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iTunes Gift Cards Scam: How The Scam Works

Watch out for many iTunes Gift Cards scam going around this month. Gift cards are becoming a hot commodity lately as they can be purchased fast and easy online without the need of going out of the house. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there who take that to their advantage. There are tons of gift card scams you need to be aware of.

Due to iTunes’ constant growing popularity, criminals are now victimizing tens of thousands of people around the world with the “iTunes gift card” approach. There are three variations of this scam – let’s take a look:

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Scenario 1: Frozen Smartphone

Watch the video below to see the Frozen Cellphone iTunes Card scam, exposed:

Buy iTunes Gift Cards Scam Video

Essentially, in this scam, your iPhone freezes, and a 1-800 Apple Support number calls you. As your Caller ID shows “Apple” on display you believe help is on the way. In reality, the person at the other end is saying that you need to purchase a bunch of iTunes cards to get your working mobile back, as you saw in the video above.


Scenario 2: Fake iTunes Websites

Criminals are using the iTunes brand name to lure people into clicking the links they post on Twitter or Facebook. Crooks are spamming their followers’ timelines offering free gift cards online, along with a link, which leads to no iTunes site. It is one of the most common scams out there, not just with the iTunes brand, but many well-known ones.

Most of these links are sending the victims to porn, dating sites, survey pages – so they can make a buck out of it as affiliate sellers – or simply to pages full of malware.

itunes gift card


Scenario 3: Bogus iTunes Gift Card Purchase

You might receive an email claiming to be from iTunes (see image above). The text will read: “You sent an iTunes Gift Card $200 to ([email protected]) Your receipt No.114509772‏”. A gift card image is presented, as well as an invoice. The trick is, in the invoice, there is a link offered “to cancel” if you don’t recognize the transaction.

Needless to say, if you click on that you are taken to a fake website where you are asked for personal information.

iTunes Gift Cards Scam: How To Avoid

Always get your iTunes cards from iTunes or their official reps. Random emails sending you to questionable websites are out of the question. Another great place where you can get gift cards (including free iTunes) is Swagbucks, the world’s largest free online rewards program. You get paid by doing things online which you might do anyway, such as searching the web, discover products, take surveys, watch videos or play games. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can register for free HERE.


iTunes Gift Cards: How To Report a Scammer

Make your family and friends aware of the iTunes Gift Card Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the iTunes Customer Support or the Federal Trade Commission using the links below:

Report To iTunes Support Here

Report Scammers To FTC Here

According to the iTunes Support page: “iTunes will never ask you to provide personal information or sensitive account information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) via email.

Fake iTunes Gift Card

Email messages that contain attachments or links to non-Apple websites are from sources other than Apple, although they may appear to be from the iTunes Store. Most often, these attachments are malicious and should not be opened. You should never enter your Apple account information on any non-Apple website. Apple websites that require Account information have, such as, or (with the exception being

This article describes what steps you should take if you feel you’ve received one of these malicious emails or your account information has been compromised due to an attempt to take your personal information (known as phishing).

What the iTunes Store will never ask you to provide via email: Social Security Number, mother’s maiden name, full credit card number, or credit card CCV code.

“Phishers” create elaborate websites that look similar to iTunes, but their sole purpose is to collect your account information. Often, a fake email will ask you to click on a link and visit one of these phishing websites to update your account information.

In general, all account-related activities will take place in the iTunes application directly, not through a web browser. If you are asked to update your account information, make sure that you do so only in iTunes or on a legitimate page on, such as the online Apple Store.”


How to protect yourself more:

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19 thoughts on “iTunes Gift Cards”

  1. I wanted inform that now a days in facebook a lot person who is using fake id. They introduce their self as student or working woman or as a nurse and a many various working departments.
    They talk with boys and men and they treat them as they are very closed friend after sometime or some days they demand iTunes card buy for them. They give an excuse that if that boy or man wants to call she need an iTunes card for calling. They give an excuse that they want to hear music and download some songs too.
    Like this they doing scam.
    My question is
    What is provision to prevent scams like this. Now a days in Facebook there is a lot scammers like this how to stop them ?
    Y Facebook not take an any action in this ?
    Now a days I saw a lots of people doing this on Facebook. I get some numbers from Nigeria. Mostly I get people who give their phone number to me when I try to cross check them. I get that there are mostly numbers from Nigeria. Hope this information can give some positive effect in this type of scams.
    Please if can do something about this than do a needful from your end.

