Text Message Scams

The text message scams are the new way of making the most victims in the digital world. Whether it’s about Amazon, PayPal, FedEx, the government, or any other organization, phone notifications are extremely dangerous.

Most of them target people willing to click on a link, which leads to phishing, identity theft, or suspicious forms that steal your private data. The good news is, check here to see how to remove your private information from the Internet.


Complete List of Text Message Scams Below

Text message scams took over as the leading source of fraud after email in 2021. As everyone now uses smartphones most of the day, tons of schemes constantly appear – and we are here to protect you.

We’re proud to expose all these text message scams on a daily basis and show you how they work. Educate yourself by reading the full list below.


Government Text Message

Top 7 Fake Government Text Messages You Should Avoid During COVID-19 Fake government text messages are being sent daily by scammers, whether they’re about quarantine, federal grants, stimulus, jobs, parking fines, tax refunds, surplus auctions, or even random student loan forgiveness. They are all the same, whether you live in the United States, United Kingdom, … Government Text Message Read More »

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Missed Text Message

One Question Text Message Scam: How It Works Be very careful these days. Similar to the One-Ring Call Scam, this One Question Text Message Scam targets cell phone users all over the world regardless of the service provider they have. Perhaps you receive a text message with a question and – as you don’t recognize the … Missed Text Message Read More »

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Data Security Breach Text

How The Scam Works: It doesn’t matter what cell phone service provider you have, one day you might receive a text message claiming to be from that company – whether is AT&T, Verizon, Telus, Vodafone, Rogers, etc. The message claims that a data security breach has occurred and you have to call back a number, while … Data Security Breach Text Read More »

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Account Deactivation Text

How the scam works: It has been reported that cell phone owners are receiving text messages from their banks informing them that their cards have been deactivated. They were told to call a number to find out more details. In reality, scammers send mass texts, and because they are using the names of the biggest … Account Deactivation Text Read More »

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