Vanilla Reload Scam

Vanilla Reload Scams: How They Work

Watch out for several Vanilla Reload scams going around these days. Let’s take an in-depth look. Vanilla Reload is a convenient way to load funds to your prepaid cards or online accounts. Unfortunately, criminals found alternative ways to turn this into their advantage by victimizing people all over North America, usually through a fake Cash App payment.

There are five variations of the Vanilla Reload scam. Feel free to read, educate yourself, and make your family and friends aware of these scams by sharing them, using the buttons provided. Let’s take a closer look:

vanilla reload scams


Vanilla Card Scheme 1: Offered Loan

Scammers impersonate loan companies willing to help you with cash. In order to get your loan, you are required to pay fees for transactions and insurance. The company will justify that by saying they want to ensure you are not a criminal trying to get the money and run.

Watch the video below to see in detail this Vanilla Card scheme and how the prepaid card scam variation 1 occurs. Keep in mind that it happens not only with Vanilla Reload cards but also with Green Dot MoneyPak cards, Ukash cards, or a fake Cash App payment.


Variation 2: Adding Credit To Your Card – Extra Zeroes

This variation itself has two ways to unfolding:

a. If you are an avid Twitter or Instagram user, you might notice tempting posts (or comments posted on purpose on celebrity pictures, so millions of people can see them) stating: “Real People Making Real Money Guaranteed” or “How I Will Make You Money Quick”. The scam is mostly aimed at people who are naive, need money, and actually click on the links provided to follow the instructions.

Scammers have their profile pictures typically full of images showing cash and promising to create the same wealth for you. A phone number is provided, as well as several fake testimonials from others who apparently benefited from their services.

As soon as those interested in “making money guaranteed” contact the ‘seller’, he instructs them to purchase a Vanilla Reload debit card, then adds money to it. The owner of the card has to scratch off the back, and give him the security PIN. By doing so, it gives him access to all the money on the card. Here is how he says he’ll make you money:

“I have specific computer software that I use. Once I access your Vanilla Reload account, and the time on the receipt when the card was purchased, I’m gonna simply add zeroes in the system. Once I add a zero to that amount, it’s going to turn hundreds into thousands. It’s going to cost you $50 per card” says the scammer.

In a nutshell, the crook admits to jailbreak the system, but the victims don’t mind, as long as they are promised to make money.

The issue is, once users give away the PIN on the back of the card, scammers wipe and steal the money linked to the card. Not only the victims lose all the money transferred to the card, but another $50 sent to the scammer beforehand.

b. The second way you can get scammed by this variation is when the criminal impersonates somebody working for Vanilla Reload or any other reloadable card (MoneyPak/Green Dot).


Variation 3: Awards, Lottery, Prizes

Scammers call hundreds of households per day with various fake offers, sweepstakes (e.g., PCH sweepstakes scam), and prizes (e.g., Instagram lottery) – and give the recipients the whole speech about “not needing a credit card or debit card to redeem it”. Typically, the Vanilla Reload scams require the ‘winner’ to pay only a small 5% of the whole amount, representing an ‘admin fee’.

“We only take Vanilla Reload cards, for the safety of our customers”, they might say. Relieved by the fact that they don’t need to provide personal info or bank account numbers, several victims give their card code for phony registration fees, fines, or any other redeemable prizes.

This variation could happen in many other ways. However, if you’ve fallen victim to one of these scams and are now financially unstable, see if you can make ends meet with salvage title car loans while you get back on your feet.

Variation 4: Purchasing Stuff on eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree

Whatever item scammers “sell” on these sites, they require the payments via Vanilla Reload, persuading the victims to load money into their card and then to send along the serial number.

If you do that, your card will be emptied almost instantaneously. Justifying this, scammers come up with a good reason for requesting the payment. “I just got my wallet stolen and had to cancel all my accounts, sorry for the inconvenience”.

Recommended Read: Deepfake Examples

Vanilla Card Scheme 5: TV Channels Upgrade

The scam involves calls to customers, offering every channel DirecTV offers for only $365, or a dollar a day, for a year. The customer is even offered a free preview of all the channels as “proof” that the caller is really from DirecTV. The victims, now with the proof they were looking for, agree to the terms of payment, which involves using Vanilla Reload to transfer the money to the “company” for the additional channels.

The caller tricks the victim into giving his DirecTV account information. Another accomplice in his gang then calls DirecTV and pretends to be the customer asking for an immediate upgrade to all channels. Therefore, when the customer wants proof, they are able to offer it by showing accessibility to all channels.

The scammers will tell the victim that they will be out in a few days to complete the upgrade. Of course, no one shows up.

Other financial scams may include the Government Surplus AuctionsSecurities Fraud, the Sell My Structured Settlement Scheme, and the Gold IRA Investment Scam.


How To Avoid The Vanilla Reload scam:

Internet software might be a beautiful thing, but don’t be naive. Money is not made that easy. You should never do illegal things anyway. On the other hand, you can’t win a lottery you never enter for. Always refuse to pay somebody you never have seen before with the Vanilla Reload card.

However, keep in mind that the same scam could be pulled by criminals not just asking you to use Vanilla Reload, but other reloadable cards as well, such as MoneyPak, Ukash, or Green Dot. Treat these cards like cash – you give it away, you won’t have it anymore.

How To Report The Vanilla Reload Scams

Make your family and friends aware of these Vanilla Reload scams by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The Federal Trade Commission Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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  2. I am the victim of a scam bye someone who said that I was approved for a grant they said that they were Lions Club International Foundation in total they got me for $800.00 $500.00 was a gift card from One Vanilla and the other one was 3 $100.00 gift cards from eBay you can reach me at 14842386386 I am not sure if the call will come through or not but here’s my house number just in case 6102740631 

  3. You all are idiots using supposed untraceable reloadable one vanilla cards since it is illegal you will get caught and i am living in my car right now and could really use moneybut i am doing it the right way

  4. I have a friend who has recently started using this sugar daddy website and every SB that she’s chatted with request that she goes purchase a One vanilla prepaid card for allowances it really sounds suspicious

  5. I’m equally worried about the Secret Service and their itchy trigger fingers when it comes to civil forfeiture.

  6. Africans are scammers and I pray to become the world president some day where I can deal wih Nigerians. They are rippers. I lost a whole lots of money to this criminals who scammed me. Only Yan.Hacking( will I let free because they never scammed me. Though it wasn’t easy for me to believe them but I said to myself “if I get scammed again, then this will be the end” When I placed my order, so shocked I received it 2 days after the order was delivered to my doorstep by their courier service from South Africa. Thank you Yan.hacking( for sending me ma card. You can verify my claim by writing me Luna Dolly( Be careful because scammers are everywhere. Any scammer who dare copy my write up to deceive innocent people will be sued because i have license for this. You bloody Nigerian scanners scammers

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  9. yesterday my husband got a letter in the mail along with a check 3,785.16 and all they wanted him to do was go into a store and buy a vanilla cash card for I believe it said 1000.00 and then he is to rate the service he got. 700.00 was for him, the rest of the money was to be used for buying vanilla gift cards in different places. SCAM. beware if you get a letter like this one

  10. My friend offered me a $150 vanilla card last year on my birthday and to this date I have not been able to use the funds in it. Their customer service is the worst ever, as they do not know anything about their products or they act as if they do not know and they are not helpful at all. This is the perfect scam: one buys a card to offer it as a present as it was my case, and when I called them to inquire as to why I cannot use the funds, they said the card is blocked and nobody has been able to unblock it until now. I feel sorry for my friend who lost 150$, and for the fact that I wasted so much time in calls and letters to their ‘so called’ compliance department, and customer service, as all they keep on saying is that they cannot do anything about it. If this is not highway robbery, what is it? If you value your wallet, please avoid the vanilla card at all cost. Disappointed customer

  11. Instagram: Jussmariah_ claiming if you send $200 they will process a zero and you will get $2000. But beige you get the $2000. You have to send $300 more for processing. They are saying their company name is Incomm company and giving phone number 3136086272

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  15. Lawrence Madrid

    I bought 6 One Vanilla Prepaid Visa Cards in the amount of $500 Each on June 7, 2016. I gave the Card Numbers to a man who called himself "Dave," who said he was an Ebay Motors Representative. I thought I was purchasing a vehicle through Ebay for $3,000. On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, he told me that I would have to deposit another $1,500 for "Shipping Insurance." I got suspicious, and, after repeated calls to him, and hang-ups from him, I requested a full refund. I called One Vanilla, and a LaShonda in Atlanta informed me that 4 of the 6 Cards had been used on the night of June 7, 2016 to purchase close to $2,000 of merchandise from I have called Amazon, but they are saying that they can’t help me. What can I do? That (hard-earned) money was spent by criminals, and don’t know how to prove that I am not the person who is using those Prepaid Cards. Please help!