  2. Elaine DePrince

    I am one of the plaintiffs who was involved in the Hemophilia/HIV class action in the 1990s. I am planning to organize a Federal Class Action against Apple/iTunes, Stream, et al. for their failure to provide warnings at the gift card displays in order to prevent college students, the elderly, etc from being scammed. I am currently trying to find an attorney to represent the plaintiffs in this class. I am also trying to locate individuals who have been harmed by this gift card scam. If you have been robbed by participation in this scam, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
    You can confirm who I am by looking me up on There you will find my books, CRY BLOODY MURDER – A TALE OF TAINTED and CRY BOODY MURDER-REMEMBRANCE & HEALING, as well as other books.

  3. Scammed. On the website Funded Justice someone messaged me saying that they were going to donate 4,000 to my cause, after 25 emails or so back and forth, even sent me photo’s of them and their family, tells me that I need to pay 107.00 transfer fee saying that this way it will be on record of where the donation went to because in the past they have been scammed by people who are not really in the need of donations. Reassured me of how they are just trying to help people because they know what its like to need the help. We had our hopes up thinking that our prayers have finally been answered. So happy and relieved. Well now they tell me to go buy Itunes cards worth 100.00… Seriously I feel hopeless, why do people do this? Why cause others heart ache and pain? Like life ain’t tough enough. Who really goes through all of this trouble sending pictures, numerous emails ect for 100.00?

  4. Thank you for this article. Unfortunately I didn’t read it before:)
    I was recently scammed by
    I paid 50$ and i never received the gift card neither an answer to my emails.
    This is a simple acknowledgement for informing innocent people
    Thank you

  5. I just got scammed today from a group of people stating that they were from the Treasury Dept. and I owed back taxes from audit back in 2011 for $4026.00 and interest 1700. They had me purchase all in iTunes gift cards and I gave them all the numbers . They further said that there was a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion. They kept me on the phone and if I hung up I would void any settlement from restitution department. I could not call anyone to help me with this. What really convinced me is when I had a moment that I lost connection and called the police. I asked the officer if there was a warrant for me and he said yes! So I paid all of what they were asking but then they said there was a fee of 15,000 for my case-I had no more money. I told them go call the police. I received 3 calls from the "police" which I did no pick up. I have since then called the Sheriff and they are investigating.

  6. yolanda hernandez

    On July 24, 2016. I googled for a number to facebook i am not good with computer. I was scamed by a so called friend from my facebook Robert Coronado. I called the number 18772351150. A Kevin came on the line. I told him how i felt i was scamed by this guy and i had a gut feeling he was involved. Kevin asked for my fb info. said he would be able to check messenger to see activity from Robert. Kevin advised me that yes Robert was involved in the scam and that the money was being sent to his acct. Kevin said he was glad i called when i did and i would be able to get my money back kevin said that i needed to send him another 150.00 because the total amount they can send is 300.00. I did what he wanted. I went got 3 iphone cards 50.00 each. Gave him #s even sent him picture of cards to [email protected]. i had a feeling i was taken advantage. I cried, told him i could not afford to lose my money. Kevin i told i am in a very bad time in my life. Which with my faith in God may be able to help me get out of. 300.00 may not be alot to some people in fact at one point in my life i wouldnt cry over it. But now im injured. Work related. Fighting workmans comp., tomorrow i go to court for eviction of apt. My monthly income as of this moment is 175.00 wkly. The money i sent Kevin i needed to take to court tomorrow to get judge to give me a 30 day extention. Now because of kevin i have nothing and will endup homeless. Can anyone Please, Please help me recover my 300.00 dollars. Its ashame these people were hired to work for fb. Can someone please get me some help. I am desprate!!!!

  7. Just got a message from a friends skype account asking me to help her buy 5 $100 itunes cards at my grocery store, it was very out of character of her and the persons English was horrible, so I got suspicious. Also a link they sent me was in Chinese. Luckily I didn’t do anything, but someone else may not catch on, so posting this as a heads up.

  8. I was scammed 4,000$ by a phony revenue Canada, threatening me that the RCMP and police would come to my door if I did not pay up. They asked the payment to be in iTunes gift cards. I know that they cannot receive it in cash. I gave them the code….24 hours ago. Is there anyway I could get my money back?

