Make Profit Now!

How the scam works:

These are the messages that appear on your computer screen just as you’re getting depressed about how you can’t afford a holiday, a night out, or even a bottle of soda pop. Who isn’t interested in making money now? We all are, and you might feel tempted to open the link or click on that box.

The scam comes as a requirement to do either one of the following two things:

1. Call a number provided (usually a hot line that keeps you on hold for twenty minutes, generating an astronomical phone bill and providing them a healthy profit);

2. Open an attachment that will infest your computer with viruses or key logging software (recognizing whatever you type on your keyboard, including passwords and bank account numbers).

How to avoid:

The concept of Make Profit Now works, but only for the scammer – not for you. Don’t get involved with offers like this.

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Dutch Hunterson

I posted an ad on Craig’s List seeking employment. Since the posting I have been bombarded with BS. Recently, nearly fell victim to a "CarAdvert" scam which sent us a $1600 check from PNC Bank advising us to deposit and forward $1200 to suppliers who will wrap the vehicle with some type of decal advertisment. Took the check to PNC Bank to have it verified and was told that it was a fake.

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