Malaysian Scratchie Tickets Scam

Scratchie tickets

Holiday Scratchie Tickets Scam: How It Works

In the last few months, a well-designed travel brochure with winning scratchie tickets has been hitting millions of homes. It has started in Australia a few years ago and now is in full blast all over the world. The last one comes from Sunny Rainbow Tours.

Watch the video below to see over 25 exposed fake brochure pages with winning prizes – did you received one of them?

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The publication contains lottery scratch tickets offering complimentary lottery prizes to celebrate a new investment opportunity. The scratch tickets reveal a prize of $266,000. The second price is listed at $166,000, as seen in the main image I posted for you in this article.

Since the winning is published in a nice and glossy magazine, several people really believe they hit the jackpot! Did they?

Not really.

The winners are informed there is a $7,000 government tax to pay before the proceeds can be released and the travel company will pay half. The recipient just has to send the other half by wire transfer, to Malaysia or Hong Kong.

malaysian scratchie tickets


The publishers of the brochure require the winners to provide a copy of their passport for authentication, along with bank account details. As you can imagine, the “winners” of $130,000 are waiting in vain to get their money after that, as there is no prize.

Here are a couple of more images of the fake scratchie brochure from Sunny Rainbow Tours:

scratchie tickets brochure


Malaysian scratchie brochure


How To Avoid The Scratchie Ticket Scam

Look at over the 1,600 comments on this page. Ignore the fact that is a well-designed travel brochure. It’s not a real deal. Scammers can make everything nowadays look official, especially with the advancement of technology.

Above and below you have real pictures of these fake brochures. As you can see they have similar design, sign that behind the scam are the same people. There are more pictures in the video.

The Malaysian Brochure Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

identity theft protection


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selma hrynchuk
Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

1,634 thoughts on “Malaysian Scratchie Tickets Scam”

  1. This endless scam must be quite profitable, as it’s still. going strong.

    This week (Sept 2023), I received via registered mail, an envelope containing a glossy brochure purporting to be from “Sunny Rainbow Tours”, with two fake scratchie tickets included, one revealing “Thank You!” and the other “2nd Prize USD 166,000”.

    The brochure design has been updated but the essentials appear to remain the same. The cited “platinum sponsor” is Benjamin & Ryan Holdings, and the web sites for both the fake tour operator and the fake sponsor company are (moderately convincing) boilerplate that were registered in July 2023.

    I can’t tell whether there have been any efforts to shut these people down, but if so, they’ve been unsuccessful to date. Clearly they just keep changing the names of their fraudulent operations and registering new phony web sites.

    In order to pay for printing their glossy scam brochures and scratchies, not to mention international registered mail, they must be fooling enough people to make it well worth their while (which is both sobering and a little depressing).

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Ray. Can you please send us a screenshot of the new brochure, at info at Thanks!

      1. Sent.

        I neglected to mention that I am in Melbourne, AU, and the registered mail they sent me appears to have originated in Kuala Lumpur. As with others’ reports, the “sponsor” for the non-existent 2nd prize is a fictitious holdings company supposedly located in Hong Kong.

        I think the most insidious aspect of what these fraudsters are doing is that it is so elaborate. The glossy printed materials and corresponding web sites make it appear legit to anyone who doesn’t delve too deeply.

        Their “it was sent to you by mistake, but our sponsor has agreed to honor your win as long as you don’t tell anyone” gambit is also a clever ruse to minimise the likelihood that their hapless victims will discuss their lucky “win” with someone who will point out that they are being scammed.

        It’s very slick (and nasty). It seems the same person (or people) has refined and used essentially the same scam for well over a decade, just changing the fictitious travel “company” name, registering new fake web sites and printing new brochures & ‘scratch & win’ tickets several times a year. Interesting that in all this time (and with so many people having been scammed), law enforcement has yet to catch up with them…

      2. Done.

        I neglected to mention that I am in Melbourne, AU, and the registered article I received containing the fake brochure and ‘scratch & win’ tickets was sent from an address in Kuala Lumpur.

        It’s interesting that the person (or persons) behind this scam have been operating according to the same playbook for over a decade, changing the fake tour company name and registering a new web site several times a year. It’s pretty brazen, but (apparently) law enforcement have yet to catch up with them.

      3. I received my personally addressed letter in Sydney Australia on 18th Feb 2024, in this case from Nova Nest Tours, in an enveloped mailed from Malaysia on 1st Feb (2024). Mailing cost in real stamps was RM 8.90 = about USD 2.00. Brochure says it’s their 7th Anniversary Promotional Event.

        I’ve been a bit busy and only just got to investigate. It seems that Nova Nest Tours is a recognised scam from back in 2017.

        I can forward the whole envelope and contents if you wish.

        I do not quite understand where/how they got my mailing address, but the mailing label includes my rarely-used landline number so perhaps it’s as simple as from a phone directory.

  2. It looks like there are now 3 fraud sites left running – Asian Travel Legacy – Lakeville Tours – Smartravel Holiday

    Watch out for those in your letter box.

  3. We received one of these brochures with a 2nd place winning scratchy for USD $220,000.00.
    The company is One Pavilion Travel, Malaysia.
    The company was really excited for us when we phoned them, but cynic me, decided to do a little investigating before letting my partner send off any form of identifying documentation.
    Thanks for the heads up everyone.

  4. Most fraud sites reported here have been taken down. Most of them are registered with WebCC in Malaysia.
    The remaining scams to watch out for are: Asian Travel Legacy Astana View Vacation Elegance Travelling Kings Hill Holiday Northern Hill Tour Smart Travel Holiday Lakeville Tours supported by Tucows in Canada

  5. I won a prize of $220,000 on a scratch card that came in the mail to my address in Sydney. It looked like it was a promotion on the anniversary of a Malaysian travel company
    called Northern Hill Tour. The mail had Malasian postage stamps and hte postage was franked in Malaysia.
    I was suspicious, so to be sure I went to the web site mentioned on the promotional brochure at It looked genuine, but did not have any refference to the anniversary promotion.
    When I called them by phone the person who answered confirmed that I was a winner and wanted me to provide my details. So I decided to use Google to check them out first.
    That is when I discovered that the governments in Australia and in New Zealand have been putting out public warnings about the Malaysian travel scam for years, and warnings have been broadcast on news reports on TV.
    They didn’t catch me with their scam this time!

  6. This is just like the story here. A glossy brochure looking very convincing from Astana View Vacation with two scratch cards. One of them wins me second prize of $220,000. They have a legitimate looking web page at and contact address and phone number in Malaysia. The envelope was addressed to me and had lots of Malaysian postage stamps. When I called the number they asked me to prove that it was really addressed to me. Before sending them my ID I decided to check them out using Google, and found enough warnings to prove it is all a big scam. It looks like they have been doing this for years in Australia and New Zealand. Nice try, but I am not going to be a sucker and send any money to these scammers.

  7. My son received a very professional looking brochure complete with contact address (in Malaysia) and official looking website, calling themselves
    They had enclosed 2 scratch cards , one was a losing card and the other, you guessed it, a winning card worth $220,000!!! Ha Ha, ha ha ha….
    Thankfully we had heard of similar scams via your website and naturally did not fill out the so called ‘winning’ card and return it as requested. So thankyou scam-detector.
    PS..the old saying stands..if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!!!!

  8. I have received a coloured brochure, two scratch tickets one saying Thankyou, and one saying I had won USD$220,000. from a Malaysian company called Red Sunshine Tour. I contacted them and they asked that I send photos of the front and back of the ticket, together with the front of the envelope it was sent in. Someone from the claims department said they would contact me on Monday. I fully expect that they willl ask me for money to send it which they won’t be getting.. would be nice to win, but I guess not meant to be.

  9. Received a glossy pamphlet in the mail today from Red Maple Holiday. 16th Anniversary Scratch and Win. Two scratches. One says Thank You and the other – 2nd Prize USD 220,000. Even listed Brother, Trivago and others as official partners etc. Obviously another scam from Malaysia.

  10. Thank you for your reports. The last two postings reported
    * Baybay Vacation
    * Grandest Vacation
    These sites were registered with WebCC in Kuala Lumpur. They are no longer running. so all those expensive glossies, scratch cards and postal stamps have been wasted!

    The current list of known live sites as at December 1 are: Astana View Vacation Kings Hill Holiday Elegance Travelling Northern Hill Tour Seanorama Holiday Smart Travel Holiday Altis Tourism Lakeville Tours

    Please report any other sites here so that they can be taken down

  11. I have received this

    I, like many other have also received the package for Bay Bay Vacation. Enclosed in a glossy pamphlet were two scratch its, one said Thankyou and the other claimed I had won $220,000USD for their 16th "Anniversary". I was skeptical to say the least because when something is too good to be true it usually is. However they are very skilled at creating what looks like a very ligitimate prize offer. The scratches are well made and the brochures are glossy and lengthy. I am so glad that after typing in their web address out of curiosity I was led to scam detector… TIA…. B

  12. These were taken down this month
    -* Domain Name *- * Site Name *
    * Affinity Tourism
    * Alarm Creation Tour
    * Ariamas Travels
    * Casa Ria Holiday
    * Deep Bay Travel
    * Emerald Tourism
    * Esplanade Holiday
    * Golden Crown Holiday
    * Grand Centra Tour
    * Great Moon Vacation
    * Greenwoods Holiday
    * Idaman Travelling
    * Kepong Village Tour
    * Montfort Travelling
    * One Pavilion Travel
    * Palm Spring Travelling
    * Putra Mas Tours

    This are still live at Nov 25
    -* Domain Name *- * Site Name * Altis Tourism Asian Travel Legacy Northern Hill Tour Lakeville Tours Star Shine Tour

  13. Today we received :" Grandest Vacation Anniversary 16th" scratchies. 2 off, one with a thank you and the second prize $200 000.00 USD. So I guess you need to add that to the list of many as well. Bugger, could do with that amount of money right now….but as soon as I saw it I knew it was a scam… so obvious really.

  14. Two more fraud Malaysian travel sites running the scratch card and glossy brochure $220,000 scam are
    * (Elegance Travelling)
    * (Kings Hill Holiday)

  15. Yep, received a full colour brochure from Idaman Travelling today with 2 scratchies and a win for $220,000 with telltale 16th anniversary. Idaman Travelling does seem to exist, at least on the web, but I guess I won’t be hurrying in to claim my ‘win’.

  16. These crooks have reinvented themselves and are deluging Australia and New Zealand with massive mail-outs of glossy brochures and fake scratchie cards that pretend to win you USD $220,000. These "promotoons" are currently running. I give the web site name and the fake travel site name: Altis Tourism Affinity Tourism Alarm Creation Tour Ariamas Travels Baybay Vcation Casa Ria Holiday Deep Bay Travel Esplanade Holiday Golden Cown Holiday Grand Centra Tour Great Emporium Travel Great Moon Vacation Greenwoods Holiday Palm Spring Travelling Rain Forest Travelling Smart Travel Holiday Sri Kemuning Vacation The Troika Holiday Lakeville Tours

    The first one ( Altis Tourism) is registered in China with Online Nic Inc. and the last one ( Lakeville Tours) in Canada with Tucows Ltd.
    All the rest are registered in Kuala Lumpur with Web Commerce Communications Limited / WebCC.

    Have I missed any?

  17. My in-laws received a scratchie from Casa Ria Holiday located at The Gardens Office Towers Lingkaran Syed Putra 5/F505 Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumbur Malaysia with 2 scratch & win card, 1 scratch or card says THANKYOU And the other scratchie is a winning 2nd prize of $220,000 USD on a "16th Anniversary Promotional Event"

  18. Current live 16th Anniversary frauds in October 201 Armanee Holiday Damansara Vacation Lakeville Tours Prima Bay Tours Spring Gold Vacations Royal Mas Vacations The Astro Holiday Marinox Sky Travelling

    They all show the tell-tale fingerprint of "16th Anniversary Promotional Event"

  19. My father passed away more than 2 years ago.
    But in the mail he received a scratchie from Casa Ria Holiday located at The Gardens Office Towers Lingkaran Syed Putra 5/F505 Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumbur Malaysiawith winning 2nd prize of $220,000 USD on a "16th Anniversary Promotional Event"
    I don’t expect this to be of any value as I see it as a big fraud.
    But I wonder what type of a hole do these worms crawl out off???

  20. Suspended by hosting provider, September 2019

    Not loading (under maintenance)

    Six sites still alive:

    REGISTRAR WEB WERKS INDIA Damansara Vacation

    REGISTRAR TUCOWS KL Compass Travel Lakeville Tours Prima Bay Tours Riverville Tours Sea Queen Travel

  21. Latest additions to this fraud are Refreshing Day Tour registered with WEBCC dba in Malaysia Travel Express Holiday registered with WEBCC dba in Malaysia My Cinta Tourism registered with TUCOWS DOMAINS INC. in Canada

  22. Atlantic World Travel is suspended Astana View is currently not loading Prontera is suspended Nova Ace Toourism is suspended Travel Express Holiday is a new live fraud site (Sept 1) My Cinta Tourism is a new live site (Sept 1)

  23. you need to add " astana View Vacation " Tho the list of scam names.
    Haven’t been duped but worth adding to the list in case somebody is looking.
    Claim I have won one of two prices for USD $220000

  24. I just received my scratchies and brochures in Australia and won USD$220,000. Honestly, if people fall for this crap, i’m not sure who’s more stupid???

  25. The latest newcomer is – Nova Ace Tourism registered in Kuala Lumpur with WEBCC dba
    Address: Menara Genesis 1/F, 102, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel : +6011 – 5194 0334 / +6011 – 5194 0335
    Email : [email protected]
    Web :

    Same old scratch card fraud "16th Anniversary Promotional Event" – no, you have not won 2nd prize of $200.000.

  26. The latest two reported here have been taken down Sky Ridge Travel Fanal Travel

    Some remaining fraud web sites, all registered with Canadian registrar TUCOWS who accept money from Malaysian criminals and refuse to protect victims ("We are only the registrar and not responsible . . .")
    * Domain Name * – – – – * Site Name * Bounty Star Tour De Royale Tours Dorsett Tours Gorgeous Tourism Great Star Tour Harmoni Tours Impiana Tours Kasih Sayang Travel KL Compass Travel Lakeville Tours Orkids Tours Prima Bay Tours Rich Moon Tour Riverville Tours Sea Queen Travel Serenia Tours Tiara Hills Tours Vertica Tours World Connect Travelling

    Other registrars have acted responsibly. If you think this registrar should hear from victims and potential victims, here’s how

    Main telephone: 416-535-0123.
    Main fax: 416-531-5584.
    Toll-free North America: 1-800-371-6992.
    Toll-free international: +1 800 3716 9922.
    General email: [email protected]


  27. Another Malaysian travel lottery scam.
    Sky ridge Travel – posted to my name and address – scratchy showing USD 220,000
    Burn it

  28. Received winning scratchiest from Fansl Travel. Whole thing looked suspect so just putting out there for others to be aware

  29. These have just been created and launched on unsuspecting victims this month (July) Atlantic World Holiday Kingsway Vacation Mas Sapphire Travels Masterpiece Vacation Perdana Pealing Vacation Rose Valley Tours

  30. Kingsway Vacation no longer has their web site. Paramount Holiday no longer have their web site
    So all those expensive glossies and scratch cards are wasted.

    Newcomers just set up this week are Fanal Travel Marina Fly Travelling Royal Asian Tourism Great Star Tour

  31. I received 2 scratch card from Kingsway Vacation .Malaysia to my Australian address. One was a 2nd prize . It is a scam so am reporting it

  32. Liliana Alessio

    I received today a brochure with two scratchies from Paramount Holidays Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I believe this to be a scam so I am reporting it.

  33. These new sites have been set up to continue this fraud. They are registered in Malaysia on the service provider Web CC also known as WebNIC. It’s the same phishing fraud, designed to separate the unwary from their money. Rainbow Clear Tour Top Hill Tourism Pisces Star Vacation Miracle Time Tours New Dream Tourism Sky Ridge Travel

  34. Six recently discovered 16th Anniversary Promotional Event fraud sites: Great Mas Travelling Wonderland World Travel Overnight Holiday Miracle Time Tours New Dream Tourism Sky Ridge Travel

    There were 2 more, but they have been shut down the the registrar, Realtime Register B.V. Little Hulu Tours Marina Fly Travelling

    Superb Seven Holidays is also shut down, which may result in a waste of their mail-outs!

    I don’t know who the fake Hong Kong financial sponsor company is with these. Please be sure to report these if you are sent one of their glossies and second prize winning scratch cards.

  35. Six more fraud sites: Bling Sea Travel Domain Travelling Sakura Travelling Superb Seven Holiday Damansara Vacation Cherry Blossom Vacation

    Watch out for these latest scams.

  36. These ones have just started mailing out glossy brochures and 2nd prize winning scratch cards. The same fraud, with the domain names registered with the same crime companies (Tucows, WebCC, PDR)., Nova Ace Tourism Kingsway Vacation Perdana Pealing Vacation Super Limo Vacation Truly Love Tour

  37. Brenton Goodger

    We have just received a nice glossy folder, and scratchy second prize winner of $220,000 from Super Seven Holidays.
    We of course were surprise and happy, but also a bit suspicious.
    After doing further research into this, we found out that this is a scam.
    If you or anybody receives this from Superb Seven Holidays, best thing to do is ignore it, and destroy the information.

  38. Robyne Ellison

    You can add to the list:

    Top of Glass Tour

    Main sponsors:

    Max and Maya
    Thunder Match Technology
    Old Town White Coffee

  39. Another 16th Anniversary Promotional Event fraud is Young Living Holiday.
    Like all the others it comes with a glossy brochure and 2 scratch cards, one of which results in 2nd prize.
    You can contact them via the web site or the unique phone number. These crooks funnel calls and emails to a central location that does a good job of trying to convince the victim that it is genuine, and that you need only send a few thousand dollars to collect your prize. You will never see your money again.

  40. June 4 2019:
    Here is the list of 28 current live "16th Anniversary Promotion Event" frauds. All but two are registered with TUCOWS in Canada. The last two are with WEBCC in Malaysia itself.

    D Celestial Travelling
    De Royale Tours
    Dorsett Tours
    Fabulous Travelling
    Genesis Travelling
    Greater View Tour
    Great Star Tour
    Harmoni Tours
    Impiana Tours
    Kasih Sayang Travel
    KL Compass Travel
    Lakeville Tours
    One Spiritual Tour
    Orkids Tours
    Prima Bay Tours
    Real Life Tourism
    Rich Moon Tour
    Riverville Tours
    Sea Queen Travel
    Serenia Tours
    The Trinity Tour
    Tiara Hills Tours
    Twisty Thrill Tour
    Vertica Tours
    World Connect Travelling
    World Tree Tour

    Glorious Sky Tour
    Kuching Holiday

    They scammers target Australia and New Zealand as a test-bed, but are likely to spread to other countries soon, if not already. If reporting here, please indicate the country and state where it has been found.

  41. in Canada also hosting anew website for the same scam: Haven’t tried to claim my USD220k 2nd prize but given that their "platinum sponsor" of the prize MArley & Jarrell Holdings does not exist, and the company is celebrating their 16th anniversary despite registering their website in 2018, I don’t think replying to them would improve my chances.

  42. I’ve just received a beautiful brochure from Desa Sri Travel from Malaysia, along with two scratch tickets. One said I had won USD220.000. Must cost them a fortune in printing and postage but obviously some people fall for these scams.

  43. I got one last week from : Greater View Tours. Malaysian has phoned me a total of 7 times(Iscamdetect_m counting) So I transferred the money through :"Transferwise" Sent him a copy and then canceled the transfer(To Hong Kong) He does not know this yet.Ill play them at their own game.Cost scamdetect_em loads of time and wasted phone calls. If you get any type of scratch tickets in your mailbox.DONT be tempted.You will lose $US3740 They pay(What?) their share -half of the 3.4%. You pay 1.7% Of my "Winnings"$US2220,000??

  44. On 30 May was shut down. It is delightful to learn that thousands of glossy flyers have been printed and sent out to potential victims in Australia and New Zealand by these Malaysian crooks pretending to be a "Desa Sri Travel" agency, only to have the fraud come tumbling down around them..

  45. More fraud domains have been registered with sponsoring registrars TUCOWS (11) in Canada and WEBCC (5) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you get a glossy brochure and a winning scratch card, be aware that this is a total fraud. Bounty Star Tour Dorsett Tours Fabulous Travelling Greater View Tour Kasih Sayang Travel KL Compass Travel One Spiritual Tour Riverville Tours Riverville Tours Sea Queen Travel The Trinity Tour Tiara Hills Tours Glorious Sky Tour Kochi Travelling Spectrum Travelling Truly Love Tour Wonderland World Travel Bounty Star Tour Dorsett Tours Fabulous Travelling Greater View Tour Kasih Sayang Travel KL Compass Travel One Spiritual Tour Riverville Tours Sea Queen Travel The Trinity Tour Tiara Hills Tours Glorious Sky Tour Kochi Travelling Spectrum Travelling Truly Love Tour Wonderland World Travel

  46. Just received a whole brochure publication from Truly Love Tour Malaysia. I won $220.000US 2nd prize !!! It’s the second time I’ve been sent something like this. Too good to be true !!

  47. Brian for Greater View Tour was registered April 16 in Canada with TUCOWS DOMAINS INC.
    It was hosted via Cloudflare, with the hosting provider being identified as NODISTO – Nodisto IT, LLC, US
    Nodisto has been notified that they are hosting an illegal web site. There is scant information on this service provider.

