Direct Deposit Account

Direct Deposit Scam: How It Works

You have been looking for a job online and finally one day receive a confirmation you are hired.

The person who contacts you is very professional and after a few questions, gives you the details about what your employment with the company will entail.

After a few common sense instructions, the employer informs you that their policy is to pay the salaries into a direct deposit account, and you will have to set one up ASAP especially for this. They will ask you to give the details needed for your account, including your Social Security Number and date of birth. You know what can happen from this point on.

How to avoid:

If you get a job, you should visit the site. If that’s not possible, make sure you take their phone number and call the Human Resources Department back with questions (but not the number provided by the scammers). You should never set up a direct deposit account for this.

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I got duped by nti consulting. I managed to realize what was happening, but it was after id already recieved the deposit. I called the bank to have it reversed and my accts are gonna be closed. Only thing that worries me is that the bank informed me that any money left in the acct would be mailed via cashiers check. But the deposit has yet to be reversed. What happens if they send me a check?


What is the risk of setting up a new account with no money and give details to them? I have been approached by a company called Megellan World Travels, they have a web site, but cant call on the number in the web site.

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