Coinbase Text Scam

coinbase text scam

Coinbase Text Scam: How It Works

Beware of a new Coinbase text scam going around these days. It comes as a notification on your phone saying that a withdrawal – from your account – has been requested from a specific IP address. As the cryptocurrency industry is still new and many people don’t know all the ropes, many victims for this Coinbase Text Message Scam.

Here is a screenshot of the bogus message:

Coinbase text message

Coinbase Text Message Content

The Coinbase text message sounds exactly like this: “Coinbase: A withdrawal has been requested from the IP address ( If this was not you, follow the steps here:“.

Some people ask themselves, “how do the scammers know that I have a Coinbase account?” The answer is simple: they don’t. They just send this mass text to hundreds of thousands of smartphone owners. Chances are, they will definitely find someone who has a Coinbase account. It’s that simple – just like most of the text message scams out there.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Coinbase text scam is perpetrated automatically from 1 (833) 272-5324. However, rest assured, the number is constantly changing as it gets reported.

These messages are NOT coming from the Coinbase headquarters. The company even warned its clients about this fraud.

Coinbase Text Message Scam: How To Report

Let your family and online friends know about the Coinbase text scam by using your social media platforms. You can also officially report crypto scammers and other suspicious activities to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to receive the most prevalent scams via email on a weekly basis, please subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You will receive periodic messages – not spam or junk.

Meanwhile, educate yourself with some other cryptocurrency fraud-related articles under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online. Also, feel free to use the comments section below to expose other Coinbase scammers.

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3 thoughts on “Coinbase Text Scam”

  1. Same occurred to me. I had to contact a recovery expert to assist me with a refund. Here is his mailing address pearlbrandy576 @ gmail .com

  2. Evelyn B Lyster

    I received an email from DJ Holdings/GWW about a week ago. This company took money out of my checking account unauthorized. I filed a dispute with my bank and they returned my funds to me. I have a copy of the bank statement and it was issued at State South Bank. I tried to track the account number and routing number, but nothing came up. When this company sent me the email they stated that if I wanted to cancel I should call a number that was listed on the email. I deleted the email and did not call them to cancel it. Then on 10/21/2021 I noticed an unauthorized deduction from my bank account. I do not know how they got that information. I am sending your an attachment that the bank statement I received from my bank. I am going to leave it to you to find out exactly who took the funds out of my bank account. Then I received another email stating the same thing that if I wanted to cancel to call an 1 800 number, but I deleted the email. I had a similar email from McAfee wanting me to do the same and call a 1 800 number and cancel. I called them and at the end of the conversation they wanted me to to CVS and purchase 3 500 Target gift cards. So you see why I do not call these emails. It would be helpful if you could somehow find the account holder of this bank account so that I can report them to my local sheriff’s office.

    1. Reba lou Dick

      I received a warning message that 8500 had been taken out of bank account. I called the number from Microsoft & talked to a man who said he was an employee & his name was Matt. Then he said a woman employed by my bank would call me. The number she called from was my bank phone number that I used all the time. So I believed her, like a fool. She said my bank will place $20,000 into a new investment plan. It turned out to be Coinbase. I gave her my approval, and found out Coinbase the amount and will not return it, plus the amount was placed in my name & ID info. Please help me get my money bank. So depressing.

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