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This is another ridiculous one, yet still going around.  If you receive a chain e-mail in which you are offered the smartest and fastest way of making money as in “pay the guy at the top of the list, add yourself at the bottom, and wait for your turn“, just delete the message.

The email will contain a big list with names and you will be asked to send $1 to the first six people on that list, add yourself and your address at the bottom, and resend the message to 100 friends. This way, they promise your turn will come as your name climbs to the top of the list and you will get back your $6 multiplied many times over.

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In fact, by the way the email is moving, you will probably start receiving money within days. You might think that $6 is not really much for an investment, but notice that you weren’t asked to remove the first six names after you resend the message – so you’ll never get to the top, you’ll just get more people under you.

How to avoid:

This is so 2001. Avoid this chain e-mail always. There are so many other smart ways to make money online. Always do your research. If you are really thinking of making money through online sources, one option for you is, which is the world’s largest free online rewards program. You get paid by doing things online which you might do anyway, such as searching the web, discover products, take surveys, watch videos, or play games. You can also get free iTunes and Amazon cards. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can register for free HERE.

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