    Jennie for Truly Love Tour was registered in Kuala Lumpur with WEBCC in Malaysia.
    It was shut down by the hosting provider about May 30.

    Darin S for Dream Union Travel was registered October 2018 with Canadian company TUCOWS DOMAINS INC. It has been shut down by the hosting provider
    Marley & Jarrell Holdings – is registered in Kuala Lumpur with WEBCC, and hosted via Cloudflare.
    The web site exists and lends credibility to the scam. Surprisingly, the phone number is answered by "Marley & Jarrell Holdinga".

    Ian for Super Limo Vacation was registered October 2018 and was suspended by the registrar Realtime Register B.V. on May 31 2019. for Flora & Anna Holdings is registered in Canada with TUCOWS, and hosted via Cloudflare.

  48. I’m embarasses to say I’ve just been scammed by Flora and Anna Holdings via Super Limo Vacations. I had many conversations with them and they were so convincing. I never thought of looking up this scams site. I feel so stupid. I only looked up this site when they continually asked for more money. GRRRR May 28 2019

  49. Prima Bay Tours is the same fraud. The domain name is registered with TUCOWS Ltd in Canada. It is hosted on CloudFlare. It was created on April 16 2019. It has the recognizable finger-print banner – "16th Anniversary Promotional Event" (Google that to see countless other examples). Under no circumstances should anyone who receives their convincing looking glossy, scratch cards and the inevitable winning card, bother contacting them. AS explained above, they will take your payment of "taxes" and leave you with no winning prize.

  50. Indian registrar Web Werks has shown a wonderful display of ethical integrity. They have suspended all 5 of the frauds registered on their service: It would be wonderful if their example could be followed by TUCOWS and WEBCC Rafflesia Holiday Holiday Guardian Tourism Nivea Holiday Purple Moon Travel Utopia Tourism

  51. Two of these fraud Malaysian Travel scratch card scams have been suspended thanks to prompt action by the registrar, NetEarth One Inc. (D Royal Travel) (Precision Holiday)
    So if you get a glossy brochure and fake winning scratch card, you won’t be able to contact them on their extinct web site.Scam thwarted!

  52. Chinese registrar OnlineNIC does not take kindly to these Malaysian scammers. Upon receiving a complaint, they shut down all of these 8 fraud sites. It would be wonderful if other registrars would follow suit, instead of being part of the problem. Ampang Park Holiday Blue Marine Travelling Centaras Holiday Fairyland Travelling Flying Sifu Tourism Jaya Selatan Travel Kuching Holiday Nusentral Holiday

  53. Every one of these fraud web sites rely on the registrar of the domain name not cancelling themwhen they receive complaints.

    One registrar who does not support this kind of blatant criminal behavior is Public Domain Registry.
    When they received a com-plaint, they rapidly closed those fraud web sites down:
    These four frauds are no longer in business. Bright Star Holiday Kochi Travelling Royal Asian Tourism Spectrum Travelling

    The registrar with the most web site domain names registered with them is located in Canadda, and called TUCOWS. Unfortunately they are not showing the same intolerance of crime, and refuse to act.
    Frauds that they support incliude Bling Sea Travel D Celestial Travelling Gorgeous Tourism Grandeur Travelling Great Star Tour Harmoni Tours Impiana Tours Lakeville Tours Mas Creation Travelling Real Life Tourism Rich Moon Tour Riverville Tours Top Planning Travel Vertica Tours World Connect Travelling World Tree Tour

    Anyone can bring this to their attention at abuse[at]

  54. Here are the latest detected Malaysian Travel frauds, all alive on April 28 2019
    DOMAIN NAME & SITE NAME Aquaria Tourism Awesome Fly Tour Best Life World Travel Centaras Holiday D Celestial Travelling Domain Travelling Geoventure Travel And Tours Gorgeous Tourism Great Phantom Holiday Great Star Tour Harmoni Tours Impiana Tours Kochi Travelling Kuching Holiday Lakeville Tours Little Indian Tours Nivea Holiday Precision Holiday Purple Moon Travel Rafflesia Holiday Real Life Tourism Rich Moon Tour Riverville Tours Royal Asian Tourism Sakura Travelling Summer Lover Travel Super Limo Vacation The Creative Travel Utopia Tourism Vertica Tours Wonderland World Travel World Connect Travelling World Tree Tour

  55. Awesome fly tours sent the standard 2 scratchies ,one a thank you, the other $220,000USD 2nd prize.
    This was for their 16th anniversary, but their web site is a poor imitation of a travel company/ The contact this time was Gordan Tan. No further action taken with with this repeat scam.

  56. This is a list of current travel frauds in April 2019. Please add any others not listed here. All Time Travelling Amazing Fly Tourism Ampang Park Holiday Beyond Your Dreams Tour Bling Sea Travel Blue Marine Travelling Bright Star Holiday Club Four Vacation Droyal Travel Fairyland Travelling Far East Travelling Flying Sifu Tourism Gemilang City Tours Grandeur Travelling Holiday Guardian Tourism Home Club Vacation Jaya Selatan Travel KL Fly Travelling KL Universal Travel Landmark Travelling Mas Creation Travelling New Wing Holiday NU Sentral Holiday Seasons Rock Vacation Spectrum Travelling Starlight Travelling The Insight Tour Top Planning Travel Twin Galaxy Holiday

  57. Yep got the glossy brochure with 2 scratchie cards in the mail. one card said Thank you but other said 2nd Prize of USD 220,000 from Awesome Fly Tour located in Malaysia. Contacted them via email as per the website and received a call from Rex Lee and wanted me to send scan copy of the card together with ID doc. He did not advise any taxes to be paid, but I am sure he would have asked after I have sent all the details. Just not sure where he got my home address with my full name.

  58. The latest list of domains used and their titles is here
    Malaysian Travel Fraud 16th Anniversary Bling Sea Travel 16th Anniversary Top Planning Travel 18th Anniversary Bright Star Holiday 16th Anniversary Spectrum Travelling 16th Anniversary Droyal Travel 16th Anniversary Holiday Guardian Tourism 15th Anniversary Blue Marine Traveling 15th Anniversary Amazing Fly Tourism 15th Anniversary Gemilang City Tours 16th Anniversary New Wing Holiday

  59. Janet Maree Wallace

    Got 2 tickets from Top Planning Travel. Did some research and found they were a scam. Wanted personal ID etc. We did not send any.

  60. Mine received yesterday was from Holiday Guardian Tourism with 2nd prize of $US220,000 sponsors Carter & Faymann Limited, Jaring and Mydin. Well made glossy brochure, nice envelope, pretty Malaysian stamps and apparent Selangor postmark. I googled Malayasian lottery scam and here I am.

  61. Just received one of these yesterday from Bright Star Holiday, Malaysia. Knowing how often I win with scratch tickets, to win $220,000 from one of two tickets didn’t smell right!

    They seem to be getting smarter, none of the numbers on each of my tickets were used on the other ticket.

  62. Found it! Until the deposit figure popped up I didn’t bother searching for this forum. Exact same story as David on 15th of Jan. Very professionally handled. Fake! hoax! prank! scam!

  63. OMG. I was wanting to believe I’d won US$200,000 second prize from DRoyal Travel in Malaysia. This time the major sponser is John & Stanley Holdings – also ZTE, Fuji Xerox and Royal Selangor!
    I have had multiple calls from Gavin Fung – apparently the major sponsor will ring me soon so that I can claim my prize after signing a non disclosure statement!

  64. Also received $200,000USD scratchy prize from Stardream Tourism. As far as I can see this company hasn’t been mentioned yet. But all the other posts on the process of the scam are very similar/ almost exactly the same. Contact was Jayce Boo as previously mentioned by a few people. When I suggested that he was trying to scam hi he immediately became very angry and hung up on me. I even got a follow up email from him saying what a nice guy he was and how dare I accuse him of scamming. How do these people sleep at night?

  65. Feeling Embarrassed

    What a dummy. Received the Botanic Travel brochure in the mail, scratched the "Anniversary 15th’ scratchie and won USD$200K. Cool. Odd though that their email address was wrong. Chased them down (believing there may be some legitimacy in this game) and spoke to Rodney Tan (seems he’s a very busy man reading the many messages below.) He checked my serial number and I was a bona fide winner. Woo hoo. Oh, but wait, there’s a hitch. After a series of calls (from different numbers every time) Rodney tells me that I was not supposed to get this particular ticket, so I am lead to believe that I must sign a non-disclosure agreement so that word does not get out about this among the legitimate clients of their sponsor (George & Cora Holdings – very dodgy website.) Got suspicious tonight when he said I’d have to share "certain personal details" to verify my prize. Bullshit. Apparently the sponsor’s Operations Manager "Dayton Lee" will call tomorrow to have a chat. I expect this is when they’ll put the hard word on me to cough up some cold hard cash for something as dodgy as the rest of their story. Ummm, nah.

  66. Well this time they are Botanic Travel out of Malaysia and it is their 15th anniversary and I got two scratchies in the mail. One scratchie just said thank you and then Wahoo won second price $US200,000 aren’t I lucky? So out of curiosity I rang and guess who I spoke to – Mr Rodney Tan. He is a busy boy. Next I spoke to Damien Lim, another name that sounds familiar? I had to sign a non-disclosure sighting George & Cora Holdings as the sponsor. Then Austin Boo told me to send money to cover the costs of a letter of authorisation from the Hong Kong court to send money out of Hong Kong. They wanted 3% – 1.5% to be paid by me and they would pay the other 1.5%. Totally refundable less $US100 kept by the court as their fee. Yeah right! These guys are really smooth operators so beware.

  67. Always telling friends and relatives to beware of scams and got sucked into this myself. Luckily alarm bells went off when they asked me to pay a fee to release funds. Like earlier posts 2 tickets from Ocean Pacific Tours with 2nd prize win of USD 200,000. Good old Norman Wang was the contact. Many phone calls over 2 weeks before finally my winnings had been approved but had to pay half of a USD7000 for Letter of Authorisation to release funds. Everything looked so professional, even the websites easy to see how people are sucked in.

  68. Rodney tan strikes again. This time he worked for Gemilong city tours. He had me going there for a while, really thought I had won $200,000 US. Then I found this website and realised all a scam. Will ignore his emails and calls from now on 🙁

  69. Also using the name
    ……. Gorgeous Travelling …….
    15 years Anniversary
    2 Tickets, 1 winning 2nd price USD 200,000.00 .
    But what did I win ??? Grammar Matters, I was thinking maybe 200,000 urinary spinning devices???
    And if you study the bar code on these you will notice the numbers are different but the if you hold the
    2 tickets together you can see that the code its self, is a duplicate.
    And the T’s & C’s lure you into Tax’s and Transfer fee’s. This is the softening part buttering you up
    to hand over some money. DON’T .
    Rule #1, "If you didn’t enter to begin with then you didn’t win."

    Chulan Tower Menara Chulan 7/F, 712,
    Axa Affin Life Insurance, Jalan Conlay
    55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    +6011 – 3602 3530
    +6011 – 3602 3531
    [email protected]

    Nate & Zara Holdings
    Fuji Xerox
    Royal Selangor

  70. These scams are currently running. The domains are registered in Malaysia with Web Commerce Communications Limited (

    The frauds all run on web servers located in Malaysia.
    Each brochure and scratch card names a fake finance company, supposedly in Hong Kong, as a sponsor.

    If yoiu get a brochure, you will see the variables in red – the country, the fake travel company, and the fake sponsor.
    Please list them here.
    Examples of fake sponsors
    Sabrina & Rachel Holdings –
    Zoe & Logan Holdings
    Jack & Victoria Holdings –

  71. 10th December. Malaysian brochure from Tanjung Alam Tour. Same as below with 15th Anniversary win scratchy tickets – 1 thank you and one second prize of $200,000. Great brochure though. Thank you to all who have posted below.

  72. Our "$200,000 winning ticket" is from "Meridin Travel Anniversary 15th". All the same details as per everyone else below.

  73. And another Scam to add to the list The Dazzling Holidays, i have checked on the Companies Commission of Malaysia it is not a member and the same for the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA)
    But I will play along until my contact Norman Wang gives up phoning, have emailed their sponsors with copies of the tickets and thanked them for their generous gifts etc

  74. I just received one of these from best life world travel won the 2nd prize 200,000 USD woohoo its the 15th anniversary draw. The card includes supported by fuji Xerox and Royal selangor. I bet these genuine companies don’t even know about this fraud maybe their lawyers could work at getting it shut down in Malaysia.

  75. Latest company name they are using is Star Light Travelling. (also Malaysia) Same deal with glossy brochure and 2 tickets with one being 2nd prize of USD 200000. Coincidentally it is also their 15th Anniversary!!. Hope these guys get shut down soon.

  76. I recently won 2nd prize of USD 200,000 in Club Four Vacation’s 15th Anniversary lottery. (I wonder how much the 1st prize was??) Strangely enough, this is the second time I’ve "won". Lucky me.
    Last time my son scratched the ticket and was so excited, that even though I told him it had to be a scam, he insisted on calling the number listed on the ticket. The man on the other end, Jonathan Khoo, sounded so genuine, it was hard not to be convinced. The story was the same as all the others posted here, scratchy was sent to me in error. After some tense negotiations by Mr Khoo on my behalf, the sponsors agreed to honour it. NDA to be signed and then the clincher, taxes had to be paid prior to settlement. Yeah, right.
    I’d like to think that these sort of scams don’t fool anyone, but the sad truth is, they do. Always do your research people. Good luck to all.

  77. Just ‘won’ 2nd prize in the Best Life World Travel Anniversary 15th scratch and win! Woohoo….Interestingly I can tell where they got my address details from – sadly it would appear from a charity database (Cancer Council Queensland no less). I can confirm this because this charity database has my name incorrectly listed in a unique way.

  78. I received similar tickets as the others commented here. The "company" is named Butterfly Travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Menara MIDF, 2/F, 202, 68 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50450 KL Malaysia. The brochure said "Celebrating 15th Anniversary. In one ticket is written "Than you" the other one is written 2nd Prize US$200,000". Phoned them and the guy named Dylan Khoo asked for my passport or drivers licence (even expired ones) for identification. After searching the internet found this comments below.
    This scammers should be in jail. I hope no one fell in his smooth talk.
    Good luck to all.

  79. I received similar tickets as the others commented here. The "company" is named Butterfly Travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Menara MIDF, 2/F, 202, 68 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50450 KL Malaysia. The brochure said "Celebrating 15th Anniversary. In one ticket is written "Than you" the other one is written 2nd Prize US$200,000". Phoned them and the guy named Dylan Khoo asked for my passport or drivers licence (even expired ones) for identification. After searching the internet found this comments below.
    This scammers should be in jail. I hope no one fell in his smooth talk.
    Good luck to all.

  80. Reading through some other postings, I find it interesting that the second prize has risen in value from US$190,000 to US$200,000.
    One can only wonder. I cannot, however have any sympathy for those who have been gullible enough to provide bank account details,etc. to what is an obvious rip-off. Keep alert for more of these get rich quick schemes. As many have pointed out, if it seems to
    good to be true, then it probably is . Good wishes to all.

  81. These scumbags are now operating under "Far East Travelling", same scam as others report – Travel brochure in the mail containing 2 scratchies from Far East Travelling Anniversary 15th, one scratchie was "Thank You" and the second was "2nd Prize USD200,000.00". Emailed them my phone number and was called back by "Mr Rodney Tan" who asked me to email him photos of both sides of "winning" ticket along with a photo of my driver’s license for legal ID purposes. I emailed him ONLY the photos of the winning scratchie and he phoned me the next day asking why I hadn’t yet emailed my ID?
    I told him that proof of my ticket should be enough and that now I would like proof of legitimacy from HIM before I emailed my ID. Instead of going out of his way to reassure me of his company’s legitimacy, he began getting angry and short with me saying I simply won’t receive my prize money and that it’s my loss. I told him it would ONLY be MY loss IF the actual prize money existed, AND that if his company was LEGIT, two things he, "Rodney Tan", had FAILED to convince ME!!!
    I did a search for their company and NOTHING. I did a search for RODNEY TAN and found this website confirming him as a scammer under many Travel Agency names from Malaysia. The only thing I will be emailing him with now, is the "link" to this site!!!

  82. Glenda McDonnell

    Just received one fro "MY PACIFIC TRAVEL" … $200,000 USD for me too, think I’ll give it a miss … straight to the bin !

  83. River Valley Holiday Anniversary 15th, scratch and win, 2nd prize $us200,000.00.
    Adress Wisma Nusantara 7/F,710, Jalan Puncak,
    50250 Kualur Lumpur, +6011-3108 6056 / +6011-3108 6057.
    contact called himself Aldien Lee.
    The address is real enough, pity the scratchie isn’t!.

  84. Now they’re calling themselves Club Four Vacation celebrating their Annivertsary 15th and yes, I got a winning USD$200,00.00 Scratch and Win and one that just said Thank You.

  85. Received a letter from FLY HIGH TRAVELLING 15th Anniversary and won on 2nd prize USD 200000, it is now in the rubbish.
    I’m from Melbourne, Australia

  86. Yep as i thought as soon as i opened this lottery ticket i knew it was a scam. And yes i am also the winner of 2000000 USD also. In the bin it goes. Fly High Travelling SCAM brochure and scratchy from malaysia all the signs of a scam . Be aware

  87. Landmark Travelling is another scam lottery brochure and two scratch & win cards they sent to me.
    Address: Academy Etiqa 2/F, 207, Jalan Melaka,
    City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Claim Manager; Jayce Boo +6011 – 3641 9703
    That is stamped in the provided brochure.

  88. As already mentioned, received 2 scratchies and glossy brochure from Castell Holiday. This is the 2nd attempt, just using a different name, but both Malaysia post stamped. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Take care everyone.

  89. Received two scratchies from KL FLY. The thing that concerns me is the fact that they have my name and address. Do they just scrape phone directories for this or is their modus operandi even more dodgy? So people, if you get scratchies from KL FLY, they are a scam and you should bin them.

  90. Received a brochure and two scratch & win cards from "Amazing Fly Tourism". It looks and feels very similar to what is being reported here. I am determined to advise others not to be conned by this vendor.

  91. Just received brochure and scratchies from KL Fly Travelling and, guess what, I’m $USD200,000 richer. Pretty much figured it was a scam so won’t be claiming my prize. Hope this costs them a lot in printing and postage and no-one falls for it

  92. Just received two scratchies and a brochure from KL Fly Traveling. So apparently I’ve won $200,000 USD so I gave them a call just for the sake of it. Turns out they wanted my Photo ID and ticket to be scanned and then sent to their address. Not a chance I’m falling for it and after seeing all the other ‘Winners’ in the comments I picked it for a scam.

  93. I’ve just received one of these with a very professional looking pamphlet and scratch tickets from High Roller Holiday posted from Malaysia. They have a website, email and phone number. Going by Coral Stanton’s comment here, it’s the same scam just a different name. Same 2nd prize at USD200,000

  94. they are at it again with the scratchi tickets the prize has increased to $200,000.00 US they are calling themselves Castell Holiday same well set out brochure

  95. Scam from Republic Tourism 15th Anniversary Lottery, I had won 2nd prize of 200,000.00 US, the brochure was almost exactly like the one above in it’s layout only a different name.
    Their address is
    Chulan Tower Menara Chulan 6/F
    Axa Affin Life Insurance. Jalan Conlay.
    55100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

    I binned the lot.

  96. My 88 year old father received a "winning ticket", and although I told him it was unlikely to be real he still wanted me to research it. Now, my Dad is pretty sharp having had a life top management, but at 88 still thought this was worth pursuing. I emailed TROPICANA TOURS (here is a new one) and received a call from JAYCE BOO (funny, his name came up from another post here!!!). Could I scan the front and back of the winning scratch ticket with envelope to him PLUS DAD’S ID. Sure. Scanned and sent the ticket and envelope WITHOUT the ID. Received a call from Jayce Boo tonight. I very calmly told him that I have discovered this is a scam through a "police" website, his name is even mentioned. Oh, he said, "I’m sure if I looked up "Karen Scam" your name would come up as well". Hmmm, rather unlikely. He asked me to send the link to him so he could alert his management that there was a problem. Not so interested in receiving the link though when I read out the names of companies and individuals associated with the scam, including his. I obviously must have hit a nerve when reading out a name he recognised, and he hung up. Funny that. I did at least get to tell him that the Australian Police and Fraud Squad are on to him. He may not sleep too well tonight. Stay safe people.

  97. Craig Shelley

    I got 2 letters from Glamour Tourism containing a glossy brochure & 2 scratch cards in each
    Each letter had a Winning 2nd Prize scratchies –. both serial number ZS68269872
    keep alert

  98. Basically same scam as Colleen. Fantastika Travelling. 2nd Prize $ 200,000.00. Jayce Boo and Mason Yap are names they use this time but scam is identical to all below. Try and suck you in and then send money for bogus court fees. You never get something for nothing.