  16. Rogers Musungu

    Is there help out there from the authorities?
    I have just lost $2000 through one. Vanilla on 06/11/16
    I can take the law into
    my hands and hunt for the criminals down myself and mete out the punishment I deem fit for them

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  19. we recieved a check from Emory Healthcare inc. lol 3,757.00 told to deposit it buy vanella pre paid cards sent them to them we keep $ 750.00 i called first as my wife listened sha nay nay was reading a script telling, me that they dont call people after i said i had a missed call from them lol then my wife called they told her what to do we knew it was a scam so we played along with them now were gonna report they ass lol.

  20. I received a check in the amount of $3,755.70 from Farmers Group Survey Inc. concerning these Vanilla Reload Cards. The check was drawn on US Bank. I called them and they stated to me that while the routing number on the check is theirs, the check # and account number listed is not valid. They hold no account for Farmers Group Survey. So….then I called the number provided and told the guy that answered what I did. He yelled at me and said I was supposed to call them first. I informed him, I was sending the check to US bank and they were going to inform the FBI and start and investigation for mail fraud. He hung up on me. So for anyone wondering… is indeed a fraud. It works like this….you deposit the check, your bank gives you the money, then you go and buy the cards for 3,000.00 and resend them and the survey where you’re told to send it. In the meantime you are contacted by your bank saying the check was fraudulant and now you have to pay your bank back the value of whatever the check was.

  21. Veronica_blessedup got me and stole $3,000 from me. Her number is 313-456-5660 I suggest you all report them to the IRS,FDIC, the police, and FBI. Let’s put an end to these scammers

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  24. I just got a check last night from Merit Roofing System, Inc for $3,758.60. Everything looks so legit but why do I get all these money for nothing? Hmmm….I called them and told them not to send me money for nothing because I am rich bit$ch!

  25. Wadiya Patrick

    OMG…Dennis Price is now calling himself Dennis Fitzsimmons!!! His new kik is realhelpishere & his new instagram account is @legal_stipend_distrubution!!!BEWARE!! He also acts as a satisfied customer under the instagram account @julessg_!! He is running a HUGE VanillanReload Card scam. DONT FALL FOR IT LIKE IJUST DID!!

  26. Mr, M. Maharajan,

    my three use card you’re loading!!!
    state bank of India card no: 4591 5002 5513 3635
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    icici bank card no: 4693 7561 3502 5337
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  27. Any of these 3740.00 or whatever amount check or money order things are a scam. It takes a couple days for actual verification of a check or money order even after they’ve given you the cash, so after you’ve sent them the pins for your reload cards and kept 700.00 or whatever for yourself wherever you cashed the initial check or money order comes after you for fraud and you have to repay them all the money.

  28. Mr_flyguy19 on instagram seems to have the same scam. Never went through with it, but knew it was a scam from the start.

  29. ricky whitaker

    I received a check in the mail about a position with a company called marylar resource sevices inc. the position is clled trainee independent evaluator. wants me to go to office max and buy 6 of these vanilla network cards at $500 each and evaluate the cashiers and how fast the card gets loaded. and they will pay me $700. the check is for $3745.50 $3000 for the cards 45.50 services. and $700 for my training. the check is made out of abank called Elmira savings bank in new York. is this ascam..

  30. @yrn.marco23 (marcus) on instagram is most likely running a scam on people too. Promising to flip money: $100 for $1500, $200 for $2500, etc. It’s so tempting but obviously too good to be true!!!

  31. @ Tammy I will like to know as well because I have received a similar amount and I am hesitant on going to cash it. I told the guy from "Principal Survey," that I did not have a bank account and he said ok I will cancel that check and send you a

  32. Tammy Mancini

    I have received an Apollo Survey INC with a check for 3,740.00 asking me to purchase six 500.00 dollar Vanilla Reload cards , and they are paying me 700.00 dollars to complete a secret shopper survey at 6 different store locations that sell them. The 40.50 cents is to cover the service fees on the pourchase of each card.
    Is this a scam.

  33. If you’ve lost money in a Moneygram or western union scam, here’s what to do: If you have already filed a complaint with Moneygram or Enter your comment here…western union, there is no need to do anything further at this time. If you have NOT filed a complaint with Moneygram or western union you need to do so. Call Moneygram or western union to file your complaint. The FTC is working on developing a refund program to appropriately distribute the $18M, however, given that the settlement is capped at $18M, the FTC is alerting consumers to that fact that they will only be eligible for a partial refund (i.e., so don’t expect to recover all monies you may have lost as a result of the scam). If you do participate in the refund program, you will not give up your legal rights (translation: you can still pursue legal recourse).

  34. scammer alert. @thenicegirlnextdoor_ is a scam account. claims her brother works for a law firm giving free cash. She will eventually ask you for your banking info. Don’t fall for it

  35. I was scammed by Dennis Price as well. He says he works for incomm and can load pre paid netspend cards with $800. You must first buy a one vanilla gift card and load it with $120 as a good faith payment to him. After he gets your money, he strings you along saying that in the next couple of hours you should receive 4 emails from netspend. The emails never came. After a couple of days he says that the system is under maintenance and to wait another day. Then he says that he can manually load the money if you give him your netspend card #, exp date and cvc code on the back. He also needs your full name and all of the info on the receipt. By this time I’ve had enough and knew that he was trying to scam me out of more money. Moral of this story… If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

  36. Very similar to Ashley’s post above… guy named Dennis Price. phone number 618-215-3246. kick: wecangetmoney Instagram:stipendredistribution. Basically told me all of the same stuff Ashley listed above… basically i buy a visa card for $120 and he holds that in wepay and then using travel vouchers that can be converted to cash he loads $800 on my card… I then give him $230 which gives him $350 total and then the rest ($450) is for me… very obvious scam

  37. This person on IG Hackgeek305 just scammed me. If you see this account report it. Good thing I didn’t put alot of money into it. Don’t make the same mistake

  38. Kingbarry1m on Instagram is a scam too he says he will flip your money $200- $3000. I never got my money he stopped answering the phone and stop responding to my txts. His phone number is (786) 447-2004.

  39. Also, here is another scammer: Dennis Price at allocatedstipends.

    This guy is has over 1100 followers and claims that he has these vouchers from incomm traveler stuff of vouchers gift cards and that if you buy two one vanilla cards that you put 20.00 on one and 120.00 on another and that you give him the 120.00 as a security for the 800.00 he is going to put on the card and that you get to keep 450.00 and he gets 350.00 and that the 120.00 you get back from the 800.00, his name is DENNIS PRICE, and he has the number 618-215-3246 and he has you contact him through kik messenger and his kik name is "wecangetmoney", it has been over a week and he then makes up a BIG LIE and then sends you messages from a 805-334-3786.

    Beware he is a scammer and he took my money and dragged me on for over a week saying stuff left and right that the system was down for maintanance and then that he has to use a sister network that takes a whole lot longer and then says it was accepted and that now all we have to do is wait for it to finish and then i dont hear from him, he ignores my text on all 3 of his contact numbers. This guy needs to be stopped and needs something done to him now, bc he took away from my kids and their easter and lied about everything.

  40. Wth is a villa reload card? It sounds like the most ghetto thing I ever heard. Jus get a job and create a bank account and get a credit card . "vanilla reload" …. Ghetto asf .

