Ukash Vouchers

Ukash Voucher Scam: How It Works

(with explanatory videos below) Ukash vouchers are very useful and convenient legitimate cards that people in 33 countries use every day. They consist of a 19-digit code and can be used for both shops and online purchases.

The great thing about a Ukash voucher is that users don’t even need to have a bank account or a credit card in order to buy one for the amount desired. It is cash on a serial number.

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However, scammers have come up with criminal strategies to victimize people, taking advantage of the convenience of the voucher. There are five variations of the Ukash scam:

1. Ukash Loan

Scammers impersonate loan companies willing to help you with cash. In order to get your loan, you are required to pay fees for transactions and insurance. The company will justify that by saying they want to ensure you are not a criminal trying to get the money and run.

Watch the video below to see in detail how the prepaid card scam variation 1 occurs – not only with Ukash cards but also with Vanilla Reload or Green Dot MoneyPak.

Prepaid Card Scam in the News Video

2.Awards, Lottery, Prizes

Scammers call hundreds of households per day with various fake offers, sweepstakes and prizes – and give the recipients the whole speech about “not needing a credit card or debit card to redeem it”. Typically, the fraudsters require the ‘winner’ to pay only a small 5% of the whole amount, representing an ‘admin fee’.

“We only take Ukash cards, for the safety of our customers”, they might say. Relieved by the fact that they don’t need to provide personal info or bank account numbers, several victims give their card code for phony registration fees, fines, or any other redeemable prizes.

3. Purchasing Stuff on eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace

Whatever item scammers “sell” on these sites, they require the payments via Ukash, persuading the victims to load money into their card and then to send along the serial number. If you do that, your card will be emptied almost instantaneously. Justifying this, scammers come up with a good reason for requesting the payment. “I just got my wallet stolen and had to cancel all my accounts, sorry for the inconvenience”.

4. TV Channels Upgrade

The scam involves calls to customers, offering every channel DirecTV offers for only $365, or a dollar a day, for a year. The customer is even offered a free preview of all the channels as “proof” that the caller is really from DirecTV. The victims, now with the proof they were looking for, agree to the terms of payment, which involves using Ukash to transfer the money to the “company” for the additional channels.

The caller tricks the victim into giving his DirecTV account information. Another accomplice in his gang then calls DirecTV and pretends to be the customer asking for an immediate upgrade to all channels. Therefore, when the customer wants proof, they are able to offer it by showing accessibility to all channels.

The scammers will tell the victim that they will be out in a few days to complete the upgrade. Of course, no one shows up.

5. Adding Credit To Your Card

This variation itself has two ways of unfolding:

a. If you are an avid Twitter or Instagram user, you might notice tempting posts (or comments posted on purpose on celebrity pictures, so millions of people can see them) stating: “Real People Making Real Money Guaranteed” or “How I Will Make You Money Quick”. The scam is mostly aimed at teenagers, who are naive, need money, and actually click on the links provided to follow the instructions.

This particular scam was pulled by an Instagram user named “MAKEUMONEY_CHRISS” who had his profile full of pictures of him holding a lot of cash and promising to create the same wealth for you. A phone number was provided, as well as several fake testimonials from others who apparently benefited from his services.

As soon as those interested in “making money guaranteed” called Chris – who by the way, is probably long gone now, most likely using a different username – he explains how will generate them cash. He instructs the caller to purchase a Ukash and debit card, then add money to it. The owner of the card has to scratch off the back, and give him the security PIN. By doing so, it gives him access to all the money on the card. But wait, here is how he says he’ll make you money:

“I have a specific computer software that I use. Once I access your Ukash account, and the time on the receipt when the card was purchased, I’m gonna simply add zeroes in the system. Once I add a zero to that amount, it’s going to turn hundreds into thousands. It’s going to cost you $50 per card” says the scammer. Basically, the crook admits to jailbreak the system, but the victims don’t mind, as long as they are promised to make money.

The issue is, once users give away the PIN on the back of the card, scammers wipe and steal the money linked to the card. Not only the victims lose all the money transferred to the card, but another $50 sent to the scammer beforehand.

b. The second way you can get scammed by this variation is when the criminal impersonates somebody working for Ukash or any other reloadable card (Vanilla Reload, Green Do/MoneyPak). Watch the video below to see a victim explaining exactly how she got scammed.