  99. Yesterday (31/5/18) received beautiful travel brochure from "FANTASTIKA TRAVELLING" based in Malaysia with 2 scratches. OMG! We won 2nd prize of US$200,00! ‘FANTASTIKA"!!!!! I knew straightaway that this was a scam as it was too good to be true, but my son (22) was ecstatic and couldn’t believe our luck! Unfortunately he is not financially savvy and is very naive when told or reads something that is unbelievable. I had to convince him by showing him the "Scam Websites" and the reviews of these scams, even then I still think he had doubts. These people should be tracked down and sent to jail after repaying the vulnerable people that they have ripped off and never let out. They target the people in this world who can least afford to be taken advantage of. The address of these rip off merchants is as follows:-
    Menara Safuan, 7/F, 80, Japan Ampang,50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Phone: +6011 – 5174 2190 & +6011 – 5174 2191
    Email: [email protected]

    The more these fraudulent people are exposed the less chance of people being ripped off. Please make your friends and relatives (particularly the elderly and naive and less financially savvy people) aware of these scumbags and hopefully no one will fall into the SCAM trap.
    Regards …… Colleen

  100. Chris Rimmington

    On May 16 2018 I received 2 scratch tickets from Passionate Rose Travel I contacted the company as 1 of these tickets said i’d won 200,000 USD, i was put through all the same bullshit as the others on this site , Malaysian Phone calls having to phone Hong Kong all that shit , I discovered this site and these posts this morning thank you for showing these arse holes up for who they really are

  101. I received 2 scratchy tickets from Blue Marine Travelling in Malaysia, and was delighted to learn of a 2nd prize win of US$200,000. Had interesting conversation with agent who said that there had been an error in posting me the stuff as it was meant for companies not individuals, however he came back to say their sponsors were embarrassed and to avoid any bad publicity they would honour the prize with provisos. I then searched this site and consequently cancelled all contact with them (and the $200k!!)

  102. Alejandra Rodriguez

    I received a brochure and 2 scratchies (apparently winning USD 200.000), from a supposed travel agency called Sabahan Travel in my mailbox, obviously the first thing i thought was ‘this is a scam’, still i was curious about the whole thing. I search the agency and i saw they had a website and the phone number on the brochure matched, still i wasnt buying it, I decided to email the company (i wasnt gonna spend money on an international call), they replied to my email very quickly and told me they needed a phone number or i should contact them. I decided to give them my phone, they called me and i explained everything. This guy Rodney Tan told me he needed pics of the stuff i received plus and ID, i did sent all of that but i didn’t sent any important ID(my student one), he then called me later and told me everything was perfect, congratulate me, gave me advice on how to spend the money, told me they were having an event next year in Gold Coast, told me he was gonna send me tickets for me and someone else he then proceed to tell me he needed my bank details and they were gonna send the money in 2-3 working days.
    before doing that i did a deep search on the company, looked up the address on google maps, called ‘the sponsors’, and lastly i found a scams website and i saw some scams like this one but different companies with even the same words on the brochure i got, so obviously i stopped the communications.

  103. Mark Childers

    I won $200k US! Scam

    Airfly Travelling brochure by mail with the 2 scratchies. Cut and paste website. Did not make contact.

    What scares me is they can afford to make a kind of but not decent color brochure and scratchie tickets and send it to me in Australia.

    Hope people are not caught by these guys…

  104. I was super lucky I won two lots of US$200,000 from two different travel companies LOL – Mistika Tourism & Little Bit Vacation

  105. I received a brochure and 2 scratchies, from a supposed travel agency called Sabahan Travel, supposedly in a building called Menara Prestige, in a street called Jalan Pinang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I found out that the building is real, but could not find Sabahan Travel listed as one of its occupants. One of the 2 scratchies was 2nd prize 200,000 US dollars. It sounded too good to be true, but I called the number and spoke today (Thurs 12 Jul 18) to one who calls himself Jayce Boo. He told me to send a scanned copy of the winning scratchie, the envelope and my passport, to prove my id, and other personal details. When a few hours had passed and I hadn’t done so yet, he called me in a concerned tone to say he hadn’t received my email yet, asking when was I going to send it. He sounded anxious for me to hurry. That’s what made me suspicious and so I started searching the internet using his name and landed on this website, which describes the actions of scammers. Thanks for your good work. I will not be emailing him. May he be traced and caught. I believe my phone provider can trace him if they can catch him on the phone to me. I hope to be ab le to set this up.
    [email protected] from Australia

  106. I will share my experienced too. Received my brochure 23/04/18 from Lord Stars Tour Malaysia for thier 15th Anniversary scratch & win.
    Same got two tickets, the other says thank you and the other I won USD 200,000 for the second prize. I can’t believe that I won that prize, my mind says where did they got my name and address. I called Lord stars tour and spoke to Rodney Tan very nice guy and conversing efficiently in english that I was really convinced that I won. Even at the time I was on my holiday he kept calling me and updating of my winning. He asked me of my client no. which I can not provide him then he has to tell the sponsor which the Ernest & Ken limited if they can give my winning prize even I’m not their client only guest. So, after a couple of hours, he ring me back and said yes the sponsor agreed that they will give me the winning prize, so on and so forth. They sent me a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement to sign for both parties that i will received that winning prize, so I did signed. I still have no skeptical about it. Mr. Dayton Lee the operation manager of Ernest & Ken limited told me that I need to put a secure deposit of 3.7% based on the winning amount and that would be paid by both parties. My share of payment will be $3,700 USD and then it will be refunded to me after we received the letter of authorization from Hongkong government court…Then when I arrived from my holiday 15/05/18 back here in australia. I did called Rodney Tan from Lord Stars tour how to collect my winning prize. He told me to call Dayton Lee the genaral manager of the sponsor of the winning prize, so I did. Then Dayton sent me an email where I can deposit the money. When I openned my email it did not appear to my inbox. I’ve waited for couple of mins and then I realized I’ve got 2 mails in my spam from Mr. Dayton Lee. Now my suspects came to my brain that this is really a scam. Its too good to be true, right. Then when I read the letter of transactions, the name of the bank ; Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Bank Address: No. 10 Guangwei road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, China. Beneficiary’s name: Low Shau Wee and with account no. and a swift code for the bank, beneficiary address and beneficiary contact no. He told me to go to my bank and deposit the money today. After we talked, then, so, I think and think twice again that why will i deposit money to them. Just beleive in your instinct, my mind says this is a scam. I am so close. Then I search again the website of Ernest & Ken Limited its all in chinese words. I come to this website and I am soooo glad and thankful that I found this I read all these comments OMG its everything the same except they all change their names and sponsors name and their telephone nos. They are unbelievable…I hope KARMA will come soon to these people around whose work is just to scam and to fraud the ordinary & innocent people. Thank you that I had read these site…..
    I will never again & again entertain their calls.

  107. moonshine vacation 15th anniversary 2nd prize USD $200,000, Mr Boo at work again in KL. same deals supply details etc, conjucture over no client number but sponsor agrees to honour prize but requires DOB, passport,etc to verify ID. Asked Mr Boo for full email of everything required. Assume the payment of fee will come but probably more concerning is the risk of ID fraud. In mean time every time he rings, act interested but busy and ask him for bit more info. Like others already no skin off my nose and happy to give our Mr Boo the run around for a bit yet and keep him interested

  108. Patrick O'Donnell

    Another lucky winner according to Moonlight Kiss Holiday 15th Anniversary . After scratching 2 cards I won 2nd prize of USD 200,000.
    Looking good until I did a search for this company & found out the true facts , another SCAM.

  109. In the mail yesterday from Sutera Mas Travel, 2 scratchie cards… Whoopie, I won 2nd prize of US$200,000. So far it has cost them 3 phone calls to my mobile. Just waiting for the next one requesting payment of the taxes. Website looks genuine, I got a reply to my email as well.

  110. Tracey Patrick

    Mine was from Moonlight Kiss Holiday 15th Anniversary . Surprise, surprise I won 2nd prize of USD 200,000.

  111. OK, I received the beautiful brochure 2 weeks ago including two magnificent scratchy cards from a non-existant travel aagent in Malaysia. I did smirk a bit thinking this would be a scam but the card I scratched told me I’d won second prize of USD $200,000. Whoopee, thought I! Hahahaha! Their ‘phone number and email address on the cards are duds. I did telephone one of ther "supporters" listed which was FujiZerox and learned that they (Fuji) were in Malaysia. The helpful bloke I spoke to said he was unaware of the company running the scam and would investigate. I’ll stick to my pension!!

  112. Thanks website. Our lucky ticket was from Lord Stars Tours…..US $200,000. In the bin now, but sadly read of person that lost NZ $2,200 chasing the scam.

  113. Mine was from "Misty Moon Tourism" 15th Anniversary. As with Tracey’s comment, surprise, surprise I won 2nd prize of USD 200,000.

    Have sent an email requesting more information – no response…

    Other keywords: "Robin & Elaine Holdings", "427 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur", "Integra Tower Akar Solutions".

  114. I received a Jelly Belly Tour most professional brochure and 2 scratchy tickets and like others I won 2nd prize of $200,000. US and Mathew & Ella Holdings were the sponsor for 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize. They are professional these thieves, my goodness they came very close to sucking me in. I hope they rack up extremely large phone bills for their trouble. Malaysia and Hong Kong? I spoke to Norman Wang from Jelly Belly Tours and then Mason Yap Operations Manager of Mathew & Ella Holdings in Hong Kong. Watch them they are so smart with conning people. They are extremely professional and very clever with their website and promotional adds, yes they have gone to a lot of trouble to scam us.

  115. Could’nt believe my eyes when i was sent this in the mail, it all looks so real with the web sites also so convincing.
    Don’t be fooled, the intresting thing is the lottery tickets dont tell you how to claim your prise, even on their official web ste its says nothing about how to recieve your prize.Cleaver little bastards but not that cleaver lol.

  116. Same old scratchie scam , 200 k ,2nd prize.15th anniversary for Miharja Travelling in Malaysia.
    I’m in New Zealand and seen this here before. Don’t fall for it.

  117. ME TOO/
    The scam I received was
    Very nice brochure and yep I won 200,000USD
    They wanted about 3,700USD for Chinese Gov fees before they could pay me.
    Another player was
    Contact: +852 – 60497871
    Operation Manager: Mr. Moses Kong
    Supposedly in Hong Kong
    a very sharp talker.

  118. Danga Bay Holiday sent me two scratchies and of course I won 2nd prize which is now $200kUS. If you look up Danga Bay it is a formerly quiet bay now ruined by massive residential housing development. The brochure was nonsense. Clearly not written in English but translated. The website looks dodgy because none of the so called holidays can even be purchased and other obvious faults. According to Danga Bay Holiday it is their 15th Anniversary promotion. The big giveaway is "prize winners may be obliged to submit taxes or any other mandatory charges as a result of the award."

    Other Terms and Conditions are nonsense. I looked up the owner of the Danga Bay Holiday site which is obviously fake. He is Name: Louis Lee
    Organization: –
    Mailing Address: 36G, Jalan SS 22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Petaling Jaya Selangor 47400 MY
    Phone: +60.166192300
    Fax: +60.
    Fax Ext:
    Email:[email protected]

    Obviously a variation on advance fee fraud. Apparently Malaysia is famous for this kind of scam.

  119. I just got a glossy brochure and scratchie tickets from Grey Cloud Tourism.Malaysia. Very professional looking. Surprise surprise.!!ONE ticket showed 200,000 winning..I would like to know how they get names/addresses also. Hope they dont get any suckers. I threw mine straight in the bin, then went straight to this site You do have to give them A for ingenuity. all the work that has gone into printing, mailing, etc (btw my envelope has five beautiful stamps on it lol)

  120. My reply to the SCAMMERS

    Hi Jayce Boo (or whatever your name really is) and Boo to you.
    Almost sucked in by the scam but a bit of research via this website is enlightening

    I have spoken to my Bank, Police and Internet scam people and are saddened that some of us work and some have to suck money up from other’s hard work.

    The Common Sense thing took me a while to kick in – brochure very good, Flaming Glory Holiday Internet site OK but lacking guts, (especially the so called Taiwanese link).
    However the fact I win but only with my financial strings attached, finally set my inSTINCS in process with ‘STINKS’ being the operative word.
    One – if it seems too good to be true it probably is, but my guard was down having been to Japan and Hong Kong.
    Two – if a professional company gives prizes the company does so because it wishes to promote itself. Definitely not via some CRAP story of ‘through a Sponsor’.
    Three – A Sponsor my fat arse!!! Just a fancy term for a ‘fleecing agent in cahoots’ Why would a Sponsor need to verify exactly what I’ve already told you??? You know it, he has a copy of it, so he already knows who I am. The ‘Sponsor’ should have been interested in what I was going to do with the money to promote ‘the Business’ he was purportedly supporting (FLAMING GLORY HOLIDAY) – more like Flaming Losers Holidays – But no such questions from the dead head ‘Sponsor’.
    Fourthly – Any Business that can’t give away it’s prizes without first sucking money from the beneficiary is not a Business that should be dealing with the Public and I guess that’s why your Business will FAIL.
    Fifthly – The RAT began to stink when I was given the option to fly over and pay the required $3700 to release the $220,000 US – not an option at all. And that’s when my Internet search and lawyer support sprang into gear!!!!
    Lastly – Requirement of a Client Number – complete and utter Bulldust. You have no clients therefore they can never be numbers. What you might have numbers for are the suckers who can’t see through you.
    Finally – Why tell me a Client Number isn’t important when later in conversation you say it is important, SO IMPORTANT in fact that I must sign a confidentiality agreement so as not to offend your clients. Incidentally, these clients (Doctors and Lawyers who pay you $80,000 US for membership) are pure figments of your imagination. If you can’t make money out of people paying that sort of money for membership then it proves exactly what lowdown scumbags you are to attempt fleece hardworking Aussies.

    Your no ID phone numbers are currently being traced and the Hong Kong numbers I have no doubt will not align with anyone in the SUN Building.

  121. I couldn’t work out where this brochure got my name and address. I received it from Eternal Mass Tourism, Malaysia – in it were 2 tickets, one for US$200,000. Straight away I thought scam! Its going in the bin.

  122. Thanks for site and I’m ME TOO and mine was from FLAMING GLORY HOLIDAYS. More like Flaming BULL****
    Can I suggest you need to offer a second comment box for anyone who can offer guidance on sticking it to these scumbags. MR BOO IS REALLY Mr Poo and swapping from Malaysia to a HONGKONG BANK really stinks like Hong PONG. Malaysians behind these scams are really MAL ASIANS (malformed!!!). Very professional brochures, very good salesmen but ABSOLUTE IDIOTS TO THOSE OF US WHO CHECK AND EVENTUALLY GET ONTO THIS GREAT SITE. I’m sorry for those who can’t see through them. Fancy running a raffle (regardless of fund size) and asking the receiver to pay over their money first?????
    Look forward to a ‘FIX EM’ section similar to what we do for the Indian Internet guys – you simply say you’ll get the boss and leave the phone off the hook for an hour. They’ll never ring back because time in money to them and they lose $$$

  123. Thanks for site and I’m ME TOO and mine was from FLAMING GLORY HOLIDAYS. More like Flaming BULL****
    Can I suggest you need to offer a second comment box for anyone who can offer guidance on sticking it to these scumbags. MR BOO IS REALLY Mr Poo and swapping from Malaysia to a HONGKONG BANK really stinks like Hong PONG. Malaysians behind these scams are really MAL ASIANS (malformed!!!). Very professional brochures, very good salesmen but ABSOLUTE IDIOTS TO THOSE OF US WHO CHECK AND EVENTUALLY GET ONTO THIS GREAT SITE. I’m sorry for those who can’t see through them. Fancy running a raffle (regardless of fund size) and asking the receiver to pay over their money first?????
    Look forward to a ‘FIX EM’ section similar to what we do for the Indian Internet guys – you simply say you’ll get the boss and leave the phone off the hook for an hour. They’ll never ring back because time in money to them and they lose $$$

  124. I have just received one from Secret of Life Tourism. 2nd prize USD 190,000, just like Doug on comment 23/11/17. Address details almost identical to the Afternoon Delight Tourism 13th anniversary lottery promotion mentioned by Roslyn 12/11/17. All very professional looking – even lists Trip Advisor as a partner/sponsor!

  125. OMG!!! We were like hours away from losing our $5000. Thank God I saw this site the night before we were planning to transfer the amount. They are so convincing that anyone will be tempted. I was in a strong preception that it was a scam when I got the letter. Still I called them to find out what’s going on. They convinced me to believe them and it was all set to go next morning. Then I was searching for the tax details for the money I was going to paid from them. I somehow came into this page. Thank you everyone for sharing their experiences. You saved our $5000.

  126. New scam just received today with my name and address, a very fancy brochure from Everning Mist Tourist Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with two 13th Anniversary scratchies, one of course was "a 2nd prize win" of USD 190,000.00 and so on. Nice stamps though.

  127. New scam received today in Qld Australia, addressed to me. A fancy travel brochure from Everning Mist Tourist Malaysia with two 13th Anniversary Scratchies enclosed. Of course one of the scratchies "won 2nd prize" $190,000.00 USD. Nice stamps though if you’re a stamp collector!

  128. Lucky, I found this site almost become victim of scam from Burgandy Rose Tourism in Malaysia..received 2 scratch card which has USD 190,000 then call +601151625807 have chat with friendly professional Jonathan khoo then being told to call +85295089907 Operation Manager Hudson Tan in Hongkong tomorrow morning
    And he asking for USD$3610 to pay transfer becoz Hongkong government law,etc…
    Being given 2 day to pay if not he will closed the case,blablabla
    Below the emai i received:

    First of all I would like to congratulate you. I’m extremely happy when our sponsor agreed to honor you the prize after several consideration during the video conference. Congratulations to you!!!

    Please find file attached of the Non-disclosure agreement for your personal perusal. Please read it, sign and forward back to me.

    Jonathan Khoo
    Claim & Event Management
    Burgandy Rose Tourism

  129. Erik von Forell

    Received 2 scratch tickets in the mail from Eagle Eye, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Hit the 2nd price Jackpot, containing US$190000. The scratchies look authentic, however the Price money seems to be as inflated as the US$ really is. No further action taken.

  130. sadly I paid nz 2,200 to sweetestgift malayasia for second prize looked really authentic thou. said the prize money would be paid by parker cook holdings limited hong kong.

  131. Aces Diamond Tour with events manager Roman Tan and Alfred & Mayson Holdings in Hong Kong with operation manager Rinky Lok are at it again with their USD$190,000 second prize. Same story and request to pay into China Agriculture Bank for a letter of authorization to transfer the funds. Thanks everyone for sharing and saving us from falling into this almost-believable scam.

  132. I was excited to see that someone posted me something (other than a bill) today. Then I was confused when I saw the postage stamps from Malaysia. Then I was more confused when I saw a brochure from "Brave Heart Holiday", thinking it was somehow related to travelling I did in South East Asia last year. Then I saw the scratchies…that’s when I knew it was a scam.

    Got to give it to them though, they did a great job of the brochure etc.

    My "winning ticket" of 190,000 USD is in the recycling bin.

  133. Scam very well done this time Ebony Rose holiday broacher mine was. I’m Ne spelling mistake on the back and knew the $190,000USD was fake. Get a life you worthless scammers.. Wrong address and sent from Malaysia..

  134. A goos

    A good friend of mine was scammed $ 10,000 usd. Wish they had found out about this site first. Very believable.

  135. Received two scratch cards with a winning amount of 190,000 USD. I did send the passport copies as requested by them and then saw this website. Many thanks. Wish I could kick their ass. Is there any risk in sharing the passoport details.

  136. I just received 2 scratchies in a broucher from Afternoon Delight Tourism for their 13th Anniversary. One was just a thank you the other A Winning Ticket of US $190,000.00 (woohoo) apparently from their Platinum Sponsors Lindsey & Nicole. Official IT Partner is Jaring and supported by Mydin and Special thanks to traveloka. Not sure if these companies know about it.
    Prize winners may be obliged to submit taxes or any other mandatory charges as a result of this award.
    Address: Menara IMC,
    19/F, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
    50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Tel: +6011 – 5162 5816 / +6011 – 5162 5817
    Email: [email protected]

  137. Just received exactly the same scan from airbornemagicvacations or "Airborne Magic Vacations" – second prize, USD190,000 and so on. I only emailed, smelt bad. "If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!"

  138. Received a promotional brochure from Berry Blitz Tours of Malaysia with 2 scratchies of which one was for a second prize win of USD190,000. Contacted them by email for further details and they requested me to ring their Claims & Event Management department for further assistance. I then checked this site to find it was a con. No further action taken.

  139. Gary Lau at it again, 10/1/18 Beware Brave Heart tours brochure, 2 scratches (one 190,000 usd) 2nd prize. Same story as others here, constant contact, refer to operations manager, non disclosure as not correctly entered but still awarded money after supposed conference with sponser’s (Craig and Michael Holdings). supposed to call Malaysia with further proof of I.D. tomorrow. Photo’s of seniors card and name,age, and winning ticket sent already. Glad i found this page.Why hasn’t the Australian Gov’t got an updated page on this? and other scams.

  140. We received a glossy brochure from “Dream BelieverTour’, in an evelope with 4 Malaysian stamps. Inside were 2 Scrach cards, one with “Thank you” and the other “2nd Prize USD 190,000’. The company name is different, but the prize information is identical to other fake companies listed below. I actually emailed them, but did not get a reply yet. Then I googled and found this website. Thank you everyone for sharing. The scammers really catch that place inside that dreams of a windfall of money, making life’s finances easy.

  141. Under the scam
    Received the Under The Rainbow Tour broucher in mail, currently being posted throughout NZ with 2 x scratchies othering prizes, be aware of a person called Grayson who will award to be professional.
    They will ask you to scan and email confirmation of winning ticket and envelope that was posted to your home address, this scam is another out of Kuala Lumper Malaysia, they have a website promoting their travel agent details, don’t be fooled, it is a scam.

