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Is Sex Island Experience Real? Interview with a Questionable Organizer

Well, it seems that the whole Sex Island Experience was a proven scam, so if you were looking for ‘special’ Colombia vacation packages you should consider something else. Or, as the last turn of events shows, a trip to Las Vegas for a Coronavirus Sex Island special. Let’s dive in.

One important note: this article consists of an update at the top (video form), then a continuation featuring an interview with one of the Sex Island organizers, as was written originally.

The update? Watch the video below to see how people have claimed to be scammed by the Good Girls Company:



The continuation – as was written initially, below.

A controversial trip put together by Good Girls Company is offering 30 clients a shocking list of “activities” on a remote island over four days: unlimited sex with 60 girls, a drug-friendly environment, free alcohol and meals, yacht parties, luxurious bedrooms, and more. All for $4,500, while the video produced to promote the event was so descriptive that even YouTube and Vimeo removed it from their platforms.

Scam Detector received several messages in regards to the veracity of the event, scheduled to take place on an island in the Caribbean. Lately, many victims have come forward and told us how the scam works – see the Comments section and feel free to contribute.

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We published an article called Is Sex Island Experience Real or a Brilliant Hoax? featuring the reasons why skeptics initially advanced the idea that the whole thing is not going to happen: millions of hits to the company’s website in online traffic, one complaint already for a canceled event, or the legal aspects that the organizers would need to consider to by-pass the laws in the country the experience takes place. However, now is a proven scam, but we’ll get to that in a second.

While prostitution and drugs are legal in Colombia and some other countries, some people considered the event a ‘human-trafficking’ experience.


The Event Is Not Taking Place in Colombia or Trinidad Anymore

After publishing the article, Scam Detector was approached by the representatives of the “company” who wanted to address the concerns about the potential scam, prostitution claims, drugs, laws, and the whole marketing behind the campaign.

Despite the fact that the Sex Island Experience Scam was finally reported by its victims, we wanted to play a little bit with the fake organizers to expose their diabolical minds and hear their pathetic lies. So we pretended to ask questions as if the even would be real: Who are the girls who will provide the services? How were they recruited for ‘the job’? What’s in their contracts? Is the event really happening? Who are the people in the video? Who bought the tickets so far?

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These are all questions that are answered below by a guy who called himself the Good Girls Company’s Head of Customer Service, named Tony.

Please keep in mind that this is an interview made before the scam was exposed, right after the first Sex Island Experience campaign. We keep it like this so you can see how the lie evolved and how it fooled a lot of people.

Here are his answers:

Scam Detector: Tony, the first question that everyone asks – Is the Sex Island Experience a real event?

Tony: The event is 100% real. There was only one scam about it. After our video became viral, someone created a similar version of our website and sent all the interested readers and potential clients to They even created a Facebook page with the same name. We are real and are We had to contact Paypal and all the other payment method providers to make sure they block those guys. There is nothing we have to hide. As a matter of fact, that’s how we found you. We received tons of emails and people were referencing your previous article, asking us if we are legitimate.

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You’ve been receiving all kinds of feedback in the media – both good and bad.

It’s been pretty crazy. We had to double up the staff. Our website reached over a million views. We have now ten people working on the lines. We got thousands of messages on social media, especially on Instagram.

What do they say?

Some say congrats, some say this is just like a dream come true. Some want to attend, some want to know about the next event that is going to happen. Things like that. It is not the cheapest thing in the world, but people want to connect genuinely. Some people want to work with us. There are a lot of them. They even want to volunteer, asking how they can help. Many referenced another fantastic Cartagena, Colombia travel package, The Spark Experience, and asked if we are related.

How about negative messages, any?

To be honest, we only got one. They said they don’t like what we are doing. That was it.


“The New Location Is a Private Island in the Caribbean”

How many tickets did you sell so far?

We have five tickets left. We’ve got some bad press that made people believed the trip is cancelled, but that’s not true. The actual event it’s not even happening in Colombia, but in a different location. It’s on a private island in the Caribbean. We tell the exact location only to the paid clients, for their security. As you know, once the world knows where the party is, it gets crazy. The whole media and political scene start giving us issues.

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How is this location different?

