Your Unemployment Benefit Has Been Updated

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Your Unemployment Benefit Has Been Updated: How The Text Scam Works

Beware of a new unemployment text scam as many people receive notifications today. The cybercrooks claim to be government reps and inform you that your unemployment benefit has been updated. To see your new status, you need to access a website where you need to fill out a survey. Do not, under any circumstance, click on the link.

A bogus website is shown in this text message. It is, but it could change according to your state or province. Rest assured, it is not from the government. Below is a screenshot of the bogus text message.

Your Unemployment Benefit Has Been Updated


As you can see in the image above, the text message reads: “Your unemployment benefit has been updated, please log in to view“. Be aware that this message is not only an Ohio unemployment scam – it could happen anywhere you live.

It’s based on the same pattern that most text message scams use.


Unemployment Text Scam: How to Avoid

This Unemployment Text Scam is one of the millions of phishing scams out there. There are many other schemes based on the same principle. On every suspicious site, you find a form that requires filling out your personal information. In other cases, you can open files that enable macros which, n turn, download malware onto your PC. What can you do? Check to see if the website they promote is legit. Let’s see how you could do it.

If you feel a website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector website validator below:


Ohio Unemployment Scam: How To Report

Phone scams are extremely prevalent these days. Let your friends know about the “Your unemployment benefit has been updated” scam by sharing this article online. If you wonder how to report phone scams or any unsolicited message, you can also officially do it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using this link.

Meanwhile, if you have submitted your info already to the crooks, here is what to do if you have been scammed over the phone.



How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to receive alerts with the most notorious scams on a weekly basis, please subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You will receive periodic emails from our fraud prevention team. Also, educate yourself with some other text message-related articles, so that you know how to stay safe online. Feel free to also use the comments section below to expose other text scammers.


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