  9. I was on Facebook and some middle aged guy asked to "friend" me

    I didn’t friend him but we did send messages back and forth on Facebook. FYI I have a policy of only friending family or friends I’ve known at least 3 years. We’re both single (he’s widowed) and about the same age. I asked him how he found me and he said his son set up an account for him and he looked for family names to add as friends, saw my pic, thought I was attractive and sent a friend request.(though we are not related I have one of their family names)

    A month goes by with several messages sent back and forth (and a few phone calls – I’ll add that he has a heavy accent and says he’s from Italy and has lived in the states 20 years). The guy was really trying to put on the charm and he professed his "love" for me …ya right. I kept him at arms length. Anyway the guy says he’s a building contractor and has to go to Singapore for a job. He’s there for a few weeks and said he had to go to hospital for a week because his driver had an accident – he said he has a broken arm and driver lost his leg. Yikes. Anyway, this is when things get strange and why I’m posting this here…the guy asks me if I can help him with an iTunes card. I say sure like tell you how to redeem one? He says "no can you go to a Walmart mart, buy an iTunes card and send him the PIN" What?!!!! This was so out of character for him to say … I replied "no …and no man ever asks a woman for $$"

    I said "you have me confused with a desperate unintelligent woman" Then he says "I’m REALLY disappointed in you Lynsie" Oh ya…well Franco I’m REALLY disappointed in you!

    This guys Facebook has been deactived …this was days before the iTunes thing occurred and I figure he’d asked other people that he met through facebook and facebook actually shut his account down.

    Anyway…told him not to contact me anymore. He says his name is Franco di Natale and says he lives in Scranton PA with a son by the name of Fabio who attends Syracuse University. Just want to alert as many people as possible of this new scam. After checking online, I see that this iTunes card thing is the latest scam.

    Don’t fall for it. No one asks for money like that.

  10. My 86 years old mother was scammed by someone who claimed to be her grandson over the phone. He told my mother that he was involved in a car accident and locked up in jail. He wanted my mother to transfer money to him to help with legal fee. The fake grandson bagged my mother not to tell me. My mother was panicked and she took money out of the bank and asked them how to transfer the cash to them. They instructed my mother to buy iTunes card and read them the numbers over the phone. My mother purchased altogether 39 iTunes cards which is worth $17,000 (mostly $500 each card).

    After I found out, I called 911 to report the scam. I also placed a call to apple asking for help. The account manager named Lisa helped me track down all the numbers. To my relief, she told me that out of the 39 cards, 14 had been redeemed and 25 remained unused. She lockup these numbers and told me no one can use them anymore. She then told me that she could either refund me with iTunes credits or I could go to the local store with police report to file for refund. I decided to go to the store first to try out my luck.

    I went to the stores with the police report and was told that they could not help because the money would go to Apple account 72 hours after the purchase. My best bet is to get those itunes credits Apple promised me.

    I called Apple twice to talk to iTunes account managers respectively. Both told me that Apple could not give me credits back. They said that they are not responsible for any iTunes cards involved in a scam. I told them what Lisa had promised me and they said they could offer me what Lisa has offered me. One of the manger even said that if you are robbed, you should go to the police, not Apple!

    I cannot believe what I’ve heard. Apple froze these numbers, so nobody including me can use them anymore. In this case, Apple holds the money and they should issue me a refund. I called back Apple again asking for an appeal process number, I was given a link to their legal department. I clicked on the link and found out that it was the legal Q&A page without any email addresses or phone numbers to call.

    Could anyone here tell me how I can process the appeal? There must be a place that Apple can respond to these complaints. Please, I need help here

  11. There is another scam going on. You go to a Chinese website that looks good and then when you go to check out they only take ITUNES card for payment. I never heard of this so i looked around to see if it was a scam and sure enough it is. Here is the Gmail address one of the scam site uses: [email protected]

  12. I waited 6 days for a gift card code. They didn’t respond to communication, and I only got the code after I lodged a Paypal complaint. There was no apology or explanation. Lucky I used Paypal! In the meantime I got an iTunes gift card from OffGamers in only a few minutes.

  13. Hi – we just fell victim to Also a scam selling fake iTunes gift cards – do not use! They took our money and converted at a much higher rate than the daily exchange rate and sent us non-functioning codes. We have attempted to contact them on may occasions and they are refusing to respond to our calls for functioning codes or a refund of our money. In addition we posted feedback on their site which has been removed. They clearly know what they are doing and are just ripping customers off. Please add this site to your list of scam sites!

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