Gigolo Dream

Male Companion Jobs: How The Scam Works

You are a smart, smooth, good looking guy – and tired of chasing the ladies. A new male companion jobs advertisement catches your eye featuring a marketing company looking for ‘entertainers’. It could be for private shows or escort services in your city.

Unlike the female Call Girl/Escort Wannabe scam, this one is a little different and actually more lucrative for the crooks. Thousands of men are submitting their registration forms along with a fee, only to receive an email two weeks later, with the following text: “Thank you for submitting your application. After considerable review, we found you not suitable for the position. Thank you and good luck in the future!”

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Within a month or two, scammers make tens of thousands of dollars as there is no such marketing company or employment opportunity. Victims will not be able to recover their registration fees. If you’re looking at how to become a male companion, maybe you should reconsider your career.


Male Companion Jobs: How To Avoid

Always meet your potential employer face to face, request references, and research the company. The male companion job is not as easy to get as you might think. Lots of fake companies are asking you for a fee upfront.


How To Report Questionable Male Companion Companies

Make your family and friends aware of the Male For Hire scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the questionable male companion companies to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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16 thoughts on “Gigolo Dream”

  1. hi I’m from Jammu I’m join that job without any type of payment in start becoz I can’t afford BT ill pay u much more than fee after 1st service so if u believe then u can contact me

  2. Hi ‘ I m raj from Rajasthan .I want join your company I want make gigolo but I can’t give a registration fees so you give me a first meeting than after I will give you your fees.*

  3. Hi I am poor boy . I want money. Pls meri free me joinoig krva do. Phli miting k sare paise apko de donga. Uske bad apko 45 present present her miting per apke. Me virender Kumar Rajsthan gangangar se ho. Miting meri ap Bikaner ya gangNgr tk krva do.

  4. i am also hunted in this scam help me someone my no. is 9867260802 one man named asif ali have done this his number 09175515102

  5. Hi I am 25 years smart boy from delhi. I want to be a gigolo for partime job. If any girls.or woman wants fun pls contact me on (phone no).

  6. Hi,

    This is Rishi, I tried with several advertisements for working as a Male escorts/gigolo in various news papers TO EARN SOME CASH. They all turned out to be FRAUDS and cheaters. They advertise as free registration or FIRST WORK THEN PAY but on call some girl will receive and ask to to pay 450 or 500 or 530 rupees as PROCESSING CHARGES and commit that you will get the task with no other charges involved. She will provide a SBI or ICICI or AXIS bank account number and ask you to deposit cash or transfer online. Once to do the same she will call you can say that they have received the payment and you will be contacted for service shortly. Henceforth you will receive a call from a Guy/ Girl saying that you need to go at some location and will ask you to speak to the so as called client. The client will say over that phone that she will pay Rs.16,000 lucrative amount and says that you need to deposit Rs. 1500 or Rs. 2000 as refundable deposits. If you pay the amount then after nobody will receive your calls nor any one will contact you further.

    I have been cheated by same ads. When I called a number 8820136844 a girl saying her name as Mimi Banerjee picked up and said almost the same. Then I transferred Rs. 500 to Axis Bank account of Shubham Das ( a/c no 912010030559951 ) from my Axis Bank a/c after which the same process happened with me. Shubham Das is no more picking up my calls in his 8609487884 number nor anyone picks up the other number.

    Please help to get my money back.

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