I don’t even know if I should say this. The private island is close to Colombia but in a different country. In this country, it’s also legal what we offer. It was legal in Colombia too. Our bosses had specific licenses that stated “sexual events”. The whole propaganda that media, Colombia, and the mayor of Cartagena were making was extra. The mayor got on the news and said he is going to cancel the event, but he had no legal right to do that. We specifically had the business license for this event.

So would you say that you changed the location because you couldn’t by-pass the Colombian opposition?

We had different locations in mind from the beginning. Colombia was one of them, but we decided to go another route. Now it’s a country close-by so it’s not an issue. We had our business licenses in other Colombian locations as well. We were ready for whatever we had to decide. For our future events, we won’t have just one place. Our boss owns many different islands around the world, so we will do it in different countries, but only in countries where prostitution is legal.

Let’s address the issue of prostitution and human trafficking accusations. How do you comment?

We don’t traffic humans. Wherever we do our business, wherever we provide the event, the girls who are willing to work, work. Nobody is being forced to do anything at all. We sell the services of the event. The customers’ funds go directly towards the girls. We have contracts with the girls that they negotiate their deals. Once payment is made, they get paid immediately, even before they do the job. Basically, once the customers pay, they get a percentage of it. Legally, how our lawyers set it up is that we are just to provide the event and the things necessary for them to have a good time. Also, the payments that the girls receive is what somebody makes in the whole month in the country they’re from.


So the girls are local.

Yes, the majority of the girls are local.


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girls dancing on sex island experience boat

“Hundreds of Girls From Around the World Are Calling Now to Work With Us”

Who are these girls, how did you find them?

To be honest, that was not part of my job, but you will be surprised. A lot of girls found us. That’s what I can tell you. They came to us and wanted to work with us. Hundreds of girls are still calling us from around the world, including Canada.

But they didn’t know you before the story went viral.

Right. Before that, we had people searching, offering our services, telling them about the event and see if they are interested. I believe that’s how we found them, but again that was not my part.

So they signed a contract with you committing to offer sex?

I am not sure exactly how that works because, again, that’s not my part, but they signed the contract with the owners saying “we want to make this amount of money”. The rest is with the lawyers.


“Most of the Girls in the Promo Video Are the Real Girls”

girls dancing with masks sex island experience


In your promotional video, the boat has the name “Panama” on it. Is the new location Panama?

No. I can assure you on that. The video was shot in Cartagena, Colombia, but it’s true that the boat was from Panama. There are a lot of boats that travel all around.


Who are the people in the video? Are they the real girls who will work with you or just hired actors?

Most of the girls in the promo video are the real girls, yes.

How about the guy?

It was a model we used, but he is a friend, a nephew of the owners. He has a twin brother though, who will be in the next promo video.

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“We Have Three Couples That Bought Tickets”

From all the people who bought tickets, how many are women?

The majority of the clients are male, about 80-90%. Some ladies bought tickets from the UK. We also have three couples that will come.



Is it true that there is a celebrity from the UK that will come? Who is that?

I can’t comment on the identity of the clients, I hope you understand. I can just say that my boss is very well connected. He has a lot of friends. They have a lot of parties and a lot of good times.


What kind of people bought tickets, in terms of age?

We had a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old. The rest are in between 30 and 50.

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“An Opportunity For The Middle Class”

How did you come up with the price, $5,000?

My boss came up with it. He thought was a good price. He would charge a lot more for his private clients and contacts from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, New York. Bankers in New York or other wealthy people from the Middle East pay around $10,000 or something like that. He found a way to bring the cost down for everyone and tried to give the opportunity for the middle-class. That’s how he came up with $5,000. The typical middle-class person who goes in vacation spends between $3,000-$5,000.


How about the hotel where you will stay at? Do they know what will happen there?

The whole island belongs to my boss, so the resort is his property. There are no problems with that.

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“It’s Not The First Time We’re Doing This”

In the new location, did you get all the permits in place already?

Of course. It’s not the first time we are doing this. It is just the first time when it is publicized.


So most of the girls are the same from previous experiences?

Yes, they worked with us before. They are happy, as they are paid very well. They never complained.

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“We Are Not Providing Drugs”

Can you address the issue of drugs on your trip? Your video says “Drug-friendly experience”.

