Typing at Home

How the scam works:

This is another Work at Home scam that “guarantees” you will make hundreds of dollars a week, working at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

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Let’s say you do a lot of text-messaging and think you are good at typing, so you decide to get a job around this. You search online and are delighted at the number of opportunities that are out there, choosing one that looks really promising. The ads might have tempting titles such as “Make money online” or “Make money on the Internet”.

To get started, you are required to pay a registration fee after which you receive a package with info. What you actually receive is a disk (or a paper), which tells you the way the business works, which is that you post the same “Type at Home” ads yourself, and then send a copy of the disk to those who reply. Basically, you are transformed into a scammer yourself, making money from the registration fees.

How to avoid:

As soon as you realize you have been scammed, opt out of the business and report the company immediately to help others avoid the same scenario. Always do your research and work only for legitimate employers. If you are really thinking of making money through online sources, join   Swagbucks.com, which is the world’s largest free online rewards program. You get paid by doing things online which you might do anyway, such as searching the web, discover products, take surveys, watch videos, or play games. You can also get free iTunes and Amazon cards. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can register for free HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Typing at Home”

  1. I want to join typing work as I need money. I want to do this work from home. I am a Post graduate from Pune University. I have done M.A. (social studies). My typing speed is 40w/pm.

  2. This is Tom Foley the owner of typingathome.net we have NEVER sent any emails posing as any bank of
    America official or have spammed or attempted to do anything like that in ANY way. I would like to see that proof with the email source attached. This is a complete lie and I am going to report this website to google if it is not removed. I am not going to let just anyone spread horrific rumors like this that are LIEs and quite defaming to my character and reputation. It could of came from typingathome.com which we have NO affiliation with and often people mistake us with them. So either remove this or I will take action to remove this website.

  3. I received an EMail with a link that contained the typingathome.net http, the email was posing as a Bank of America official email, telling me my account was locked and asking me to click on the internal link. Of course I didn’t do that. I forwarded the email that I received to Bank of America fraud division.

  4. I joined this company 3 months ago and have already been paid twice so no It’s not a scam. I’ve been working online for about 5 years and have tried several different types of home typing jobs and many ARE scams so always do research before hand. I made sure to research this company thoroughly before I spent any money on it because I had to learn the hard way if you don’t check first you may be sorry!

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