  41. ank;fhiu kfjioewn

    Friday 27 Mar 2015 got a letter in the mail from a Bert Bell Survey Inc. with a check for $3742.50. It gave instructions on calling a number to activate the check so I get deposit check into my account. Then I would be paid the $700.00 that is left over after I purchased 6-$500.00 vanilla reload cards at 6 different Walgreens or other Grocery Store, and that it was a secret shopper kinda thing. And to call same number with all the prepaid numbers with my agent. It just wasn’t worded right. Because it was ""Your special assignment is…..or your agent will advise you on how to conduct your assignment"" LOL I was born at night but not last night. Beware.

  42. kevin broderick

    i have been contacted by a person hawking this as a way to make thousands a week ligit. face book name "Jessica Smith"

  43. I had someone I tried to buy sneakers off a few months back. Vanilla reload refused to get my money back/track where the person took my money out/ or do anything for that matter. I wanted to kill someone you can’t trust anyone

  44. Received a check for almost $4000 in the mail from the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle survey Inc telling me to buy 6 My Vanilla cards from Walgreens for $500 each and keep the rest of the money. Obviously a scam to get my bank info. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

  45. have a scam its a guy with. Fake profile picture. That uses women to send money for projects. He said that each project are 1.7 million. He want women to send money to the company by Western union. To a Denise Welch. Ohio state

  46. Ashley IG Collegegirl_gettingmoney ; said and I quote
    " Hey Love??????All you need is a "reloadit pack" from Walgreens or Cvs and we can make it happen; Well A "reloadit pack" allows you to reload a prepaid card. I alter my cash card transactions. Once you purchase the my cash card you get a transaction number. With that transaction number, I enter it into the reloadit database and alter the amount from $500(You load) into $5500.All unclaimed funds are being given to new clients as a incentive to get them to regularly use the product. You don’t really have to . I mean I don’t really care if you do lol but I make a $1300 commission everytime I close a deal" and her contact number is 385-3128261. After I "get" the money in hand "she" wanted me to Western Union it! And when I asked questions like where do you live, and how you got Into this job, she ignored and asked if I wanted to do business or not! I think it’s a scam

  47. Carecreditspecialist on IG is a rippoff / thief don’t go no where near him I told I was gonna see that he don’t get nobody else he offers a cpn # and care credit profile he stole my money how can I get help with this

  48. Angela Garcia

    There’s a lady out there on instagram calling her self "pretty_black_thing and she us scamming people with the reloadit card she post all these pics with other people getting money but it’s all fake she post a phone number of 9018422692

    JUST FREAKING STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. south African citizen

    Mike Winston from new York also tried the same thing with me,told me he could turn $100 into $3000 in 45 minutes and his cut would be 300,asked me to send the money through money gram.




    both scams…his name is "DENNIS" and he will tell you to text 618-215-3246 and then he’ll say some dumb stuff like oh…my nephew broke my phone and text you from 8157850103 and then finish up by text

  52. Lol….How can you trust an IG user named "Richmama a.k.a. RichHomiedrea? Yeah, she seems legit. Maybe I’ll send her two hundred dollars to Fk off….(Said nobody EVER…) She couldn’t even explain to me this whole process….Immediately turned into a defensive Witch….

  53. I have had people contacted me on Instgram toogay name by HECTOR_HUSTLE PHONE NUMBER 313 282 4593 and said he will ad zero at the end of my 100’s and I have to buy Vcard and give him the acct number and I told him BS am not stupid and he never came back to me. the other one name FOREIGN_BEAUTEE PHONE NUMBER 510 327 8153. also Rio_banks Phone number 518 261 2729. I DM them on Ig and talked to them while knowing they are scammers to collect some info its stupid I wish there is some low to prevent such evil people using innocent people out there who is going through crisis. me personally I love doing some researches and I never believe there is such an easy money this is actually non sense why would somebody you don’t even know give you a free money? think about it so please people be smart and work hard to earn your own money don’t lose it to these idiots. hey you scammers you can never get a broken penny from me for sure am way smarter than you can imagine or your trashy brain. Stay safe you good people out there and may God forgive you the bad once or go to hell 😀 lol

  54. Somebody told me the same thing about western union except she told me I had to drive up there and she was going to give me the information ? But I’m still not sure she’s not giving me enouch information.

  55. Kayla bad_86 on instagram totally ripped me of 200!! cant believe i trusted her. She has a number by 231-598-7341.. Still waiting on my 2000, thought she could block me but i added her on my 2 ig!!

  56. Guy on Instagram named emanual Davis is doing the same thing saying I needed to get a vanilla reload card his number is 3139184368 smh when I told him I was looking him up and his company after about 20 minutes of asking questions he finally told me to eat a d!@% lol I said very unprofessional and hung up!

  57. Too smart for that

    Wow thank god for google didn’t go thru with this because it sounded to good to be true. So there’s this pretty girl on instagram by the name of "" and her number is (347) 590-4835 she told me about the business because I was curious as to how they make that work. She told me"Ok boo the process is really simple Your going to want a vanilla reload card which cost about 4 bucks at cvs pharmacy or Walgreens after you buy the card you can load between $100-300 on it at the register. This is where it happens. From a refunding software at my job I’m going to repeatedly refund the initial funds load by you into a set amount. So for example say you add $200 on the card (you don’t have to this is just an example) when I run the 10 digits that’s located on the back of the card In the computer I’m able to configure the amount making it $2000. The process takes no longer than 24 mins and I require a cut out of whatever you make!! With all that being said NO BS OR SCAMS EVERYTHING IS CLEARED AND LEGAL. I have no access to the money so I’m counting on you to send my cut"

  58. Well mine was a request from Kayla Lakey who said she is working for Facebook and trying her best to get me to put 500.00 on card for delivery fees of prize winnings of 950,000.00 prize for a user in 2015 ! The scammer cell number is 858-634-0177

  59. This doesn’t have to do with vanilla reload or anything but another scam that’s going on is someone telling you that you don’t need a vanilla reload card just an i.d. Her boyfriend apparently works for Western Union and hacks into it and do what they say "flipping your money". You send them any amount of money, let’s say 150.00 they say that 150.00 will give you from 1,500 to 1,900 hundred. The way they supposedly make the money by getting a cut. This persons cut was 800 from whatever amount of money. Now that right there should have raised a red flag but I’m not employed at the moment and the only income coming in its my sisters so I was desperate. I have credit cards to pay off. Granted the fact that they said send the money through Western Union should have raised the first red flag. Anyway I sent the money and then she blocked me off iG and deleted her responses to me. She took my 150.00 and left. Her IG name is get money with ice. Its a black female she was wearing a white crop top and her underwear which is a teal color. It was asked to be sent to Chaddric Fontenette in Houston Texas. Stay away from her.

  60. Literally just about 20 minutes ago me and lavishlily were setting up plans but my good faith always investigates things that sound too good to be true and I found this page……it’s sad that she was really gonna take from me knowing I have children and what not smh…I screenshotted one of the comments with her name in it and sent it to her…told her don’t even worry about blocking me on IG cause like this scam I was ten steps ahead of her lol…couldn’t play me for a fool…

  61. Someone (well, Direct TV) just called me today introduced himself as Direct TV representative and offered me a deal which was hard to refused asking me to pay for 6 month of Direct TV service upfront and they will paid less than half I am paying now.
    They instructed me that this promotion is sponsored by “Vanilla Network” and ask me to use “Vanilla Prepaid Reload Card” and deposit $450 at time of purchase of the card at Seven Eleven or Walgreens etc.
    They know that I am paying my bill by credit card, they know my last 4 digit of my credit card, they know what channels I subscribe to, they were able to call Direct TV and introduce themselves as me and change my plan to Premium, they simply hack my Direct TV account. They ask me to call back once I have the card to complete this promotion.

    There was something strange about the this “promotion” I did not do it and called Direct TV to learn that my account was changed, they change my email address to e mail I have never had…

    Direct TV agent switch me to “attention department” made note of my report and said someone will get back to me in 5 to 10 DAYS.

