TV Channels Upgrade

TV Channels Upgrade Scam: How It Works

(with video below) The scam happening this week involves the name of the well-known US broadcast satellite service provider DirecTV, but be careful as scammers could use the name of any popular network in your region, whether that’s Canada, UK, or Australia.

Other brands mentioned could be DISH, Comcast, Cox, Bell, Shaw, Telus, Sky, Foxtel, Telstra, etc. Read this carefully and pay attention to the pattern.

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With over 20 million subscribers, DirecTV has become a huge competitor in the market that cable television providers once had cornered. One of the draws for customers is the number of special deals that the satellite giant offers regularly.

However, clients must be vigilant in making sure that the deals they are receiving are really coming from DirecTV, not from crooks impersonating its staff. A new scam making the rounds is bilking loyal customers out of their hard-earned money. How does it work?

The scam involves calls to customers, offering every channel DirecTV offers for only $365, or a dollar a day, for a year. The customer is even offered a free preview of all the channels as “proof” that the caller is really from DirecTV.

The victims, now with the proof they were looking for, agree to the terms of payment, which involves using a prepaid credit card (or MoneyPak, GreenDot, Vanilla Reload, or Ukash cards) to transfer the money to the “company” for the additional channels.

But how are the scammers able to give the customer access to all channels? The caller tricks the victim into giving his DirecTV account information.


Another accomplice in his gang then calls DirecTV and pretends to be the customer asking for an immediate upgrade to all channels. Therefore, when the customer wants proof, they are able to offer it by showing accessibility to all channels.

The scammers will also tell the victim that they will be out in a few days to complete the upgrade. Of course, no one shows up, and the victim discovers they’ve been scammed.

How To Avoid The DirecTV Upgrade Scam:

First and foremost, DirecTV will never ask a customer to pay for an upgrade via a prepaid debit card. This request should be red flag number one. Also, the fact that the customer is asked for the PIN of this card should be red flag number two.

A spokesperson for DirecTV says requiring customers to prepay for services would be red flag number three. He advises that if customers receive a call like this, they should immediately hang up and call 1-800-DirecTV to notify them of the scam attempt.


How To Report The DirectTV Upgrade Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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31 thoughts on “TV Channels Upgrade”

  1. Carole A Sarkan

    I received an email from a “producer” Jan Matthews from “Stream Channel TV” asking if I could partner with her on a project to co-produce a film documentary about me and my published book. She talked about an upcoming film festival in 2023 and needed material/story to cover. If this documentary is successfully produced, I could have direct access to a network in the film business. Can you give me some information about this? Thank you so much.

    1. I also received a similar email. I spoke with Jan and she told me that I would have to pay 6000 dollars upfront. What really alerted me to the probability of this being a scam is that they will only accept payment via paypal or wire transfer. Any info from anyone is greatly appreciated.

  2. Just received a phone call from “Directtv”, supposedly claiming that att changed the location of the satellite and that they needed me to turn on my tv and give them my pw so they can check on the service compatibility for my account. The caller with a very strong Indian accent said his name was Robim Jackson. Yeah right! I did not give him any info and told him that I would have to call att/directv directly and he was very adamant and pushy and wanted for me to call him back to his direct number 1-888-850-9973. I immediately contacted Directv and reported it. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT!

    1. Deuce Sanders

      I got a call this AM from a Jackson Brown with a heavy Indian accent about upgrading my cable service. All I had to do was send a check for $240.97 to Upgrade TV service PO box 822 West Hempstead NY11552.

  3. Lawrence evine

    I was called this morning from someone with a heavy foreign accent claiming to be from Direct TV. He told me they were upgrading my service in order to eliminate dead spots and weather-related problems with a higher frequency so they needed to upgrade my equipment or my service would be shut of in 30 minutes. In order to maintain service I needed to authorize an $180.00 deposit on new boxes. He
    knew my account number and obviously my phone number. I thankfully realized at this point that it was a phony story and that Direct TV wouldn’t operate this way, and ended the call. Beware of such a call and call Direct TV yourself to report it.

