Resume Blasting

How the scam works:

You don’t have a job and are desperate to start one ASAP. While searching the job boards and websites, you find an ad for a company that guarantees you a job in 30 days, for a fee.

To lure you into paying, they might even promise a “money back guarantee”. After paying, they will say that your resume was sent to all the big companies that best suit your qualifications and that you have a chance of working for.

What they actually do is spam thousands of companies who don’t even hire for your position. This, however, makes it impossible to get a refund when they do not find you a job that suits you. In addition they cover themselves by sending you a few $8 an hour positions, not even in your field, which you could easily have found for yourself.

How to avoid:

When looking for a job, there is no substitute for doing your own homework, looking personally for every possible employer and applying yourself. Rely only on reputable companies to keep you in the loop about openings in your field.

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Verify a website below

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