American Red Cross Worker

How the scam works:

The American Red Cross, is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of good souls by claiming to be working for the Red Cross. There are two variations of the scam:

Scenario 1. You might receive an offer to get a job with the American Red Cross. Salary is good, conditions are great, and you can fulfill your dreams of helping people and even get money for it! Once you agree to the preliminary offer, you might be invited to connect with a lawyer to seal the deal. That’s where the scam happens: as soon as you get the ball rolling with the lawyer, you will be required to pay a small admin fee.

Little do you know that there is no real lawyer, there is no real job with the Red Cross. Scammers just charge your credit card, get your cash, and eventually steal your personal information. Never pay for a job, a job is supposed to pay you!  So if you get a job offer like that, ignore it and share in the comments section below the name of the scammer!

Scenario 2. Unfortunately, late calamities such as Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent snow and ice storms that have hit the Northeast have made headlines all over the world.

The number of relief workers flooding the areas has been a testimony to the goodness of mankind. However, there are those that are still scamming workers by posing as Red Cross staff members.

Whenever a disaster occurs, scammers are offering money and transportation to clean-up sites. They ask individuals to gather at a local public parking lot to load in a van or bus to travel to affected areas (such as New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy) to assist with clean up efforts, and will be paid a certain amount of money per day. With that incentive, they also ask for donations, cash or objects, which they never give the Red Cross. However, they are not affiliated with the American Red Cross in any way.

How to avoid:

The American Red Cross advises that they never pay relief workers and they also do not accept spontaneous workers at their cleanup sites. All Red Cross workers are unpaid volunteers who have had extensive background checks completed before they are allowed to work at these sites. This measure prevents criminal elements from going in and looting ravaged areas. True Red Cross volunteers also have went through extensive disaster relief training before being deployed to devastated areas.

It is against the law to pose as a Red Cross staff member or volunteer. Ask to see proper identification if approached by one of these people. Make sure to report them to local law enforcement agencies. When so many have lost so much, scammers trying to take advantage just multiply the tragedy.

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19 thoughts on “American Red Cross Worker”

  1. So apparently a man is in contact with my sister. Says he works for red cross and was going to send a package from Paris, but is requesting her to send 2500 usd to pay to get the package to be delivered. He goes by Derek. Now he says he is a secret agent. What are a red cross worker or a secret agent. ????

  2. Charles Y. Kasamba

    I am also a victim. I sent all needed documents, I even bought the overseas travel insurance policy from our local insurance company which they later claimed not to be visible to them.

    They asked me to pay $350 for them to get me a US visa of which I sent through Western Union. After a few days their barrister (Campbell Writ) asked me to pay $1000 for him to buy the overseas travel insurance policy from US, I told him to get in touch with my employer (red cross) to pay for me and recover it after I start working.

    From that point, they stopped responding to my mails.

    My question to American red cross is that since us the victims have shown interest in joining American Red Cross, why can’t they request for proof from us and ask for special applications for consideration.

    Also FBI and CIA can take advantage of the proof (correspondence between victims and scammers) from victims in their investigations. The United States of America is a very respected and rich country.

    Its very unfair for its citizens to start stealing from us who survives on less than $1 a da

  3. I Thomas Kabwe C recieved a offer letter from EDUND WRIGHT with good salary but i got inquisitive at the demand of 250 USD for the VISA and stopped the communication


  5. I received the same Offer Letter today 4th September 2015 but was surprised with the ease at which good paying jobs are being offered. If this is how easy it is to get a job, then all will be working by now.
    I was suspicious and decided to check on the net only to find same letter dated months back.

  6. Received offer letter from Edmund Wright and their attorney is Barrister Campbell.I signed in the offer letter and started the visa process through their attorney who asked me to send 350 usd through money gram or western union.I insisted on paying online through the website and they said it seems I am not serious about the offer they are after serious people.

  7. i received an email from martin cooper luckily i searched the net before sending viola all is revealed now.
    i searched the URL as well and it originates from ivory coast and its one year old but base in the USA.

    is it safe to lure this guys to the police with their scam by following their instructions

  8. I received all the same email and did all the paper work when I send my visa application I needed to pay 300 usd as a processing fee and needed to sed the money throug west union of money gram any advise? he has all my info

  9. janine van willingh

    i have also received such a letter and i have paid a MRV fee of $350. will i be able to get my money back as i had to take out a loan.

  10. Wallie Michael

    I have also received the same email from some guy claiming to be Martin Cooper and I have accepted the Offer Letter and also provided my contact details (email & phone). what will happen to my contact details now?

    Please advise

  11. Sabastian Chigwida

    Good morning
    Kindly find and confirm if the message below from Martin Cooper is genuine or scam.

    Martin Cooper
    Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 7:49 PM
    Important because you marked it as important.

    Dear Applicant,

    With the approval of the Management of ARC, we are delighted to formally offer you the Employment to work with American Red Cross for the provision of Expatriates Relation Services for the period duly specified in your Offer Letter{Renewable}.

    Please find attached Copy of your Offer Letter for your perusal and immediate action if the terms of work are acceptable to you. Upon thorough review and acceptance of this Employment Package, dot your signature in the space indicated in the last page of the Offer Letter and return same back to us via email attachment within a period of 5 working days.

    Once you accept and sign this offer, you are to contact the immigration lawyer with the below email address and request for information required to enable him Process your US visa. Please note that your consistency is highly needed to enable him do his job and get your US visa on time before
    15th of March 2015, also endeavor to keep us posted as regards your progress with the lawyer.


    Visa Information:

    The below email and phone number belongs to the immigration lawyer who will be charge of your US visa, once you agree to the terms and condition of this offer by signing your signature on the space provided, you are to immediately contact the below email address and phone number and let the lawyer know that you have accepted the job and request US visa requirements from him.

    BARRISTER: Campbell WRIT
    TEL: +1(929) 999 1726
    Country: USA

    Upon receipt of the required documents from your side the immigration lawyer will secure your required documents.

    Yours faithfully,
    Martin Cooper
    Attachments area
    Preview attachment Offer Letter– – ARC -N-.pdf

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