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FedEx Text Message Scam: How It Works

Watch out for a new FedEx Text Message Scam as you might receive notifications on your phone regarding a fake FedEx delivery. The criminals (bogus Fedex admin) inform the victims that they have received a parcel and need to claim it. In order to get FedEx to deliver the package, the victim has to access a webpage where they need to fill out a survey.

The website that is shown in the fraudulent text message is Rest assured, it is not from FedEx whatsoever. Below we have a screenshot with the unsolicited message.

FEDEX text message scam

As you can see above, the text message says: “FEDEX – parcel 60994 update: sent! Track here:“.

The scheme works in a similar manner to all the other text message scams.

FedEx Delivery Text Scam: How to Avoid

The FedEx Delivery Scam is another well-done phishing scheme. There are many precedents we could give as examples. The scheme creates the same pattern as the USPS Text Message Scam or the Parcel Pending trap. How? The types of links and pages feature a tracking link to not only a fake FedEx and USPS webpage, but DHL, UPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, or Australian Post as well.

Alternatively, there is a text message informing the recipients that the shipper has problems delivering the FedEx package. The bait is always a bit different, but the bottom line is that accessing the website is a step closer to being victimized.

On the bogus site, you can find a form that requires your personal information. In other cases, you will open a site that enables macros that download malware onto your device. So, what is to be done?

Don’t click the link and report the scam. Let’s see how to do that.


FedEx Text Scam: How To Report

Phone scams are prevalent these days. Let your family and friends know about the FedEx Text Message Scam by sharing this article on social media using the buttons provided. If you are wondering how to report phone scams or any other unsolicited messages, you can also officially do it to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:  

Report To The FTC Here

On the same token, if it’s too late, here is what to do if you have been scammed over the phone.


How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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  1. I just want to thank this website for all it’s doing for people. My grandparents get a lot of scam calls-(considering they have a house phone). My grandma ignores them but however, my grandpa faces a sickness called “All-timers” and he tends to forget a lot, so he is easily vulnerable. He actually payed some people last year. So I show him this website. So again, thank you guys so much!!!

  2. Johannes Masile Chosana

    I have received a message from guys from India who told me that their a Facebook foundation under Dwayne Johnson and I should send money to them as an exchange rate in order for me to get my Facebook charity price. They told me they are an international bank of India.

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