5 Must-Know Hacks For Business Travellers

We are living in an age where airplane traveling has less hassles than getting on a bus, where driving your car could potentially save the planet and when you may not even have to travel to close that deal, we are living in the future. With so many options on how to get through this advanced age we need to know more about what can make it easiest, there are many possibilities that lie in front of us all, what you need to see is how to take control of them and use them for your profitability in a personal and financial way.

1. Ensure you are comfortable, this is a hack because we have all the popular technology at our finger tips and it can assist with business travel but there are some things that a phone, laptop or pad can’t do which is offer you a home comfort. Try bringing along a pillowcase from home, your favourite slippers or pyjamas for when you hop into an alien bed.

2. Pack it like a pro, you do not want to have to check a bag when you are going away for only a few days so pack for meetings, dinner and drinks, then maybe some exercise gear. The last thing you want to do is end up having to buy new outfits because your bag was damaged or lost on the flight, although this seems like a thing of the past it can still happen.

3. Repetition is key, if you are constantly travelling for all your business needs then make it easier on yourself by having a checklist. You can have one for driving across state lines and one for flying overseas. Once you have the perfect combination then the lead up will be stress free. We all know what it feels like to get to the airport and think you’ve left your passport at home or worse your clean underwear.

4. Book now if not earlier, when you are headed overseas or even just needing to hire a car to get across the country, it is a known fact that if you book ahead you avoid excess fees. Use sites like Skyscanner.net for flights and enjoycarhire.com for car rental. To add to this if you can try and check the cheapest prices for flights and accommodation then book the meetings around that time, no need to tell the client why you can only come then.

5. Set it up, when you arrive to your destination room unpack your things and set up the place like an office. This will tell your conscious to get into work mode and avoid any confusion about thinking you might be on a holiday.

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