Job Scams

Job scams are some of the most insidious. Scammers use job prospects to lure people into giving them money or vital information, only to phish the victim or defraud them of their hard-earned pay. 

Some people yearn for a better job, the next step up the ladder. Others are desperate to find any job they can get to stay afloat. Aspiration and desperation attract the worst of humanity, eager to prey upon the desperate or ambitious. 


Job Scams: List Below

Indeed job scams are known to be out there, as Indeed is one of the largest job boards in existence. 

Job offer scams can also show up in your email inbox or through LinkedIn messaging, promising interviews, or a position to you that doesn’t exist or that you didn’t apply for. 

Knowing what job offers or postings are out there which are tied to job offer scams can save you heartache…and much more. Learn about them below:

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