Driving Escorts

Escort Car Driver Scam: How It Works

Beware of fake escort car driver jobs listed by questionable companies that are promising great money in the entertainment industry. The scam targets male individuals who are looking for jobs and willing to do all kinds of services. If you are one of them, read carefully below and report the names of the unscrupulos firms in the Comments section at the end of the article. How does the scam work? Let’s take a look.

Imagine this: You want to make some extra money you start researching possibilities. One day, you find an ad from an ’employment agency’ looking for drivers.

escort car driver

Upon contacting them, they mention your clients will be escorts and you will be paid very well – including a commission, depending on the number of customers the escort has that night or week. You get the whole speech: they are looking for somebody credible, who can also protect the girls and be trusted by them.

It sounds good – great money, great possibilities, beautiful women, you are in!

The ‘agency’ is asking the applicants to commit themselves with an up-front deposit of a few hundred dollars. That’s when the scam occurs, as the drivers will never receive further instructions. The scammers count on the fact that the applicants are too embarrassed to go to authorities to report the scam.

Escort Car Jobs Scam: How To Avoid

Well, not much really to say, is there? Firstly, don’t get involved in questionable practices. Find a legitimate way to make money while driving, maybe even get a cab, Uber or Lyft license. We have a video with a Top 10 paid driving jobs below in the article.

Escort Car Companies: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the Escort Car Companies scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the questionable escort businesses to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Driving Jobs That Pay Well: Here Is a List

Watch the video below to see a list with 10 paid driving jobs that you can do for a living:

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Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

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    Do not censor me.
    This is a scam. The number changes every time someone pays on Zelle. There are no drivers.
    You’re welcome.


    The poster below is representative of the tort of misleading information and deceptive practices. Given this continues further a warrant will be issued.

  3. Logging off another fantastic day 1700 made in 9 hrs time . Hey Henry I can buy you a sandwich and coffee I looked for you under the bridge but I couldn’t find you. You have no phone . if you want to be a driver I can hook u up and pay your membership I do like to help the homeless . you can let me know Mr. Henry.

  4. A fun , exciting , company well managed and awesome dispatchers worked 9 yrs and just retired would of loved to keep working but I’m sick with multiple sclerosis so can’t work no more but this company helped me so much thanks owner and dispatchers always will respect u guys . Borris k.

  5. Enjoy this job having so much fun chilling with top models and gorgeous women each day Thank you for giving me opportunity to work . 😀😀😀Brian Gollarde

  6. Having the most memorable time Driving to clients mansions and clubs and making a huge income for me and my family become a member and am totally satisfied it’s everything a Driver could want love the house to work shift I want and love getting paid daily and big cash and a very wealthy crowd I’m meeting . Good comment I give

  7. Scroll down the comments, take a look at the names, only someone deriving income from a fraud(like this) would spend so much time and effort defending it. From the odd time stamps of the comments, I’m beginning to think this person is still in prison, with limited internet access. Nonetheless, Madison Avenue Entertainment(300, 5, et al) is a fraud, and in my opinion, the poster that keeps defending this fake company is a convicted felon.

  8. This is for Henry the troll. I’m a driver and I earn 400,000+ a year working here. . I understand your homeless and a troll I’m willimg to help you I will pay your membership with the company its just 10 hours of work and I make that. To help you have a job and I will help you with 500 for food for your self I know it must be awful living under the bridge I will also help you get some clothes gibe me a contact number and I can help you become a driver in a few month’s your lige will change let me know

    1. Sir, if you were earning that kind of money, why are you sitting on an anti-fraud site wasting time? When in fact you’re a convicted felon. I don’t suppose you noticed you’ve used this same set of lies on everyone that calls you a fraud, and of course the demand for a phone number.

  9. Please take a look at the fake postings below. If these people were making this kind of money, why would they come to an anti fraud site? Obviously from vocabulary, syntax and punctuation, these are posts from the same person, in fact a convicted felon. If you want to lose 2000 plus dollars, just call the numbers, and pay this convict.

    1. They are a fabulous place to work I am a Driver for them and I recommend them !!! Cause I’m happy here and they treat everyone good so I am sticking up for the company that’s why I’m posting this comment. Drivers apply u will love working for them and will make money for sure and be happy and have fun Henry is just so unhappy camper that doesnt have 2000 to join he doesn’t even work here.

    2. Henry this company should sue you for defamation. You don’t even work for the company. You are a troll. That does not have 2000 otherwise why are you here henry?? You want to save the world Henry from what?? You are homeless Henry!! And a druggie Henry and have no money all the people at this company are super rich you are a troll. I stand up for my company I work for so do other drivers.

      1. Ma’am, in order to show defamation, the company would be compelled to demonstrate a loss. Since this is a site devoted to stopping fraud, I can’t see how a loss of income or customer base could be shown. So much for your prison law degree. As for my purpose in spending time on this site, I don’t like convicts running scams. I see you switch from male to female names, I bet that came in handy while you in prison.

  10. Wow just got done with another shift. Driving made 3200 in 14 hours I had a client give me a 600 dollar tip.. This is like a movie I never knew these type of people exist . I should not even tell anyone but oh well theres plenty of money here.

  11. Just completed a shift. Brought in 1400 in my shift . Also got 200 tip from a customer . My two friends joined up also .

    1. How are so many of y’all just “completing a shift” and going directly to a scam reporting website? Your comments are exactly what a scam artist would write under a report about a scam operation by the leader of said scam. You’re pathetic and should be ashamed of yourself. Pleasant Green on YouTube sent me.

