Wait in Line for the Job

How the scam works:

You have applied for a job online and soon after filling in the application, you get a message saying something like:

“Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, at this time we are overwhelmed with the number of applications we have received and cannot process them all. To help us screen the most appropriate applicants sooner, please open the following link and answer the questions provided. This will give us a better understanding of those who have applied for this job and who is the best candidate. Thank you”.

Never ever do this for two reasons:

How to avoid:

1. You already filled out an application, remember? Any reputable company would gather all the important questions in one screening process – why two?

2. The link that you have to open will probably have questions regarding your personal information, such as Social Security Number (or Social Insurance Number). That is information which no company needs before they hire you. You could be a victim of identity theft.

In the meantime, if you are really looking for a job and seek to make some money until you find the next ideal job, there is a couple of options for employment online:


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