  4. DirecTV Scam sent me a text message to call 855-840-8826 for a special promotion price. When I called the # they asked me to go to retail store of my choice, load a Green Dot MONEYPAK card with $240 cash and I would get $60/mo price for Premium package guaranteed for next 2 years. Scary part is they knew my name and DirecTV Account #.

  5. If you don’t know the number DON’T ANSWER the phone! Chances are if it is a scammer they won’t leave a message and that usually tips me off. There are several phone apps that look up phone numbers in their data base, I use Mr.Number and CallerSmart that will usually tell me if the number is a high risk threat of scams or nothing more than an actual business. You can then make the decision to block that number on your phone, if it has that ability and Mr. Number blocks numbers for you, both apps are FREE. If one has information but the other one doesn’t have it I will update the data base with the information I found on the other app. Between scams, politics, surveys, offers it gets to be too much, so if I don’t recognize the number I do not answer, simple and easy!

  6. Apparently the price of scamming has gone down. $420 up front via "reloadit card" from Albertsons. Then $69.99 per month for 18 months. Same Premium service, per DIRECTV Loyalty Rewards Dept. Called 1-800-DIRECTV and they know nothing about it, which doesn’t seem right. However, a nice young lady gave me a $27 discount for six months and promised a new Genie box.

  7. I received a call from today with the same DirectTV deal for $480 for the 1st 6 months, then $79.99/month for two years including equipment taxes and fees.. They had all of my account info & my address, sounded convincing until they tried to get me to give them my SS# in order to "register" the debit card before sending it to me. The alarming thing is they new my current subscription information. When I hung up they called back. I called back the number and they answered Direct TV loyalty department. I called Direct TV and they had no clue. I have been with Direct TV 3 weeks and my information has been compromised.

  8. Just got a call from 410-793-1264 with 2 year discount. I hung up right away since I received similar calls before with different numbers.

  9. I received a call from 800-454-4823 today with the same DirectTV deal for $450 for the 1st 6 months, then $75/mo. for two years. They had all of my account info & my address, sounded convincing until they tried to get me to give them my SS# in order to "register" the debit card before sending it to me. You’ve got to be kidding me!

  10. We stayed on line with them, just to see what eles they were going to ask..They asked for my SS# and date of birth so the prepaid card can be used by me only!!! We called Direct TV to inform them. Apparently, there are other promotional offices that are actually thru Direct TV, so the lady didn’t really know. BUT, she did say if you’re being ask for a prepaid card, its a SCAM!!

  11. We got a call today too from this number, but asking us to use American Express prepaid card. Exactly, too good to be true!

  12. Narayana Raju Mudunuri

    I had a call today from 1 800 454 4823 with 2 years deal of 450 prepaid for 6 months and then 75 dollars a month thereafter for next 18 months. The deal promises Premier Package with 285+ digital HD channels having 40 premium movies and 25 sports Channel. Too good to be true !!

    They want the 450 to be prepaid via Reloadit® Pack Card, this surely sounds like a scam.

  13. I had a call today from 1 800 454 4823 with the deal of 450 prepaid for 6 months and only 75 dollars a month after 6 months. Once the prepaid "reload it pack" was mentioned I know it had to be a scam. Called Direct TV and they knew nothing about it. The old adage "if it sounds to be good to be true then it probably isn’t". Stay vigilant my friends!

  14. I just received numerous calls from these scammers, I did NOT confirm my name or account number. I gave a FALSE name and FALSE account number but yet he read me back my CORRECT account number,name, address and telephone number! He even knew the date and amount of my last payment!!! He told me he was going to "correct" my account and change it to the bogus name I gave him!!

  15. This scam is alive and active. For paying 6 months in advance, they offer all the current channels plus Sunday ticket for $75 a month. same number called me 855-880-6067. it’s always heavily accented guys, repeating and asking "so do you want to upgrade now."

  16. I was also called from 855 880-6067 and the caller knew my account number, address and the pkg I had with Direct TV. I have Direct TV twice now and emailed them and was told someone from the scam department would be contacting me, I have not heard from them yet. I was really thrown off when I called the phone back and it has the recording welcome to direct TV and it really sounded like the real thing. What is concerning it these people know all this information about us.

