TSA PreCheck Scam

TSA preCheck scam

TSA PreCheck Scam: How It Works

If you are an avid traveler, beware of the new TSA PreCheck Scam. Given its variations, it is also known as the TSA PreCheck Renewal Scam. Let’s explain.

The TSA PreCheck program is a trusted and reliable service offered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to help expedite security screenings for eligible travelers at U.S. airports. The program allows pre-screened passengers to move quickly through security lines and avoid having to remove their shoes, belts, and light jackets or take laptops and liquids out of their carry-on bags. However, there are some bad news.

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There have been instances of individuals and companies fraudulently offering fake TSA PreCheck services, either through online scams or in-person at airports. These scams are designed to trick travelers into paying for a false TSA PreCheck experience and may also result in the unauthorized sharing of personal information and payment details. It is one of the most prevalent travel scams these days.

tsa precheck renewal scam

New Variation: The TSA PreCheck Renewal Scam

In addition to encouraging people to sign up for the fake TSA PreCheck program, criminals also target those who want to renew their status. Based on the same principle, the TSA PreCheck Renewal Scam is pretty self-explanatory.

To avoid falling for a TSA PreCheck scam and its variation, travelers should always go through the official TSA PreCheck enrollment or renewal process. This includes completing an application, undergoing a background check, and receiving a Known Traveler Number (KTN). The KTN is used when making flight reservations and helps the TSA determine if a passenger is eligible for TSA PreCheck.

It is important to note that the TSA does not sell nor endorse any products or services related to expedited airport security. Any offers for expedited security or to purchase TSA PreCheck privileges should be viewed with suspicion, and travelers should only provide personal information and payment details through official TSA channels.

Wary Of TSA Promotions

In addition to the official TSA PreCheck enrollment process, travelers can protect themselves from scams by being vigilant when booking travel online and being aware of red flags such as unsolicited emails offering special deals or promotions. It’s also a good idea to avoid sharing personal information with unknown parties, such as Social Security numbers.

In conclusion, the TSA PreCheck program is a valuable service for eligible travelers, and it is essential to be vigilant and avoid scams. By following the official enrollment or renewal process and being aware of red flags, travelers can protect themselves and ensure they receive the benefits of TSA PreCheck.

What to do if you believe you’re experiencing a TSA scam? See below.

How To See If a TSA-Related Website Is Fake

If you feel a website promoting a TSA PreCheck deal might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector website validator below:

How To Report a Fake TSA Offer

If a traveler believes they have fallen victim to a TSA PreCheck scam, they should report it to the TSA immediately by calling the TSA Contact Center at 866-289-9673. They should also consider reporting the fraud to local authorities and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the portal below:

Report To The FTC Here

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The New eTA Scam

How To Know If A Travel Website Is Fake

Verify a website below

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