  142. there is another one that the very polite Gary Lau works for it is called afterglow tourism with a new sponser….Gary Lau <[email protected]>

    I have your appointment details with the platinum sponsor in Hong Kong.
    Please remember to give a ring to Alonso & Penny Holdings Monday
    morning(Australia) and look for the operation manager in charge to claim
    your prize. Don’t forget to give him a big "THANK YOU" because he is the
    one who decided honouring the prize back to you during the conference

    Below are the details of the appointment tomorrow:

    Manager In Charge : Mr. Hudson Tan
    Appointment Date : 23 October 2017 (Monday)
    Appointment Time : 10:30am (Australia),08:00am (Hong Kong)
    Contact Number : (0011)852-66859473(Alonso & Penny Holdings)
    Website :
    it is exactly he same as the comments below

  143. Another one from a very polite Gary Lau at Candy Apple Tourism

    I have your appointment details with the platinum sponsor in Hong Kong.
    Please remember to give a ring to Marcelo & Layla Limited on Monday
    morning(Australia) and look for the operation manager in charge to claim
    your prize. Don’t forget to give him a big "THANK YOU" because he is the
    one who decided honouring the prize back to you during the conference

    Below are the details of the appointment tomorrow:

    Manager In Charge : Mr. Ethan Lim
    Appointment Date : 23 October 2017 (Monday)
    Appointment Time : 11:30am (Australia),08:30am (Hong Kong)
    Contact Number : (0011)852-66856843(Marcelo & Layla Limited)
    Website :

  144. Received in post Friend like me holiday scratch and win .2 tickets ,one stating 2 nd prize of USD $190,000.00. Rang the Malaysian number and was put through to a Gary Lau. He requested my info via email and copy of winning ticket. After researching on the net ,found scam info every where. Very hard to spot the scam in the brochure and web site. But generally if it’s too good to be true – it usually is.

  145. Well where to start except to say i wish so very desperately i had been aware of this site before i parted with $10000!! So you know how it goes Rapid technologies holidays, the glossy brochure the scratchies the $190000 USD the sponsors in Hong kong called Ken & Kennedy Holdings, the taxes, the fees, the set up fees (exactly). My god i feel like such an idiot. Not working as a result of a motorcycle accident thinking maybe just maybe my luck had finally turned and then a passing comment from a trusted friend, whom i should have sort out earlier and then i find this site and well, now i am truely stuffed. I even borrowed from a dear friend after inventing some wild arse story….my god please just kill me now. Please people get this out there before more of us get duped.

  146. I got one from "Little Sun Vacation" with two scratchies, one telling me I had won second prize of $190 000 USD. I was suspicious as the destination was Dumfries and the Galloway, Scottland – spelling mistakes/grammatical errors always raise alarm bells for me as I deal with a lot of predatory publishers in my line of work. My kids were disappointed to realise we hadn’t won money but it was a great way for me to show them how to figure out the authenticity of communications they receive. I feel bad for the poor people who fall for these scams. In this day and age though if something seems too good to be true then it usually is!

  147. Scamming still alive and well – don’t be conned. Mine was from Feel So Close Tourism with 2 scratchies to celebrate their 13th anniversary. I too, ‘won’ USD 190,000. Given the Malaysian stampss, dodgy address label, outdated street address, and the use of a former surname, it had scam written all over it. A 5 minute google search produced several very professional websites, as well as this one confirming my gut feeling that all was not as it appeared. This group listed Hunt & Jones Holdings and Pensonic as sponsors, Seagate as an official partner, with Special Thanks to TripAdvisor.

  148. I received one from Morning Dance Vacation 13th Anniversary- 2nd prize of $190,000. Was told I received this in error and not sure if I could claim. I laughed. Then called back to say they would grant me the prize winnings. He was from Malaysia, and the people who were sponsoring were Taylor & Wilson Holdings in Hong Kong. And Trip Advisor is a sponsor too. When you google 13th anniversary prize (or something simlar) there are many companies offering same thing.

    They try to suck you in and make it sound convincing.

  149. I just got scammed today. From Love Found Tourism. Was very professional called Mayalsia and spoken to Mathew Kew and later on referred me to Hong Kong Edmund Tang. I fell for it but after a guy instant. I actually sent the money and 6 hours research later on the net. I realised I got scammed. I called the bank straight away to cancel the transaction.

  150. Gary Lau is at it again and Jack Goh got mention. Friendofminetour advertising US $190K with two scratchies. He has licence details but nothing else. When researching Jack I ended up 6 pages down on Google with this site.

  151. Both my partner at different addresses ‘won’ USC 190,000.00. Mine was from Take My Hand Tourism 13th Anniversary. Same scheme. Two scrathies one the ‘winner’. Very professional Boucher and website with Malayasian stamps and interestingly printed address labels hand glued to the envelope after the stamps were attached. I have only been at my new home a few months so I wonder which of my regular merchants sold them my address. September 2017

  152. It’s happened again. A few years ago someone tried this on and, like many others, I followed web addresses etc to check on it’s vailidity.
    It all looked fine, but I became very suspicious when they asked for money. So much so that I didn’t. It all sounded fine, even talking to the CEO who rang me at home. Guess what another one has just arrived, and you wouldn’t believe that I have won second prise again!!
    This time they are calling themselves JUST CRUISE HOLIDAY. Be warned, it looks very professional, but don’t touch it with a barge pole.

  153. They have also tried to scam us. Second prize winning of USD $190,000
    The website is
    Spoke to numerous people on the phone but our main contact was Teddy. They are very believable and even make you send through a copy of your ticket so they can verify. They then set up a phone meeting so you can speak with the upper management because you’re not a member and to see if they’ll still award you the money.
    It sounded too good to be true and when they asked us to deposit money into an account in Hong Kong we knew for sure that it was a scam.
    Biggest waste of time. They build a relationship and pretend they’re on your side.
    I genuinely look forward to these people receiving their karma.

  154. Just received unsolicited travel brochure and 2 lottery tickets for One Wish Tourism in Malaysia. And I won 2nd place US$190,000 on one of the tickets. SCAM!

  155. yes I have received so called great win! second prize $195.000 must admit very professionally done! i received so far 3 calls from a Mathew and is playing the game as his best! little does he know who he is stuffing around with? so far he is asking me why dont i sound very surprised??? told him was waiting for the catch part? said no such a thing bla..bla..bla… so far all hescamdetect_s got is my bsb bank plus account number which is no good to them its only for people depositing money in useless other wise! anyhow expecting another call today i was ready to play on the game but now that I read this i`ll tell him when he calls go get yourself a real job!!!! or just some wasting my time this game getting to damn boring!!!!

  156. I’ve just won 2nd prize, USD$190,000 via a scratchie sent to me from Be Prepared Holiday in Malaysia, with sponsors Cox & Robertson Holdings, Seagate, Pensionic and ‘special thanks’ to Trip Advisor. BPH have a fancy website, the scams are becoming very elaborate! Thanks to the commenters below I can save my time.

  157. This scam is still live and running in Australia. Same scam only the names changed. I won second prize of USD190,000 through Robo Here Vacations in their 13th Anniversary draw, to be paid by the "main sponsor" Betty & Bobby Limited. Contact name was Matthew Keh in KL Malaysia followed by Rinky Lok in Hong Kong. They made a lot of effort to stay in contact, coaching and encouraging. when I called I was told I would need to send proof of ID (had supply photo ID) and bank account details. When they ‘discovered’ I had no association with Betty & Bobby I needed to sign a confidentiality agreement and be interviewed by their Operations Manager Rinky Lok. During my interview he told me I needed to deposit USD 3610 into the account of the Hong Kong High Court, when the deposit account details arrived by email it was to the China Construction Bank in Guangzhou City China. As soon as money was mentioned I pulled the plug, but they got my personal details. I had to speak to both the bank and the police to protect myself from future activity.

  158. We’ve received a glossy brochure from Hong Kong claiming that we’ve won $160,000 with their scratchier. When my family called, the person on the other line passed us along to the "manager." The manager claimed that they have a lawyer who will help us with the winning money. When my family told them they wanted to wait to double check if this is legitimate, the manager got furious and questioned why we wouldn’t want to accept the winnings. He seemed rushed for us to accept the winnings and flustered that were questioning this SCAM.

    Hong Kong
    20th Happy Anniversary

    +852 30717733
    +852 30717734

  159. We received a brochure in the mail from BaiHong, but the website address was direct to with phone number +852 30717733 and +852 30717734. This was a Hong Kong brochure scratch off as well claiming that we won USD 160,000.00. When my family called, the agent said he was going to pass it along to his "manager." When my family said they would think about this to make sure they’re legitimate. the manager got furious and claimed why would you need to think about this. He seemed rushed and flustered at the fact we would question if this was real or not.

  160. I received a USD $190 000 second prize scratchie from one wish tourism. Spoke with Matthew Keh in Malaysia and Mr Hudson in Hong Kong from William and Millers LTD (sponsor). Asked for USD$3610 and recieve USD$3510 refundfor legal and admin fees. They took so much of my time. Total scam.

  161. i received a broucher from take my hand tourism.. with 2 scratch tickets, 1 of them say USD$190,000.00 I spoke with Matthew Keh in Malaysia today, he asked me to scan the ticket with my photo id and email it to him. I did this, he said he will call me on Monday.. knew it was too good to be true… I had a phone call a while back, survey questions, they said I would be in the draw to win some money.. when i received this broucher I figured it was from them.. I am super sceptical of anything that says I win anything.. I have never been lucky enough to win anything.. lol

  162. I have been scammed. A company, Rapid Fly Holiday, in Kuala Lumpur, sent a letter to me with a glossy brochure and 2 scratch vouchers. One said I had won 2nd prize of USD $190,000. I rang Teddy Goh from Rapid Fly Holiday on the telephone number in the brochure, who asked me to email to him a copy of the winning ticket and then confirmed that it was the winning ticket. He said the sponsor, Larry & Tom Holdings, would need ID, which I did. Then I had to pay a bank fee of USD $3420 that I had to pay to a Chinese man in Hong Kong who would pay it to the bank. I was told by an Ethan Lim, the supposed operations manager at Larry & Tom Holdings that the Chinese man was the accountant at Larry & Tom Holdings and that it was all above board.
    I was then told there was a problem as I was not a member of Larry & Tom Holdings and the prize was only for the members. I said I still had the winning ticket and they then said they would honour the prize as long as I became a temporary member for USD $8,000 which I was told was refundable after I received the prize money and then a further USD $8,000 for the annual fee.
    Finally, I was telephoned by someone claiming they were from the bank in Hong Kong that I had to pay some further fee of USD $12,000. Larry & Tom Holdings have a very professional website that looks like it is a substantial company. I found out later there were over 20 companies with different names but all with the same website, photos etc. The same went for Rapid Fly Holiday. Once someone has been scammed they close the telephone number and then reuse the business model using a new company name, address and telephone number and, no doubt, new names for themselves so that the scammed person cannot contact them.

  163. I ‘won’ the same 2nd prize of $190,000USD through Light the World Vacations. Again, a very professional job. The contact name was the same as mentioned below (Roman Tan) and the contact in Hong Kong was Edmund Tang from Loraine & Laura Holdings. Same as below. Have to be a tax in HK before the money can be released.

  164. Latest name is lifetimeadventuretour. New names Grayson Cheah, claims manager, and Ethan Lim, Hill and Walker Holdings, Hong Kong. Same scam!

  165. Received from Malaysia two scratch tickets from "Be Prepared Holiday" one valued at USD190K. Can’t find them or their sponsors on the internet. Bank advised me of the scam before it went pear shaped.

  166. I also "WON" USD $190,000.00 from Million Reason Holiday, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, very little information on the scratch card and hardly any on the web site. Received 2 tickets in the post little, sent them an email but again if its too good to be true it normally is! I wonder if the sponsors they listed on their scratch cards know they are being used for a scam MARTIN & WOODS HOLDINGS SEAGATE, PENSONIC and TRIP ADVISOR

  167. Yes I won 190,000 USD in a Scratch & Win lottery too – Strong Vine Travel.
    I have just recently been to Malaysia so thought someone from there sent it to me – ha ha

  168. Nancy Patton

    Classy looking Misty Moon Tourism brochure, with two scratchy cards, one worth $200,000, arrived in the mail today. Oh well, I had fun mentally spending the money for about two seconds before the penny dropped. At least I can pass the pretty stamps on the envelope on to the lady in the local RSPCA who collects them.

  169. watch out for stone talent travel same thing $190.000 USD winnings and they require information and ID. tell you what though the website and brochure looked the part. including trip adviser as a sponsor …… Oliver Lim is apparently the contact name.

  170. Patricia Livingston

    Just received a glossy brochure from Spin It Vacation- Looks the real deal, but I was suspicious from the start.
    The Brochure has the same format as others I have seen here, but the photos are different.
    We won $190,000 USD – really!!!!!
    The brochure lacks do much in the way of information that one would think is necessary for a legit lottery or giveaway.
    Its a pity they are in Malaysia, otherwise I would string this along and let the Government catch the b………….ds.
    I would really love it if I could ‘Spin’ It to them

  171. WOW just won 2nd prize USD 190,000 on a scratchie from VOICE IN HOLIDAY in Malaysia. Pity it’s a scam, oh well one more for the bin.

  172. Winner winner chicken dinner $190k usd from Starline Travelling, whos a lucky boy. How they got my info I dont know but who cares im rich. Gary lau is my new favourite person and I think when I get my winnings im going to go pay him a visit and shout him a beer.
    Maybe scum but got to give them credit great looking brochure, scratches and just enough on their website to be convincing. Had ticket for weeks but bored today so thought Id have some fun. Found a website to make a free international call and spoke to Gary in claims. Very professional sounding on the phone, can see why been at it for sometime. Got my ticket information and had to confirm so called back 10 mins later. Next step was to take pics of envelope, scratches front and back with details filled out and of course they want photo id (which I sent just a little modified lol) to [email protected].
    Going to string them along for as long as I can.
    Stay safe peps.

  173. Received a similar letter from Bright Edition Travel with 2 scratchies, one offering 2nd prize of USD 190,000. Spoke to Roman Tan and googled his name and found this site. Had to be a scam!

  174. ignore!
    Its a scam.
    I also won $190,000 but the website rapflyholiday does not look legit at all.
    I emailed for further details on how to claim, I suspect it will tell me to pay taxes in order to receive the imaginary money.
    hope nobody actually falls for this, its everywhere!!

  175. As below 2 scratchies and guess what I won $190000.
    Same scam different name "bubble edition holiday".
    Googled website ,looks professional but nothing like a legitimate travel website.
    I’ll buy a lotto ticket instead the odds of winning will be better …

  176. yes we got well nearly sucked in by bobby chong two years ago when they asked me to send the money i told them to send it and i promised to send it back didnt happen and after a lot of back and forth from us trying to make them pay i let it go. funny because we won again earlier this month nearly the same details so we laughed i am going to frame the tickets because it really the nearest we get to winning. bloody tossers

  177. Almost a winner

    Yeap just got the same thing. Track your travel is the name of the company. Won 2nd prize 190,000 USD. If only it was real hahaha

  178. Add Roman Tan @ Technology Rapid Travel – 13th Anniversary, won 2nd prize of USD190k. Thought it looked fishy when nothing came up on a google search. Then searched ‘scam holiday malaysia’. Just looked too good to be true – and it was..

  179. Just received 2 fake scratch cards and glossy brochure from a company called Starline Travelling and yes I got second prize of $190,000 US!…contact in Kuala Lumpur was Roman Tan. Knew pretty much from the word go it was a scam and sure enough was told I needed to pay court fees to get my prize money released, please pass it on. Holding company in Hong Kong who were going to pay me were Kyler and Keaton, the number I was given to contact them was the same as advertised on their website and the contact there was Mr Samuel Khoo.

    PLEASE put this up on your site to warn others!

  180. Catherine O'Grady

    I too have just received a seemingly legitimate letter and brochure from Osis World Holiday – and ”one of two second prizes’ ; US $ 190,000. The little trip advisor emblem also pulled me in. Both Trip Adviser and King&Ken, legitimate Hong Kong based financiers who are named as sponsors need to be aware that they are being used for this scam.

  181. I just won!!! 2nd prize USD190,000 with Osis World Holidays, It does kinda pull you in a bit, because on the back of the card one of the sponsors is Tripadvisor. An app I think I used last year whilst travelling. Never mind, thank God for these scam alert webs sites!
    Take care, everybody!

  182. I received one of these scams yesterday. It was a scratchie for second prize of USD$190,000. The name of the "travel company" was "Underworld Holiday" .. a funny-peculiar name since these folks do inhabit the underworld of the internet. Looking critically at the website, it is intially impressive with lots of quality scenery photos, an animated display of more pretty prictures, and quite a few pages of the holidays on offer as well as lengthy sales blurbs that read fairly well at a glance but actually have no real information. ALl the tours advertised have no details – only the line "contact us for more information" . There are no detailed itineraries, dates or customer reviews. The cash prizes are allegedly sponsored by a firm called "Nick & Johnson Limited" which is actually a bona fide financial company in Hong Kong which I suspect has no real connection to the scammers and perhaps is not aware that their name is being used to give the appearance of legitimacy to the scam. The scratchie cards and the accompanying brochure are of a professional quality. Applying the principle that "if it looks too good to be true then it usually _is_ too good to be true", I searched for scam reports and found this page.

  183. Wheatland travel is the latest, same story as everyone below. Only got to the stage of talking with ROMAN TAN to send copy’s of winning ticket, envelope and ID. Thanks to this website
    My thought is if there is someone that can send him a virus to say thanks. his email address is [email protected]

  184. Fun Garden Travel from Malaysia, 2nd prize USD190,000. When you go to their website, the address and phone numbers are matching, they seem to be a travel agency offering various trips within Malaysia.

  185. Another Festira Holiday scratchie winner! USD190,000. Scammers are so low. I just wish they would get caught and jailed.

  186. Alan Breadmore

    The latest is Wheatland Travel. Same MO as all previous comments. Targeting Australia out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Scary thing is that they must actually score off of some poor believing souls. Be wary of calling them as the numbers can also be a rip. Refer Aus Gov site: Re. To claim your prize, you will be asked to pay a fee. Scammers will often say these fees are for insurance costs, government taxes, bank fees or courier charges. The scammers make money by continually collecting these fees from you and stalling the payment of your winnings.
    Alternatively the scammer will collect a premium rate on the phone number you are asked to dial (usually starting with 190). They will try to keep you on the line for a long time in order to clock up a hefty charge, and may even ask you to call a second premium rate number.

    It’s a foul swamp out there.

  187. It looks like Gary Lau is a busy man. He’s also working in the Claims Dept of Fancy Flight Tourism who have generously sent me a winning ticket to the value of 190,000USD. Maybe the fact that he’s working for so many companies explains why he’s too busy to reply to my recent emails which I may or may not be sending to string him along and tie up his time.

  188. I am so glad I found this site. Just another add-on to the list of fake travel agencies: Island Dream Holiday.
    Same story, received 2 scratch-and-win tickets in the mail. One of them claiming I’ve won USD 190,000.

  189. Festira Holiday, fake scratchy Roman Tan & King & Jerry Holdings lol Joseph Chong, how low can these guys go.

  190. My dad "won" on a $190,000 scratchie from Rush Hour Tour (with Denzel & Blake Holdings). Same "13th anniversary" BS.

  191. Now posing as Get A Way Tourism
    US $190,000 sctatchie prize .
    Haven’t bothered to go any further as not a genuine Malaysian registered travel agency.
    Goes by the name of Gary Lau.
    His e-mail – gary.lau@

  192. And another name, received from ELITE TRAVELLING, Malaysia for their 13th Anniversary. Special complimentary scratch & win tickets. Platinum sponsor Mathew & Melvin Holdings. Had to smile at that name as it must have come from the same person who thought up Jack & Jones Holdings. I received 2 envelopes and both surprise surprise had a winning 2nd prize tickets for $190,000 USD. Same serial/bar codes on both tickets ie: ER12351232 and 9 122860 564754.

  193. Received from RUSH HOUR TOUR, MALAYSIA their 13th Anniversary Scratch & Win complimentary tickets and guess what, I won US$190,000! All very professional I must say and had me thinking! But after doing some research, came across this website and as suspected, a scam! Can’t believe how professional the flyer and tickets are including Even Rush Hour Tour website! Bernard, you can Rush Hour Tour to your list!

  194. Similar story to Rosy, 29 May 2017.In this case ‘Travel company’ is Airborne Travelling Kuala Lumpur (Claims Manager Gary Lau.). Hong Kong sponsor link is Eden & Ken Holdings (Carter Lee). Require personal details plus money for Hong Kong Government to release prize. Glossy brochure, 13th Anniversary etc, opening office in Sydney

  195. These scum bags bank details are:
    1) Beneficiary Name: Yap Kar Chun
    Address: lakefront apartment, 11/F, 11-02, Tonghe Lu, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, China
    Bank Name: China Merchants Bank
    Account Number: 6214832018318993

    2) Beneficiary Name: Ong Sze Mei
    Address: castle peak apartments 26/F, 2601 Huating Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China
    Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China
    Account Number: 6228480086822270772

    3)Beneficiary Name: Ting Chong Chung
    Address: royal harbor apartment, 17/F, 1708, Linjing Da Dao, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China
    Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of china
    Account Number: 6228480086826899576

    4) Beneficiary Name: chong kai shien
    Address: Xin He Pu, 15/F, 156 Meihua Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, China
    Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of china
    Account Number:6228480086755070371

    5) Beneficiary Name: Barnabas Wong kah hui
    Address: Dan Executive Apartments 12/F, 1203 Haian Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China
    Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of china
    Account Number:6228270081229104678

  196. i received a letter from Malaysia from a so called company called Urban Oasis Vacation. The so called sponsor is called Carter & Scarlett Limited based in Hong Kong.
    The scum bags names are Jack Goh, Simon Fong, Jonathan Khoo and Johny Tong
    These guys are based in main land china and they bank with The Agricultural Bank of China.