  12. Very good company to work for I highly recommend them you can earn big sums of cash working for them. I drive here and so do 3 of my friends I’m in Chicago

  13. Henry give all the people here your phone number we want to call you a psycho , homeless job less drug addict mental patient a call and call u a psycho give everyone your phone number but case Henry

  14. To whom it may concern, Madison Avenue Entertainment(300, 5, et al), is a fraud, read through the last 12 or so postings. All written by the same convicted felon. Once he realized I wouldn’t back down, now he resorts to another set of fake names to hide his identity. The obvious take away, if all these names are so happy with this fake website, and they are making over $600/day, why are they coming to a fraud site to state it? “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, just ask any convict.

    1. Hey mental patient put your phone number why not put your phone number you scared?? Let everyone call you? Come on Henry you mental ward patient from all the people commenting about you Henry put your phone number why you avoiding that mr . Psycho wars Henry let everyone have your phone number Henry. You hiding behind your phone

  15. Had a terrific time yesterday. Carmela was beautiful and on time. Thanks. Will call again. My experience has been terrific I score this company a 10 out of 10.

  16. Ronald kachina pleet

    I’m only writing to defend this company. I joined up last week and in 1 week time made 8925 in 50 hours time. Only reason I write is to defend company cause it’s awful about people writing negative untrue stuff when they don’t even drive here. I paid to join. I didn’t get in free. I will stick up for my employer!!!!!

    1. Sir, if you’re earning $9,000/week, why are you posting on a fraud site? Please read through the last 6 or 8 comments, even though the names have been changed, your syntax, punctuation, and vocabulary are identical, furthermore the speech patterns show you to be a convict. Thank you for proving you’re a fraud. Take a look folks, if you needed any more reason to not allow a convict to steal your $2,000.00 plus $1300.00, plus, plus, plus. Same person using multiple names. I wonder if “scam detector.com” is aware a convicted felon is using it’s website to further their fraud. Thanks again for proving you’re a fraud.

      1. Take your medicine mr.henry from the comments of other people I can assume your mentally ill. Go back to the phychiatric hospital and see your phychiatrist you must be off your medicine. You are mentally ill. And must be homeless . You are a wacko Henry

        1. Ma’am, what is your interest in attacking me? Obviously from your syntax and spelling(the same misspellings as the convict running this fraud) you are uneducated. I see you have no trouble switching from a male to female role, I bet that came in handy during your incarceration……

  17. Everyone Henry is a mental patient you can see he has nothing better in life to do but write fake stuff . Henry give me your number??? So I can call you a basket case. And Henry you sound jealous you cant be a driver? And Henry take your psycho medicine you need it

    1. Sir or Ma’am, you were asked below, if you can earn over $65.00/hour, why are you posting on a fraud site? I see you can’t answer that question. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” just ask any convict. Thank you for proving my point.

  18. Nobody listen to Henry!!! He is a mental patient basket case writing false statements about company. Give me your phone Henry I will call you a basket case. Basket case mental patient Henry take your medicine you phycho patient u need to be in a mental ward.

    1. Sir, what is your connection to “Madison Avenue Entertainment”? Please explain your interest here, unless you are the convict behind this fraud. Thanks for proving my point

  19. Henry is writing false comments.about company.Nobody listen to Henry. He is basket case. Henry let me I have phone so I can call u a baskets case .

  20. Been here for 3 months working. And this is where I love this company and love being around sexy ladies all day. This is a upper class company dealing with millionaires. . I am in support of this company because I work here and also see these lose comments from people that don’t even work here making bad comments and I will stick up for this company. Obviously the negative comments is from jealous jealous jealous people. Well you don’t like the company then don’t call them .. don’t apply then they only hire upscale people not bums. So I love this company . Haters go drive pizza then.

    1. Ma’am or Sir, if you are earning in excess of 75k/year, why are you on an anti-fraud site, when you could be driving for $65(plus) hour? Furthermore, why would you come on line to entice others to join you in this lucrative business arrangement?

  21. To whom it may concern, this is a fraud. Currently there is an ad on Craigslist for drivers, about 2 hours old. It is being flagged to death at this time. If the commenters below are earning this kind of money, they wouldn’t waste their time on line. If anything, they would be clamoring for more driving time. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, just ask any convict.

  22. Madison Ave Entertainment the real company seems to be registered in Buffalo NY with no ties to escort services – seems like a scam to me and the comments here seem to be from the same person

    1. Hey clown. You sound like a clown you don’t even work here you know zero. They are 100 percent real. You the one who is fake mr. Fake Peter Lucas. Gibe me your number so I can call you clown

  23. Signed up 12 hrs ago. Paid my 2I. Went to work 2 hrs after sign up. And made 2450 to be exact in a 10 he shift I got 650 in shift pay plus did executive call at 200 per hr time 8 hours which was 1600 that customer gave me plus received 200 tip from customer . Made 2450 total made my membership money back in 10 hours time plus a 450 profit and had a blast. Well folks I took a chance cause I didn’t know either but they are a legitimate company. I tested it and it’s real. Well there’s the facts. I didn’t use my real name on this site// cause I don’t want problems with this new company .. but they are legitimate I am proof I just worked I met the model and I met the client and I got paid they provided everything like they said they would. Thumbs up a rock sold company and i had fun i really enjoy this job .thanks peace.

  24. I dance at a strip club in downtown Los Angeles and drivers from this company pick up dancers for private customer parties. This is work and I make good living as a dancer and doing entertainment calls going to business meetings and clubs and bars with clients this company is a decent place to work for I have met a few hundred customers from this company I work for them for 2 years already.