Victim Explains How Scammers Operate Video

Ukash Scams: How to Avoid

Never give your Ukash serial number to anybody. Ukash is… cash. You give it away…it is gone. Internet software might be a beautiful thing, but don’t be naive. Money is not made that easy. You should never do illegal things anyway.

On the other hand, you can’t win a lottery you never enter for. Always refuse to pay somebody you have never seen before with the reloadable card.

However, keep in mind that the same scam could be pulled by criminals not just asking you to use Ukash, but other reloadable cards as well. Treat these cards like cash – you give it away, you won’t have it anymore.

If the transaction is local (and you should only do local when selling on Craigslist), always ask for cash. If it is through Paypal, tell the buyer he can pick up the item as soon as you have accepted the Paypal payment, and not before.

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54 thoughts on “Ukash Vouchers”

  1. 31 October
    my ipad screen locked apparently for safety reasons with the message Audio and video recording in progress amount of fine £100


    you can pay fine Ukash or paysafecard vouchers
    type your code
    (£100 ukash or paysafecard)
    and press ok

    Is this a scam

  2. Friday 21st August 2015.
    Was rung today by the "Despatch" Dept of the County Court, Centre Heights, Finchley Road, London NW3 6JG (0208 81444333) to inform me that I had been awarded £3,600 compensation for an injury I’d received from an car accident in Sept 2012. Before they could release the cheque I was to buy UKash vouchers 2 x 50 & 2 x 40 & ‘phone them with details of these at 5.30pm when at 7pm Mr Eric ~Wisdom (!) would turn up and give me my cheque. Fortunately, I got on to this site & read the scams! BEWARE!!!!

  3. i was called about ministry of government from the government and she was due 4250 and this happened on 3 june 2015.They told me to get a £96 ukash voucher from my local store. Then I gave the person my ukash details and they told me to pay fees for the solicitor Mr Erik William who would bring the money to me. This is absoultely fake as I waited and waited and still haven’t received my money. They told me to send more than £350.00 to india. The very next day the same person called saying that i am now due more than £7000 this woman Jenifer shall not be trusted

  4. I have lost everything cause these scams my home I sent them 2440 am sick at the fact this is still going on! Has anyone been fit get there money back??

  5. I was just a victim to this scam on my Acer tablet I was give a locked screen message which was very convincing in stating that there were a few laws broken so I looked it up an found it was a scam I’m just thankful that I didn’t pay an wasn’t a victim to the scam they wanted £100 off me to unlock my tablet which I then turned it off fully an turned it back on the locked screen message was then gone an now I have a fully working tablet hope this helps

  6. I too have been a victim of this scam totalling an amout of 1900pounds and I’m sick to my stomach that people out ther that can pick on vulnerable people and get away with it.
    I just hope I never catch up with these people,who are low life.if u ever get a call from Alex Robinson or Jerry,terry beware the number that I’ve got is 02081448681.

  7. Alex has conned me today the absolute foriegn fucker dont care if this gets reported ..scammin people like that the absolute prick..luckily mine was only 50 i will find that cunt and just u wait

  8. A company called kwick cash have called me already had most of my details said I have been accepted for a loan of £1000 just need to pay my 1st installment of £60 ukash then funds will be released , is this a scam ?

  9. Just had an Asian call with very bad English calling me dear, ( Im Male) His name is Victor Jame lol.
    ref number he gave me was 1100238 phone number 02032902019, I was due 3,400 but had to buy UKASH vouchers for £340 and show Alex Robinson them, when he delivered the cheque.
    When he called back to see if I had bought the vouchers I said no and invited Alex around, where I would beat **** out of him for scamming vunerable people.
    If its too good to be true it normally is guys.

  10. Seems like Alex Robinson is a busy fellow, he was due to visit with cheque for 3400.00 but I didn’t play ball, didn’t get vouchers for him. When I told him he was a scammer he got really nasty & told me to f— off.
    Reported to police.

