Email Scams

The most common form of electronic communication is also one of the most common avenues for scammers as email scams have been running for decades. 

Some refer to the pop culture, contests, pandemic-related information, and surveys, promising free money for vital information. That’s one of the oldest phishing scams.

The email scams often lead to identity theft. The good news is, here is how to remove your personal information from the Internet.


Email Scams: List Below

Email scams have gotten even more sophisticated, including Amazon scam email messages that really appear to be from the Amazon website. Here is how you can detect and block any harmful website on the Internet.

Apple ID email scams are common as well, with the millions of users of iPhones and other Apple products across the globe. 

New email scams are arising every day, so keep your eyes open and watch this space to learn about them as they develop. See below:

Fake Zoom Meeting Invite

Zoom Meeting Invitation: How The Scam Works One of these days, you may receive an email that looks like you have been invited to a Zoom meeting. The invitation seems very official and slightly bears Zoom’s branding and style. The email going around looks like this – see screenshot below:     Let’s take a […]

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Law Firm Copyright Email

Backlink Law Firm: How The Scam Works Did you receive an email from a ‘lawyer’ called Linda Harris from a law firm supposedly called Davis Robbins? You are not alone. You may be the victims of the Backlink Scam, or the DMCA Copyright Infringement scare. Let’s dive in to see how it works. Most Search […]

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TV Licensing Email

TV Licensing Cancel Scam: How It Works If you live in the United Kingdom, there is an email going around today that are pretending to be sent from TV Licensing. It may also come as a text message. They announce that the company has cancelled your license as they were unauthorized to process your […]

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OurTime Subscription Purchase Scam: How It Works is an online dating website that caters to people over 50. The platform seems to be doing a decent job connecting its members – despite some complaints – and has over 7 million users per month. While OurTime’s services are appreciated more or less, scammers also joined […] Subscription Email Read More

Undelivered Email

Undelivered Email Scam: How It Works Beware of a new-old email scam that is going around this week: the Undelivered Email. How does it work? Your inbox shows you a list of undeliverable emails that you’ve apparently received. Here is how the scam works, so you can avoid it. Recipients are prompted to decide […]

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BMW Lottery Winning Notification

BMW Lottery Winning Scam: How It Works Thousands of people around the world have been receiving these days an email apparently coming from the BMW headquarters. It informs the potential victims about a BMW lottery winning and congratulates the recipients about the award: a brand new car and cash on the side. The sender uses […]

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GoDaddy Account Verification Email

GoDaddy Account Verification Scam: How It Works If you are the owner of a website hosted by GoDaddy, watch out for the latest scam, the GoDaddy Account Verification Email. The scam has been making a lot of victims out there precisely because it resembles the messages that the official GoDaddy Support Team sends out […]

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Walmart Email Gift Card

Walmart Email Gift Card: How It Works (with video below) Wouldn’t it be nice if Walmart would send us a random $500 gift card occasionally? Oh, wait, did you just get one? It looks legitimate too, right? Sorry to burst your bubble but you might be victim of the latest scam, involving the giant retailer’s […]

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Donation In Your Name Email

Donation in Your Name Scam: How It Works (with video below) There is no week for us without receiving messages from readers, letting us know about a donation-related scam that’s been going around and having the same traits as an old age scheme. Since it keeps happening we publish it with all its variations, just […]

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CIBC Anti-Laundering Email

How the scam works: Beware of an email coming from criminals impersonating the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). It asks recipients to keep their account according to the national anti-laundering regulations. The message lures the victims into believing that they need to confirm their identity in order to avoid suspicious anti-laundering activity showing on […]

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Parcel Intercept

How the scam works: (with video below) You receive a message – usually by e-mail, but sometimes via regular mail or social media as well – from somebody who claims to be from USPS (United States Postal Office), Canada Post, Royal Mail Group (in the United Kingdom) or Australia Post. The sender, who claims to […]

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Woolworth Survey Email

Woolworth Email Survey Scam: How It Works (with videos below) It’s always nice when a store that you visit often offers gifts for your loyalty. Well, as the latest in a series of freebie scams proves, the allure of getting something for nothing is often the quickest road to getting ripped-off. Recently, the Woolworth […]

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