Black Money Scam

black money scam

Black Money Scam: How It Works

The Black Money Scam might look as if it is taken from a mafia movie, but it happens worldwide regularly. After developing a quick friendship, the scammer shows the victim a car trunk full of millions of dollars in banknotes. “All the banknotes are painted with a black coat so that the money was able to pass through customs undetected”, the scammer says. Sometimes white paint is used instead of black.

The problem is the removal of the paint. The only substance that will remove the coat while keeping the notes intact is costly.

Watch the video below to see in action the Black Money scam exposed on WCPO:

Black Money Scam Video

They suggest you give them cash for the remover. However, the quantity of bottles you need to purchase is high since there are a lot of banknotes. So, they say they will give you a percentage of the entire amount of banknotes. To be more convincing, they might have a “sample” of the remover in a mini bottle.

They will pull one of the black money bills and use the “magic” substance in front of you. Guess what? A real banknote will reveal, nice and clean!

You decide to take the risk and, knowing that you will receive $8,000, you pay them $1,000 to buy the chemical from one of their “connections.”

To show they are fair, they take you with them when they buy the substance. That means meeting with the seller (which is one of their accomplices) in a different parking lot. After he “purchases” several bottles, the crook gives you a couple of them, along with your “part of the deal” from the trunk.

Excited, you go home, but as soon as you start washing the notes, you realize it’s all just junk paper. The scammer had only a few bills painted when they showed you how it works, while the secret chemical is nothing else than colored water.

Black Money Fraud: How To Avoid

There is no such thing as painted money recovery, so really if you get caught, it’s your fault. But to be kind, can we say, yet again, never strike a deal in a parking lot? The image provided for this page features real props used to pull the scam, captured by the police.

Here is how it would look in a trunk:

black money

Black Money: How To Report a Scammer

Warn your friends and family about the Black Money Scam by sharing it on social media here. You can officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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9 thoughts on “Black Money Scam”

  1. I have a friend who was conned by this scam. He met a guy who claimed to be from Cameroon. This was in China. So he was shown two boxes full of American bank notes, he said they looked like they were covered with something similar to charcoal. The notes looked a little scrunched. But the guy used cleaning solution to clean two bank notes, two $100 bills. It was a tiny bottle of cleaning product. But needed 1L of the solution to clean half a whole box of $1 million, 2 boxes each of 1 million USD, totaling $ 2 million. He was promised a 50% share. The guy who did the cleaning, wasn’t the original guy. The Cameroon guy said the guy he is introducing my friend my text message and letting them 2 meet was a French, but he too was black, who he knew The original guy for years. The Cameroon guy my friend met a few years earlier gave him a ‘business’ proposition. But anyway the supposed French guy cleaned two $100 bank notes. He gave them to my friend and exchanged them into Chinese yuan. The guy took one note from each of the two boxes sealed with orange packaging tape. After he took the cleaned notes as a demonstration, he saw the cereal number on both of the notes were only one digit different from each other. Only the last digit on them both was different. The Cameroon guy pretended to be his friend. He claimed he had to leave China because of visa issues. So he had the package shipped to Congo later or that’s what he claimed, the Cameroon guy said he was staying with his friend there in Congo. So for months and months he was sending money by western union from China to Congo. He kept being told the cleaning procedures are almost finished after months and months and more payments were needed, again and again, and always another problem came up, more payments were needed. So he got mad and didn’t want to wire money anymore. So the guy told him the government in Congo knows they have these big packets of money and want to know where it came from. My friend refused to send him money anymore. So the guy was threatening him with the government, arrest, and it scared him. He came to tell me about it. He wanted to meet me and explained what was happening to him the last few years. He told me he didn’t tell anyone. I just said wow you really trust me. I told him he is getting conned, this a cheater group. I said ignore him. He told me this is why he didn’t pay me back money he borrowed from me and this is why he has been broke all the time. Yes I lent him some money and he wasn’t paying me back. He didn’t tell me what was going on. I had a feeling something wasn’t right. He was so sorry for not telling me why he borrowed money from me and a few others we know. Coz he was getting cheated and thought he’ll have big money soon. He was so ashamed he lied to me. I told him I forgive him. I told him to delete those guys numbers and don’t talk to them anymore. I also told him to change his phone number. So he did. 

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how rich people fall for the dumbest things. I mean seriously, $25,000 for chemicals to wash off paint??? It’s called paint thinner and you can buy it at Walmart or even the dollar store LOL. But I guess they need really special chemicals to clean the construction paper money LMAO. It just goes to show, you can’t fix stupid and stupid has no boundaries, financial or otherwise. smdh. I can’t believe I had never heard of this scam…it’s pretty funny though. With that said, I love it when scammers contact me…I love to screw with them…make them believe that I am totally gullible and buying into their BS LOL. It’s fun to lower the boom and tell them off after they think they have you reeled in LOL.

  3. Scams are part of our life and scammers just want to make money quickly. They are everywhere and always ready to bring you down. Today technology is the main weapon for them and they use it very smartly. Lots of scams are there such as first aid scams dating scams, bank scams, pension and many more.
    Please we aware of these scams and frauds.

  4. Dear Sir ,

    I want to that how I test black money is real . Which chemical I can use for test and get result immediately .

    Thanks ,

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