  197. i received a letter from Malaysia from a so called company called Urban Oasis Vacation. The so called sponsor is called Carter & Scarlett Limited based in Hong Kong.
    The scum bags names are Jack Goh, Simon Fong, Jonathan Khoo and Johny Tong
    These guys are based in main land china and they bank with The Agricultural Bank of China.

  198. the exact the same scam that Steve described
    was tried on me. Roman Tan from water flow tours and Ethan Lim from Jessica and James Holdings. Luckily my daughter found this site.

  199. Thanks Jan for all that info. I thought this is just too good to be true but it looked very professional. Dominic Chock is supposed to ring me today. This is the lowest of low when they target people who are really battling and try to rip them off.

  200. I just attempted to compile a list from the comments below and gave up. They are relentless!! If enough people are aware of the scam – the money they outlay to look so ‘professional’ will hopefully send them broke. Here’s a portion of the list to make the search easier for future victims…

    Frozen Heart Tour
    Blue Silk Tours 13th Anniversary
    Life Support Vacation
    Little Talks Vacation
    White Winter Vacation
    White Hunter Vacation
    Humble and Kind Holiday
    Fancy Flight Tourism
    Like a Bird Tour
    Royal Union Holiday
    Safari Island Travel
    Raise Your Glass Tourism
    You Was Right Tourism (…this one made me laugh!)
    Carefreeness Always Tour (…so did this!)
    Moon River Vacation
    Lovely One Vacation
    Make Believe Holiday 13th Anniversary
    Pearl Legend Holidays
    Perfect Sunshine Holidays
    Oriental Fantasia Travel
    Jumbo Happiness Holiday
    Altagreen Vacation
    The Rise Holiday
    Glory Sunshine Holidays
    Urban Oasis Vacation
    Cristallo Vacation
    Garden Vista Holiday
    Tribal Glory
    Tropika West Holiday
    The Cascadia Tour
    Royal Succession Tour
    Amazing Dolphin Tours Malaysia
    One Achiever Holiday
    Platinum Empire Holiday
    Top Hills Vacation
    Tribal Glory Tour
    Cheerful Star Vacation
    Eastern Surprise Tour
    Great Leap Vacation
    Top Act Holiday
    Spirit Star
    Marine Blue Tour
    Ripple Bay Vacation
    Treasure Crest Travel
    Principal Garden Travel
    Flamingo Valley Travel
    The Metropolitan Travel
    The Minton Holiday

    Jessi and Robin Limited
    Jack and Jones Holdings
    Calvin and Gates Holdings
    Pearson and May Holdings
    Watson and Gray Limited
    Walker and Kelly Holdings
    Leonard and Harrison Limited
    Jason and Victoria Holdings
    Carter and Scarlett
    Hunter and Lilian Limited
    Ben and Watson
    Cody and Lance Holdings

    Dominic Chock
    Victor Chock
    Gary Lau
    Matthew Keh
    Ben Keh
    Roman Tan
    Joseph Chong
    Desmond Chong
    Bobby Chong
    Cater Lee
    Simon Fong
    Rinky Lok
    Jack Goh
    Oliver Lim
    Kelvin Doo
    Alexander Ma
    Morgan Choo
    Henry Tan
    Peter Lee
    Jack Pru
    Chong Jia
    Lai Jooean
    Tan Sze Yan
    Wong Kim Soon
    Low Kar Wai
    Watson Lui

  201. Look out for Frozen Heart Tour as well. Two scratch tickets, one with US$190.000. Funny how they all seem to be 13th Anniversary prizes. Almost got us too. Lucky I found this page. We had the very lovely Dominic Chock as well. Be interesting to hear what he has to say when he’s supposed to call tomorrow.

  202. Similar story,,,glossy brochure 2 scratchies 1 winner $190,000 usd,had a laugh but decided to pursue the matter.Very impressed with the work these crooks do,brochure believable,the website bluesilktours seemed genuine,even the promotion guy name roman tan was pleasant to chat with..but too good to be true.I sent a pic of the ticket plus the envelope also my drivers licence but covered the number just in case.Was waiting for the penny to drop,a reqeust for a but this was never asked for.The last i heard ROMAN? was finalising paperwork for a cheque to be sent,i am not maxing my credit cars in the meantime.Very clever these scammers,but they assume we are dumb and greedy,i am neither,but it was an interesting week dreaming of my new found wealth.

  203. Like Garry and Rosy, I too received a US$190,000 2nd prize winning ticket from a Malaysian travel company called "Blue Silk Tours" celebrating their 13th Anniversary. It also came in an envelope with a Malaysian stamp on it. I had been to Malaysia so my initial thought was that it was sent to me as a past client. I also left the ticket for a couple of days thinking it was too good to be true, but at the same time it was too good to ignore and all looked very professional. I checked out the website which looked above board (I’ve since looked again, and realise now how little depth it has to it), then I emailed the address provided. I was also asked to contact the claim department or provide a phone number and they will call me. I spoke to a guy called Donimic Chock who also confirmed the promotion was genuine and that I didn’t need to purchase anything, but needed to verify the ticket before he could process a claim for my winnings with their sponsor company "Jack and Jones Holdings". He then asked me to scan the winning ticket, the envelope and ID and email them to him. He told me upon receiving the documents, he would get the IT department to verify the ticket and call me back. At this point my daughter did a thorough check and revealed the hoax on several websites. I kept it going for a few days with emails and phone calls to see if I could get more information to report but got jack of that today and told him what I had found out and that he disgusted me preying on people like that. He denied it for a while so I told him he has my address… feel free to send the cheque, then he told me I was confusing him before I heard a voice in the background and he hung up. Good riddance Dominic Chock, Gary Lau, Matthew Keh or whatever fake names these crooks use.

  204. I’m so pleased to have found this website.
    I too received a nice US$190,000 2nd prize winning ticket from a Malaysian travel company called White Winter Vacation. It came in an envelope with Malaysian stamp on it about 4 weeks ago. I was puzzled to see the envelope as I had nothing to do with Malaysia so far in my life. Anyway, when I revealed a winning ticket, I thought this was too good to be true – I had done nothing to win such a big prize?! I left the ticket there for a couple of days and then decided to send an email to the address provided. I was asked in the reply to contact the claim department which I did. I spoke to a guy called Gary Lau and asked him if this was genuine. He confirmed it was and congratulated me. He then asked me to scan the winning ticket, the envelope and a non-sensitive ID and email them to him. He told me upon receiving the documents, he would get the IT department to verify the ticket and call me back. I did all that and thought for him to ask me to send a non-sensitive ID, it might not be a scam??
    The rest was similar to Christine’s post. I wasn’t a client of the sponsor (Jessi & Robin Ltd in HK), I was mistakenly sent the wrong ticket, he and his manager were to have a conference call with the sponsor and fight for me, bla bla bla. After many phone calls and me promising to keep everything secret, we started to explore some details, eg appearing at the opening ceremony of their new office in Sydney, and the method of receiving the prize etc. The last thing to be done before the money is wired to me is that I need to speak to the Operations Manager from the sponsor to do the last bit of verification and provide some details. He was to make an appointment for me with the manager and call me back and I had to call the manager during the appointment time as he is very very busy!
    A week passed, Gary didn’t call me back. I called and was told he had emergency leave. Another week gone, I called again and Gary said he was still trying to make the appointment for me. He’d call me when he had one. One more week later (yesterday), I called Gary again, I was told he had resigned from the company. When I asked to speak to someone in his office, I was put through a number and it just kept ringing for 2-3 minutes without being answered. When I called again, there was no answer.
    I do not think I will ever hear from Gary and his company again but I don’t understand what they spend so much time and effort for. As so far they haven’t asked me for any money. The only thing they asked from me about me is the non-sensitive ID which is my union membership card.

  205. Just got sucked in by this today, thankfully a friend found this site for me, we were offered a family trip to Malaysia in lew of 2nd cash prize "because unfortunately we were wrongly sent out the tickets, we are not a client of the sponsors" who are now by the way Calvin and Gates Holdings.
    This brochure is from Little talks vacation
    And the good old Matthew keh is my on stop pain in the arse , I can’t understand him 80% of the time anyways. I asked him every phone call if he was scamming me. Bastard… anyways,same story as the rest of you, had a conference call with sponser and I fought for them to honour it blah blah blah. Discreet, sign an agreement to never speak of it. Get back to you tomorrow to organise paper work etc.
    How the hell do they make money off the scam with spending 5 days ringing back and forward before they hit u up for money. Well I think I’ll just let it ring out till he gets sick of calling ????

  206. Same deal,different scam name.’likeabirdtour’,13th anniversary glossy promotional package with 2 scratchies,one a ‘thank you’,the other a US190K ‘2nd prize’.Matthew Keh’s name comes up again .
    Envelope posted 12/5.I checked some some scam websites,but my search was too specific,using the
    ‘likeabirdtour’,rather than Malaysian travel scam,I found nothing to indicate this was a scam,other than
    the voice of reason going ‘if it looks too good to be true,it probably is’,I managed to suspend disbelief
    long enough to get really excited,and send a copy of my drivers license.My biggest concern now is they now
    have my name,street address,verified email address,2 phone numbers,occupation,and license information.No
    money or banking details,but more than enough for identity theft.Fuck them.

  207. And another one. "Raise Your Glass Tourism", 13th anniversary. Nice brochure in the mail, addressed to me personally, posted in Malaysia. Two scratch tickets inside, one of them winning me 2nd prize of US$190,000. Yeah, right!

  208. Yesterday I received a scratch card from Royal Union Holiday in Malaysia. Won 2nd prize USD 190 000 .Yes no starting or closing date and requested to send copies of ticket and drivers licence.
    After reading all these comments they will not be hearing from me again.

  209. Im in Australia and just received this scam. The company was Fancy Flight Tourism. Two scratch tickets, one winning USD $190,000. Got excited even though I knew it was a scam haha. Website was well done. All looks semi legit, but prize pool too big for the number of tickets. And all unsolicited. So I went searching and found this site, thanks. I emailed the company via the website. Got an email back saying call the claims department or give them my number they will call me. Debated having a bit of fun then decided why bother, marked the email as spam and will post my winning ticket on FB for kicks.

  210. Received "winning ticket" this morning (18th May, 2017) for Safari Island Travel 13th Anniversary in Malaysia. 2nd prize USD 190,000.00. No starting or closing date. Must pay taxes or other mandatory charges. If I’ve won they can deduct the charges from my cheque. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from them again.

  211. Another one to add to the list, and to watch out for is " You Was Right Tourism". Same deal as other posts on this site!

  212. Same scam Moon River Vacation 13th anniversary – 2nd prize 190,000,00 contacted via email re prize replied asked me to call office or provide a contact number for them to call. received call from Matthew Keh with email [email protected]. told to scan winning card and send licence id for verification.

    Decided to search for scams and found this page

    Another one not sucked in

    These people are the scum of the earth – if it sounds too good to be true it is don’t be a victim

  213. Couple of weeks back i came home from a long days work to find a fancy envelope that looked rather convincing thought id open it to see what it was about. I came across phrases which were intriguing so i read on till i saw a phenomenal outcome of $190000 usd winner. I figured thoroughly and tryed to understand how to this accomplishment came to be so i called the number provided as there were two different numbers. The receptionist answered and i told him about the prize with a puzzled tone he responded "oh yes. I will put you on the line, please wait sir". I waited patiently and came across an broken english Malaysian or what ever. So i went along they asked for my details and ect i reluctantly gave my details away. They told me that i wasnt a qualified client and told me that they dont know how i got the ticket. As i formed a suspicion they told me that they are going to provide the prize therefore id have to be completely and utterly discrete about it. So i did what they said the following they i had an appointment with joseph chong in regarding the winning ticket. The things that joseph chong said were completely different to the malaysian. I said to myself maybe its because they arent the same company. Joseph chong told me that id have to pay a deposit to the government of hong kong in order to obtain my prize this ammount was $7000 usd half was to be paid by the operator. So i asked them why do i have to pay deposit when im the winner of $190000 usd he said its a part of the hong kong law to give out lotteries that surpass 1 million hong kong currency i said fair enough so i looked for the money asked my friend to give me the amount and he gave it gladly. The next day i didnt go work because i wanted to claim the money and move on. I had a meeting with my mate and i discussed this topic he was interested untill i said they want a total deposit of $5000 aud at that moment he replied with "its a scam" i didnt want to believe him because didnt want a fortune to slip by. We went to a fishin chips shop he told me to research it and i did only to find it being a scam then the perpetrator called me again to see if i got the money at that moment i lost my senses and i went ballistic for about 22 minutes i told him if we ever breath the same air be sure that i would slit your throat and pour acid over it.

  214. I got 2nd prize in the Lovely One 13th Lottery prize too.
    Yay…these guys are very good and convincing! I looked on scam websites, did a google search for their address and phone number. Yep All came up Kosher.
    Many, many phone calls later, with no mention of money being sent, they had me almost sucked in.
    I spoke to Desmond Chong of Lovely One Vacation …..a lovely polite caring man…..he assured me it wasn’t a scam. So I followed instructions and sent copies of the tickets, envelope and my D/L to clarify I was the qualified recipient. Name and Address matched etc.
    Great …yep I was the winner.
    Had to ring their sponsor in Hong Kong Mr Cater Lee. Once again very pleasant man.
    He rang me probably 5 times over the course of the day because we kept getting cut off.
    Still no mention of me sending any money!
    Had to sign a disclosure statement from a company calling themselves Watson and Gray ( because they were awarding me the prize even though I was not a member or investor in their financial company. He told me that I was sent the ticket by mistake but they are still honouring it. Still no mention of me paying anything. I queried the disclosure letter as there was a spelling mistake consistently all the way through and that was their name Gray. It was spelt Gary. He said he was not aware of that so he will send me another one.
    Then came the next phone call telling me that lottery payments over 1million Hong Kong dollars have to be cleared by the courts and that his company and myself have to pay $3,186 usd to lodge the application to release the money to my bank in SA.
    I told him I did not have that money and he told me that that was law.
    He also told me it would be quicker and easier if I went to the court myself in Hong Kong and lodged the fully refundable fee on payment of the lottery monies in person.
    I told him I could not come but my son in law who is an International Lawyer ( yes he is), could come on my behalf. Well he embraced that suggestion and said he would be welcome to meet with their lawyers before going to court.
    I was constantly checking to see if this was a scam , but everything he was telling me kept coming up trumps.
    I was so excited , until I got a call from Desmond Chong in Malaysia on Saturday saying ,Mr Carter in Hong Kong said Me or my son in law, had to come to Hong Kong next week as the courts had been booked.
    When I told him I couldn’t he said well if you don’t your prize will be forfeited.
    Warning bells started REALLY ringing then and so I kept putting differen questions into Google and that is how I came upon this page!

    These guys are real good because they sucked me in to 99%. I always had a nagging feeling that it was just ‘too good to be true!’
    What I don’t understand is that all the phone calls must have cost them a fortune. They must be making money some how! Friggin scumbags.

  215. Similar problem as Loris and Joy: Ridiculously named "Carefreeness Always Tour" sent me sent me two scratchy ticket — one a "Thank You", and the other (second prize USD of $190,000). I emailed the sponsors, Pearson & May Holdings, Phihong, GIONEE, and Dimho, and none of them have emailed me back to tell me whether they are sponsors. It’s an elaborate scam — All their websites are set up to make the whole operation look legitimate and believable.

  216. Same brochure and scratchies, different name – Make Believe Holiday 13th Anniversary. Wow we’ve won US$190,000!!!! Would be fantastic if only it were true.

  217. Pearl Legend Holidays apparently sent me a scrathy ticket (2 actually), a thank you on the first and second prize of $190,000 USD on the other, nice brochure, clever website like all the comments, website got me wondering when there was no way to book any of there holidays and they used other peoples travel videos as promotion. Another clever con. Watch out.

  218. Christine Rogers

    I received a glossy Brochure from Perfect Sunshine Holidays it has 2 scratches in it one saying I have
    2nd prize USD 190,000.00.from Kuala Lumpur.
    I’m in Australia very glossy brochure SCAM warning to everyone in Australia

  219. Another glossy fake brouch from Kuala Lumpa claiming to celebrate it’s 13th anniversary, under the name "Jumbo Happiness Holiday" with two scratchies. One of them was a second place winner of $190,000USD!

  220. Alex Von-Limont

    Dominic Chock from Orientalfantasiatravel Tel +6011 2677 0013 and +6011 2677 0014 almost had me conned with his bullshit ticket mailed to my house in Australia for US190,000 second prize from major sponsor Walker & Kelly Holdings Hong Kong, as part of their 13th year anniversary………..bullshit. Seeing how I wasn’t a client they wanted to keep it quiet and he wanted me to speak to Simon Fong from Walker & Kelly Holdings +852 9497 8067. Mr Fong (Mr Wrong) wanted me to pay US3,600 to transfer the money. I played along, couldn’t believe the crap the guy was talking. Be careful of low life dogs like these guys that reinvent themselves all the time. I hope their parents are very proud of them…………*&^%$# scumbags

  221. Got a glossy brochure with the winning second prize ticket this week. From altagreenvacation.
    190000usd. Their still scamming and leaving lots of similar website out there. Be on the look out for Matthew Keh and his Hong Kong partner firm Rinky Lok at Leonard and Harrison Limited.

  222. Just received a very glossy travel brochure from Kuala Lumpur from a mob calling themselves Oriental Fantasia Travel. The 2nd scratchie enclosed reveals I have won $US190,000. What a scam!!!

  223. There is a new one out. I have just received it today, nearly a year after the last very "beautifully" made scam. This one is GLORY SUNSHINE HOLIDAYS & 2nd prize is USD190,000.00. AEON AU2 Shopping Center (which actually exists but not the company) Kuala Lumpur Contact: 6011 -2676 3324 & 6011 – 2676 3325 (telephone number has changed). Basically it is the same as last year for White Hunter Vacation but with a few details changed.

  224. I received a glossy brochure by mail and scratch lottery tickets and "won" $175000 US. It was posted from Malaysia.

  225. Add"the rise holiday" travel company to the list and a guy called Matthew Keh, supported by their platinum sponsor "Jason and Victoria Holdings, all nice, expensive and well constructed web sites, glossy brochures and the like.

  226. Beware of a new one, Urban Oasis Vacation from Pulau Penang in Malaysia. Same thing, winning scratchie for their 12th fake anniversary. I sent my bank account like a stupid person, but I don’t think they have all the details to make damage – I hope.

  227. Just received a very professional travel brochure with two complementary lottery tickets from The Cristallo Vacation. One of the tickets had a 2nd prize of USD $180,000.00. I did email them with my details, but didn’t call them, as I have found this page, and they have not called me back. I have reported them to these guys:

    If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Very slick operation by the look of it.

  228. Seems like they’ve changed their name to Urban Oasis Vacation and the principle sponsor is Carter & Scarlett. Who seriously receives $180,000.00USD from a scratchy prize.

  229. Anthony Berry

    I have received 2 scratch & win tickets from Garden Vista Holiday. One is a winning ticket. Is this a scam?

  230. Yeah…just got it all today…now they are going as The Cristallo Vacation with principal sponsor Hunter & Lilian Limited. In hong kong ofcourse. 2 nice glossy tickets one of the US $180,000.00. Rang them & call details are as I have been reading…almost to last detail. I got sucked in…gave them a few details…BSB & Acc no. & my drivers instructions Lic. No real damage done. They are very very convincing. Scumbag fuckers..can’t believe I almost got sucked in…but too good to be true & found this site. I’ll call good ol Jack Goh (operations manager at Hunter & Lilian) on Monday at 11.30…must be 11.30…very busy man you know. Gunna have some fun with…good ol Jack.
    Contact name from claims depth. is Oliver Lim…very convincing but same scam as I have been reading..was a non member but we’ll bend the rules as long as u sign a non disclosure doc. very hush hush because mailing dept. made a mistake…apparently I’m not a member but I am a guest…I should have only got the glossy brochure…lucky me eh.
    Can’t believe I fell for this…fuckers

  231. I spoke to a man called Desmond Chong on the phone congratulating me on winning 180K USD. And i emailed him a copy of the winning ticket along with the enevelop Address to me and my drivers license (identification).
    I feel silly now I found out this is a scam.

  232. Yep! Same scam (different names).Arrived today; winning scratchie tickets for US$180K under the name of ‘Principal Garden Travel’…maybe more appropriately ‘Unprincipled Garden Path Tours’! Why can’t these vermin be trapped and put away?

  233. Yeah….now there’re calling themselves "The Cristallo Vacation" sponsored by Hunter & Lilian Limited in hong kong..very smooth operaters. 2 tickets 2nd prize $180k US wow…I’m rich. NOT
    Going to ring this scumbag (Jack Goh..operation manager) on Monday. ..Gunna have a bit of fun with the scum…got to admit…almost sucked in. Bunch of low life fuckers…trust no-one EVER

  234. [Quote]Spirit star scam physical cruise taproot cards spirit star scam[/quote] May be incidental post. Got the Tribal Glory, too! Definitely be on the lookout for these. SCAM ALERT!!