    In 5 to 10 Days I was asking… Someone just hacked my Direct TV account in few minutes and it will take 5 to 10 days for Direct TV to get back to me…

    Direct TV should be doing more to inform their subscribers about this SCAM…. They could have send e mail to every subscriber to stop it, since they already know about his scam.

  62. Please beware of FASTCASHFINALLY and SOLIDMONEY on Instagram. I was told that the were going to flip 300 for 3000 and the process was going to take 30 to 45 minutes to flip. I called after 30 minutes and no one picked up the phone and he blocked me from Instagram and did not picked up the phone. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO PROMISE TO FLIP ANY MONEY IT US ALL A SCAM!!!!

  63. I have a guy right now named on instagram "stackingbricks100" trying to get me to get a vanilla reload card to add zero’s and make thousands..this is a current scammer with a current alias…WATCH OUT. If you need money come see me and I will hire you for the summer!

  64. A dude name RYAN COOK on face book. (Says boy but image is girl or transgender.) Hrs on face book trying to do vanilla reload.


  66. This dude right here scammed me after he was on my ass that he could help me get extra cash and i believed him and he had me buy the vanilla reload card and right after he stole the money he blocked me please beware of this idiot – his username is bossdawghogg

  67. _pyrexx_johnn He got my sister today! dont do it and like they say "If it’s too good to be true then it probably is"!

  68. This is him name _pyrexx_johnn He got my sister today! dont do it and like they say "If it’s too good to be true then it probably is"!

  69. Anybody know anything about @baddest_Jennifer on instagram? She sells shoes and says to use this Vanilla reload card to pay for it. Anybody know anything about her?

  70. Anybody here of @got.kicks_ hes been trying to get me to send him$ 500.00 a d flip it to $10, 000 as a special. Hes called meand everything trying to explain everything to me and as mich as I want to, I wont give in. Its too good to be true. I dont know this dude. He has called me from those text free apps. I also asked to speak to a former costumer and I believe he was pretending to be another person from a new york #. He sounded the same.

  71. Guy named Tim_Royvls on IG scammed me today out of $200. He blocked and unfollowed me on IG and put me on call reject.

  72. Follow the instructions to report fraud…they’ll get caught. I got my money back…they tracked the card my money was loaded on and closed that account. I say expose them…because Lavishlily1 STILL hasn’t changed her name! Even if it stops ONE person from getting scammed.. REPORT THEM!!!

  73. Same thing happened to me today, I seen a young lady on IG, making it rain with dozens of $100 dollar bills and so on, I dm her about my interest in the opportunity,I asked for all the info, but she screenshot a pic to me about vanilla cards
    Beware here is her instagram name @timeissmoney

  74. People!! be smart and DO NOT forward this link to the scammers on Instagram, just so you can show them that they’ve been exposed. Think for a second, you’re not helping anybody. They will see they’ve been exposed and will change their usernames and continue scamming people with new ones, so basically you’re helping them.

  75. Beware of kelly_coulture,worldwide_steve,shy_rackzZ,shyy_rackz,lavishlily1,sp_pretty_tiff,vanilla_king32 they are all on IG and all full of it. They will unfollow and block you as soon as they have what they want. They post the same "deals" they all work in the "processing department" I’m just following them all just to see what they will do when I DM a screenshot of all of their names on THIS site. Expose as many as you can.

  76. Good thing I do my own research before committing to anything. I saw a tempting post on Instagram of a young pretty female making a lot of cash. My initial thought was wow that’s a lot of money and she’s young. My second thought was How Is She Making All This Money, I want that too! So I dm’d her that I was interested in making money and how she does it. This is her text she sent me responding, "Basically I wrk in a cvs and here at cvs we have a money network which is used to load prepaid cards I wrk thru vanilla debit cards because their cheaper to purchase. Anyway 2 yrs ago I discovered a glitch in the money network. Vanilla debit cards are only supposed to hold $500 max but the glitch allows me to exceed that $500 limit. U can purchase the cards at any cvs walmart walgreens rite aid Duane reade or 7eleven stores. It’s 100% legit just a simple system error So if ur interested in makinq this kind of quick cash u must purchase a vanilla debit card and a vanilla network reload card. Alls I need is the numbers on front of the debit card and the numbers on your vanilla network reload card so you just Put the money on the vanilla network reload scratch the back of the reload and send me the confirmation code And your debit card number I put that code into my system glitch the balance to the transfer the cash to your card thru money money network.Then you go to the ATM to get the cash But I will only help u if u promise to send me my cut which is 20% off w.e u make. A lot of ppl think this stuff isn’t real but I can assure you that you’ll believe. The Lowest amount I can glitch is $200. Turn $200 INTO $2000 $300 INTO $3000 $400 INTO $4000 $500 INTO $5000." Her Instagram name is shy_rackzZ and shyy_rackz. Keep yourself educated and aware before making any decisions regarding YOUR MONEY and spread the word to family and friends!

  77. There is a guy steve that didn’t give me the money he said he would. He could flip your $200 to $2000 with the vanilla reload card. I didn’t do as I was told and I tried it out with him and it’s the worst mistake of my life. I don’t understand how stupid I am… but he asked for the pin so he could redeem the money. The first time he said that the process was successful but the network kicked him out and couldn’t "flip" my money. The second time he could refund my money if I buy another vanilla reload. This time I only reloaded $100 and gave him the Pin since he said he could refund it and he never did. I have been contacting him and he doesn’t respond. Now he unfollowed me and I cannot see his profile…. ON INSTAGRAM AS WORLDWIDE_STEVE

  78. @vanilla_king32 is on Instagram also posting about money flips, uses the number 310-421-2705. Also is lying about owning a Pagani Huayra, lol.

  79. This random guy @michaeljamesflips followed me on instagram. Most of his pictures say this:
    Still think I’m not legit ?

  80. Today I was also scammed by Lavishlily1,, she tells you to wait for 30 minutes and that she is :tunning a special" She gets the pin and then blocks you on IG. The phone number that she uses is 315-658-1220.I feel like a complete IDIOT!!! But I have something for her. I WILL get my $$ back.

  81. Someone called me yesterday saying I was approved for a loan up to $5000. I was asked various questions and to upload money on a vanilla reload card.which will be proof that I can pay the monthly loan off.But the $250 I put on the card will not be taken off just for proof I can backup the $5000 loan to pay it off to 18 months.I knew that sounded suspicious because why was I asked to give the serial # off the scratch off part.And he told me once I put the $250 on the card for proof I have money to pay off the loan.i can go get the $loan from western union with the provided mcm # that i will be given once i call back with the vanilla reload serial # on the scratch off area then i was told to go to western union and provide the mcm # and vanilla reload network name to the retailer to get the $4000(which was the amount I said i wanted loaned to me). to the retailer.But i knew the information he was giving didn’t sound right.I told him i will call back next Friday.Ive done research and found out he was trying to SCAM me!!

  82. There is a girl that didn’t give me the money she said she would. She said she could flip your $200 to $2000 with the vanilla reload card. I didn’t do as I was told and I tried it out with her and it’s the worst mistake of my life. I don’t understand how dumb I could be but she asked for the pic so she can redeem the money. The first time she said that the process was successful but the network kicked her out and couldn’t "flip" my money. The second time she said she could refund my money if I buy another vanilla reload. This time I only reloaded $20 and gave her the Pin since she said she could refund it and she never did. I have been contacting her and she doesn’t respond. Now she unfollowed me and I cannot see her profile. Luckily I screenshot her profile.
    Her name is Bee.Tefull on IG. Be careful out there. I’m still trying to find out how to get her to return my money.

  83. A person on instagram named @havefaith2515 said hey beautiful if you trying to make some extra cash today or when you have time hmu 915-207-1692 or dm me. You’ll see a difference in 30 mins

  84. On Saturday 1/10/15 I was a victim of this scam. Her screen name on Instgram is Lavishlily1 and her number is a 315 area code. She will show u pics of fake money then block you as soon as she has the reload money number.

