know the person, so i didn’t reacted immediately. the day after i said ‘Hello’ to the person and we started a conversation. i am from the Netherlands. these conversations where nice and we texted a lot. after a month or so this person started to talk about crypto, and how well it has been for this person. i never was into crypto ,so i listened to what was told me. this person guided me to a website, (former) nowadays, based in Manchester, Address; 77 Palatine Road, Manchester, United Kingdom, M20 3LJ i made an account and started to deposit crypto, I also did brought in some friends of mine who started to make deposits to their account they made, we all bought our crypto from Each month i payed an amount and at the end of the year i had payed about 16200$. when i wanted to make an withdrawal, they refused, because they were busy with ‘the annual change of ledger’. In January this year(2023) they came back to me and said that i had to pay 30% of my investment to make an withdrawal. In that year (2022) i reinvested some interest and my portfolio was build up to 36850$ and from this amount i have to pay the 30%., a quick calculation made a staggering 11000% to pay.. this was also told to my friends, because they had put us in a group, and i’m the admin of this group.. they want that every member in this group has payed their due’s before anyone can reopen their account. We all were flabbergasted by this unreal demand. we don’t know what top do, because none of them will pay a penny anymore.. does this mean we will loose our fund? The people in this group talked about it and we came to the conclusion that this must be fraud .. or something.. Please can you help us? this group will otherwise loose a total amount of 32000$



    I apologize in advance for spelling errors

    more or less 3 months ago I put my number on a site to invest in Amazon, I was contacted by you, who immediately asked to invest in amazon and if there was a way to do something automatic without taking time away from my family, I the girl immediately said yes … she asked me how much she wants to invest, I replied 250 I was, she tells me if you can get to 500 you would have given me 750 … I said okay …. made the first transfer .. .then he tells me that Manuel, his manager, would contact me shortly for a chat …ok

    after a few minutes she called me

    kind and friendly he tells me if I had put in another 2000 euros you would have given me 5000 so I could operate more even though I had told them that I just wanted to invest in amazon and I had time for this type of thing … but I trusted … and I made the 2nd transfer

    that she had me followed by one of her best brokers Cristian and asked me for my trading objective, I answered them 150-200 euros a month to get rid of some whim from my daughter

    Cristian calls me and has 12 small protected operations done to show me how it works

    I told them that I just wanted to invest in Amazon, he replied that Amazon needs a few months to see any results, I replied I’m not in a hurry …. but nothing

    after a few days he contacted me and told me that there was an investment that he thought was very profitable (bitcon) but I had to invest another 18,000 euros, I was reluctant, I didn’t want to do it, after a few insistent phone calls he convinced me and I made 2 trances 1 (6150) and more ( 11850)

    August arrives I was on holiday he contacted me he told me that there had been some control problems that they would give me back the wire transfers on the 1st (6150) he came back (6142) the second no after 1 week

    he asked me to do a bank recall, so I rushed my wife (since she doesn’t work) to the bank

    we did the recall which was successful (11842)

    Cristian tells me we’ll send you another bank transfer, I did the 6150 one but I didn’t want to do the 11850 one anymore, I said to myself that’s enough I’ll stop here …. After some insistence from Cristian I didn’t give in I didn’t want to put them anymore

    so one Monday Cristian called me and told me that he wouldn’t grind me (I would have preferred he had grinded me) he made me open the ngas (buy and sell) and he told me that we would raise 11850 by doing those operations I said to myself (fine) and I asked them what should I do

    he replied “how do you see that either the buy or the sell in profit plus 500 was closed and reopened”

    so I did

    after a week or so and a little more I received a message

    Hello Mohammed,
    I’m Vittorio Costa.
    Cristian will be out of the office on a company trip until day 12.
    He left me your account “in custody”.
    Do not hesitate to contact me at any time, and write to me when it is more convenient for you to hear from us during the day. At least one appointment a day.
    I hope all is well, he told me Cristian that you have lost some faith and enthusiasm in the project.
    I’m so sorry, I take the blame for everything you went through.
    I await your contact.

    and my absolute decline

    he made me open the oil same speech buy and sell without explaining anything
    then dowjons then they abandoned me a week

    came back he told me that things were not going well that I had to put 11850 to close the negativity so I did

    but instead of closing, he made me open the grain without explaining anything to me, always the usual buy and sell discourse

    after a week he called me and said that the transactions are expiring I had to put another 20,000 in order not to lose the money … I said make them expire I won’t put anything more
    he told me you’re crazy I replied that it’s my fault if I was put like this I have nothing to do with it
    he said “please don’t let the operations expire he would have lost his job”
    after some insistence telling me we’ll give you 125 percent at least we can close something ”
    I made the transfer
    but the credits hadn’t gone up
    I asked why he told me that he would have Stefano call me ….
    Stefano my name is and he told me that I had to put another 20,000 as they come in we’ll make you return 10,000 also said by Manuel
    I hallucinated ,,, I wanted to close everything and file a fraud report
    I didn’t have any more money, I replied
    nothing to do I would have lost everything
    believe me I never asked my wife for money (and I did that day)
    humiliated and demoralized
    I put another 20,000 but the credits only 60 percent
    and tell me the other 60 percent were served to open trades (which I didn’t want and didn’t know they were expiring)
    I only got 3000 back
    I just told you the plain truth

    Do you think it’s not a scam?
    Do you think I was wrong?
    Do you think I’m crazy?
    do you think I have not been bypassed?