    1. Ma’am, from your syntax, vocabulary, and punctuation, you are obviously not a “dancer”. If you were a dancer, you would not be on line attracting competition for your livelihood.

  25. Work at their club . Beautiful place. I am happy working here. People mind your business if you don’t work here they you can’t comment.

    1. Ma’am, I’m very familiar with Downtown Los Angeles, please list an address for this “club”, because, you know, your employer could always use more customers…..

  26. Norton delawareta

    I dance at strip club in Los Angeles owned by this company and make a beautiful living dancing at club I also do out calls for this company going to bars and clubs and business events and traveling with high end businessmen This is where I work and everyone should mind there business I make good income here and they are good company. So that all . My customers also call this agency to arrange ladies for dates

    1. Ma’am or Sir, your syntax, vocabulary, and punctuation are identical to the previous 2 commenters. Please list an address for this “club”, I look forward to seeing you “dance”.

  27. I personally have worked for this company going on 7 years already and they are legitimate and trustworthy and and very grateful I work here great dispatchers and have so much fun and so happy I signed up 7 years ago. It’s sad when I see negative comments from people that are writing false things they must not be happy in their life to take time to write false things. People pay your money and work it simple you can’t work in this industry without paying. Just like a dancer in a strip club has to pay a house fee to be there. I think most people dont understand and just assume . It can’t be .. but I just wanted to stick up for the company cause they are #1 in my eyes. I’m happy and I love my job and people that work here. And love the job . Anyway peace to all. Sammy

    1. Sir, so you’re earning in excess of 75k, and you have the time to spend on line with a scam detector site to talk about how happy you are with the company? I find that as hard to believe as the $650/day base income for driving. If the company were legitimate, there would be no need to advertise for drivers….

  28. Madison is the absolute best .. Legends around. USA and in business for 4 decades. They hall of famers of this business.

  29. update to this episode with Madison Avenue 300. I had some friends help me with this. Turns out the person Mr. Paul at 312-409-0264 (work phone) may be the same person behind “death threating” me behind his home phone number at 11:00 PM last night.
    Calling me by my last name was a red flag, by the way. Instead of quaking with “fear”, my intuition allowed me to catch that and ask for help for further nailing who this “death threater” was.
    The other M.O. signature is that Mr. Paul texted the same crap (from his Madison Ave work phone number) about me being a child molester / rapist; ALMOST WORD FOR WORD, off the other phone number (home phone number) that I received last night.  
    When my life gets threatened, I take it seriously. Don’t let anyone threaten your life like that and go “peacefully into the night.”
    I DON”T care if this job turns out to be legit, I don’t believe it is. People and their personality should be the determination. I don’t want to work for anyone who has this kind of personality and mental disorder.

    1. I CAN provide proof of the conversation from the text message so I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I’ve shown the chat messages to my friends and family. That’s all that matters.
      Oh, BYW, I don’t need that job. I make good money as it is. I was curious but not curious enough to where “curiosity killed the cat.” If you know what I mean.
      And never give out your name and ID to anyone. Cause they can call you from another phone with “death threats.” And try to make your life miserable. Kind of like marriage from an “unhappy wife.” (wink wink).

    2. Ms Mrs Mr Box, there is a simple solution, call your provider, and ask to have a “trap” put on your line(as a result of the death threats, etc). You will need to go to their office for a signature, ask that law enforcement be notified, as you fear for your life. By the way a “trap” doesn’t allow the sender to end the connection.

  30. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are white people working out of India or Pakistan. They hire white people there specifically because they speak English. A lot of scams like this originate from there. And I’m not being racist or anything. The IRS scam and Tech Support scams are from there. Read the news people.

    1. Ms Mrs Mr Box, the voice in the recordings belongs to a convict. They maintain a speech pattern long after release. My best guess would place him as an inmate somewhere between southern Ohio, and central Illinois. As stated above, contact law enforcement with all contact, and threats.

  31. They were rated #1 by review magazine. And also by call women magazine. Superb upscale place defiintly good place to work and party

  32. Best company in us a they are dont listen to meatball loser. Great box notice he dont have his name.. Another hater with the fake comments about company. I’m a driver fpr this company and I tell it like it is the the best. If u dont like don’t apply then… The person writing negative is a bum.. They are a great business

    1. At 23:12 last night, I got a death threat / verbal threat from a number. He wrote: “Is this the rapist? I read ad u like to rape women is it true” Then he types in Mr. My Last Name. “Is this the sicko” The timing on this message is so perfect! It coincides with my comments on this post and the phone call I got from Mr. Paul that morning about the shift. This is why no one should type in their real name in websites like this because of this.
      Either these scammers are reading the posts on this website or other people read and let them know, it doesnt matter now. The text I received last night has been submitted to the Police and Sheriff as evidence, of which I have friends and family. This has become very serious now, since they decided to “death threat me.” I don’t take to “death threats lightly.”
      Using a third party to send “messages” / death threats to someone is like a “mafia” cliche tactic. I’ve told of my experience to my friends that are reporters and journalists. They “love” writing about stuff like this.