  11. i too have been conned, i was called on friday 30th by a asian man called Ryan, he said he worked for the goverment and had won a ppi claim for me for £2800, but in order to get this i had to buy ukash vouchers for £280 from a local store, i got the vouchers and gave him the codes over the phone, he said a solicitor named Alex Robinson would deliver the cheque. Alex Robinson phoned me and said that i had to pay his fee of £400, i said i had not enough money, so i called Ryan back and said that i was being asked for £400 pound for fees, so they agree for me to pay another £280, so again i went along to the store and got more ukash vouchers for that amount. I gave them all of the cash that i had, and i had a sick cat who needed urgent treatment at the vets and i could’nt afford a taxi to take him let alone treatment, i had to watch him suffer, it was so hurtful. Alex Robinson phoned the next say and said i had to pay £1000 more to release the cheque, i said i did not beleive he was genuine and i wanted my money back, he said i would have to pay a cancellation charge of £200, i have pleaded with them to give me my money back and refuse. I have no money for living expenses for the rest of the month, i had to get my sister to pay for the vets, i had to have my cat put to sleep, was a stressful weekend i have had. I have reported them to the police and am waiting to hear.

  12. barbara beechey

    I have been scammed through my own stupidity by High Street Claims based in India,although the address given was Centre Heights ,Finchley Road in London.Throughout the scam they asked for Ukash vouchers and Moneygram transfers. Stop these people before they suck others in.

  13. had call with same. PPI need £280 ukash vouchers to pay commision get vouchers now but only need hand over when cheque clear.

  14. i believe i have been the victim of a scam on gumtree. i had enquired about a fridge and the lady told me that she would have it delivered to my house but first i had to go out and buy a Ukash voucher and send the voucher number to the delivery man ([email protected]) then they would process the delivery that day. i went and got the ukash voucher and sent the number and had no reply for a couple days, then today i got an email saying the delivery was ready to go but first i have to pay $150 AUD for insurance before they would deliver my item. it also had an address at the end of the email and when i searched it on google earth it came up with an international airport in africa which i thought was great considering i live in australia and the item was coming from australia… if i had of known it would be delivered to me from canberra via africa i wouldn’t have bothered

  15. Same here today. A guy who sounded like they were phoning from India. Mine was calling himself Paul Simon FFS. Said I was due £2540.00 and that as agreed they wanted 10% – £254 in two UKASH vouchers.

    I did apply for a PPI search a couple of years ago, guess somewhere along the lines my details were illegally sold on. The guy calling new my full name, obviously had my mobile number, my post code and knew I once had a TSB Trustcard VISA.

    Said they would be round with a cheque in 90 mins once i confirmed i had two vouchers, one for £200 and one for £54.

    I played along and they phoned back an hour later and asked for the serial numbers of said vouchers. They were quite persistent. I eventually pissed them off by repeatedly asking them for norwegian blue parrots and a lamb vindaloo!

  16. I had a call this morning saying I was due £2800 and to buy £280 worth of ukash vouchers to pay 10% commission. The name David Butler was used, as the person who would deliver the cheque. I was given a helpline number to call 0208 1236623 and the address given was 137 Finchley Road London. They claimed to be from the direct claims team of City County Court of London. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it

  17. Ive been told tday that I have 2,500 owing to me for a credit card I had with Tesco and I needed to get vouchers from U CASh STORE.For 250.00 and blah blah hand the money over when receiving cheque, I said blah blah what a performance ,to cut short im not that silly!!!! so they arnt fooling me ,bludy forieners!!! couldn’t hardly understand what was said ,

  18. ukash site is a scam dont buy ukash. The ucash site said my codes were wrong. How could this be they issued the codes
    PS dont buy ucash its a rip off

  19. dont fall for it , just that a scam , although one good point they jogged my memorey and yes i had taken out PPI with the bank they said i had, i now reclaiming it back my way .

  20. Was contacted by a foreign women saying I was had pip claim that they were going to pay out to me told me to go to my local Martin’s and gave me correct address and buy ukash voucher for 10"of my refund then transferred my call to a delivery company to arrange to give me money in exchange for voucher as pip they said was owing was from company I have never had a loan with going to phone back tomorrow when I will tell them to f off

  21. IF THEY ASK FOR PAYMENT ITS A SCAM! DO NOT GIVE UKASH NUMBER. YOU WILL NOT GET THE MONEY PROMISED! There are complaints on other sites about people who have been conned and there also scammers saying that they have received their payments with ukash. Ignore the positives they are bogus scammers trying to trick people into believing that you will receive the ppi payment but you WONT! My friend was conned last week out of £150 and they had the nerve to ask for more.