  85. I was on facebook and a person named "Tim Guwop" asked meeh if im trying to make some quick money. I asked him how.. and he told meeh to give him my number so he can fill meeh in. He mentioned something about quick cash flips. And ii told him to rather fill meh in on facebook.. he told meeh he’s been working for the company for 5years nd just to prove he’s legit my first time will be free of charge.. so ii had to google search this company.. and boy am ii glad ii did.. because ii wouldve been another naive teenager who’s been scammed by a fraudulent..

  86. Well I guess it’s a good thing I read this the way the Chris guy is still on IG. He followed me and I’ve been looking at his page for about 2 months now..I was curious so I texted him and told me that I had to buy a network reload card. So I searched it up and came upon this. His IG is MR_FLYGUY19 and his number is 813-520-9829
    Don’t believe everything people say. I was surprised there were so many ‘testimonials’ but now I know better

  87. I had one try today to get $400 from me. They called saying it was local sheriff department. That I had missed Jury duty and had a warrant for my arrest but they would cancel the warrant if I got a voucher showing I prepaid the fine of $400. Then I call them back, with the pin of course and they cancel the warrant. I called the real SO right after I got off the phone…hey they not only do not do this, but they don’t let people know they have warrants by phone!

  88. some one called me for 3 months about the vanilla reload card….. They got me …$100.00 he said he will add a cero to this….now he said he is a police officer …. These is his phone number 7634473537

  89. If you all have money to invest in something you know is shady. You have the money to invest in something real , I do Network Marketing. And it is legit. Contact me @
    I will send you information on the process and products. You can’t expect something for nothing.
    If you’re going to be greedy, be greedy about your success.

  90. @bambam_thagoddess on INSTAGRAM tried to scam me! her cell 347-913-1941

    "I am a Loan System Advisor at Western Union. First you must go purchase a Vanilla Reload Card and load $105-$500. Then you send me the 10 numbers from the scratch off, I will t

  91. @ittybittyjenny_ is also a scammer. She got me $80, and I was a naive fool. A god damn fool. I called Vanilla Reload and asked for a dispute and an investigation but they don’t guarantee anything. I feel so god damn stupid. Her phone number is: 661-584-42

  92. @66Vell on IG got me the same way for $200 he said he was doing a special and will turn it into 4,000… he uses 347-919-4298 but changes his number. Dante Vell is his name…. I feel so dumb it probably happened because it was wrong to do in the first pl

  93. Jeffdollaz24 or something to that affect on Instagram only got me for 100 dollars asked that I send it to "cordlauos fennell" and in return he would send me 700 back as to keep his cut of 30%
    Obviously naive I sent it anyways when it was needed for court, so not only did I lose money but I’m possibly going to jail now.

  94. some one called me for 3 months about the vanilla reload card….. They got me …$100.00 he said he will add a cero to this….now he said he is a police officer …. These is his phone number 7634473537

  95. This scam just came from today:
    "Vanilla Reload Network is hiring individuals for mystery shopper job.
    a $300 reward is attached to every completed assignment and you only spend 30-40 minutes
    for more information contact me."

  96. Twitter @_FineAssNikki , 937-412-2334. She’s telling ppl she’ll turn 300 into 3000 but all she asks is 300 of each 1,000 & you send her money via Money gram. So glad I read these before doing anything!

  97. Please be aware of Legit_sneaker_plug on Instragram..They scammed me for $200 for 2 pair of sneakers… please spread the word

  98. Watch out for instagram!!! added one person _beautyandbands and direct messaged her because who’s not interested in making fast cash! Wanted to see what it was about..It was all over the page how easy, safe and legal it is! she gave me similar instructions like the ones above! ALMOST convinced myself It wasn’t a scam but thank good im Googler and read up on anything before I do it .. never even heard of a vanilla card glad I did my research before going through with it and found this and as dumb as these people are they all start following you in a herd which made it feel even more like a scamlol CRAZY if life was that easy we’d all be rich.. B**** told me to put 200 on the card lol she’s not getting a penny from me! Watch out and Be safe people

  99. Has anyone heard of @TRICE.L Instagram selling sneakers, phones, computers, etc ??
    Just want to know if she schemed anyone she asks for vanilla reload also.

  100. I seen Alexis Banks Williams post of Facebook about doing money flips. I am in a financial hardship and thought nothing of it. I contacted her and she provided me with her phone number. She stated that I would give her $150 or more and she would add a zero to it using a green dot money pak, pay pal reload able card or vanilla reload able card. She would ask for 20% of what she would have sent me. She sent me videos and pictures of proof that this was not a scam. As the days gone buy, she asked for more and more money. Towards the end, she ended up with $900 and wanted $50 more. Her excuse was this was the last step to send me the money. I told her that I was done and this was sounding like a scam. I still have not revived any money. Once I even asked for my money back. She completely ignored my question. Even to her I know police and she still scammed me. I fell for it yes but all I want is my money back. She blocked me on FB and I reported her to FB. She needs to be stopped! I looked up her phone number and her number is connected to a mans name in bel air, Maryland! HER NUMBER +1 (443) 356-1532

  101. Look out for veronica_blessed on Instagram and number 3137045818 and 3134565660 they will lie saying it an investment and will tell you to trust them. They also will keep asking how long will it take before u can invest in there company. It not true they will also tell you that everybody is doing a scam but they are legit… Don’t do it please!!!!

  102. Yes watch for James rome onFacebook and fbg chico from Facebook they try to get me to but i ask y Do ü need me to Do it Do it urself then i didnt here frm them no more

  103. BEWARE!!! @the truth is now @_quickfix on Instagram!!! I flipped through her photos and she has one showing her adding zeros to her Vanilla Reload card. Stay away from her! So thankful I don’t buy into this stuff…

  104. I’m worried because I am renting a house from a Julie Newberry her and her husband are working in Malaysia with Unaids they have registers I pay with the reload vanilla.then I would receive the keys the next day

  105. This lady scammed my money . Be careful her name is ms. Wealthy she did that to me today. How can I get my money back I need help her number is 434 248 0410 her name on Instagram is invest2gain

  106. Beware on instagram this guy just scammed us his name is number1supremeshop… It is so sad how people can do this….

  107. Watch out for millionaire_mindset on Instagram. Scammer had number as (240) 389-9380 He is stealing peoples money with Vanilla Reload cards

  108. Beware of payday_getcashtoday on IG. Phone # 916-469-0442. Scammed my friend out of $200.00 first, told him to wait 30min for the flip. 30 min later, the person said the funds were frozen and he needed to send $100.00 more to unfreeze the funds. Like a fool he sent it, and of course it froze again. It was his last. Shame on these people for preying on desperate people.


  110. Watch out for a scam artist known on instagram, as business_pat. (402) 396-4232. Getting you to put money on a prepaid reload card.

  111. TripleOurMoney and tripleOurCash are on instagram. Watch out!! They almost had me convinced. The person claimed to work for Vanilla Accountant. Said it was a promotion from their company that counted as a tax write off on their part. Don’t fall for it guys. I really needed the money so it was almost an easy decision to want my money flipped into something alot larger.

  112. Be aware on Instagram by a lady name @ms_tryingtomakeit I have learn a hard listen my believe that work trust me I can truly say she stole my money and blocked me from contacting her again !!! Thanks to me trusting her I gave her my last money and couldn’t give my babies Christmas so I was very disappointed!!!

  113. Hello everyone, first i wanted to thank this site because I was going to give a VERY apprehensive $300 to a girl who "flips money" IG name: @thetruthhh_ WATCH OUT FOR HER!!!! phone number: 803-335-3219

  114. Do not trust any Taliban Iranian they all are crooks and the FBI and the government must help them rob old people they took my 80yr old mom on Christmas and were they get all old people numbers, with colon cancer and a widow, now had that been someone here in the the United States they would be able to track you and be at your door makes you wonder huh and it’s all em… China takes wire transfers for fake products and never send them as well but they can’t find them well….

  115. There’s a lady on Facebook who messaged me about it. She said I had to buy the card . Then load it with 100.00 and she would make it 1,000 she wanted to know if I would give her 200.00 of it. So I know now it is a scam. Thanks!