  17. This happened to me as well. The same thing but heck saved a little because they wanted on 420.00. The this that bugs me is Direct Tv never contacted me in any which way to give me a heads up on this scam. Yes I went home and all my channels were on so I knew it was true or at least I thought so. This agent Ross Tayor gave me my account info. I never gave him any info at all. Direct tv is trying to say they talked me into giving this Ross Taylor the account info. I’ve spoken to a lawyer regarding this and he told me this is a class action lawsuit. I’ve never wanted to sue anyone but with this I am trying to find a lawyer who is capable of doing class action lawsuits. Direct Tv has not done anything with this now my bill is 100.00 more. If your interested for these crooks to get what they have coming write back.

  18. The first clue that this was possibly a scam was that their phones were terrible, and the initial person you speak to was barely making any sense. The offer sounded good though so I told them I would do it. I was transferred to a guy with an Irish accent and he told me to get this offer I would need to go to a Walgreens and purchase a MoneyPak card for $450, call them back, and give them the number on the back. That’s when I realized this wasn’t real. Why would a company of DirecTV’s size need you to do it that way?? The number they called me from (and asked me to call back on) is the same listed above by others (855) 880-6067. Trying to get money the lazy way….

  19. Sherry Anderson

    i received the call aswell And i hanged up the call they called me from 855-880-6067 . And this number is not in service now so that means they will be calling from some other new number now. And i a shocked to know that how will they would be asking for the payment . Bloody SCAMMERS , Put them in jail.

  20. Someone (well, Direct TV) just called me today introduced himself as Direct TV representative and offered me a deal which was hard to refused asking me to pay for 6 month of Direct TV service upfront and they will paid less than half I am paying now.
    They instructed me that this promotion is sponsored by “Vanilla Network” and ask me to use “Vanilla Prepaid Reload Card” and deposit $450 at time of purchase of the card at Seven Eleven or Walgreens etc.
    They know that I am paying my bill by credit card, they know my last 4 digit of my credit card, they know what channels I subscribe to, they were able to call Direct TV and introduce themselves as me and change my plan to Premium, they simply hack my Direct TV account. They ask me to call back once I have the card to complete this promotion.

    There was something strange about the this “promotion” I did not do it and called Direct TV to learn that my account was changed, they change my email address to e mail I have never had…

    Direct TV agent switch me to “attention department” made note of my report and said someone will get back to me in 5 to 10 DAYS.

    In 5 to 10 Days I was asking… Someone just hacked my Direct TV account in few minutes and it will take 5 to 10 days for Direct TV to get back to me…

    Direct TV should be doing more to inform their subscribers about this SCAM…. They could have send e mail to every subscriber to stop it, since they already know about his scam.

  21. They tried this on me too. They called from 855-880-6067 and had a thick Indian/Pakistan? accent. Caller had my DirecTV account number, phone number and address, so there has been a data breach by Directv that they have not acknowledged. I have reported this to directv but they do not seem too interested in doing anything about it. I have gotten several calls from his number over the last two weeks since I reported it and Directv has done nothing.

  22. Protect Yourself

    Beware of DirecTV promotion fraud calling from DirecTV Loyalty Dept. The number they use is 855-880-6067. They promote a $450 special for two years of service at $75.00 a month.

  23. Green Dot card is one of the favorite tools of the scammers. I have had DIRECTV for several years now, and NEVER ONCE did they require me to pay for months of service in advance in order to get me a special.

  24. We were called over the weekend and asked to get a prepaid debit card and pay $500 for 5 months of premium service. I had my wife then call Dtv to confirm this was a special. Come to find out this was a scam. Now Im worried about identity theft. Be careful with these phone calls.

  25. I lost $420 this week by fell into this fraud trick. The number they use is 1-800-782-6517 which is called the DirecTV loyalty rewards department. They got into my account and got my information and tricked me down! DirecTV never send me this kind of information before that happened.I called directv official number 1-800-531-5000, unfortunately nobody could give me a definite answer about whether that is a fraud or not!

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