  22. we have just had a call telloing us vwe have a chq for 3200.00 ppi return.i had to buy a u cash voucher for271.00 .give them the number to prove i have bought.ITS A CON.DONT FALL FOR IT.

  23. I got exactly same call this morning , name Eric Wilson was used and ukash , anyone wanting money up front is obviously not real , told man on phone off for wasting my time and hung up, think he tried ringing back but I didn’t answer phone.

  24. I received a phone call this morning asking for my husband but he was at work. The very foreign man who calls himself Shaun Parker said he wanted to arrange delivery of a chq for £3500 and asked if my husband would call him back on 0208 123 4843. My husband rang the number, no answer but then shortly after "Shaun" called us. He said he was calling from the PPI claim line @ the County Court of London 137 Finchley Rd. We were asked to get £350 of UKASH Vouchers, the local delivery officer named Eric Wilson would bring us the chq. when it’s cleared in 4 or 5 days someone would come and collect the vouchers. He actually asked if we could go & get the vouchers today! We had never heard of these vouchers so decided to look it up and so glad we did although I can’t see how the scam works??!!

  25. marie mccormack

    I received a call today advising I was entitled to PPI for tTesco credit card. I was told to go to my local convenient store and buy £240 of UKASH vouchers. Given a telephone no to call and they would send someone out with a cheque for £2400. Once the cheque cleared they would take vouchers. Too good to be true. Phone no can be obtained if required.

  26. @Amanda – Unfortunately, not really, unless the scammers are being caught in their own country, which you don’t even know where they are…

  27. I would strongly advise NO BODY to take part in this scam. My mum just got a call from a ‘PPI’ person saying that she is entitled to £2950, as she went on, they mentioned about this UKASH thing she had to buy in order to receive this money, because my mum knew nothing about what this UKASH thing was, we researched it online to find constant pages of saying it’s a ‘fraud’, we then rang a fraud helpline and only to find that the address they gave us was from a ‘high rised flat’, don’t help any of this PPI Cold Callers fool you into believing it’s legit because it’s certainly not, want to get this spread around because it’s being happened to many people and it’s ruining life’s especially if you do not have the financial income to loose the money they request from you from this UKASH voucher. Please spread the word to avoid this happening to others

  28. My neighbour has just been scammed for over £250 with ucash. She was called by a PPI company and promised a refund by return. They insisted she completes the transaction within the next hour or so and she pays with a ucash voucher for their services. My neighbour called me to ask for advice but unfortunately I wasn’t at home so she went ahead. The caller was very persistent and appeared to have details of her PPI claim. She really has no money and the lost of £250 is devastating for her. I wish I could get to those b***s and do something to them, like cutting their b*s off. This is a warning to anyone not EVER use ucash. Please warn all your elderly friends and relatives about this scam!

  29. I paid £35 via ukash to Neptune Couriers for the delivery of a laptop advertised on Freecycle. They then demanded a further £100 to cover insurance whereupon I smelled a rat and cancelled the transaction. I have complained to the Police scam line and to Freecycle without any reply from either. It seems that these scum get away without any trouble: what can we do?

  30. I got approached by a loan company offering me a grand but asking for £50 security which is refunded with the loan amount.This is a scam surely & now confirmed after reading this post.

  31. I’ve just been scammed out of £120 from someone on freecycle using UKASH I’ve contacted UKASH. I don’t know what to do next I borrowed the money off my mom ( I’m 18 years old by the way ) she needs the money back for her bills what do I do

  32. Hi! I dont know if this is a scam or not, but I found an ad on the internet for a stereo one I’d buy. Seller suggest we meet so I get to see the goods. But … before he will meet me, he wants me to buy ukash for a given amount, capture voucher (for my own safety, I can cover the first six digits of the serial number) and send the picture to him. In this way he is sure that I am serious and willing to pay and that he did not get robbed himself. I think this sounds a bit strange …

  33. I’ve just discovered this page and am nearly in the same situation as "S Guy" from 07-Apr-2014, below.
    If you see this post up on Freecycle, offering a pink laptop and TV, but the owner’s moved to Leeds… step away.
    I spotted this post about 20 mins after getting a £25 UKash voucher. So I now have to sort out getting the cash back, but that’s a whole lot better than loosing £75…
    Be careful!