  116. I was indeed scammed today by crappy people who claimed they were cash advance people. I put 110 dollars on a prepaid reload card and of course they took it and I never receive my money. Here is the info to the comapany.

    Shawn cooper cash advance America


  117. There’s a guy who contacted me Named Andy Brown, posing as a loan officer, stating I was approved for $1,000 installment loan… He stated to load a vanilla reload card with $175 and give him the last 4 numbers from the back to verify. Now, supposedly that was a requirement to insure I wouldnt take the money and run! Huh, needless to say this didnt sound right. So Im not going any further with this bs but, I wanted to share my story… These criminals are out and trying to scam everyone in everyway!!

  118. RANDYMAKINGMONEY on ig..Randy Benton..scammed me out of200….fake page..he stole pics from someone else hes pretending to be someone else..sucka shit

  119. Alonzo First Rider

    I just been scam is there any way I can get my money back or refund or sumthing a day before Christmas or is there anything I can do about it or no.

  120. Yes Tomeka Allen got me 300$ cash needed the money for Christmas but what goes up must come down.MADDD FEELING LIKE A FOOL.

  121. There is an IG user by the name of @rich.fame, claiming that she works for the company. She’ll start off by commenting on your picture and if you tell her you’re interested, shell say" I work for a prepaid card company called vanilla i am able to access the account and make it larger can do it tonight all you half to do is go to cvs or walgreens and buy a vanilla relaod card for $3.95 and once you do that i can access the card and flip your amount only takew approx: 15 mins once its done I’ll send you a confirmation and pin to withdraw the money or i can put it on a prepaid visa if you have one" it’s a fake. I knew right away, be careful with users who claim they can make you rich.

  122. well I got scammed by this woman on IG call successful_beautiful I saw all her pictures of her holding money of other people holding money she has where you can flip your money so she had a kik message people to talk to them private and she told me to do the same thing they are talking about but I only put 35 she wanted me to put 80 but I told her no and she dropped it down to 40 but when I kept messaging her she took forever to get back but when she did I had spent some of the money and I told her I only had 35 I put it on there but messed up cuz I really didn’t know what I was doing and have to go and buy another card the actual credit card and when I went to transfer the money to the credit card it said that I had redeemed itbut I didn’t so now I’m in box in her ass in her what’s going on and she saying that the 350 dollars is with held and back she needs another 35 dollars I told her hell no just forget so now I’m on her Instagram calling her out on her pictures and letting people know who is liking her stuff that she is a scammer and don’t believe her and I got the police involved and the company of vanilla card involved so when they found out who she is they going to put a stop to her she messed with the wrong person

  123. I got scammed by a guy IG his username is patrick_flips and his number is 720-414-3714 and he told me if i put in 150 that i would get back 3500 but he took my money and never text me back so watch out for this username

  124. Has anyone heard of cream_Britt on IG??!! She talks about making flips all day and showing pics of people with hundreds of dollars spreaded out in their hands, on the floor and all. I was curious to how real it all was, so I sent a message asking information on how it all works and she told me that I had to load a vanilla card with any amount I’m ready to get started with, once I load the card, she told me to give her a call when I get the card loaded. I have not done so but something made me want to Google vanilla card and BOOM, I see this post!! This is called a "pigeon drop"! Omg, the madness is REAL out hear!! These scams have been around for years but just have taken on a new form! WoW

  125. There’s a lady on instagram by the name 24 hr cash who said she can change my 100 to 1800 I had a really bad feeling but I needed the money to help my mom for her surgery and I’m unemployed so this affects me really bad

  126. DaShaun Crenshaw

    I got scammed today by a guy on IG name cjdiamondlife of course i asked him was it a scam i told him that it was my last $100 and i needed the money to go Christmas shopping he got videos and pix on IG which made me believe him man i gave him the pin and next thing yuh know he’s texting me back saying STOP and he blocked me on IG he vanished along with my money im devastated didnt really know ppl was like this in this world

  127. Today 12/17/2014 Lashawnda contact me on IG saying she can turn 200 to 500 dollars into 2000 to 5000 dollars with a vanilla reload card. I went got the money out the bank and went to get the card. Didnt purchase it cause first my skepticism kicked in. I started asking all kinds of questions. I asked the lady at the store how the card works. It was contrary to what Lashawnda was telling me. She said load the card scratch off the 10 digit code and give it to her and she will add a zero to what ever I load on the card theb send her a cut. "Red flag" send her a cut. Then Me I research everything and came across this post. That said the samething she told me to do. I wasnt nasty. I just told her, as a 42year old it doesn’t seem logical to give you the pin # to a card I just loaded money on and I dont know you from honey boo boo and im not the fool. No thank you. I am not the Boo Boo either.

  128. I got scammed by the guy on instagram saying he could change my 50 to 100 and like everyone else when I done it and he got the number he vanished phone number and all! Now there’s a company saying they are cash advance and want to give me $1000 for a loan but I have to "prove’ I have the first months payment and put $100 on a vanilla card and then il get the money back of course he’s screaming oh my no its not a scam I am not going to steal ur money! If I knew it was a way I could set him up with the cops and get him busted I swear I would!!!!

  129. I got scammed by a dude on instagram that goes by the name of trustworthy03 people please watch out from him I was just trying to help my mom out I cried my eyes out its so sad u have people like this in the world

  130. So found a drum kit on ebay 2K,,, missed the deadlne, emailed the guy and he says he has another drum kit so he sends and shows pics via email same drum kit that was allegedly already sold All I have to do is go get VANILLA reload card for $2,000 ! This did not correct so I searched and found this scam alert BEWARE ! We got lucky and did not send the money ….
    If it is too good to be true then it really is….

  131. I just got scammed by 1.keith on Instagram as soon as he got my money he vanished and everything else with him. DO NOT listen to these people!!!

  132. I got scammed by a punk-ass dude named luckmoney92 from instagram it’s definitely my fault because I wanted to change my situation for my girl and my kids. PLEASE AVOID THIS NUT-ASS DUDE AT ALL COSTS!!!

  133. I found him on Instagram as THEQUICKCASH
    His name he put as money mike. Same deal except when I texted him he said I buy the card and then give him the number. He adds zeros then I pay him back a smaller portion by buying another card and giving him that number. And then he keeps what’s on that. If he hadn’t said he needed the card number I would have fallen for it. But I guess the whole thing was too good to be true anyways.

  134. A girl is trying to scam me now . Her name is Candace Smith on Facebook . Boy is she beautiful but if she wants money she gone have to work for it like the rest of us !

  135. Frederick Roneker Jr

    Timeshares Store 933 Lee Rd Orlando,FL 32810 wants
    $1500 to Vanilla Reload for title transfer to sell my Mayan Palace timeshare
    Is this a scam?

  136. I got scammed…I am normally smarter than this but I was so desperate for some extra cash for my christmas presents and never ending bills.

    Her IG name is ToniBeyondBeauty and she has another one that "got hacked"
    her phone number is 3138287171 and also used kik HardheadChild.


  137. I just got scammed I usually don’t fall for things like this but I needed some money n got got!!! It’s my fault he is on Instagram as michealsmiths_cvs, michealsmiths_accounting

  138. I was one and the names on I stage am are quickcash_252 and candirozay. They arestill active I normally Dont fall for this I’m normally smarter than this I watch people get scammed daily and I ended up being a victim but its my fault for falling for it please be aware do not believe these people once I find more names I will post them

  139. Malcolm Watkins

    It’s hilarious how all you dishonest people try to use kids, bills, mothers, and other things to make it sound as you are a victim. YOU tried to scam these companies by having someone who promised you money add 0’s to your deposit? That’s FRAUD!! You deserve to lose your money you theieves! Then you say these people who stole from you should pay for being a scumbag! You are a scumbag too!

  140. I called for a loan and they told me to go to certain stores and purchase a certain card and put a 100 dollars on it and I decently hung up my phone because if I was approved for a 1000 dollar loan an I told you I needed it for personal reasons .how I’m gonna send you some money really…pay money to borrow money duhhhhh..