  235. Hi guys Is there any place to report this crime in Australia? Ohh my god it looks like I’ve been trapped by those scams

  236. SCAM WARNING: Just received two very professional looking lottery tickets that after scratching revealed that I had won US$180,000. The company was Marine Blue Tour.

  237. Yes…… I have supposedly won US$180,000. Received brochure and 2 tickets from Ripple Bay Vacation some 3 weeks ago. Alarm bells rang and I held off calling them until this morning. Rang and spoke to a Kelvin Doo who asked me to send a scanned ticket to confirm it was genuine and the Envelope plus my identification to confirm my identity. Asked for my mobile number as well. Just as well that I checked on your website. I am not sending them any information. Will wait and see how far they go with this! My motto: If it is too good to be true, chances are you are right!

  238. Yep Ive been scammed !!!!!!
    By mail A ben keh flamingovalleytravel (VERY PROFESSIONAL BROCHURE ) I recieved 2xscratchie tickets looks very authentic but is not also i supposedly won US$180000 very clever by not asking for money but wanting me to go to a store opening in Australia in Melbourne 2017.
    Had to authenticate my ticket and verify who I was AND TO WAIT FOR THE SPONSORS TO CALL ASKED ME TO BE DISCREET KEEP MY TICKET IN A SAFE PLACE BLAH BLAH ETC ETC Would have been wonderful seeing that im in financial hardship like many other Australians but stay grounded everybody too many scams trying to rip off the little people .

  239. I just received one of these in the mail in Australia. Putting the details here so hopefully if someone else googles it they realise it’s a scam. I "won" $180,000 USD.

    Mine came from Tropika West Holiday , apparently it’s their 12th anniversary….

    Address details on this one are:
    Address: No. 2 Jalan Burung Pcung Bukit Maluri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: +6011 1437 5215 / +6011 – 1437 5216
    Email: [email protected]

  240. Yesterday I received the glossy brochure with 2 scratchy cards from Flamingo Valley Travel, sponsored by Felix & Clayton Holdings, of course, I won USD $180,000. I did not send money or make contact. Address given: Flamingo Valley Travel, No. 32, Jalan Padang Belia Off Jalan Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Contact: +6011 2620 5681 / +6011 2620 5682
    Email: info@flamingovalleytravel.
    Web: http://www.flamingovalleytravel.
    I hope you catch these bastards!!!!

  241. Alastair Henderson

    I received the ‘winning’ scratch ticket [$180,000 second prize] from ‘The Cascadia Tour’ and when I made the phone call was put on to Morris Cheah [[email protected]]. He made several calls to me, [he would never send/reply emails], asking many questions relating to my ID, ["to make sure they are paying the money to the correct person"]
    I think I gave too much info, but not my bank details nor passport copy/info. After I told him that his name appears online reporting what he is doing as a scam, he denied it all and said he would never ask me to pay money. He has not phoned me since, [155h December 2016]. Very convincing scam-artist. I’m really lucky he was exposed on the internet.
    Alastair Henderson


    Australians are receiving packages in the mail from Malaysia and being victimised. The package contains a well-designed “Ripple Bay Vacation” travel brochure and two 12th Anniversary scratch and win tickets offering complimentary lottery prizes to celebrate a new investment opportunity. The scratch tickets reveal a “Thank You" and a "2nd prize of US$180,000". DO NOT BE FOOLED, this glossy travel brochure and barcoded tickets look legitimate, but I can assure you they are not! The fake travel agent “Ripple Bay Vacations” even have what appears to be a legitimate website ( and so does their platinum sponsor “Cody & Lance Holdings” ( These scammers change the name of the travel company and sponsors constantly, so it doesn’t appear initially on a google or scam search; some of these include: Ripple Bay Vacation, Tropika West Holiday, The Cascadia Tour, Flamingo Valley Travel, Royal Succession Tour, Amazing Dolphin Tours Malaysia, One Achiever Holiday, Platinum Empire Holiday, Top Hills Vacation, Tribal Glory Tour, Cheerful Star Vacation, Eastern Surprise Tour, Great Leap Vacation, Top Act Holiday etc.

    NOTE: These con artists insist that you are to be discreet and confidential about your prize-winning/claiming as they do not wish to receive any complaints from any of their clients about them sending a major prize to you. You are told NOT TO DISCUSS THIS WITH ANYONE, even your family members or close friends.

    The scam proceeds as follows:
    • Winner contacts company via phone (+6016 361 1342) to claim their prize – call answered by a travel agent and transferred to the claims department and speak to a consultant “Ben Keh”.
    • You must provide them with the barcode number on the winning ticket so it can be verified. They call you back on a private number.
    • Winner is to provide a copy of their drivers licence and a photo of the winning ticket for authenticity.
    • They claim that you are not a member of their company and you shouldn’t have received the tickets.
    • They create time delays to supposedly negotiate your unique situation between the travel company and the operations manager “Alexander Ma” from the sponsor Cody & Lance Holdings.
    • They offer to give you the 4th prize of the Star Cruise in consolidation. The representative from Ripple Bay supposedly fights the decision in a number of “meetings” and eventually they decide to honour the prize.
    • The sponsor does not require you to sign up as a member in order to claim the prize. You are told that after the operation manager has verified you as the second prize winner the sponsor will release the prize to you by wire transfer/direct transfer.
    • You are then required to provide them with your bank details (NOTE: These scammers have not asked you for any money at this point).
    • After five days of scheming (usually on a Friday), the winner is informed there is a US$3,600 government tax (4% security deposit) to be paid by each party for a “Letter of Authorisation” from the Hong Kong Court before the proceeds can be released. The recipient just has to send the other half by wire transfer to China.
    • Supposedly after the transaction is made, the Letter of Authorization is issued and you will receive the funds within 24-72 hours.


    Here are some names of the con artists in most these scams:

    • Ben Keh – Travel Consultant
    • Victor Chock – Travel Consultant
    • Alexander Ma – Operations Manager
    • Morgan Choo – Operations Manager
    • Henry Tan – Subordinate
    • Peter Lee – Financial division
    • Jack Pru – Lawyer
    • Bobby Chong – Promotions Manager
    • Chong Jia Rong – Chartered Accountant
    • Lai Jooean – Chartered Accountant
    • Tan Sze Yan – Chartered Accountant
    • Wong Kim Soon – Chartered Accountant
    • Low Kar Wai – Chartered Accountant
    • Watson Lui – Chartered Accountant


  243. I’ve received two 12th Anniversary scratchie tickets and an accompanying brochure from The Minton Holiday. I have supposedly won $180,000 USD on one of the scratches. The address for the company is No.3 Persiaran Ara Kiri Jalan Bangsar, Lucky Garden, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They also have a web address:; and an email address: [email protected]. Their telephone numbers are 6011 5125 6542 and 6011 5125 6543. The scratchies are sponsored by Daryl & Clifton Limited, Reliance Communications, KDK and Solar JinKO.

    I haven’t contacted the company as I didn’t think it was legitimate.

  244. Further to my comments below, I now know that the scam is headquartered in Guangzhou China. Hong Kong police cannot help anyone that has sent monies as the transaction takes place in mainland China. If you send an email to the following addresses it will be investigated.
    As all your money were remitted to the bank accounts opened in the Mainland, there were no offence taken place in Hong Kong. Please report your case thro’ the following website.

    The website of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (GDPSD) thro : or email via email address [email protected] OR the website of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau thro’ : or email to them via email address [email protected].
    Also email the bank to where the funds were sent. In my case the Agriculture Bank of China. Give as much information as you possible and rest assure you will get an answer.
    I and my investigation team are in China at the moment and have all the support of the local police and security. We are slowly closing in on the scum of the earth.

  245. I received a "12th Anniversary" scratch it ticket and lovely brochure and won USD 180,000. This one is from the "Royal Succession Tour" company ""
    Things didn’t seem right when I google Watson Lau and Mr Sunny Khoo and the search came back with SCAM, gee I thought I was getting a lucky break, hope these cunts get caught
    112-G, Jalan Prima SG 3/2, Prima Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

  246. Garry and Everyone,

    Unfortunately, I was scammed into sending x amount of $$$ to these "professionals" that pray on innocent people in order to claim the prize money and are VERY goog at what they do. They are nothing but lying, cheating, stealing sewer rats that do not belong in todays society!!! and I to am working very closely with the Australian Federal Police (C.I.B division) and Foreign agents to bring these clowns to justice and to give me and others back what they owe.
    Below are the cons names; (Please feel free to share this information to authorities)

    "Campbell and Parker Holdings Hong Kong, China"
    Switchboard: 0011 852 9323 2715
    Criminals names:
    "Alexander Ma" "Operational Manager"
    "Henry Tan" "Subordinate"
    "Peter Lee" "Financial division"
    "Jack Pru" "Campbell & Parker Lawyer"
    "Bobby Chong" "Promotions Manager" 0011 3613 4845 / 0011 3613 4846
    Merchant Bank of China

    They will be caught!!! It’s only a matter of time….

  247. Hi I received similar this week from Amazing Do;phin Tours Malaysia and surprose surprise scratched USD 180 000 2nd prize Alex and Ronnie Limited are the sponsor company.

  248. Here are some names of the con artists in most these scams.
    1. Morgan Choo – Gary& Daniel Limited Aaron & Julian Limited
    2. Victor Chock – Mr nice guy from the travel agents all in Malaysia
    3. ViNcent Kong – Cheif conman
    4.Lai Jooean – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China – Favorview Palace Apartment 18/F 1808, Hujing Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-13202509086
    5.Tan Sze Yan – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China -Starry Winking 12/F 126, Jin Sui Road, Pearl New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-13202533152
    6. Wong Kim Soon – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China -Jumeirah Living Apartment, 22/F 225, Xiancun Road, Zhujing New Tow, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-15625035879
    7.Low Kar Wai – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China – Personal AddressThe Yijing Apartment 26/F 2607, Jiangyue Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-13202510881
    8. Watson Lui – (Lie for sure Name suits him) Lawyer for financial Company ??????

    I am personally persuing this matter and have employed an investigative team. Trust me we are close to capturing these low down scum of the earth. They can run but they cannot hide. Two can play the same game and my game ends not in the hospital but the place these scum belong. Hell. Rest assure we will get as many as we can.

  249. Hi all I have got the same scam and I transferred them 3500 usd to their personal bank .can I get my money back. Pls help me out.

  250. I received a "12th Anniversary" scratch it – and won USD 180,000. This one is from the "Royal Succession Tour" company "" Web site only created in the last 3 months so has a real stink of SCAM.
    112-G, Jalan Prima SG 3/2, Prima Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

  251. Received one today from Tribal Glory Tour ( very nice little brochure with one winning ticket for $180k USD !! (yah for me !!) their major sponsor is an ‘investment’ form called Clifford and Oscar ( and their website looks like it was designed by my 10 year old daughter. I’m surprised that they’re using reputable companies logo’s and names on the tickets and brochures (Jinko solar and Reliance communications). Anyway .. please beware and keep your eyes peeled !

  252. Here are some names of the con artists in most these scams.
    1. Morgan Choo – Gary& Daniel Limited Aaron & Julian Limited
    2. Victor Chock – Mr nice guy from the travel agents all in Malaysia
    3. ViNcent Kong – Cheif conman
    4.Lai Jooean – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China – Favorview Palace Apartment 18/F 1808, Hujing Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-13202509086
    5.Tan Sze Yan – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China -Starry Winking 12/F 126, Jin Sui Road, Pearl New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-13202533152
    6. Wong Kim Soon – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China -Jumeirah Living Apartment, 22/F 225, Xiancun Road, Zhujing New Tow, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-15625035879
    7.Low Kar Wai – Personal Deposit Guangzhou China – Personal AddressThe Yijing Apartment 26/F 2607, Jiangyue Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, China. +86-13202510881
    8. Watson Lui – (Lie for sure Name suits him) Lawyer for financial Company ??????

    I am personally persuing this matter and have employed an investigative team. Trust me we are close to capturing these low down scum of the earth. They can run but they cannot hide. Two can play the same game and my game ends not in the hospital but the place these scum belong. Hell. Rest assure we will get as many as we can.

  253. Now it’s ‘One Achiever Holiday!’ $180,000 US!
    If they wanna scam us, get some less suspect names for crying out loud…

  254. Seems the only thing they are really creative with is the names, Top Hills Vacation, from whom I received a 12th Birthday brochure and scratch cards, seems I won $185,000 USD woo hoo. I guess twelve must be their lucky number. I haven’t bothered to call them as yet, I’m still debating whether to have a little fun with them or not.

    The details on the brochure are as follows;

    Address 25, Lebuh Kurau 5,
    Taman Chai Leng, Pulau Pinang.
    13700 Prai, Penang Malaysia.


    +6016 469 8593
    +6016 469 8594

    Email: [email protected]

  255. Same here as all the others!
    Unsolicited mail, nice glossy brochure with 2 scratchies and I’ve now won the famous USD180,000 2nd prize from Platinum Empire Holiday! (I wonder what 1st prize is?)

  256. Me too! But they now have a new name,Cheerful Star Vacation. Ditto second prize of US $180,000. Have to admit to a few moments of excitement!

  257. Royal Bubbles Travel. 12th Anniversary. Thank You & USD 180,000.00 scratch & win tickets. Came in an envelope with my name and address stuck on with perkins paste, totally opposite to the glossy brochure inside. Also spotted a type-o in the brochure: "Royal Bubbles Travel would like to our platinum sponsor Gary & Daniel Limited…". Looked up the address in Google street view, hehe, run-down old shop in the middle of what looks like a bit of a slum district. Scam.

  258. Avoid lottery scam, Top Act Holiday gloss brochure with vague info from alleged Malaysian travel company included scratch card with $180,000 usd win. Lucky me? Catch is you have to send them all your personal info. Warning bells. Check online to see it is a familiar scam. Dont be scammed. Hope Oz or Malaysian authorities catch up with these con artists at 80 Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia. Ph 6016 4698805..Bad look

  259. I received the same holiday group scratchies – and had the same 2nd prize winning ticket for $180k USD. Mine was for ‘Eastern Surprise Tour’ and their 12th anniversary ‘giveaway’ promotion.
    Different address / phone to other recent posts though. Watch out for:
    Jalan Tengku Ampuan Intan Zaharah, Kampung Wakaf Tembesu, 21300 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel: +6016-469 8613 / +6016-469 8614 e: [email protected]

  260. Yep, received a "Delta Wing Vacation Brochure" today with two wonderful 12th Anniversary scratch tickets…I won, I won $180,000…Yahoo!! Of course I jumped on the net to investigate legitimacy as it seemed a little fishy……Damn shame it’s a scam…thought I was rich….Hahaha..not likey!

  261. I received this in the mail from "Great Leap Vacation" and "won" USD 180,000 too. My sceptical side kicked in as soon as I opened the envelope. Still wondering where they got my mailing address from as it’s not in the white pages which is where I think most scammers are getting my details.

  262. Got one today from "One Achiever Holiday" for my old late partner (died 5 yrs ago, so am wondering where they got her name). One card for 2nd prize win of $US180,000. Thanks to Andrew and Nathan Ltd for sponsoring first, second and third prizes. Seems to be an ongoing thing that the authorities of Malaysia haven’t yet caught up with. Addresses, tel numbers (2),Email and web site. Even a board of "Directors", been supposedly going for some 12 years now.

  263. Got one yesterday that I haven’t seen posted online yet: Eastern Surprise tour. Two scratchies, one of them won for $180,000 USD. Seems like the same format as the others, quality brochure, professional looking website.

  264. Crimson Call Travel. $180,000 USD 2nd Prize. Jordan Tan leads the scam. Jason and Jordan Holdings is fake supplier of prize. Very convincing ticket plus process. Wanted to believe that I had actually had some good luck in what had been a year of unfortunate events…perhaps things had changed for me : ( Looked up the sites – Crimson Heart Travel appeared to be a legitimate travel agent – as did Jason and Jordan Holdings. Clicked that is was 100% a scam when the bait and switch phone calls started happening (hey – a guy can hope, right?). These trashbags change the name of the travel company constantly, so it doesn’t appear initially on a scam search. Poster before me is the first other Crimson Heart Travel I had seen. Appears to be run out of China, using Malaysia as a proxy to obfuscate national base. Ongoing persistence and infrastructure combined with process lends itself to being state-sponsored (i.e. data collection activity). Notional gain that scam might obtain of $3500 seems petty in comparrison to the logistical effort required to sustain the scam (i.e. multiple tickets/brochures, individual website, multiple call numbers for each travel agent, multiple call respondents). Perhaps its a feint for social engineering, asian-style. Just my take on it…and when you read the hundreds of permutations of this scam in the comments below, the effort doesn’t seem worth the payoff. But hey – I don’t know what a scammer pulls in over time…but I’d expect confirmed identity data combined with financial vulnerability positions each individual in a taxonomy of suggestion/corruption/gullibility. I think that is worth quite a bit to a nation state actor in future cyberwar scenarios. My 2 cents (and second prize) 😉

  265. Some more details to benefit other Google searchers. Gold Brew / Watson Lau phone number 6016-469-8607 and 6016-469-8607. Aaron Julian Limited 852-9502-1907. It seems like these people must rely on "winners" offering the $3600 payment over the phone during the call to Morgan Choo. Any resistance at all sees everything go very quiet. This is an email "explanation" from Watson Lau:

    As on our phone conversation earlier, I will re-explain to you about the Letter of Authorization. First of all, I believe a lot of countries around the world, when a huge amount of money is leaving a country to another country, you would need a black and white document.

    It’s because the sponsor have pre-registered the total amount of US$180,000 used for prizes to their Inland Revenue Taxation. Thus, this letter of authorization will be a proof that the prize amount declared will be deductible from the company taxes at the end of the year when they submit their taxes.

    This is an international transaction, therefore this Letter of Authorization is to safeguard both parties. For your end, after you’ve received the amount of US$180,000 in your account, the sponsor will mail you a hard copy of this Letter of Authorization, if any authority in your country were to question you where this money comes from, you can show them this Letter of Authorization that these funds are coming from a legal sources instead of money laundering or illegal trading money. Its to proof legal funds from legal sources going to you.

    It’s also a declaration to the sponsor’s company that they have sent the full amount out over to you. With this Letter of Authorization, if you receive a single dollar lesser, you can take legal actions against our sponsor’s company with this letter of authorization.

    The management did have several discussions in regards to your case and also the letter of authorization, but we’re unable to proceed with any transactions without this Letter of Authorization. This letter of authorization can be only obtained directly from the Hong Kong Government Court whereby we will need to send their house lawyer down to the court and there are conditions needed in order for the Letter of Authorization to be issued.

    Basically the Hong Kong Government Court have a contract, There will be have 3 subject in this contract. First subject that will be the sponsor as a legal sender because they are the company who send out this amount of money. For the second subject, Yourself will be register as the legal recipient because you are the person who will receive this amount of money. For the third subject that will be the prize wining money registered as the legal amount.

    In order to bind both parties, whereby they will need a legal sender and a legal recipient participating in a security deposit of 4% of the total amount and this must be bear by both parties in order to be bind into the contract. The sponsor’s will bear half of that which is US$3,600 and you yourself will need to bear US$3,600. Once the lawyer bring both of the funds, company’s document and a proof of participation from you down to the court. Once the court sees that both parties are bind into this contract, they will issue the Letter of Authorization in 2 original copies. Then, the sponsor will have the green light to order the bank to release your transaction after the Letter of Authorization had been issued. You will be receiving your funds of the US$180,000 within 24-72 hours after they obtain the letter.

    Once you receive the prize money, You need to inform Mr Morgan and he will order the lawyer go to High court again to process your secure deposit refund back to your account.But however there will be a US$100 deduction, so you will only get US$3,500. This S$100 dollar is a processing fee and the court will send you a hard copy of the letter in the end of the day. This is the only amount you will need to pay.

    On behalf of Aaron & Julian Limited, we do apologize whereby will need you to bear this security deposit upfront. It is because, if you’re aware of this, previously all the major prizes were reserved for our regular clients, and they will need to participate in this security deposit as well, but under the client’s authority, we can deduct their part of the secure deposit from the investment account and print a statement to prove that they are participating in this, but the difference is, because you are not a client, and you don’t have any investment account with the sponsor, that’s why we need you to come out with this amount upfront by yourself.

    If you wish to proceed, please do let me know in advance as I will need to inform our sponsor to arrange their international accountant to receive the funds on your behalf and their house lawyer to head down to the Hong Kong Government Court to obtain the Letter Of Authorization as well as to check the availability of the court for you.

    Hope this will help explain to you clearly about what we’re facing. But if you are not clear with this process, I STRONGLY suggest you not to process this Letter of Authorization. Our company had invested so much money in this promotional event, I don’t hope that there is any misunderstanding between you and the good name of our company as well as our sponsor.

    I hope to hear from you soon and I am quite excited to meet you on next year January.

  266. Got one yesterday from "crimson heart travel", amazing the quality of the brochure etc. $180,000 USD scratchie prize of course.

  267. Now it’s Gold Brew Holiday represented by Watson Lau of the claims department. Morgan Choo now works for Aaron & Julian
    Otherwise it’s the same story as all the others below, down to the non-disclosure agreement.
    I haven’t let Watson know yet that I’m onto him, as he keeps telling me that Gold Brew Holiday is expanding to Australia in January and hosting a function at Double Bay. I wonder what he will come up with next.
    Interestingly the other "sponsors" on the ticket seems to be bona fide – Reliance Communications and Jinko Solar. I wonder what they would think of being associated with this.