  34. On Monday April 7th 2013
    Looks like we are in the middle of a similar freecycle scam. Neptune Couriers want 25gbp for delivery of a free being laptop supposedly offered on a Nottingham Freecycle group but she said she had moved house while it was being processed and was now in Leeds! We have paid 25 pounds in ukash vouchers and now they want 50 more for insurance! was wondering if anyone had money from tried to claim back this type of scam? We do not intend paying the insurance asked for but would like these people stopped before they rob anyone else!

  35. Had a loan company which I know not to be a loan Company ring me yesterday asking for. 250 ukash voucher to realease my loan unfortunately I got conned by this very same company, I pulled them up about it and got hung up on two hours later I recieved another no caller Id phone call funnily enough same voice at the other end trying to say of given his number during the week while out shopping now I hadn’t been shopping and I don’t just hand my number out to random ppl when I stated this to him he started getting aggressive and making sexual threats so please be careful everyone

  36. Just had a foreign PPi rep called Darren ringing to say I had a cheque for 1400.00 and the solicitor Mrs Mary Edwards is in the area. All I had to do was get a Ukash voucher for 140.00 show her my ID and the voucher which she would stamp and give me back and she would give me the cheque, when it has cleared she would return and have the voucher from me. Gave me a telephone number 0208 133 9461 How can this be so.

  37. I was aked to by £100 of ukash for a fine which i did and enter about ten minute later i discover it was a fraud.and i quikly add a strang no to the number.then it was deleted as wrog code .i dont know may be i have lost it.

  38. I have same problem and this is what there said by email, phone Dear Customer,
    As you spoke with one of our colleague regarding your loan application of £2,000 for 24 months with the monthly installment of £105.71 As he already mention you that your loan application has been approved and you can have the loan amount in your bank A/C within an hour. To Get the money to be transfer you need to pay an Tax Payment of just £150 (in the form of 3 UKASH vouchers with 120, 30 7 20) Once You’re going to provide us the following Vouchers, we are going to transfer £2250 in your Barclay bank A/C.

    OR 07919097932

  40. There IS a site you can give them the code and they send you the money by Western Union it is called

    I have never tried them myself but I know someone who did and it seems legit…worth a look if you are stuck with them haha

  41. i am so glad i read this site first, had a call today saying there was a cheque for over £12,000 waiting to be delivered to me the same afternoon, all i had to do was get £270 worth of ukash vouchers show them to the guy who delivered the cheque which i thought was odd, then cash money next day clears in 6 hours they said, but i think the saying if something seems too good to be true it normally is

  42. Just had call re PPI. £5000 on its way this afternoon AFTER I have bought the £250 worth of vouchers. Thankyou for the warnings!!!! I can’t wait for the Asian guy to ring back at 3pm 🙂

  43. Me and my boyfriend was going to by a puppy from Aberdeen last Friday, this person seemed so legit! She seemed honest and everything, then she told us that the puppy will be registered for a flight to get to us and the air line would email us! We honestly thought nothing was wrong, we paid 130pounds through ukash and sent them the voucher number, they then gave us a flight number we thought everything was fine, until they asked for an extra 90pounds because of the dog crate would cause internal bleeding for the dog as there climate was different to ours:/ we thought it was weird so we checked the flight number, and there was no such flight!! We were scammed! We called ukash as soon as we realized so they could block it but all of the money was gone!! Probs not Evan half hour and it’s gone! We are still annoyed! We spent the whole day sorting out the garden to make it safe! NEVER by a dog of the internet if they are from the other side of the country! Don’t want it happening to anyone else xx

  44. i was called by this number


    overseas number.

    foreign caller telling me I had a cheque coming to me for £2900. I just needed to get a UKASH voucher from a local newsagent for £125 and a representative would deliver the cheque by hand to my address at 2pm today.

    he rang back to make sure I had bought it ( which i certainly did not) and that I was to hand it over to the rep, and I would get a cheque!!!