  141. Today I was taken for my last $$$$$$$$ just to move and get my family in a house and help my mother in law out but boy was I wrong. SCAM SCAM SCAM NO MONEY IS FREE MONEY

  142. Was scanned on December 1,2014 by to my Montana bread for $50 phone number 901-230-0945 says he can double money…..FRAUD

  143. On instagram its _gorgeousmelly and she gave me her phone number and talked to me about the "business" and everything. I just wanted to help my mom with some bills so she would atop stressing. I haven’t heard from this person in awhile, she got off with 100 of my Christmas money..

  144. there a guy on ig name beentheplugg and he claimed to be legit and my friend and we talked for 3 weeks straight and he claimed he wont talk to know one that long for noo 100 but boy was i a fool people please be aware his name is tony and he going to come and say that his mom works for the western union and is able to modifies the amount PEOPLE PLEASE BE AWARE NO ONE CARES FOR U THEY GREEDY AND SELFISH

  145. Beware of someone from IG named ashley_vanilla on a 510-488-6879. She scammed me of $100. Right before thanksgiving. After I asked if she scammed me then posted all over her page that she scammed me she then texted me back saying that the system is asking for multiples of $200 and to repurchase another $100 card and she’d give me and extra $200 then a few secs later sent the same text yet saying it is asking for multiples of $100 and to add another $80. BEWARE of this person.

  146. Ciera fields is another scam artist from Facebook that says she’s a vanilla reload supervisor. Someone needs to put a end to this mess

  147. Realistically speaking, why go for that stuff. These task companies would catch you anyway. GreenDot you give your info to in order to use the card. Not sure about the others but Even if it c we’re legit,when the shit hit the fan these companies Wouldnt have far too look. Plus don’t you think a multimillion/billion dollar company would notice large chunks of money being reallocated. That’s why they have lost prevention. Lost prevention is in every store and every store report its losses to higher lost prevention in every avenue of sales.

  148. I was scamed on fb the other day by a gurl named jazmine cashmere of 300$ she said she wrked there she would guide me thru it bt instead she took it before i ckuld get it off she called from a 734-2721514 phone number once i realized i called her bck she hung up then blocked me.yesterday..beware nice gurl as she sounds on her page her employment say vanilla reload super visor she sends request to lots of people i wont to report her call me 5017443691..thanks

  149. If A lady by the name of Luren J contact you definitely disregard especially on social networks like Tagged. She is a scammer by claiming that she has a brother who works for NetSpend and says that he’s going to add a 0 to any amount you put on a card; like if you put $200 on card they claim they will be able to give you $2000 which is a scam. Look for these two #’s: 208-352-6004 and 325-269-0700.

  150. Watch out for a scammer named Ch3llybby she’s a scammer on instagram. Claiming to be legit~you can’t win if you do it the EASY way. Money is HARD earned, not stealing….Don’t become a victim. She claims she works for the company, and can turn ur money, but you need to give her all the reload information first. Then takes all of your money.

  151. A girl named melissa jordan I added as a friend on facebook said she could take any amount and add a zero to it on a vanilla reload card and I send her back 20% but after the 30 minutes I asked what next and she said go pull the money off and also deactivated her account! It was stupid to think some people really want to help, I am a single mother of three and I am just a student. Trust me lesson learned:-(

  152. Watch out for a black female named Christina Allen I believe her bosses name was Marcus he sounded legit on the phone told me I would get my money gave me a false tracking number for western union what a bunch of scammers

  153. yea another girl on instagram got me as well. she told us her system was moving slow and it would take more time than needed but she took our money she on instagram as ooowee123

  154. I got SCAMMED with using Vanilla Reload Network for $250.00. No one there at Vanilla Reload Network do not care that you have been scammed. All they care is that you keep using there product to keep them in business.

    Please stop buying this product I will never purchase a reload card from Vanilla Reload Network or any other Reload Card Company. They are in business for themselves.

    Been SCAM

  155. * Alexis Jones
    1436 North Wells
    Chicago il 60610
    You might need my id number it’s 3000-4072-189J Got Me For 100 Dollars Did It Because my Son Birthday in a few days. Her Number is 7732557894

  156. just got scammed using this card. "Publisher’s Clearing House" I won a MILLION $’s and a new Truck. All I had to do was load this card and they were on the way. They claimed they couldn’t take money off card without the "pin" on receipt. This is also scam. NEVER give the number on the back to ANYONE!!! They call back and tell me they need more $ for the "taxes". That’s when I check the number and card was EMPTY!!

  157. Got a follow request from @gstarcapo on IG and approved it and decided to follow back. Seeing his posts and how he would say he could help people making money, I automatically thought it could be a scam. After a week or two, I decided to ask him what it is he does. He asked for me to give him my number so he could contact me with full details. Of course, I was not about to give my number out so I asked if I could DM him and he said "yes". He told me exactly what Variation 5 says. From what he said, I decided to Google. I know what Vanilla Reload is since I have had one before. When I Googled "Vanilla Reload" this page came up on the results. So now my suspicions of @gstarcapo being a scammer are answered. Be careful, rather work my ass off than get scammed.

  158. Yeah this cute little chick on instagram,business_pat (402) 396-4232.Got my stupid a$$ to put $100 on a vanilla reload card. That she was a manager at Wal-Mart and had access to all the computers, and turn this measly $100 into $1000.At first she wanted me to put $300 on it.Glad I didn’t have it.Against all common (cents) I Did it. I blame no one but myself.

    Auqqa awa

  159. I just got scammed my @Richgang_Davee his number used is 305-834-7713. I just got scammed for $800 and he on Instagram shopping in Louis Vuitton stores with the victims money. He’s blocked me and won’t return my phone calls. I hope his ass goes to prison forever because people who work hard for their money and looking for a break don’t deserve to be treated like this. Lesson learned for life

  160. 7084752215 tried to get me for vanilla reload.. $200 gets me $2000 and so forth. Didn’t fall for it. I googled first and foynd this information. Sorry Buddy.. Good luck people don’t be gullible.

  161. My Vanilla Reload Card Scam came last week when speaking to a Loan Manager name Mark Watson at Advanced America Cash Advance (818)945-1008 X225. I was asked to provide a good faith payment of $131.25 toward a loan with this company. I was asked to load the funds on this Vanilla Reload Card and provide the approval number on the back. I had received approval documents with Advanced America Cash Advance logo and the full contract information attached. After the payment was provided and I was told my funds would be sent to my account, I did not receive the loan payment at all. My bank confirmed nothing was sent to my account. After I spoke back to Mark Watson he then told me to speak to his supervisor Stephen about the reason for the delay. After speak with Stephen was then told my account had some past due amounts attached to IRS or Medical Bills that I had to be paid before I could receive the loan. Apparently this a government requirement. I was then asked to load $267.00 on another Vanilla Reload card to clear up this balance and they would fund my account. At this point I told Stephen that this is a fraud and I would not pay them another penny toward any IRS or Medical fees as I do not owe IRS anything nor do I owe any Medical bills, none of which has anything to do with getting a personal loan. I was then told to speak to the person in the debt department and he would explain this to me. I told him this a fraud and I’m going to report them and this company for SCAM!
    My loan documents below:
    Consumer Loan Agreement # 32526730
    Borrower’s Information:
    Lender: Borrower’s Name: Cassandra JXXXXX
    Loan Approval Code: Niw55051
    138 62 2903
    American cash advance
    Origination Date:
    Borrower’s ID:
    Due Date:
    11/30……………………..and so on!
    This is a SCAM! BEWARE!!!!

  162. I was curious why they ask for your IG name but now I know why. So they can block you once they scam you. I just contacted _milligang on IG because I was curious how it works. Waiting for a response now but I definitely won’t be falling for it.

  163. I fell for this too. I needed money to pay my rent and electric. I feel so dumb right now. I don’t know what to do with myself. I won’t get got any more. Professional marketing got me on instagram for $700. And the worst part about is everytime I would talk to somebody different they would constantly call me sir and I’m a female all day long. Everytime I would tell them I was a woman they would apologize and then 2 seconds later would call me sir again. Yes I have a deep voice but if I tell you once I shouldn’t have to tell you again.