  268. "Delta Wing Vacation"
    Yup, received two glossy tickets in the mail (Australia) and won $180 000 US! I originally believed it was a legitimate company (Delta Airlines) but a scam running off it. Called them up and was put through an incredibly dodgy phone line and sent to the, "claims department." Very sneaky, something felt off about the brochure, one sentence stating, "as one of the leading organisation in the tourism industry" and "we are incorporated in the year of 2004."
    Warn your family and peers!

  269. I received the same obvious scam by snail mail today … this time the high quality brochure is from "Silver Image Holidays" based in Malaysia.

  270. Raymond Higgins

    Top Act Holiday got the letter today , good scam everyone seems to be getting second prize and a thank you ticket

  271. Same deal as below received a glossy brochure and scratch tickets in the post addressed to me. I had won 2nd prize of $US180,000.The company is now called Energy Act Holiday. I have been dealing with Victor Chock. To get my money he wants me to ring Mr Morgan Choo from Xander & Easton Holdings an investment company in Hong Kong and supply my bank details. Victor is very charming. Beware!!!

  272. my partner received the same tickets from twin delight travel malaysia same story as everyone else names used ben kuh morgan choo first person he spoke to was bricen ong hopefully these guys slip up and get caught feel bad for those who do send the money people need to get the word out to friends family anyone horrible people

  273. I have also won US$180,000 WOOHOO!!! 12th Anniversary Mirror the Moon Tour! Spoke to Watson in Malaysia……they are bloody good at sucking you in!!!! Whats next??

  274. Scam is still active

    Scam presumably still as described on the scam-detector webpage here, but the ticket I received in the mail (in Australia) was for the "Whitegate Holiday 12th Anniversary", and the prize was "2nd prize" of USD180,000. The brochure and tickets were faultlessly produced, excellent English grammar and spelling, excellent layout and high quality printing. Very convincing but unbelievable at the same time. Warn your scam-illiterate relatives, this one looks a bit dangerous.

  275. Yep they sent me a scratch won second prize of 180,000 US, not sure how they got my name and address. I rang him and he refereed me to his website, I knew it was a scam but it did kinda feel good until I saw this website. its called " Energy Act Holiday" was sent to my address in South Australia…

  276. Malaysian scam sent to my home address, not sure how they got it. got to point they sent a non-disclosure agreement not to discuss with clients as i am member and shouldnt have been sent the major prize. websites and addresses add up so they are pretty good at sucking the average person in

  277. "Metallic Heart Tour" sent me two lottery tickets, read the terms and conditions: Winners are obliged to proved information for further verification, prize winners may be obliged to submit taxes… And smiled. Googled "Metallica Heart Tour scam" and look what popped up. Then I found out I won $US180,000.00 wow lucky wish.

    I guess they get our information from property data, addresses and owners are public information and wouldn’t be hard to post to a few randoms to get a small percentage of people who have recently been to Malaysia and are a tad optimistic.

  278. Charles Johnstone

    Scam is still operating. I have been stringing along a Jordan Tan from Travel Successor Travel. My scratchie told me I have won $180,000 USD. He has rung me a few times so just waiting to hear back from him and then I suppose I will be told about the taxes and payment required. They have certainly gone to a lot of trouble with their brochures.

  279. Thanks to you all. My 180 000.00 US 2nd prize is from professionally printed (

    Thanks to you all. Much the same thing, My 180 000.00 US 2nd prize is from professionally printed ( i have searched on maps for the office , and then the shopping centre and the G 48 address is a mobile phone shop. Note on this web site the shop is listed as a phone shop and the list of prizes has 28 iPhones , pay stations x 36. if any one needs more information i will hold on to the envelope and the information

  280. i have been having fun stringing along a Mr Jordan Tan who surprisingly has put me in touch with Mr Morgan Choo who wasnt happy when he asked me to paY $3600 as my half of the government requirements when i refused he cut me short and told me to get back in touch with jordan tan who acted very surprised that mr choo had asked me for money to proceed with the processing of the prize so mr tann rang mr choo and mr tan rang me back and told me he no realises its a government formalaty and i would later recieve $3500 back as $100 would be deducted as a legal cost i am now waiting for a e/mail from mr tan as to whee and how i pay this $3600

  281. Our brochure was from Great Talent Tour 12th Anniversary, with the same two scratchy tickets as others describe with one revealing a prize of US$ 180,000. The same fine print saying ‘Prize winners may be obliged to submit taxes or any other mandatory charges as a result of the award’. It’s tempting to pursue it with them just for the entertainment of seeing how far we can string them along before they give up on us. The lack of any solid details in their brochure was a pretty good indication that it’s all a scam – surprising that for a travel company they don’t seem to offer any travel options!

  282. I received the same from Oscar Miracle Holidays. Contacted them and have been speaking with Morris over the last week lovely guy and so excited for me winning all of this money now that the Sponsor has agreed to paying up. They take a great deal of effort to build trust and a relationship by going through the whole charade of getting the sponsor to pay up. I am going to lead them right down the garden path by providing them with dodgy details other than what they have. I checked their address and it is a run down building. The sponsor is also dodgy. The websites are done well especially the one for the sponsor Logan and Chloe in Hong Kong. I have passed all of the details to the authorities in Australia but there is not much they can do as these guys move around so much to avoid being caught. If you interested I will post again with the next exciting episode. 🙂

  283. I’ve just received a scratch ticket awarding me $US180,000 from Mirror the Moon Tour. Their website checks out, their sponsors check out but I am not the dumb blonde I appear to be. My next step was to come to this site to have my suspicions validated. Scam! I feel sorry for the people who will be fooled by the professional looking blurb.

  284. Had dealings with a Mr Bobby Chong from Eclipse Travelling in Malaysia over the last two weeks.
    Of course I had won 2nd prize in a scatchie worth $180,000.00us.
    All very convincing until I come across this website.
    He wanted me to ring a Morgan Choo of King&Jerry ltd investment bankers in Hong Kong.
    I didn’t bother as neither company existed.

  285. This is a copy of the email that was sent to me.

    From: "Sunny Khoo" <[email protected]

    Details of the transaction

    Good morning. I am here to guide you as how to send the remittance to
    our accountant. As shown below are what you need to facilitate the

    Name of the bank : China Construction Bank

    Bank address : No 50, Tao Jin Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City,China.

    Swift code for bank : PCBCCNBJGDX

    Beneficiary’s name : Lee Khai Ming

    A/C Number : 6217003320046433978

    Amount : USD 3600.00

    Purpose of transfer: Personal deposit

    Beneficiary’s address : Central Park View Apartment 19/F 1903,3 Huacheng
    Da Dao, Zhu Jiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China.

    Destination Country : China

    Beneficiary’s Contact Number : +86-15625166959


    Kindly scan a copy of the transaction receipt back to me as it will need
    to be submit to the court as your proof of participation.

    Let me know if there is anything you do not understand about the email.

    Warm Regards,
    Sunny Khoo
    Operation Manager

  286. Yup got this scam also. Appears to be using the name of Top Act Holiday.
    Adding to this forum so that it will appear in someone else’s google search.

  287. The scammers dumped us on 8 Sept 2016. It was based on a prize of US$180k.
    The tickets were sent to Aust in a plain white card envelope addressed to me personally, They called themselves Daring Hearts Travel. They create time delays to supposedly negotiate your unique situation. Then the nice guy who takes your calls ( ours was called Jordan Tan ) gets very pushy. They want your id and cash if you comply. Slick and very nasty.

  288. Wow!! I have just won USD $180,000 from a Malaysian travel mob calling themselves…"Twin Delight Travel". I am a pensioner living in South Australia and I started to get all excited upon seeing this "Prize" when I scratched a grey panel. All the glossy professional guff with the letter (personally addressed to me) looked convincing; but being the skeptical old bastard that I am I did a few checks online..including this website…and quickly realised I was stuck with my pension for a little longer! The scammers must be making a bundle in order to pay for all their printing, scratch tickets and postage. The fine print said…"…may be obliged to submit taxes or any other mandatory charges as a result of this award." ….Scam!

  289. I’m also in Australia and won $180,000 in the Malaysian Oscar Miracle Holiday 12th Anniversary Competition. It’s frightening that scammers go to this much trouble to set up a scam.

  290. Great Talent Tour 12th Anniversary scratch & win – yet another scam from Malaysia. As if I could win $180,000.00 just like that.
    Got 2 lovely stamps at least.

  291. They also call themselves "Harbour Master Travel" with a web site at and email address [email protected] . I got sent their brochure last week. Same deal – 12th anniversary scratch cards, one of which reveals USD 180,000 prize. I sent them an email to see what would happen and they replied I had to ring the phone number. This is a very professionally organised scam.

  292. Noble Buddies Travel 12th anniversary scratch & win ticket, WOOHOO!! Big winner of USD $180 000!! Cant wait to send them my bank account details? NOT!! Stay away everyone.

  293. I have received these glossy tickets and upon scratch in it says that I won second prize of US$180,000 and have asked me to mail all my personal details for verification

  294. Just Received a letter from Noble Buddies Travel, Having their 12th Anniversary Promotion. The same as the rest of them, received 2 scratchy tickets, one saying thank you, the other saying i won 180,000US as a 2nd prize. Very nice looking tickets and brochure etc..

  295. I got 2 tickets in mail as well-you guessed it, one thank you, one us dollars 180k-wow i thought-rang them and Ben answered – needed to verify ticket so call me back in 5-i started to google only then-bamm! you guys popped up-bingo i had won your lottery-thanks for the info guys-this dude calls back, i threw the kitchen sink at him-my visit to his town, other names you guys experienced, and he started to laugh nervously-when i said i will be there in 5 days on business with 2 fed police mates to protect me from robbery when you give me my cash, he said no need to bring them, we give you a cheque-but i insisted, and when i asked to see mr morgan choo, he laughed and hung up-MASSIVE BIG SCAM-SAVED ME SOME HEARTACHE- Now off to my local lotto outlet for a real honest crack at some Aussie dollars-cheers guys….

  296. I received one at an address I worked at 6 years ago. How did they get that address I wonder? Two tickets one saying thank you and the other saying I won USD180 000.

  297. I’m in Australia and I received a letter today from Red Apple Paradise. Same deal as all the rest, 180,000 2nd prize.

  298. Received a glossy brochure from "Divine Boy Holiday" in Malaysia with two scratchies. Lots of stamps stuck on the envelop, alarm bell number 1. Brochure was Ok but read a bit funny, alarm bell number 2. Total price money donated amounted to US$1 million. For real? I predicted that one scratchy would be a major price and the other nothing, and indeed!! I need to become a clairvoyant! We had won US$180,000. Sure. Quick search on the internet does not find Divine Boy Travel but the website exists. Another quick search and I found this. So be warned!

  299. Ok… So ours was Sixteen Holiday Vacations. Was positive this was a scam but nothing on google about that particular company. Tried to scam detect it but nothing. Spoke with Ben Keh on MULTIPLE occasions and he said that Jenna and Kylie – the major sponsor – have agreed to pay the second prize of $180k US. With all the elaborate back and forth, they nearly had me convinced. The ops manager from Jenna and Kylie (thought this sounded a little dodgy from the start) Mr Morgan Choo will ring us to arrange transfer of money. Googled his name and found this site. I’m a pessimist so 99% convinced it was a scam but with the elaborate hoax they swayed me down to about 85%. Dangerous to let yourself dream these days!! Have no idea where they got my name from. The news needs to warn people about this one. The elderly could be convinced.
    Waiting on a return call from Morgan Choo at the moment. Might tell him I know someone from the Fed Police and see what his tone is like.

  300. Same scam running by Majestic Anthem 12th. Even got me to "major"sponsor!! Seems we all win 180,000 what a well organised scam 11th August 2016

  301. Rec today 2 tickets from, SIXTEEN ADVENTURE HOLIDAY . 1 saying thank you.. 1 sayingi won 180,000.
    Plus a lovely glossey fold out brochure! only time ive been in Malaysia is landing in KL airport and flyingback outagain.. so very interested how they got my home address in Australia??

  302. Received the same today – White Hunter Vacation. One ticket "thank you", one ticket USD180,000.

    They had my maiden name & first name (albeit back-to-front!) & home address.

  303. Josephine Heinrich

    yes I recieved one of these today – trendy world holiday. it is a very elaborate brochure and I won 180,000 US wow!

  304. The latest version…
    I just won $USD180,000 from "Only You Paradise" on a scratchy for their 12th Anniversary.
    Glad I looked at this website.

  305. Just won USD180,000 yeeehaaaa!!!!! "HAPPYPLANETVACATION" is the latest travel scam. Thank Goodness for websites like this, it helps to lesson the blow of disappointment.

  306. Hi All. Got my 180k US winning ticket as well. Called them and and spoke to our mate Bobby. He told me he would waiver the fact that I was not a client and honour the ticket when I got up him. He told me that I would have to collect the winnings myself from their office in Kuala Lumpar. When I told him that I had his phone number from our phone system and I was currently only 5 mins from his office in the Twin Towers, his tone changed dramatically. I was able to hold the little turd on the phone long enough to convince him that I was now in the foyer on his building and the security guard was allowing me through to come and see him. I think he must have crapped himself as he hung up straight away

  307. Me too! I received 2 scratch tickets from White Holiday Vacation 12th Anniversary in the mail from Malaysia today. One said thank you and the other 2nd prize of USD 180,000.00. Looks professional but knew it would be a SCAM

  308. Yes, I too received two tickets from HAppy Planet Vaction, one had a thank-you, the other $180,000USD, oh well looks like I’ll still have to go to work tomorrow 🙁

  309. Alastair Graham

    I just received a glossy brochure and 2 scratchy tickets from "Speedy Achiever Tour" .
    Won $180000 US YIppee.
    Yep I spoke to Bobby Chong as well . Very believable fellow.
    Anyway now I have had my ticket verified by "Adrian and Taylor Holdings" I am to meet them in Sydney in November at the launch of their new venture. This is where I will be presented with my $180000 US.
    No mention of paying any taxes yet but I am due for another Phone call from the legendary Bobby Chong.
    I’ll play along for now and see what happens.

  310. Constance Neal

    update: the person who rang me was Bobby Chong.

    [email protected]

    Bobby Chong hung up on me when I suggested that he bring the winning ticket money to me in Australia. I wonder why? 😉

  311. Just received brochure and 2 tickets from Speedy Achiever Tour 12 th Anniversary and low and behold one says thank you the other I won USD 180000. The address was my surname then first initial and was posted to Australia from Malaysia Hohhot how nice that would have been, scammers I so hope people don’t fall for it

  312. In Australia, as of July 2016 this scam is now running under the company name of "Team Fortune Travel". Glossy yellow brochure, 2 x 12th Anniversary scratch and win ticket enclosed: ticket #1 says "thankyou", the second ticket says "2nd Prize USD 180,000.00

    The sponsors are listed as V-Soy, Joseph and Natalie LTD, Loytap, Leagoo
    The address is listed as No, 11, Jalan Besar, Pusat Perniagaan Manjung Point 3, 32040, Seri Manjung, Perak Malaysia, email [email protected]
    tel: 6010+669 8617
    A google search could not find this address, even with the postcode

    The website lists destinations and details of the "promotion". You couldn’t book a holiday destination here if you tried!

  313. Update the latest one is Metallic Star Vacations Malaysia same thing 2 Scratchies in the post one "Thankyou" one $180,000.00 went through the verification of authentic ticket then the congratulations , then because we were not a client of DYLAN & ANDREA LTD who is the sponsor in Hong Kong we should not have received it , I threatened legal action , so I quick phone call was made to the Sponsor and guess what ?? they will honour it as long as we don’t tell anyone as it will upset their clients if they find out that a Non Client has received the Prize .
    My next step was to speak with the Operations Manager of Dylan and Andrea in Hong Kong .

    Lets see what he has to say ??? .

  314. Yep we just opened and scratched a winning ticket from Fusions Vacation. Wasn’t even going to read it but hubby asked to for a laugh. First indication was the typo in the brochure and then the conditions on the back of the $180,000 USD winning ticket and of cause the second ticket that said.. Thank you…. Surely there is some kind of authority that can stop these scams?

  315. Received a 12th Anniversary promotional brochure from Tropicana Holiday with 2 scratchies. I was "lucky" enough to win 2nd prize of USD$180,000. I called and spoke to Bryson Ong (noticed Bryson’s name in some of the other posts on this website too but under a different company … he get’s around!). Bryson explained that I had received the scratchies by mistake, that they were supposed to only go to clients of Ryan & Roger Holdings but he’s a good guy and would talk to his manager and the sponsor because I shouldn’t be punished for something that was not my mistake. He put me in contact with Mr Morgan Choo (he appears in other stories on this website but from different companies too!). Mr Choo explained that the Hong Kong government required a security deposit to release large amounts of money but I would get it back once the USD$180,000 had been transferred to me. I did further digging and contacted the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong court; both told me this was not true. I relayed this to Bryson Ong who told me that Mr Morgan Choo said it was a "special" case. Anyway … big ol’ scam and I will be reporting this to the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong police department as well.

  316. The latest one is 12th Anniversary Oriental Fantasy Travel. Once again a flashy brochure and 2 scratchies one said thankyou the other is 2nd prize US 180,000. I sent an email to them and got a reply saying to call the number on the ticket. Binned.

  317. I received 2 scratchies through the post, one a winner and the other "thank you". It was sent by
    I did not call the phone number, I sent a message via the website. After reading here it is a scam as I suspected it was I sent another message saying I would not send any personal documents and nor any money and they would be reported to FTC.

  318. Scam the Scammers

    Vivaldi Vacations-Definetely Suspicious and Fake- rang then to tell them I would not be giving any details to them until I knew that they were genuine, advised me to go on their website, listed on my winning brochure scratchy ticket, that I received 2 of -once again -1 said thank you the 2nd one I had won USD $180,000.00-Lucky me!! NOT!! check it out yourself – done very well-but, the phone manner is very poor- and stated to read out the code below my winning scratchy, which I did-then stated it would take him 5-10 minutes to "verify" that this ticket and code was in fact genuine?? "As they just get so many people ringing to claim that they have won a prize!!" So I asked "OK so you are ringing me back are you?" -OH he sarcastically replied"How can I ring you back when you have not given me your Number Maam" I said "no problems I will ring you back then?" He was then uncertain in his tone, "If you would like to do that then you can do that" (Seriously so what did he want me to do -hold while he traced my phone-just hang on the phone-so he could fake that he was doing something? totally dodgy, but looks professional even down to the website and glossy pamphlets- I may ring him back then see what he has to say and when he asks me for Money I will be telling him about my occupation as a Police Officer and seeing how that may go down..wonder if ive still won the $180, 000.00 USD after that….I will keep you informed of my progress..& just a hint -Always ring from a phone that you can add their Numbers to spam or block…

  319. Big Asia Vacation

    Beware of the Big Asia Vacation!!! They send a 12th anniversary scratch ticket, 2nd prize is 180,000USD it is very elaborate with shiny brochure and gold embossed tickets and they have emails and websites and phone numbers for all businesses that are listed as prize spinsters after an elaborate detailed account over the ph they will then ask for 7000USD to release the winnings from HongKong of which they will pay half all paperwork is traceable but it is a very elaborate scam!!!!

  320. Just received two scratch cards from Vivaldi Vacation and wow, I have won $180k Usd. Not. It’s A scam. Great professional glossy brochures, looks very convincing. All they want is my bank account details, passport details and $7k cash and the prize is mine. If you get this envelope from Malaysia, bin it straight away. The Scammers Are getting better and better.

  321. David Townsend

    I have recently received a broucher and two scratchies from Seputeh Holidays .One ticket was a thank you, the other was $180000US. I rang the supplied phone number to a mister Oscar Ong and was asked to supply ID eg DOB Drivers lic. etc. Another call to sponsors Janet and Fredrick Ltd.This seems to be the same scam only the names have been changed

  322. Well, here it is July 2016 and this scam is still going. It must cost a fortune for the glossy brochures and nicely printed tickets etc. so I presume a sufficiently large number of people are still handing over their cash and details.
    The ISBN numbers are invalid as well.

  323. Have just received scratchy cards in the mail from Vivaldi Vacation, supposedly have won 180000 dollars US, as Garry below. Wanted me to call number in Malaysia. Claim their major sponsor is Benjamin and Lewis Ltd. Didn’t bother phoning. Please be careful if you receive similar.

  324. Has anyone recieved the tickets from Big Asia Vacation? I really thought it was just too good to be true that something this great could happen lol. Bryson Ong Chief events manager congratulated me yesterday when I called to find out more, again asked me to email proof of winning USD 180,000 ticket. They say Frank and Louis Limited is their major sponsor. Please be aware of the new one circulating, I’m in the Gold Coast.

  325. Just received a letter from Tiger Bay Holiday informing me i have won 2nd prize of $180000.00 as second prize in scratchy lottery ???? cant beleive people can still be scammed like this ???? Burnt it ……

  326. Just received my winning ticket from ninetyseven street tours , claiming I had won 180,000us , thought I’d go along with it and gave them a call , and spoke with a Hugo Khoo , then they told me I had received it by mistake and was only intended for clients of Stephens and Nelson holding clients , but after a few so called phone calls they were going to honer the prize if I kept quite the protect the investors they emailed me a form to sign and now I’m meat nt to call a Henry tan a CEO of Stephens and Nelson holdings Monday morning anyway it’s still ongoing ,they are pretty good at it so please be careful , if seems to good to be true it probley is

  327. I just received two scratch lottery tickets and 12 th Anniversary Golden Secret Travel flyer. Put them in the bin. One was prize thank you and one was180,000 USD. Scam

  328. Just received 2 tickets (one winner of US$180,000) from GOLDEN SECRET TRAVEL. They went straight in the bin after reading this!