That’s a very good thing to comment on, thank you. We are NOT going to provide you cocaine or anything like that. In the location we are going the marijuana is legal. We don’t sell it. If customers want to do it during the event that’s not a problem. That’s why we put ‘drug-friendly’ in the video. It was the marketing department’s idea. It worked.

It’s the new location Jamaica, then?

No. I can guarantee you that, too.


Last question. Your video broke over 100 million views, on websites such as Daily MirrorThe Independent, or Daily Mail. You said that there will be ‘future events’. Are you filming more videos?

In a couple of weeks we will start filming the next promo video for an event that will be off the hook. We’re planning it for the New Year Eve.

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We know you probably have seen this, but watch the video below to see the controversial Sex Island Experience video:

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17 thoughts on “Sex Island Experience Scam Interview”

  1. how is this website allowed to run in the U.S if it’s a scam? wouldn’t anyone in Nevada respond to this? wouldn’t the media outlets that have covered this like fox news, the doctors, which is a legitimate show, speak out against it as a scam? what i don’t understand is how you guys got scammed but you did not involve the authorities in the US or whatever country this company is registered in. you guys are not making an effort to put an end to this, they have multiple websites that are up and running, one of them uses PayPal have you notified them? i need more proof from ya’ll that this is indeed fake. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of these events got cancelled in April – June, that was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were not allowed outside for the most part. There are articles that show pictures of the venue in venezuela where the event took place in 2018.

  2. Paid $4500 by wire transfer for the Valentine’s Day February 14, 2020 event. Waited at the airport a few hours for the limo that never came, then received the email worded identical to what others have received in the past stating the event was cancelled due to police raid. It is a total scam, do not fall for it!

  3. Sounding like a scam. Sad. Question for those who bought tickets..Did you buy it from the one with the website ? Or from another site/link? I see a facebook page with an email contact different from the one on the website.

  4. Paid for Halloween event, all communications stopped, then told event cancelled. States refund in 1-2 weeks. Will update shortly

  5. Hey I am fairly confused- wouldnt the television stations and newspapers correct their stories if this is a scam? if someone has the emails of the parties being cancelled can you post them. I dont want to fall for a scam but I cant believe so many intenration papers would get fooled

  6. Unfortunately I also read John comment after I paid the ticket. After my payment became non reversible they stopped replying my messages and that’s when i realised it could be a scam. I really wanted to believe that this event was real and right now it’s not clear to me if i am more sad that i lost 4500$ or that the event is not real. The most unbelievable part is that all media articles state that it’s a true event, that’s how I actually fell for it and all the negative comments for the event are somewhere hidden in the bottom of some blogs. I also fail to believe that I am only the second victim after John globally. Although I feel embarrassed i fell for it I can actually take the financial hit without many consequenses. I am not sure though that every victim will have the same fortune. Be alerted in all those kind of scams. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  7. i want to have an vacation in sex-island,please update me how to travel,when and where this gonna happen,so that i need to manage visa and tickets of that place,to whom i need to pay or whatever the details would be,well im from india

  8. Its complete fraud! The event is not real and they will not give you your money back. I got scammed. They delete all negative comments about them off of their social media. I cannot beleive that more people have not come forward to expose this. There is no way I am the only one who bought a "ticket"

  9. I work doing erotic content, so I know a lot of girls with really "wide open mind", a person called Micheal write me saying he works for sex island and want my girls to work there, so i start asking questions about everything (to protect the girls), and while asking I noticed a lot of logistics issues they didn’t think about, for example, they promote all girls are STD free, right? but what about the clients? don’t they should test them before "sharing" the girls?, questions like that got him knocked out and didn’t reply me back after that, so my conclussion is: this is a "Fyre Festival" type of scam, doing good video promotions on the web, fools sending money but later they reply the event is suspended and never reply back.

  10. I was having regular communication with one of the customer service reps before I purchased my ticket. Her name was Zara and was very helpful and even sent pictures of the "girls" that would be attending the event. After I paid for the ticket all communication has stopped. I’ve made several attempts to contact this Zara person but no response. Of course like an idiot I did my research after I paid and am starting to see articles about how they are just a scam. So it looks as if I’ve been cheated of 4500. I still have all emails in case anyone would like to see for themselves.

  11. Sex Island is absolutely a scam. The organizers are common criminals and thieves. They take the money and then pretend to cancel the event for safety – never giving any money back. SCAM!

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