  164. Anyone heard of myathereloader__ on IG? Saying she works for vanilla reloader and she will add zeros into the system then she gives a money gram # for you to send her "cut" back which is 40%

  165. I was talking to somebody by the name of ericgotbands on instagram and he was telling me he can change 200 and 2500 in 30sec to call him at 9042018762 and 3132870276 and that he love his business and that it was not a scam but it is now I’m out of my money with a baby on the way what to do

  166. There is 3 ppl on my Instagram 2 male n one female.. 2 of them got me. I was desperate for money for my kids.. I cannot believe ppl do this crap! I learned my lesson n won’t ever do it again!

  167. I was contacted on instagram by an african american guy that he works at the vanilla company and that he can add a zero to the amount put on card..I didnt do it but im givin heads up his name on instagram is @yrn_reo

  168. I was defrauded by someone on Instagram by the Vanilla Reload packs she/he first went by the name lauren_shysmom1. After she got her money she deleted and blocked me on Instagram and IMMEDIATELY changed her name to beautiful_special1. My bank account was used in the process, I subsequentky changed my password and I am afraid that I will get in trouble with the law. I am unsure of what to do or who to notify. Kindly advise

  169. This Vanilla Card has logos of companies printed on the card back and forth: The American Express, Mastercard, VISA. A first time customer falsely is led to believe that the Vanilla Card would stay behind its customer and protect him against FRAUD, at the very least. It was revealed to me that the company does not offer that despite listing credit cards on its own card and fully knows that the credit cards do offer protection against FRAUD. The parent company, Incomm, is not even a Bank; it is described as "A Financial Institution". Perhaps, the CFPB accepts complaints but FDIC probably would not. There is so much room to commit financial fraud using Vanilla Card, I fail to understand absence of any regulatory agency to turn to today.

  170. There is a person on IG that’s doing this scam his IG name is lucky.raymond27 and his number is 213-587-8455. Beware if you see this name and number!!!!

  171. Why didn’t the company change there name do it won’t be affiliated with the scam
    I see this on Instagram a the time but I am not stupid to fall for this scam
    There’s no way I’m falling for this but I do play with the person and ask all kinds of
    Questions just to laugh my butt off.

  172. I had been contacted on by user name Crystal W.age 26 Cleveland, Ohio about the Vanilla reload scam. I never sent the money, but I am giving the heads up on this person.

  173. Latoya Collins from Louisville, KY

    CLAIMS to work for vanilla out for her–they even call you back!!!!

  174. If you fell for this scam, SHAME ON YOU! You need to really look deep within yourself and do a very much needed self evaluation. I just ran across this Bull&$!@ on instagram and texted this number 347-980-5184 out of curiosity saying I was interested in making money. They texted back and asked me if I was near a CVS. I said Yes. Then they said for me to load the card, give them the code and in 30 minutes, they’ll send me a new code! I thought, You’ll send me a new code when dinosaurs return! In other words, alot of you should know the old saying, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS!!! Glad I didn’t fall for it. I am a college graduate with a 3.71 GPA who remained on the dean’s list for 8 consecutive semesters. I’m working on my Master’s degree now. But good luck to all. There are many desperate individuals in this world ready to prey on the naive, vulnerable and uneducated. And if you ARE educated, SHAME ON YOU for not using that special kind of common sense and your God given instinct! Hopefully this message helps someone. It’s the only reason I texted the scammers. To help prevent someone from losing money. PEACE.

  175. angela martinez

    I was tryin for loans and he said if i make a payment up front for my first pament so I called. 1800 number for u all now tryin to see why I do


  177. Felicia Thompson

    I was scammed by uniquevirginhairboutique since The summer and still have not received anything!!! Netspend is a crooked company. They barely allow you to speak with anyone. When I threatened to sue them they kind of listened but still no action has been taken. All of these girls are scamming selling hair I reported her page to Instagram but she continues to change the name so they can’t catch her. This is ridiculous.

  178. Hello community,
    Thank you for taking the time to educate consumers. We are doing everything we can to reinforce the anti-scam messaging on our web-based and social media platforms. Subsequently, we are sending reports of scam via social media to our legal team who are working with law enforcement officers to address this important matter. Feel free to send us any scam activity you view in your social channels and will forward this information to the appropriate department.
    Finally, we are asking our consumers to contact their local law enforcement agency and file a police report and have the officer contact us.
    And just as a reminder, if you or someone you know are contacted by anyone claiming to work for MyVanilla or Vanilla Reload an offers to add funds to your accounts in exchange for a fee, that it is an attempted scam. At no time should you give unknown individuals information about your MyVanilla account. Our paramount goal is to keep your funds safe and secure.
    Like us on Facebook at Vanilla Reload, follow us on Twitter @VanillaReload, Instagram @VanillaReloadNetwork, Tumblr at Vanilla-Reload and add Google+ at Vanilla Reload.
    Team Vanilla

  179. I’m glad I read a bunch of reviews on this vanilla card thing and scammers… I was on Instagram tonight and got a personal message from a beautiful young woman, username: successful_beautiful …. she’s very convincing that’s why I had to look this up! I sat there for hours asking her all these questions and the one that caught my eye was when I asked, how do I know this isn’t a scam? and she replies, well if you can’t tell from my pictures on instagram then idk what to tell you… HA! What a joke! I can’t believe some ppl. actually do this! Never again!

  180. It’s hanson mathew, 3120 e las olas blvd suite 3, ft lauderdale, Florida. Number he called from is 239-400-1383 the other number the 954-271-9573 he said was an automated system. Instagram name @finacialfreedomopportunities having to take legal action to get my money back.

  181. If you fell for this scam I am sorry but you are dumb a quick Google search would tell you how dumb you are quit being greedy mofo’s

    If anyone could add zero’s to any balance amount why would they stop at adding one zero

  182. I had the same thing happen to me please don’t do it her name is on instagram @mzbaglady24 and her number is 757-453-7309 . she took $135 from me and now she don’t want to answer and took me off her page this need to stop cause I shouldn’t jhave did it from the beginning .. people need to learn how to get there own money and stop taking from other people its sad that this happened to us but we know next time don’t do it.

  183. I was scammed as well her name ws Ciara J on tagged . com did exactly the same thing, now as we speak a chelsea_Simone42 on Instagram is trying to get me as Wrll, won’t fall for that again

  184. I was scammed by a someone on Instagram by the name of Only_One_Britt. She told me to purchase a vanilla reload card and add $100 on the card. Once I added the money to the card this person told me to give her the 10 digit pin on the back of the card and she would turn my $100 to $1000. Once I gave up the 10 digit PIN number this person blocked me and took all my money. Now I have to go through a whole hassle to get my money back. Also customer service isn’t guaranteed to refund your money.

  185. This lady on Instagram named @tmt_flips just followed me today. She keeps posting pictures of turning $100 dollars to $1,000. Or 500 to 5,000. I never gave any money but she is a real crook their scammer. They never flip anything just steal.

  186. Just got hit by a person posing as Alexis on instagram using the InstaGram ID of @lexisbby187. This person also uses the phone number 9046717778 and 6154361660 to text only but never for calls. She/He tried to get me to invest as much as I could muster up via a vanilla reload card purchased at CVS. I told her I only had $50 for the supposed flip after a little pressure, but she indicated that it was a little low, and convinced me to buy a $100 vanilla reload card at the minimum, which she promised would be flipped to $1000 with a $200 commission for her after the transaction.

    To cut the long story short, she took 4 hours to get back to me after initially being given the card details and then she said the money had been flipped to $1000 but the transaction was still ‘pending’, therefore she would need another vanilla card with another PIN in order to push the current one through. I requested my money back but this person so called Alexis refused to respond to demands for the original funds of $100 only and proceeded to unfollow me on Instagram. When I checked the PIN online after her first response almost 4 hours later, it said my PIN had already been redeemed!

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