  45. Just had exactly the same scenario on the phone to me, I smelt a rat when they wanted me to part with money in return for a cheque, which I questioned why it could not be taken out at source. Since ending the call I have researched this to find it is a scam , they have tried ringing back twice with me ending the call. Thank you for posting the above it has helped to put my mind at rest

  46. margaret wills

    I am in the middle of what I believe to be a scam. They think they are conning me out of £587 but I am actually conning them into thinking they are getting their money.
    They rang 3 days ago and said I had been awarded £2350 from a ppi claim in 2008. This had been awarded through a court in London and the cheque would be hand delivered to my home. This I queried as why come all the way from London with a cheque. I asked why the cheque could not be posted.
    They asked me to get a ukash voucher for £587 and ring them when I had the voucher. This I said I would do, but because I work in a store that deals with paypoint and ukash I am aware that once you hand over the number on the voucher they can cash it.
    Yesterday they rang and asked if I had purchased the voucher, I said I was not prepared to do it as I believed it was a scam and they would cash the voucher and no cheque would be delivered.
    This is why I am posting this to warm everyone to help them be alerted to this. The Asian person I spoke to was so very convincing. They said do not hand over the code number on the phone when I rang, only the serial number of the store where it was purchased. The cheque would then be delivered and only give the voucher to the person from the court that delivers the cheque.
    There is nothing stopping the person then going online cashing in the voucher leaving me with a cheque that bounces. What I do not understand is why are they going to all this trouble. The phone is ringing constantly and I know this is them waiting to hear that I have purchased the voucher.
    I truely believe this is a scam and I am not going ahead with it. If anyone has had a similar experience post it to warn others.

  47. It happend with us today,exactly the same, like first story! But we found these comments after we paid money by ukash =((((

  48. I have just been the victim of a scam involving a Ukash voucher. I feel for Ukash to be honest, it’s not their fault. I am a member of a local Freecycle group and when I saw a dining room suite offered I contacted the owner and asked if it was still available. To cut a long story short he said that he had accidentally posted on the wrong group, he was in fact about 200 miles from me. He kindly offered to deliver it to me using a local courier service called BH DELIVERIES and it would only cost £25. As the dining room suite was lovely (he had emailed me pics) we decided to pay it. I was told to get a Ukash voucher and email the delivery company (who have a full website by the way) the voucher number. This I did and was sent another email asking for a further £30 for insurance. This is when alarm bells started to ring. I called Benhard Harrison (‘owner’ of BH Deliveries) and said I was told about this additional amount and would not pay it. The phone ring sounded weird and I asked him where he was, he put the phone down on me. I think his accent was French. So I have been ripped off to the tune of £25, not a lot to most, quite a lot to me but, more importantly, if they are doing it to hundreds of people…….

  49. Jeffrey Rogers

    I had a phone call saying that a cheuque for the sum of £2.390 through ppi claim. They gave a cheque no: & reference however they say they need a payment of £200 which they stated get a ukash. Once that was done they ask for the 19 digit code & gave me a reference & that hold on to the voucher as I will get my refund back with the cheque. Ten minutes later they stated that tax had to be paid of the sun of £470 & they are willing to pay £270 if I coff up a futher £200, I had refuse & was told they will call me back and that the lady & solicitor will be with within half an hour, as I waited. It turned out to be a scam! All I know was that the incoming call only showed +05 on my number with an Indian accent. I have not use this Ukash voucher

  50. Robert E Pridham

    I to have been a victim of Easy Loans Ltd. They are an Indian based scammers, using this name which is genuine but no longer used. It is based in London.
    They have used their identity together with what looks like a London telephone number. Be aware that this number goes through to India. They to asked me for a uKash payment. I refused so they said western Union or Money Gram. This i fell for and have lost over £500.

  51. I had a phone call from a company called EASYLOANS they wanted me to pay a sum of £60.00 by UKASH for a loan however I’m so glad i never did i’ve looked into the company and they seem to be a bunch of con artist How can another company be allowed to use another company in such away surly it’s bad for business .

  52. i have been askesd by easyloans to pay a installmant of 80 pounds i have the voucher but now really worried that i will lose the lot

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