Craft Assembly

How the scam works:

You come across an ad from a company that is looking for people who can assemble items (toys, dolls, stone pieces, even crosses, etc). The payment seems very good and there is a good testimonial from someone who says they make enough money just doing this, working from home.

You decide to give it a shot and pay a fee (usually under $50) to register and a further fee to purchase the materials. This seems like a good investment since you are given plenty of evidence to show how the payment you’ll get for the assembled final products will leave you with a good profit.

One version of the scam is that they simply never send the instructions and materials, getting away with your fee and the supply charges. If they are greedier, they will send you the materials and, when you are done assembling the pieces, they will “reject” half of them, as they “don’t meet the specifications”. You will then be asked to buy supplies again at your own cost, to fill the difference.

How to avoid:

You’ve been warned! If you want to make models, go ahead, but don’t expect anyone to pay you for it.

Verify a website below

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