Apple iCloud Scam Call

Apple iCloud Scam Call

Apple iCloud Scam Call: How It Works

Watch out for a fake Apple iCloud scam call going around and claiming to be from Apple Support. Cybercriminals call random numbers saying that your iCloud has been compromised after being accessed in two or three different places in the last 24 hours. Alternatively, the perpetrators of the Apple iCloud scam call may tell you that your account “has been breached”. Let’s take a look.

Here is how the scam works, so rest assured the fake Apple Support advisor is not from the real company.

icloud scam call

What is worse is that criminals use Caller ID spoofing to make your phone display show the “Apple Store” or any variation of Apple’s Customer Service words. See the screenshot above of how convincing the call may be for some users.

The Apple scam calls are not new. They will keep coming for years, indeed. After the caller gets in touch with the potential victims, he informs them that their iCloud activity has been flagged as suspicious. “We have reasons to believe that your credentials have been used today in Texas, Manchester, Toronto, and New Zealand. All of them happened this morning, so we decided to give you a call and let you know.”, the caller says.

If the victim bites the bait, scammers proceed to ask for their Apple ID, so they can log in and pretend to block the account from future compromised activity. Or, they may say they need the iCloud credentials to verify the user’s identity. Unfortunately, many people fall for this trick, giving criminals access to their accounts.

Think about it: if they call you from Apple, they can access your account internally, anyway.

Apple Scam Phone Numbers

Some of the phone numbers that have been reported for the Apple iCloud scam call are the following: 1 (617) 337-2893, 1 (715) 828-1467, 1 (408) 996-1010, 1 (818) 477-1010, and 1 (669) 888-0264. Feel free to report any as well, if you have experienced any Apple support scam calls. Please use the Comments section at the bottom of this article.

iCloud Scam Call: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the iCloud scam call by sharing this article on social media using the buttons provided. If you are wondering how to report phone scams, you can also officially do it to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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Garry Kamena

I have been receiving these calls for the last two days. Today I stayed on the phone. When the person answered the phone I immediately started hitting them with questions that they could not answer. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was cursed at and hung up on. Within 5 min I started getting calls from 1-559-798-#### (varying suffixes)and they are coming every 5 minutes.


Received numerous calls from area code 430 claiming a breach of my iCloud account. Gave no information to them and they hung up after a few seconds of silence. Tried call blocking but they just kept changing to a different number but all from same area code.


18003134886 1-800-313-4886

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