  33. If you are in Law Enforcement (wink wink) then this is my report. I believe this is a new type of scam. It cost me $2000 to find out but hopefully people that read this thinks twice before getting their “foot in the door of this.” I think the comments praising how great an opportunity this is, is being commented by the same people doing this scam. 
    Here is what happend to me. You call the number and Paul the dispatcher talks to you. He asks for your state ID. I gave mine and it didn’t matter because I was moving out of state and would be getting a new ID. However, giving your ID is a great way for them to get “vindictive” and retaliate against you. They know where you live. Just think about that. They will or might try identity fraud on you. I told my lawyer family members about this, giving him the phone number and instagram website.
    You pay the $2000 “membership fee” via cashapp and then he tells you how they run the business. You as the driver will pick up the “rich person” and a model or two at their address and drive them to certain locations. You get paid $650 for a ten hour shift or additional $65 per hour. You will get tips from the client, etc. Then he asks you what days you want to work. Let’s say you want to work tomorrow, so he says great, I will check the schedule and see what is available and will call you tomorrow. 
    You think that this is a great opportunity and go to sleep. He calls you the next day and says, he got you work for 12 hour shift, BUT, it’s gonna cost an additional $1325 for membership to the establishments that the “rich person” has membership to. He didn’t tell me this yesterday, nor did he mention at all the day before about additional costs. Probably, they will afterwards if they read this. 
    If you don’t have the money, then he goes into a rant about how you should have told him before he talked to the brokers and now its all your fault because you should have told him that you didn’t have the money in the cashapp before he went through the trouble and talked to the brokers to get you membership. (probably the brokers were right next to him on the desk to the left or right)
    What hasn’t been told on these comments is that once you pay your $2000 fee, there are additional fees that they want you to pay through cashapp. Paul, the dispatcher will say he got you a job and the client being picked up will be going to 3 locations (maybe less). But, you as the driver don’t have membership to these places and it will cost additional money to get membership to these locations. (Golf Club, Polo Match, Club, etc). So in order for you to drive the client there, you will need to pay X amount of money to get a membership to these three places, payable through cashapp. He quoted me over $1300 for the membership to these places. And supposedly, its good for two months.
    The whole time, I felt I was being smooth talked to buy into additional addons. Kind of like internet guru sales marketing tactics where they upsell you and upsell you. 
    What also isn’t mentioned until after you pay the $2000, is that you are not just driving, you are suppose to follow the “rich person” around and also be his assistant. Get him drinks and eats, carry his stuff. Then you have additional membership fees.
    After this episode, I promptly deleted my cashapp account.  Don’t get into this scam.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a few more stuff. After demanding $1300 and me replying that I couldn’t get it,, his real personality came out.. During my episode with Paul the dispatcher, his real thoughts about the people applying for the driver came out. He said I am a nobody, yep you read correctly. The whole time I’m talking to this guy, he is just talking crazy rude, not even giving me a chance to ask a question. He starts talking about if in the Army I said “give me 60”, you are gonna do 60, not 61. WtF? This guy is a control freak, real toxic. He starts to belittle and playing a “you messed up and it’s all your fault we are now in this situation, right?!? I’m waiting for an answer!!!” was his toxic psycho babble. The way he was talking before it turned ugly, he is spewing out how there are many drivers out there working. Yeah, and I don’t give a shat? Then it shouldn’t be a problem to give this awesome opportunity to one of them.
      My judgement is that this Madison Avenue 300 is a total scam. He didn’t like that when I told him that. But at the end of the day, we all go to our maker and true judge. “He” won’t give a shot and where Paul will probably spend eternity, THEY won’t give a shiot.

    2. Thank you for this i knew it was a scam – someone with tech knowledge should find these people and put one between their eyes – I would

  34. I personally became a member and drive for them. It’s a dating agency and yes you can make mind boggling money. To be honest I see stupid comments by people but that is people that don’t have the 2k to work that’s why I assume they making up dumb stories about this company. I love this work and am treated very well here and enjoy the lifestyle a solid good company they are just wanted to say so. I give them thumbs up five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I gain nothing but just telling truth.

  35. Norton delawareta

    100 percent they are a bonafide company. I joined fri October 29 and made 1850 in 10 hrs time their a high class place for fact.

  36. Norton delawareta

    100 percent this is a real company. I joined fri October 29 made 1850 total in 10 hrs time. I paid and drove their real and very high class company. This is driving the super rich around . No need to worry it’s a bonified legit place to work I’m living proof I just did a shift and I’m going to now do this fulltime. I’m in L A .. norton

  37. Norton delawareta

    I joined in Friday Oct 29 spoke to dispatcher Kimberly paid my membership and 3 hours later picked up 2 dancers from strip club and drove them 90 miles to a house party and got paid 300 in that run. Then I did a 4 hour executive call to business function made 800 on that job and then did another job made 100 on that job.. then signed off after 10 he shift and got paid my 650 by cash app. I’m very happy with this company. Folks case is closed I did it and work here now the are a good and legitimate place. I don’t know why I see negative . I made total 1850 in 10 hrs it is fantastic.. I shouldn’t even tell anyone cause other Drivers would be competing for me but this is a super busy place with smoking hot ladies very high class customers and ladies.. final result everyone they are legitimate place and they are real!!! Noton

  38. I found one on Craigslist, $2000 membership fee $65 an hour with thousands in commission goes by the name of Madison Avenue Ent their Instagram is madisonave300 it smells like a scam because the same three people comment on photos, they have 200k+ followers but only a few likes on pics. When you call 414 256 1331 number you get a recording that directs you to another number. Sounds too good to be true. Think I’ll keep my money to pay this month’s film school fee. If this is real and anyone from the Los Angeles area works there I’d like to talk to you hit me up. I’m female I’d love to have a job like that but again it sounds to good to be true.