    1. You are the victim of fraud, like many others.

      There is recourse. If you are in the U.S., you can call the federal government information line and ask to be directed to the appropriate department (Consumer Affairs, the SEC, etc.).

      If you have investments in stocks or bonds you can call the custodian (for example, Vanguard). Someone there will know where to get you started.

      Also, if the people who took your money used the U.S. postal service, there may be mail fraud charges involved.

      Don’t just accept that you’re the victim, or take your loss as God’s punishment for believing the people who defrauded you. It wasn’t your fault. They cheated you.

      But unless you fight back, they win. Don’t let that happen! Start with the suggestions here, and also ask your friends, co-workers, and acquaintences what recourse you have. Collectively they probably know more than I do. Then follow whatever sounds like the best advice.

      Finally, if you can afford it you can always hire a lawyer and sue the company that took your money. That might get you compensation faster than anything else, because no one likes to be sued, and face a trial.

      If you decide to get legal help, be sure to find a law firm that specializes in securities fraud, or whatever is related to your case. It’s best to find one that is familiar with the law in your case.

      Good luck, amigo!

      1. I feel for you. I won MEGA LOTTO, several million ( the amount kept getting larger) a Mercedes, 2 years gas, 6 months insurance. Don.t tell anyone. But, I had to keep sending money (thousands at a time). Everytime I would mention scam, they would plan on briging my car.. but the truck to deliver was out delivering, then the truck broke down and it would take days to get the part. In the meantime, I was still sending money ( had to be cashiers checks). Everytime I would say I have no more money, They would recommend me to borrow from friends, neighbors. Hock your jewelry. I did borrow $25,000
        from a son-in-law) I will probably never be able to pay him back. They had me open 3 more banks, I already had 2. I was told. with so much money to deposit they would need several banks to deposit it. Then their transferring machine wasn’t working right! Then they stole about $300,000 from my retirement. I still don’t know how they did that without a password. Now IRS say I owe them $71.000 in taxes. I am 83 years old. All of the offices and organizations I have contacted, can only advise me on keeping my personal ID private!

        1. Iam reading all this and I can not believe you people give these idiots your money!! Stop it!!! They are crooks and are living the good life off your hard earned money! People call you or contact you some way, and tell you a bunch of lies and you believe them because you want to get rich quick. Stop it!! I have been scammed to but only for a few dollars, not even over $100.00. It doesn’t take much to teach me a lesson especially when its my money. Chalk it up to a lesson learned and never invest with someone you don’t know personally. Especially on the damn internet!! I got scammed by ordering something(clothes)and they never sent it. Those crooks do not want to help you make money, they want to take YOUR MONEY!!! That’s how they make their money. LET IT GO, LESSON LEARNED.

    2. Mohammed, I read your story with a broken heart. You dealt and lost to the pro hackers, the scum of the scum, low life.

      Most likely you knew them by false names.
      Every time you count your money with the heart, you will lose. Here you have the prove of it.

      I hope you learn well.
      God bless

    3. Dhimi,
      I am so sad for you…as we are professional retirees/educators who’ve invested B4 & just caught these dirty dogs-ST5-today in their lies. They figured out we saw the light so they immediately disappeared off of my husband’s cell phone w/a chunk of our money (we’d asked for it to return to our accounts). We did lose, but not as much. When they began playing head games of adding more money, after 2wks of my husband making money (we thought) I said to my husband, “Something is fishy”. It’s so hard…prayers for you sir, as we’re praying for ourselves to remain calm thru this terrible experience b’cuz of these THIEVES. Again they are named ST5. So sorry. Mary & Dave

  59. Golden sun of jax is a scam. Keep coming up with more money requests. Delay everything. Do not return calls or emails. Keep switching you from one so-called advisor to another. Make big promises and are super friendly until you run out of money. Actually told my mother to sell her car to pay them.

  60. I lost money on alamo-top. Com they alway tell u to deposit a huge amount that u cannot deposit after deposit again they will tell to deposit more high amount this is fraud.

    1. Hi, I saw ads on Instagram offering work from anywhere and earn… I work long hours and thought maybe this should help ease…. and joined.
      10 days later I have so far paid £900+ and now asking for further £560….(which i didn’t pay) to complete the task…. it’s the last task and on completion I should be able to withdraw £6k
      Why the alarm bells ? didn’t ring… and unfortunately I’m now minus and hugely in debt….
      How can I get my money back?
      Please advise…..

      1. This is the same with, I was scammed out of £1000+ I am sure they use different numbers, but these are the number to beware of +44 7863 749441 (Agent goes by Alice) +44 7535 102910 (Customer service 1) +44 7852700686 (Customer service 2) i am sure there are others as customer service numbers change.

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