  329. I also received 2 scratch tickets from Tiger Bay Holiday and one of them say I got second prize of $180,000. When I called them, a guy name Morris Cheah talked to me and wanted me to call a sponsor in Hong Kong. I have read the comments on this site and know that it is a scam. I did not call the guy in Hong Kong. Be careful with this scam.

  330. I got mine today 10/6/16 from sky river holiday. With one ticket won $180000 , wonderful, had a chat with mentioned name Morris Cheah , what a sweet talk , absolutely BS, thanks to my sister to notify me with all the details, waiting for the next call LOL

  331. Just got my ‘winners’ call back from Bobby Chong, I couldn’t stop laughing at his change of tone and attitude when I told him I knew it was a scam as I googled his name. I just hope nobody falls prey to these bastards.

  332. Thank you for your comments. I also received a ticket and won 182,000 dollars which supposed to be second prize, has listed in the brochure should only be two second prizes of 182,000 dollars seems a lot more have won the second prize. Scam 101

  333. Thank you for your comments. I also received a ticket and won 182,000 dollars which supposed to be second prize, has listed in the brochure should only be two second prizes of 182,000 dollars seems a lot more have won the second prize. Scam 101


  335. Received a similar brochure and two tickets from ninety seven street tour.. same story as mentioned previously by others.. However, I was naive and sent them my passport details.. I am scared now.. Any ideas as to what they can do with my passport???

  336. "MorrisCheah aka MorganChoo aka AndyCheng"

    We got ours today from "Great flight holiday"… I was suspicious from the start. We didn’t buy any tickets, been on holidays recently or haven’t even been overseas so where did they get my address from?? We address everything to our PO Box!
    So Then I was more concerned with how they actually got my home address? So called the number. Very very organised set-up. Went through to "Morris Cheah" then "Morgan Choo" then eventually "Andy Cheng".
    I pretended to be an elderly 75yo. And boy o boy did they go to town…after "verifying" my ticket, (2days), then "allowing" me to win the money because I’m not a local Hong Kong resident. Made me feel great! Got my "old" hopes up… Then wanted $3600usd (apparently half the amount owed, as they will cover the other half amount) because I am a non-resident requiring a transfer greater than $100k. Well I told them my son lives in HK. Can he just pick up the ticket…) hahaha the back peddling, and saying He had to get the address from the website… To then he can’t read Chinese…
    Anyways – watchout! They are very organised and very pushy lol HK teenagers! The new breed of dodgy East African con men/ women swindling elderly people out of their life savings….
    For those of you that may have fallen for this and been duped… Just rest-assured and know the ones doing this have to deal with Karma…

  337. I received a brochure from Tiger Bay Holiday today. Two tickets, one says "thank you" and the other says I’ve won USD $180,000. I was immediately suspicious, and sure enough, found this website. I hope people don’t actually fall for this scam.

  338. Help!! Has anyone recieved brochure on Royal Jade vacation ? Ive recieved two scratch lottery ticket one was
    Thankyou the second claims I’m 2nd prize winner of $180,000 usd I didn’t think too much to start with n emailed them to say I was possible winner ?
    I then started to tried find out on Internet about this Royal Jade Jade vacation I found a website on them hmm !
    Made me very cautious today a mr chock rang me on my mobile asked me to quote number on ticket put me on hold then returned to tell me I was indeed a major prize winner if I would email me a picture of the winning ticket both back n front in close some ID such as drivers license etc and he could then verify ticket n contact the platinum sponsors Jim & Terry to inform them of a possible winner and he’d inform more once this was recieved how to collect winners .
    This screams scam to me and the words if it’s too good to be true is usually is or am I being too cynical ?..
    Please anyone whose recieved similar please let me know as I’m hesitant to be photocopying my personal details like drivers license etc to a complete stranger in Malaysia

  339. WatsonLau_is_the_new_Bobby_Chong

    I won, I won!! After being so happy for having won US$180k in some lottery I didn’t even buy I found this website and my dream was over. No BS now: this time they are advertising their con trick under "Tiger Bay Holiday" and this time Mr Watson Lau, probably Bobby Chong’s mate or himself, called me to congratulate and to ask for the usual stuff: ID, copy of the lottery ticket and, interesting enough, a copy of the envelope "to make sure you were the winner".
    I even mentioned working for the AFP to see how far he would go but the man is a professional con artist.
    Anyway, be aware! If it is too good to be true, it is.

  340. Voula Antoniou

    I received two tickets from Maple Star Holidays and you guessed it, to celebrate their 12th Anniversary. Details are exactly the same as what has been posted below, glossy brochure, fake websites etc. Suspicious when they offer such large sums of money. What concerned me the most was how they got my name in the first place to send me these fake tickets. Tickets binned and authorities notified.

  341. Wow! Did I get sucked in to this baby. 2nd Prize win of $US180,000 to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Ninety Seven Street Tour. At first I just thought it was a scam, but started googling and found the websites all seemed legit. And when I rang good old Bobby Chong, yep, him again, I started to get excited. OK, he’s a good actor. I’ll give him that. Even checked out the sponsor website, but that started to concern me. What company makes so much money these days they can afford to give away the big bucks like this? Certainly not the kind of company I dug up – Stephens & Nelson Holdings. Typos always worry me. I’m a writer and editor, you see. My inbuilt BS radar. No professional outfit makes these kind of basic gaffs. But I forgave them the bad grammar as they were in Malaysia!! My bad. Thank God I decided to dig further and check out scams… cos here I am. Sad, a tad (a lot!) disheartened, but none the worse for wear, and just a bit wiser. Thanks Scam Detector. Bobby Chong, you do WRONG!!! 🙁

  342. my partner received a glossy brochure with 2 scratchies in the mail from Great Light Holidays in Malaysia, one scratchie said thank you and the other said that we had won USD $180,000, I thought this is a scam but decided to investigate, I emailed the web address on the ticket and Bobby Chong emailed me back, he asked me to scan the ticket and email it to him, I did this, he then called me back and told me that I have won the money, I advised that we have had nothing to do with this company so cannot understand why this was sent to us, he advised that he was having a meeting and will get back to me, he called back and advised that it was sent to us in error as it was to go to members only, he said that after having a meeting, they decided to give us the winning money, he congratulated me, I could smell a rat, he then said that he will email an agreement for my partner to sign from Duncan & Owen Holdings, who are a financial institution that will provide the money, he told me that the agreement will state that my partner received the scratchie in error but will be awarded the winning money and that we have to not let anyone know about this, etc, my partner did not sign the agreement, Bobby Chong comes across as a very genuine nice man, but that is how they work to con you, he asked me to call Mr Morgan Choo, Operations Manager from Duncan & Owen Holdings so that he can verify that I am real and say who I am, I told Bobby that I am not going to call Mr Morgan Choo and have looked at this web site and found that he is a scam and this is a scam, he advised that people are just trying to rubbish his name, he told me that it is not a scam as he has not asked me for any money, I told him that would probably come, I told him that I googled both companies and they do not exist and even googled the address of the travel agency which came up as a 7 Eleven store, he told me that is not right and to come to Hong Kong and see for myself, I then told him Hong Kong, the address on the ticket advises that you are in Malaysia and he advised that it is the same thing, I could smell a rat, he promised me that this is not a scam and even thought I told him it is a scam and to google Bobby Chong at Great Light Holidays and you will see that it is a scam with several comments from people who had dealings with you or received the same in the post and lost monies, I told him that they have used other companies, other names and other financial institutions, I told him that I am not interested and to not call me again, he called me again yesterday trying to convince me that it is not a scam, that he is not asking for money and that the cheque will be forwarded to my bank for me to pick up and that he wanted me to call Mr Morgan Choo, again I told him that I am not interested and that I have reported this to the Authorities, he just does not get it, he will call me again and I will just tell him to not call me again, this was sent to my partner but he has never wanted to speak to my partner, he has only wanted to speak to me, maybe he thinks women are easy to con, so please if you get this in the mail, throw it out, it is a scam and i hope he has not conned anyone, i did not give him any banking details, he only has my name, address, hopefully he will get the message and leave me alone – no one gives you money for nothing

  343. Helen Christidis

    Received brochure with 2 scratchies in mail from Great LIght Holidays in Malaysia, one scratchie stated that I won 2nd prize of USD $180,000, sent an email to web address, Bobby Chong contacted me, this is a con, beware, do not give them any of your bank details, looks professional but it is not, google Bobby Chong at Great Light Holidays and you will see the scam

  344. We too are in NZ and recently received a brochure and scratchies from Majestic Moment Travel. Our winnings? The $US180,000. Checked it out with friends and the Dept Internal Affairs website – yep, a scam! (I believe it comes from Nigeria – surprise surprise!)

  345. Yep just got one as well from Majestic Moment Travel (sent from Malaysia to NZ), apparently won US180,000 as part of a 12 year anniversary giveaway. Smelled a rat right at the beginning despite the glossy look of the tickets and brochures. Design of brochure didn’t look right – too amateurist, googled their name and the website didn’t come up on google ranking so typed in their webaddress and it took me to a site that was only developed in 2016. Me thinking oh yeah 12 year anniversary and your website has just gone up this year hmmm. Googled scams and this page came up and sure enough I’m seeing the same thing happening. If it’s too good to me true then it probably isn’t.

  346. We’re in New Zealand and received a brochure by mail from Majestic Moment Travel. It contained two scratch cards and – guess what? We’ve won second prize! $180,000 US!. Of course, they say there might be a few payments we have to make to claim our money … It’s pretty sophisticated given that it was addressed to our house and enclosed a colour brochure (which tells you absolutely nothing). Golden rule – if seems too good to be true, it really is.

  347. Same scam as previous, same phone numbers, similar Malaysian address, exactly the same scratch tickets (Thanks & USD 180,000 2nd prize) , just a name change "Ocean Story Tour". Put it in the trash.

  348. Australia – Golden Iron Tours 12th Anniversary 2nd prize $180,000 USD Bryson Ong And Sunny Khoo Frank &Leon Holdings because of no client ID no they want a non-disclosure agreement not to upset their clients and don’t tell any one of your win need to pay a fee in Hong Kong half share of legal fee they have been busy

  349. from Nz received same scratchie cards from Great moon travel. Same as everyone else. One prize thank you. One prize USD$180,000. Everything looked genuine. Big Scam!!

  350. Adrian Arnold

    I got one from The Wind Holiday today (12th Anniversary), and one tocket had USD $180,000.00 second prize, i read the brochure first and my first alarm bell was the sense that this brochure shouldve been sent in december/january going by the wording and then when i read this "The Wind Holiday would like to our platinum sponsor Wade & Stanley Holdings for" ……blah, blah, blah…..
    I wouldve thought a legit brochure would have been checked for missing words, especially if youre going to send out close to 100,000 of the things. Also i tried looking up the ISBN number and got this "It looks like you have tried to enter an ISBN, but it is not a valid ISBN. Please make sure you typed it correctly."

  351. Another recipient here of a 2nd Prize winning ticket for $180,000 from Imperial Boy Travel. Went straight into the rubbish bin !

  352. received the winning ticket from Ocean Dynasty Vacation on 20 May-16 and the contact person is Alex and the sponsor is Ray Chapman.

  353. Bryson Ong and Mr Morgan Choo now work for silent dreams vacation and Andrews and Dawson ltd. I was stupid enough enough to get sucked in before I found this website. I telegraphed money to them but because of a spelling mistake on the transfer form it seems they haven,t received any funds as yet . I applied to bank to cancel transaction. Bryson or Morgan are calling daily to explain they haven,t received my half of the security deposit to Hong Kong government. Hopefully Karma does bite hard.

  354. We also just got the two brochures with one being a $180,000 2nd prize, but this time from Great Moon Travel.

  355. Yippee !! I just won one of the US$180,000 cash prizes from Great Moon Travel celebrating their 12th year in business. Their prize sponsors are Hart & Knight Limited. As with a post by David on 16th May 2016 I have the same comments. The big mention was an investment of a new 5 star hotel with a new adventure theme park in New Zealand. The word" New Zealand" is in a different colour as is "Great Moon Travel" and the company sponsors"Hart & Knight. " So they just change those words in their brochure template. The grand launch is expected by the end of year 2019.
    Just think if that was the case a new 5 star hotel with a new adventure theme park costing USD5 million ie NZD7.5 million would be splashed all over the papers. No sign of that. Also received 2 scratchies one was thank you and the other was the second prize.

  356. In late 2015 my parents nearly fell for this scam under the name of Sea Queen Travel. At the time we couldn’t find anything online to refute the "nice" website. So I started a facebook page: and boosted the information for a while.

    Could you please post the additional scammer travel co names there and share your experiences so as many people as possible can be warned about this issue!

    Thanks, Kate (Sydney Australia)

  357. I have received the wining tickets of 180000usd from the wind holidays and the contact person is the same Brayson.

  358. A. Alexander-Muir

    …well,clearly, the Mum’s of all the ‘clever clogs’, readers, who have commented, previously, on here, regarding these Malaysian scams…did NOT, ‘raise twits’. I too, have received ‘2 Scratchies’ one with ‘Thank You’…and more predictably than ‘the mail’…the other bearing ‘2nd Prize USD 180,000.00’. I was immediately suspicious. No-one, I repeat NO-ONE IS GIVING MONEY AWAY…not in the current Fiscal and political, ‘state of play’ on our wee blue orb!!

    So, being a tad…’suspicious’, and darned proud of it, I immediately, checked on my ‘benefactor’…’OceanDynastyVacation’ for myself. Their relatively, slick, despite one or two typos, which ALWAYS ‘telegraphs’…BS, to me. Added to this ’12th Anniversary Lottery’, was the rather overt, factoid that, this…website was only registered on 1st January 2016…yet here the ‘little dears’ were…asking me to ‘share’ their ’12th Anniversary’ Prize. The ‘deal’ was you were to phone…as is my rather rebellious nature. I emailed them…have scanned & copied the whole shebang and would be very surprized to hear anything back…at all. I mentioned that I am deeply cautious.

    I am certain of one thing though…I will not be receiving the supposed ‘happy cabbage’…of USD 180,000.00 and neither will anyone else. The envelope that the scam arrived in had my name on it, but…in reverse order.Rather odd. Surname first…so, these people have obviously BOUGHT MAILING LISTS…coz, frankly, I…don’t ‘join nuffin’…I did NOT enter any competition and frankly, don’t ‘gamble’ on anything. Great work from ‘Scam Detector’…and also all who have contributed their stories.

    I can only hope that as few as is feasible, have been ‘parted’ from their ‘cash in this scenario…utterly appalling behaviour…isn’t it??? From the list of comments here…it leads me to think, ‘they’ are all one in the same, group or ‘couple of people’…I look forward to see them, sporting an ‘orange jumpsuit’ each…hopefully, sooner, rather than later. Many fanx again, Scam Detector…great work indeed. A

  359. Ditto: nice glossy brochure from Great Moon travel with address and phone numbers etc arrived today. Two scratch cards enclosed, 1 with USD $180,000 the other with "thank you". The give away was "New Zealand" being mentioned in a different colour than "Taiwan"

  360. We got two brochures through the mail. My wife scratched one (nothing) and was disappointed that I got the prize on the other 🙂 – standard US$180,000 prize. Initially tempted to test it with debit card and skype phone number but once I checked and found this site I decided not to waste my time. The very smart web site is part of the scam – same phone numbers, address etc. – most impressive

  361. This scam is quite good. Fairly detailed and sincere for a scam that is. I too won $USD180,000.00 2nd prize and a very nice fellow by the name of Bobby Chong who phoned me back after my initial email to Oceangeneral Holidays was very embarrassed that his company had made a mistake in sending me these tickets as they were "meant only for members" but as they did not want any negative publicity, they were, after all, about to open an office for Oceangeneral Holidays in Sydney in August 2016 Bobby Chong had spoken with the prize sponsors " Gomez & Kelly Holdings" and they had agreed to honour the prize. Aww I felt so special. Poor Bobby Chong, he sounded like such a nice guy unlike the guy from Gomez & Kelly Holdings, he was a nasty piece of work who just wanted me pay half of the Hong Kong Court fees being $3,9600.00 USD. Wow! Bobby also asked me that when he came to Australia in July to open their office ( another alarm bell, the guy couldn’t even remember when he was opening an office) that he would like to meet with me and that I was to take him out for a seafood meal. Very funny. First of all, Bobby, if you are readin this I am a vegan, so no seafood for me or you for that matter and secondly you need to get out of the travel business if you don’t know how far Brisbane is away from Sydney. I laughed and laughed when I got off the phone when he suggested that I could pick him from Sydney airport and drive him to Brisbane so he could come to my home!!! ‘
    Complete scam. Good cop ( Bobby) who wins you over and convinces you its real and Bad Cop ( Alexander Ma) who plays hard ball to get you to part with your money. Bobby even told me to be "very nice to Mr Ma as he was the one who agreed to honour the prize" " Tell Mr Ma A VERY BIG THANK YOU" ( Bobby’s capitals) in his email to me with their poorly written Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement attached. I was not to tell anyone blah blah blah and I was to send money for Hong Kong Court fees urgently. Really? I was having so much fun up until then. Bobby asked me what I did for a living, he wasn’t so friendly when I told him I worked for lawyers…..
    This scam is pretty slick compared to others, but it does not take long for the wheels to fall off. Slick looking websites that offers no real substance, addresses that show up as empty buildings through Google maps, phone numbers that change all the time and people who answer the phone "Hello Rub.. no Oceangeneral Holidays" even the poor call centre workers cannot get their scripts correct. Bobby if you are reading this, you are not a bad actor, I did fall for you initially but the meeting you were having with Gomez Holdings in an hour to plead my case in the hope that they would honour the winning ticket made burst my bubble. I had the money spent ten times over!! I hope you can sleep at night. As my sister said " "yea 12th Anniversary alright, 12 years of scamming people" Here here.

    Do not send any money to these guys, its all fake. A scam, but a pretty good scam.

  362. Pioneer Seven Tours you are a godsend. Mr Bryson Ong was so considerate to chase after the prize that was "mistakenly" sent to us that was only reserved for the clients of the sponsor. Looking forward to my phone call with Mr. Morgan Choo from Lawson and Spencer ltd.
    I can’t believe I am so lucky to win $180,000USD in the 12th Anniversary competition without even entering. Now that’s luck for ya?

    I too would love to know how and where they got my information?

  363. Martin Davey

    Similar to previous comments. Received a glossy brochure from Cloud Dancer Vacation from Malaysia. 11th Anniversary 2 scratch tickets with one saying thank you and the other saying 2nd prize win of $ 165,000 USD. I immediately looked up scams and found exactly the same!!

  364. Add "Sandy Mighty Holiday" to the list. Dodgy as hell, same story, brochure, 2x scratch cards (1x thank you, 1x 2nd prize USD 180,000), Lot 14, Jalan Kuari, Kampung Cheras Baru, Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia, personally addressed to Australia with 3x Malaysia stamps (thanks, I love to collect international stamps, lol), website copyright 2016 looks cheap and nasty, no search response on company name, contact numbers are +6011 3613 4834 and +6011 3613 4835. Where are these dodgy mongrels getting our names and addresses? Buying or stealing electoral rolls or other business lists? Please be careful folks, give them NOTHING!

  365. Hi just got my "Sandy Mighty Holiday" $180,000.US, Dito of what Maradin say’s +(Google map shows address as a Dump)

  366. Yes I got one too with $180K win! It is a scam when you consider they are not clever enough to tell you what to do next if you win one right in the brochure. It doesn’t say how to contact them. You can only enter your details and post the card. If you ring at the phone number you only get a recorded message. Pure BULLSHIT!

  367. Just got a mail from Golden Jade Tour with a scratch card winning a 180 0000 USD. I knew it was too good to be true. Thanks scam detector

  368. Magic Fountains’ Bobby Chong does not give up easily but after me telling him about his parentage I think he got the message , bit of a bummer real I had to cancel my order on the new BMW.

  369. Have had a lot of fun with this lot. I insist that their conversations are forwarded to me by email . This gives them something to do and leaves someone else alone. Looking forward to the next conversation where I will probably give them their pedigree. Net Safe in N Z are pretty interested in this lot.

  370. Had a great conversation from mr Bobby Chong the non disclosure document looks pretty standard their sponsor was sander& Ross Hong Kong check,ed them out not a registered company. Mr Morgan Choo was to pay the $180000 US after I coughed up $3600USto Hong Kong Government . Checked with High Court In Hong Kong they did suggest to contact lawyer. Net Safe in nz were pretty interested.Looking forward to next conversation unless they have closed down the site.

  371. Wow this company will be broke in a week with all these 180k payouts! Mine was from Ocean General holiday, glossy paper, very well presented with a teddy bear.

  372. I live in Australia and I just received one from ‘Ocean General Holiday’. 2 scratchies, 1 a loser, the other US$180,000!! I believe in "if sounds too good to be true then it probably is". Thanks for the tip-off.

  373. @Ian: I just won exactly the same thing, cause it says there is only 2 winners of that prize we can be the only two? Ocean General Holiday 12th Anniversary. Malaysian address No 41 Johan Kapar, 41 400 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

  374. Also in New Zealand, my winning 180,000 scratchie came from Magic Fountain Travel. Mr Alex Lee is the man I talked to, who wanted my Air New Zealand airpoints number to confirm their "Client Number". He requested I travel to Wellington to help promote some tourist thing! Thankfully my husband is more untrusting than me and found this website.