    1. Hi Angel. I’m in the same situation right now. I saw it on Craigslist a couple days ago. The recording discusses a $2,000 membership fee to be a driver for escorts at $65.00/ + commission for 10 hour shifts. The guy tried to convince me for hours to Zelle $2,000. He finally convinced me and I attempted to Zelle the money. When I tried to Zelle via Chase the $2,000 I was informed that the name and email I was trying to Zelle money to was NOT registered with Zelle. I still moved ahead and now the payment is PENDING. The payment will not go through…. and nobody knows why. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me NOT to follow through with sending the money. This is ongoing at this very moment and the guy PAUL keeps calling me to check on the Zelle/Chase account to see why the money has not gone through. It’s getting very strange.

  39. I just joined and signed up and paid my membership fee and started working two hours later I completed my shift of 10 hours and I made $1,900 it’s the most I’ve ever made in my entire life in such a short amount of time I was skeptical at first but this is the real deal they are real company and I’m proof of that I’m a female driver I was skeptical at first but this is a real company and if anyone don’t believe me you can contact me and I’ll even give you my number and we can talk they are a real company I just got paid $1,900 I made in one day again I was skeptical but it is a real legitimate company. Kathy Ridis

    1. Kathy can u contact me at 708-407-9664 I really want to start working for this company but very scared to pay the membership fee

    2. I am attempting to pay my $2,000 via Zelle/Chase at this very minute. But for whatever reason, the payment is not going through because the email and the name I am sending to is NOT registered with Zelle. Please be honest with me and let me know if this is a legitimate job offer. $2,000 at this time is a lot for me because I have not been able to find full-time work. I really cannot afford to lose $2,000…but I still wanted to take a chance and give it a shot. Thanks. Rodney Baer (310) 405-2486 Rodneyhb68@yahoo.com. I am in Los Angeles, CA

    3. Hi Kathy. I am in Los Angeles presently dealing with Paul from Madison Avenue 300 Entertainment. He is asking for a $2,000 membership fee. After a couple hours he convinced me to move forward. I thought why not give it a shot….it’s a gamble….a risk….just like everything else in life. Upon trying to Zelle $2,000 via Chase the money would not go through…..and keeps saying payment pending. The email and the name I was trying to send the money to is NOT registered with Zelle. So this sort of baffled me. Why would my payment not go through? Is this a sign from above? I actually got to like Paul and wanted to give it a shot. He was very persistent….like 3 hours persistent. But now the $2,000 payment won’t go through. Neither one of us really understand why. He said he has never experienced this before. So at this point I don’t know what to think. And because it’s Sunday night, I cannot reach customer service at Chase. Please let me know your feelings. I really cannot afford to lose $2,000….especially because I have not had a full-time job this entire year…. and I could use that money to pay rent. Your honesty would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rodneyhb68@yahoo.com

      1. All comments about company are completely bogus!!! These are all social media haters and jealous people with plenty of time to sit and write fake fake stuff !!!! I think it’s all the same person just with different emails

  40. Has anyone heard of The Famous World Entertainment? Claim you can earn hundreds of dollars but is requesting a $1,200 deposit. I called them @ (609) 945-1325 and received a voicemail.

  41. They’re new numbers on Craigslist are 609- 945-1325 which directs you to 917-991-6055, going by the name of World Entertainment


      1. They are a great legit company. They have membership fee to. Stop the fake people from calling them. As you can see a lot of fake haters and competition writing fake stuff about company. They are the real Deal… Good company…

        1. Matthew is the scammer’s sock puppet account. This is a complete scam. If you’re bored, call the 917-991-6055 number and speak to the scammer directly. Tell him Ben sent you.

          1. I believe you Ben over anyone else and of course you’re not competition at all.
            The scammer sure sounds crazy and even threatened some people i know if they don’t pay.

          2. Was his name PAUL with Madison Avenue 300 ? Or Madison Avenue Entertainment? Please let me know. I tried to send $2,000 via Zelle and it will not go through. Is this is sign I should not do it? What do you think? I’m Rodney in Los Angeles

        2. Are you speaking about Madison Avenue 300 Entertainment? Please let me know ASAP. It would mean a great deal to me. I really want to give it a shot, but the $2,000 I am attempting to send via Zelle is not going through…. and I have no idea why.

          1. Madison is a the best there is in the escort business. Why u scared of what. You dont make sense . I see a lot of haters on this page. All I haters should just get a life. They are the real plain and simple I have partied with ladies from Madison for years. So stop with lying about the company. They are in my view a top top level company .. Pam

          2. Hey Rodney, did your payment go through? I got contacted via text and email through indeed. Has anyone been contacted directly from them as well?

  42. Any “company” looking for drivers to drive escorts and or clients is a scam. I am a detective in NYC. I am trying to inform anyone thinking about getting into this “lucrative” business to turn around and go the other way. Any legit company doesn’t have you “join” their membership program to work for them. Do yourself a favor and get a Uber license and work for yourself.

  43. So this P.O.S. is still up and running his scam. He has a main phone line out of NY. After some skip tracing research i’ve narrowed his location down to a zip code under the name "Teresa Tivurtio" number (347)400-9390. For those interested in locating and shutting down this fake prostitution driving gig by some two bit depraved rakish loser.

