Apple Discount Card

How the scam works:

Apple users are a loyal bunch, and Apple rewards them accordingly. However, there is a scam that is currently being pulled in Australia and North America using Apple’s good name to cheat people out of their personal identification information.

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The scam involves discount “reward” cards to thank customers for their loyalty to the brand.

The scammers send an email to Apple customers, notifying them of their eligibility for a discount card. The email is titled “Apple Discount Card” and the body of the email reads as follows: “Dear Apple Customer, Apple is pleasing its long-standing customers. You are suitable for purchasing an Apple Discount Card as you are loyal to our products. With only this 9AU$ discount card, you will have 100AU$ CREDIT at an Apple store or log on to: //”.

The email then goes on to say that after the 9AU$ payment is made the customer will receive their Apple Discount Card through email within 24 hours. It also states that in order to verify eligibility, the customer must provide their details such as name, address, date of birth, driver’s license number, mother’s maiden name and credit card details for payment.

Using this information the scammers will then steal the victim’s identity. Worse, the scammers will further use the information to hack the victim’s online accounts. This effectively ruins the victim’s credit and online financial reputation as well.

How to avoid:

Though the scam is currently concentrated in Australia, there is no reason to believe that it won’t spread worldwide. If you receive such an email, disregard it. Be aware that the scammers have been able to duplicate the Apple logo quite accurately, so this is not an indicator for which to look. Another tip-off to the veracity of this scam is the imbalance in payout amount versus discount amount. When the offer has that great a differential, it is rarely if ever a legitimate offer. Finally, unless you are on the actual Apple store website never sign up for any unsolicited discounts or rewards programs from any company.

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1 thought on “Apple Discount Card”

  1. I called Apple support at 855.500.7099 re a password and was transferred to 321.220.9881 where a man fed me bad information and had me get a B of A app and transfer some money to my another account and then wanted me to go to Walmart and get a card and he wanted to direct me while driving… at which point I hung up. Whomever it was at your customer support was scamming with someone at the 321 number. I’ve changed all my passcodes and gave no ss info but they keep calling me and so I blocked them. I really hope you find these fraudsters. Check these numbers especially the second one. Seems an inside job

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