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sharpie scam

Sharpie Scam: Elections 2020

Thousands of people are taking the electoral fight online to report the Sharpie Scam. As the votes for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are still being counted, the smallest details could decide the tight race. The Sharpie scam implies that many Trump supporters have been voting with, well, sharpies, as opposed to regular pens. As a result, the general belief is that these votes are not counted and are disqualified.

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Meanwhile, here is how a 2020 vote with a Sharpie looked like, as Erika Ortega recorded it:

Most of the Sharpie scam accusations happened in Arizona, where voters claim that they were given those types of pens on purpose.

Watch the video below to see the Sharpie scam explained by some participants in the electoral process:

However, the fight doesn’t stop there. Thousands of tweets are pouring in today as this subject seems to be impossible to fix, at least for the moment. Many Trump voters accuse Biden’s team of being responsible for the Sharpie scam. The scandal extended to the degree that many voices ask now for a revote in Arizona!

FBI Accusations

“Arizona GOP voters were handed a sharpie to complete the ballots”, says Jeff (Twitter user Lv225u2).

“Arizona came back and said we couldn’t count your ballots because our machines will not register sharpies! Big scam in Arizona”.

Some users went as far as accusing the FBI of being part of the Sharpie scam (see image below). “Fire Wray,” says user Not Sure (@noneyuns). For those who don’t know, Christopher Wray is the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Director.

sharpie vote

Voter Fraud: Trump vs. Biden Continuous Fight

However, it is not just the state of Arizona that’s being on the hot spot. Here is what the user @venividivici posted on Twitter: “Flair marking pens were also handed out at Leonard Rec Center, located in Guilford County, NC during early voting. This, too, could fall into the Sharpie scam category. I was there and refused to use the Flair pens.”

Where does the truth lie? That’s hard to say at this point. As Donald Trump mentioned a few times even before November 3, these elections seemed to be the most scandalous in the United States’ history, up to date. However, his “anticipation” could also be fabricated, as most of the voters claim.

Will millions of votes and ballots be disqualified? We will have the answers hopefully soon.

We know for sure that the Sharpie scam will not be the only scandal that will perpetuate over the next few days. The Trump vs. Biden fight is too big to settle that easy.

Sharpie Scam: How To Report

Let your family and American friends know about the Sharpie Scam, by sharing this material on social media. You can officially report any suspicious activity to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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  1. This is fake news. There is no Sharpie scam. I insist on using Sharpies, precisely because they can’t be erased! Dumbasses.

  2. If your dumb enough to use a sharpie then maybe you shouldnt be voting at all. Like they would have you use something that wasn’t erasable and bleeds through paper. How are some ppl so clueless

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