  44. I call the number on the ad (650)266-8240, it is a pre-recorded call by one guy (Dave) { he gives his name when you call the second number} (929)261-2839. This ad btw is in Ezlizabeth NJ 07201. The robo ad has the guy talking very fast rambling on about how much money you could make and how the escort driving service works, etc. It’s a whole spew of non sense trying to sell you on the idea that he is the real deal. When you call the second number it says to call back in 5 minutes due to the high call volume. The guy is pulling your leg, he sees the call and waits to create tension then calls you back. Once on the phone with the guy {assuming his name is Dave as he claims} he briefly goes over how it all works again in a very fast talking manner trying to prevent you from thinking or asking questions. He tries to direct you to pay quickly via money transfer. If you try to interrupt the guy he starts to insult you and belittle you, typical scamming methods of dominating people so they comply and listen. He wants 995 as a means to show him "how serious you are about working with them". He says he’s made millions doing this which means he’s has scammed ALOT of people. Now, do i believe him, no lol. I play along listening to his rant only to find this man (if you can call this P.O.S. such a title) is full of it. The man sounds like a wanna be pimp that failed at life, a degenerate dilettante. Needs to get what ever he has in his mouth out cause you can barely understand the depraved rakish loser.
    People, wise up, this guy is not legit otherwise he wouldn’t need all these dozens of numbers and various company names to provide the service. If he was legit you would be able to google the name of the company {this one call The Spot…lol how creative…} and you would be able to track the history of the company. This is not the case, all the numbers and all the company names given under this false ad are fake, they do not actually exist. Real companies such as the one he claims do not operate like this. If you can’t find legit information about the company he claims is "The leader in adult entertainment" then clearly it doesn’t exist. A leader in such an industry would have publicity, it would have repertoire in the market. What is claimed by the scammer does not exist legally.

  45. Ad is on Craigslist NY – says to call (513) 557-7375. Directs you to another # to call, (516) 849-1372. Same guy that’s on the recording from the first number. Asks for $990 to be sent.

    I sent the $. My brother-in-law works for a government agency in the financial crimes unit and with all the hype in the news lately about “human trafficking” or anything even closely related they are more than willing to follow up on this lead so good luck with the scam going forward.

    BTW – guy on the phone is a typical LI NY gold chain wearing schmuck that sounds like he has diks in his mouth when talking.

  46. I called the hi was soo upset, I told him are you scam, did not answer my question so guys be careful don’t call don’t give money his stupid idiot wants male easy money out you.

  47. I want to tell everyone that castle entertainment is well respected and is a very upscale place I have been a driver for them for over 8 years now. And making a fantastic money I’m so happy as a driver. They have great dispatchers and Greta owner. The negative comments are fr competition to try and hurt imageof company. You are safe with castle entertainment they are trustworthy and a great company to use I should know I’m a driver for them…….

  48. This is a great company anyone writing negative is the competition that hates.. and people that are broke that don’t have money to join
    They are a great company I should know I been a customer for over 8 years.. so to all the haters and their competition go get a life . Thanks up to this company + 5 star company !!!

  49. Thank goodness I came across this site. There’s a guy here in NY running a company called "castle entertainment" using (609)945-1325 as their phone number. Tells you everything you want to hear, mentions the $990 membership fee which is a fee that even the escorts have to pay. It’s total nonsense, don’t fall for these scams guys.

  50. Harold Jamison Jr

    Mike’s experience was EXACTLY what happened to me yesterday,that recording was so fast& rude that it makes you skeptical so someone needs to tell that guy maybe if he toned it down a notch,slow down a bit then WE wouldnt catch on to his SCAM???? I was already anticipating paying off my high interest credit cards

  51. Do not fall for this. I got very burned, fell for the membership fee, fell for the pay for your first ride fee, showed up to pick up an executive car and left in the dust. No way to get my money back. I’m a very smart guy who needed extra income for my family and I was robbed. I consider this a very tough lesson – one that I would call a poor business investment and I’ll move on from. Don’t do it!

  52. Yes just ran into an ad on craigslist saying $975 for membership to get in and start driving today. First it was 203-7634940 number automated message to then call (516) 849-1372 so I can wire that money to these guys or guy wicked ppl trying to scam ppl out there hard earned money

  53. Yeap, Daryl you’re totally right! Same scam on Craigslist today for drivers, (775)562-0448, and the guy wants $975 for membership!!!

  54. DRIVERS – ( Stop and Look ) READ AD – Gey hired – ($65 per hour (Atlanta)
    © craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap
    (google map)

    employment type: full-time
    Drivers – today is Thursday – enough is enough – get a job with us and earn money that you can live a luxurious lifestyle. Buy a home in cash in 1 years time by driving here. Live your life to its fullest. Drivers wanted ATLANTA!! FULL TIME DRIVERS WANTED !!! OUR COMPNAY CHANGES DRIVERS LIVES FOR THE BETTER !!! GET PAID A SALARY PLUS COMMISSION STRUCTURE , FULLY PAID MEDICAL , 1 MONTH PAID VACATION , NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED , HIRING 3 DRIVERS ONLY . IF YOU SEE AD JOB IS STILL AVAILABLE- CALL ( 914-297-6607) OR (775-562-0448) WE HAVE 2 COMPANIES !!! WHEN CALLING IF BUSY KEEP CALLING EVERY 5 SECONDS WE ARE RECEIVING A HIGH CALL VOLUME !!! (914-297-6607) OR (775-562-0448) OR (203-763-4940) IF BUSY KEEP CALLING – LIMITED DRIVERS CALL NOW OPEN 24 HRS !!!!

  55. Their back!!! Put ad in Craigslist. I didn’t even call the Second number provided.

    Remember if it’s to good to be true it is!!

  56. This is ???? a scam. They have you wire the money then never call you back like a bad tinder date. Oh and btw, notice the only comments that are positive are obviously written by the same guy who I’m sure runs the scam. He uses the same lingo and calls us jealous and losers in a bunch of the same comments. It’s written by the same person trying to make it seem like it’s not a scam.. cmon.. please don’t fall for this because no driving company asks for money, especially that much, to get hired (plus it’s before they even do a background check or actually hire you).

