Government Jobs Call

How the scam works:

You receive a letter or an email telling you there are government job openings in your area; and a number to call for more information is provided. You call and are put on hold – it is the government, after all. Ten minutes later, you realize you have to be somewhere else soon and hang up the phone.

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Trying again the next day, you are faced with the same long wait. After a few more attempts, you finally give up and stop calling. A few weeks later, you receive your phone bill to find hundreds of dollars in “premium” calls over the last few weeks billed.

How to avoid:

The government generally doesn’t send out letters or emails about job openings. Scammers do. If you happen to receive such an email or letter, check the government job board online. And above all, don’t call unless it’s a 1-800 number.

Rely only on reputable companies to keep you in the loop about openings in your field. There is a couple of options: they are trustworthy, have a great online reputation, and you can register with them for free:

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