License Plate Spray

How the scam works:

(with explanatory video below) Who doesn't hate to get a speeding ticket? It can cost you a lot of money every time. If there was a product that you simply spray on your license plate and when you take a picture of it, the plate will be a black spot, would you buy it?

Scammers set up booths or street kiosks where they sell this product at, looking official and wearing uniforms. To convince you the product works, they spray it on a plate they have with them, take a picture of it and show it to you.


People who are still suspicious ask to take a picture of their car's license plate so they are a 100% sure it works. No problem, they can do that too. You look at your car's license plate in the image and sure enough, you see your number blocked! This could be the best product ever. Convinced? Forty bucks are a lot cheaper than a speeding ticket so why not buy the spray?

How does it really work? The scammers simply buy the cheapest hair spray they can find and put a different label around it. Hairspray doesn't give a black spot when you take a picture, but the scammers use a marker to draw a black spot on the lens of their camera. Then they can take a picture of anything and align the black spot on top the object that needs to be covered (eg. the license plate).

Watch the video below to see how the License Plate Spray scam is pulled perfectly.


License Plate Spray Scam Video


How to avoid:

First of all, do not speed, so you don't get traffic tickets in the first place. If 'miracle' spray selling dudes ever approach you, always test the product using your own camera.

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