  57. The Scam is still going on…. So an ad in Craigslist 04 JAN 2020. It is asking to call Nelson between 7 am and 7 pm at (513)557-7375. Heard the recording with all the goodies and is asking to pay 999 dollars by calling another number (516)849-1372. Out of curiosity called this number and scammer picked up. I asked to repeat one of the requirement and the scumbag got angry and hang up the call. Saved the money as I was reading previous posts here. Beware the scammer is still there ripping other people.

  58. CONCORD ENTERTAINMENT: Scammer named David. Saw it on BackPage. I almost fell for it, but glad i saw this website.

  59. CONCORD ADULT ENTERTAINMENT___OHH man i got caught out there big time!!! So i call the # in the ad 646-453-9484 which sends me to a 914-698-6801 which was a recording about the business and how it operates which was driving escorts and clients. they ask for a membership fee of $299 to get started, which made sense at the time. Like an IDIOT i send the wire transfer to some DICK named DAVE and he sets me up with a driver # and info on whites expected moving forward which all seemed legit, but then a couple hours later he calls me with my 1st job or so i think.. he tells me i have to wire to a ticket broker an additional $295 for a ticket to where i need to pick up the client. (RED FLAG #2) when i tell him i can’t come up with the additional money he then starts to insult me and hang up on me…FUCK THIS GUY


  60. i was applying for a driver for "Ladies of the night escort", and i was told that i need $299.00 to become a member and that i only have 1 chance to call for the position and pay the money. They said that they need the money now, i am not feeling this at all so i tried to look up as much as i can about them but only thing i got was their address and phone numbers and website, but that is not helping me to find out if it is a scam which i truly believe it is. Why rush when getting the $299.00 to them or better yet why in world do i have to pay them this money in order for them to be able to pay me. Trust works 2 ways, I SHOULD TRUST THEM WITH MY $299.00 UP FRONT, BUT THEY DO NOT TRUST ME TO GIVE IT TO THEM LATER OR EVEN OUT OF MY PAY, THAT IS CRAZY!!!

  61. Members only is a great escort agency.i am a member and they send beautiful ladies to me. I been a member for 5 months.. I mean these girls are gorgeous..im happy it for the rich and pricey $1,000 hr. But well worth it…. Who ever wrote negative is probably jealous…thumbs up for members only escort agency..

  62. This dude has so many scams going on it’s not even funny. He posted a link on ATL backpage as follows:
    http://atlanta.backpage.com/AdultJobs/job-opportunity-cash-each-day-men-and-woman-look/28826257 which leads to their phony company website http://www.wearemembersonly.com/ that appears legit. When I called the driver number 904) 480-9401 the number was no longer working. That was my 1st indication that this was a scam. So I decided to call the escort number 904) 480-8401. When the guy answered he was rude as hell. Hung up on me and text me this number to call 201-708-6545 which lead to an automated message asking for approximately $300 up front. I’m not that dumb but I thought the public should know. When I began linking the numbers for example the 609-727-3252 with the same website http://www.wearemembersonly.com/ I discovered the guy has false employment ads posted on craigslist as well https://newjersey.craigslist.org/trp/5009770836.html. Nobody is running these many industries people. Please note Outerspace Entertainment XX http://www.outerspaceentertainmentxx.com/#!employment/cjta is just another company they go buy to scam the public into their false business. To make matters worse the business address posted on the website is someone’s home in Beverly Hills CA. Do not fall for this people.

  63. Thanks Colin but I already got burned.My scam artist’s name was Staina Delete. 702-216-2974
    DON’T DO IT!!! God bless!

  64. Ocean entertainment says if I pay 299 up front I can make 38$ an hour? No website at all. They will even come to me in Vegas, sure that sounds legit. A lot of nu phone numbers. Here’s there message line 702-216-2971

  65. This is a big scam for real!!! Don’t believe it..he almost got me but I’m smarter than him..lol. I’m smarter than you "Mike"..if that’s even your real name, you’ve got too many different names…Jason, Stepehn, Mike…you’re a fool.

  66. Hey I just talked to "Jason" @213_949_8069, the job sounds good but now I don’t know if I should trust it … Can anyone guide me in the right direction here?


  68. Stay away from Exotic Entertainment and Jason. They almost got me with the same scam. Jason’s number is 213-949-8069. They ask you to money gram them $295 as a deposit and you will get it back in 30 days. BS. When I asked him about speaking to someone else he claimed he was the only person available at that time. I called back the following morning and the phone just rang over and over with no voice mail.

  69. Good job.. I been here 2 months.. good money and happy..some people must be haters….I make good good money so just wanted to stick up for the company.. it is a solid a good company.. I am happy as a driver here….. mr..yent…


  71. Thank you all for putting this info out there. I almost got hooked in. The information you’re giving here is spot on. I got all the same bs. Thank you again.

