Job Scams

Job scams are some of the most insidious. Scammers use job prospects to lure people into giving them money or vital information, only to phish the victim or defraud them of their hard-earned pay. 

Some people yearn for a better job, the next step up the ladder. Others are desperate to find any job they can get to stay afloat. However, this is the victim profile that criminals look for. Most of the scams come online as fake websites or companies.

The good news is, here is how to detect and block any bogus job site as well as any other harmful platform on the Internet.

Job Scams: List Below

Indeed job scams are known to be out there, as Indeed is one of the largest job boards in existence. 

Job offer scams can also show up in your email inbox or through LinkedIn messaging, promising interviews, or a position to you that doesn’t exist or that you didn’t apply for. 

Knowing what job offers or postings are out there which are tied to job offer scams can save you heartache…and much more. Learn about them below:

Mom Makes $…/Day

How the scam works: These ads are everywhere – testimonials from a stay-at-home mom who earned alot of money by fairly menial online work. The ads may include references from reputable businesses: “As seen on CNN” or “Mom makes $$$$ by posting links on Google.” You click the link, thinking “What have I got to lose?” It … Mom Makes $…/Day Read More »

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Nanny for Hire

How the scam works: (with video below) You have always loved kids and decide to post your resume online looking for a job as a nanny, babysitter, or caretaker. Platforms such as or Urban Sitter are great for finding such gigs. After posting your resume, you receive a message from a loving family with a little … Nanny for Hire Read More »

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Nanny Offering Services

How the scam works: Scammers post fake resumes online and when real families approach them they will develop a great online or telephone relationship with them. Caring, intelligent, and with great references, they look like the perfect candidates. What usually happens is that a day before they are supposed to fly to the new city … Nanny Offering Services Read More »

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Prerequisite Job Course

Prerequisite Course for a Job Scam: How it Works You finally get your dream job opportunity! You’ve posted your resume online and a representative of a great company calls you and invites you for an interview, which is announced to be part of a long hiring process. The salary is the biggest you’ve ever had … Prerequisite Job Course Read More »

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Resume Blasting

How the scam works: You don’t have a job and are desperate to start one ASAP. While searching the job boards and websites, you find an ad for a company that guarantees you a job in 30 days, for a fee. To lure you into paying, they might even promise a “money back guarantee”. After paying, … Resume Blasting Read More »

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Filipino Jobs in Spain

How the scam works: The Filipino authorities have announced that there is a skyrocketing scam hitting Filipino citizens living all over the world, but especially those back home. Crooks advertise several job opportunities in Spain, especially in real estate and construction. Dreaming of a new life in the country that used to rule the present Philippines, … Filipino Jobs in Spain Read More »

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Game Tester Scam

Game Tester Job Scam: How It Works Are you looking at work from home jobs and how to become a videogame tester? Don’t fall for the Make Money Fast scam, aka Game Tester Jobs trick or How To Make Money From Home scam. They usually happen when the well-known consoles — such as like XBOX … Game Tester Scam Read More »

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Gigolo Dream

Male Companion Jobs: How The Scam Works You are a smart, smooth, good looking guy – and tired of chasing the ladies. A new male companion jobs advertisement catches your eye featuring a marketing company looking for ‘entertainers’. It could be for private shows or escort services in your city. Unlike the female Call Girl/Escort … Gigolo Dream Read More »

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Ads/E-mail Processing Job

How the scam works: Not happy with your current job, you continually come across testimonials online, such as: “I get paid to post links on Google” or “Stay at home mom earns $500 a day”. Researching these links, you eventually find a website that promises you will make $2,000 by posting ads online and, if done properly, you … Ads/E-mail Processing Job Read More »

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Government Jobs Call

How the scam works: You receive a letter or an email telling you there are government job openings in your area; and a number to call for more information is provided. You call and are put on hold – it is the government, after all. Ten minutes later, you realize you have to be somewhere … Government Jobs Call Read More »

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Affiliate Marketing

How the scam works: You run a small blog or a content-heavy website and make a bit of extra money from advertising, but it’s nothing significant. One day, a friend tells you about affiliate marketing, informing you by partnering with a company, you get paid any time a visitor of your website follows a link … Affiliate Marketing Read More »

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Guaranteed Employment

How the scam works: Similar to the Job Placement for Students scam, this one comes from companies that promise you “guaranteed employment” if you use their program. This means that you will have to pay for specific mandatory “training courses” or so-called “workshops”, which also means you will spend your money feeding their “business” and … Guaranteed Employment Read More »

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Get Paid To Surf The Web

Beware of the Latest Work From Home Scam: Get Paid To Surf The Web You are increasingly coming across ads promoting amazing money-making opportunities just by surfing the internet. Given examples of people who are making thousands of dollars a month, you get interested in joining. All that is required, they say, is to surf specific websites … Get Paid To Surf The Web Read More »

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Best Jobs on Hold

How the scam works: You feel you’ve gotten all you can out of your present job and think a change would be beneficial. You begin looking for options online, keeping an eye on, Workopolis, Craigslist and any other job board you can think of. You aren’t in a real hurry to find a new … Best Jobs on Hold Read More »

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Chain E-mail

This is another ridiculous one, yet still going around.  If you receive a chain e-mail in which you are offered the smartest and fastest way of making money as in “pay the guy at the top of the list, add yourself at the bottom, and wait for your turn“, just delete the message. The email will … Chain E-mail Read More »

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