  72. I talked to a guy named ‘Dave’. He supposedly has been working for ‘Fiji Islands Entertainment’ for 18 years. The guy is very hurried about you paying the $299 membership fee to join. He tells you on a recording that you will make $37/hr salary plus 0-40 miles $100 41-80 miles, $200 commission. It’s all bologna. He had me go to Rite Aid to go to Western Union and transfer my money to an an unidentified account in Brooklyn, New York. I filled out all the information he needed from me except I forgot one step. I realized it was bull when he asked me to put in a no ID test question for the transfer. That’s when I knew it was horses ass. I told him it was all set without filling out the no id test question. He called me back about a half hour later telling me that I forgot to fill out the no ID test question (which he wanted me to input team: Red Sox). I told him sure, I’ll fix it in which, as I returned to my house, called Western Union to cancel my transfer of $299 to a ‘Raimi Towak’. She helped me get my money back but I was not able to get a refund on the $25 transfer fee. Better to lose $25 instead of $324. He called me again after that and was harassing me about how I’m not an honest person and how he hasn’t lied to me once since we were on the phone. He said I’m a waste of his time. I got to play along at that point to have a BS conversation about how I’m going to end up a low life and make $500/ week as opposed to $6,000/week driving escorts. Dave was very good at scamming people, I could tell. Luckily I didn’t fill out the no ID test question. Orherwise he would have easily accessed the money. I knew it was Crap because he was the only person on the recording, the recruiter to hire me, and the one who supposedly signs people on to start their shifts. I knew if this "13" state Fiji Islands Entertainment was actually a legitimate business, it’s quite likely that I would have spoken to at least one different person in the process. So yeah, here is the recording # (860)231-2219, and his recruiting # (602)459-2207. I hope I help someone down the road. Save your time and money

  73. Just got a call from Mike. Different number tho. Same Erotic Entertainment. (213)949 # He asked me if i read about the deposit. I told him i saw nothing about a deposit on the ad. 290$ He said you can go back and check its there. I checked. Nothing about a deposit. Why would you have o pay a deposit to start a legit job. SCAM! I’m not stupid! BEWARE GUYS!

  74. When u meet these scumbags…take down there licence plate number….and follow the guy see where he goes…then you can take all his money and crack his fucken head open…make him tell you where the head guy lives…go there wait for him.. when he comes out crack his head open ..throw him in your car…take all his debit cards beat him till he tells you his pin numbers..leave him tied up…go clean out all his accounts. .come back…beat him some more….drive him upstate…tie him to a tree….throw 5 cans of grave on him..leave …the animals will take good care of him..


  76. They expect you to pay a $299 CASH membership fee to join. Obvious scam!

    They have been reported their scam to FBI, local PD, channel 10 news and craigslist scam department.

    Phone numbers are:

    602-545-9475 is their newest number. Rings once and nobody answers now!
    201-699-3471 other new number
    (347) 404-8294
    (201) 699-3471.
    (602) 212-6701

  77. Sounds too good to be true, called them from a blocked number 1st time – No answer. 2nd time New Yorker or Jersey guy says "Call from an unblocked number". TOTAL SCAM – I would never fall for this one, would bring a gun to meet the guy maybe have a former Seal friend follow the guy too! Don’t mess with San Diego bitches!

  78. Look out for a company called "Erotic Entertainment" and a guy named Mike. His number is 323-514-6835. Same MO as all the other escort driver BS. $45/hr, 10% commission. But, you have to pay by MoneyPak or Western Union a $290 "insurance fee" before you even get to drive anyone. I became suspicious of the fee and asked Mike if he could explain it to me again. He got very defensive. He wanted the money right away too- another red flag. All the red flags prompted me to go online and research Escort Driver job scams. And, here I am. Hope I save another potential sucker in the future. Glad I didn’t get burned.

  79. California entertainment I just joined and just did my first call and picked up Tina and made$ 400dollars round trip this is real I’m now at the end of my shift and Iade$ 900 in ten hours this is a good company thumbs up great company. Louis

  80. California Entertainment is a complete scam and I fell for it! They should be in the acting biz instead cause they were very believable and I bought their "sales pitch". Remember the saying "IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT PROBABLY IS" and this time it is DEFINITELY 100% BULLSH..!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!! Or any other type of SCAM like this, unless you just like handing over you’re money to complete strangers! These were the #’s used: 602)212-6701 (213) 403-0152 (347)-404-8294 (201) 699-3471

  81. If it is legit and they want to prove it. Let them give you the work for one day. Instead of paying the 300 dollars to the driver at the end of the day, they keep it. This way at least you get the commission.

    That would be a way to prove its legit.

  82. California Entertainment and "Eric" the rude mf’r from Brooklyn got me too. Figured I’d give it a shot, paid 300 western union, he set me up with a appointment for that night. Went to pick up clients and of course they were nowhere to be found, and of course no answer back from that P.O.S. working out of Las Vegas, save your money its 100% bulls$!t. Good luck mf’r I hope u rip off the wrong dude and he stomps ur azz. Phone numbers used by this scamer
    (602)212-6701 (213) 403-0152 (347)-404-8294 (201) 699-3471

  83. California Entertainers is Hitting Denver Colorado at this time the first add was on Craigslist today. Don’t fall for paying to work somewhere be smart. Do your homework.


  85. Well I fell for it 🙁 They used the name California Entertainment. "Eric" the following telephone numbers were used

    They demand a payment from Western Union right away.

  86. Reno entertainment is the real deal… I work for them over 3 years right now..I bought myhouse in . 1 year working for them. I make 4000+ a week..I love this company plus I hang out with beautiful ladies and have fun…there # is 213-327-7496!!!!!reno entertainment all the people making negative comments are competitors of the company..I should know I work for them and they are legit..great company… from charlie..h driver #57

  87. charlie scheerer

    You have to be a moron to pay a 295 dollar fee to start a job as a driver Best of luck to you at reno entertainment with your scam

  88. Any job asking YOU for money is a scam bro…you’re there to make money not spend it. Run for the hills bro.

  89. yea i saw this add for a driver so i call he said he had a job driver five women around an i could not use my car i had to use one of there suvs in which i need to put down a deposit of 500.00 but i would get back nightly. i wold make 200.00.Do u think this is for real

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